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Party Girls (Wicked Pictures)

Party Girls (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Party Girls (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Party Girls (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/15/2011
Welcome porn fans to a new comedy from director Jonathan Morgan and he's brought two of Wicked's girls to play- Alektra and Kaylani plus you add in Dana DeArmond, Lizz Tayler, Jana Jordan and Taylor Vixen for a little more hotness. This is a fun movie so don't expect a big complicated plot, just sexy girls, maybe a toy or two and some hot fucking. On we go.

Kaylani Lei:

So our first scene takes us to surburbia where we find Kaylani in bed and some haunting music starts playing as something is making its way up her bed sheets until hello a big purpole dildo pops out-- Kaylani starts fighting it and you have to laugh and turns out this was just a dream. She wakes up from it and we find Rocco Reed has joined Kaylani in bed. Rocco wakes her up and Kaylani is still reliving the dream, lol. She's also worried about a party she is throwing and wondering what to serve. Rocco decides to take her mind of things, take her temperature! She seems pretty hot as he keeps on going working neatly down to licking Kaylani's pussy. A good open shot for this oral and they keep the good times rollin' with Kaylani going down on Rocco and there's a long view from the side showing everything plus a good angle just to the right of her shoulder so the oral is covered. Spoon, reverse and mish help make up the sex ending with a pullout a pop just above her pussy. This helped Kaylani calm down for about two minutes, lol. After Rocco leaves for work a now worred again Kaylani calls Alektra who she is expecting over at her place.

Alektra Blue:

We waste no time in going to the next scene as Kaylani calls Alektra and she tries to calm Kaylani down but we've seen how hard that is plus Alektra looks to be a little busy herself as we have Tommy Gunn next to her in bed. 30 minutes and she'll be there!! Alektra hangs up and the two get to it. Kissing, her boobs come out and we watch Alektra work down to engulfing Tommy's cock plus they work into a 69 with her on top- nice shots here of her ass filling the screen and Tommy licking away. They hit a few good positions here with cowgirl and reverse leading the way. The energy from Alektra here it amped up too, maybe it had been awhile since she last fucked. This was a quickie which might explain the added energy burst from the two! From the ride in reverse we watch Alektra hop off and Tommy work a pop out right there hitting just above her pussy, ok now she can go calm down Kaylani, hehe.

Minutes later Alektra arrives and she finds a very nervous Kaylani obsessing over the party, what cups to use, napkins, plates-- oh my!! Then Alektra chimes in with I got the toys and the shenanigans-- what are those, lol, so I guessing this won't be a tupperware party, maybe a sex toy party. Kaylani still keeps going on and on so I am not sure if anything will calm her besides the guests arriving and the party actually starting then she can't worry anymore, or can she! Alektra tells her she can have the whole thing set up in 60 seconds and we precede to watch her do just that. It is funny to watch and they shot this well. The time elapses and the doorbell rings with the first two arriving, Taylor Vixen and Jana Jordan.The two take a seat and watch as Alektra demonstates the various toys brought out for their pleasure today. Kaylani leaves to make drinks, thankfully she won't be worrying everyone, lol. They get to one toy, Black Mamba, and you can guess it is a huge black cock and Taylor knows people who use devices like this, on the internet and this takes us to our next scene.

Dana DeArmond:

So the picture goes all to snow and when it clears we are in the dungeon of Mr.& Mrs. Kink. The Mrs turns out to be Dana and the Mr. who might be the bitch, lol, is Ramon Nomar. Dana has a lot of fun with the dialogue and if you man has an inadequate cock she just might have the right toy for you, ouch! Dana goes over to Ramon who she doesn't think is inadequate in the cock area but he is still her little slave boy. Dana starts using a dildo sucking on it and then she makes Ramon take over and thrust it into her pussy, pounding it into her cookie. They gradually move up the line of toys and if you're a toy fan you should really enjoy watching Dana take the increasingly bigger toys, various shapes too and yes she does get to the black mamba. It looks like she was riding a giant tootsie roll, lol. Then she gets to the big purple one we saw attack Kaylani in the first scene, her dream, and it was funny watching Dana shake it almost like the dildo was alive. So we move then from the fake cocks to the real deal with Dana taking on Ramon, good floor shot here also gets her stroking her pussy lips into the view. They work in a couple pussy positions including cowgirl and spoon leading to the pop which comes after a ride in reverse. It is another shot to the outer pussy lips with some clean up from Dana after, ok now pussy boy clean my toys!

Back to the toy party and Alektra keeps on demonstrating as Kaylani has rejoined them too bringing the drinks. The girls seem to like the toys but Taylor inquires if there is anything else, maybe something a bit freakier. Turns out the company is working on something but it is more for the lonely guy-- a live sex doll and from what Alektra says it is very life like.

Lizz Tayler:

This leads right into our next scene which sees a delivery man stopping by a house and Dane Cross accepting deliverance of a package. The package seems a bit small but I guess everything sorta fills out once it is opened, lol. Dane has a little fun opening it, tape always tries to fuck you especially when its a package you are excited about. Dane then finds out there is assembly required as he starts pulling out body parts!! Oh no, you have to put arm A into arm slot B and then so on and so on, lol. We jump ahead to Dane nearly done and hello it is Lizz Tayler!! It takes him a bit longer to find out how to turn her on, lol. There's a remote and he gets a little ahead of himself as when he does turn her on she speaks Spanish-- but hey that might be sexy, lol. Dane fixes her once and for all and they get to doing the nasty. Dane works the top off and touches her boobies while Lizz is so attentive caressing his shoulders and looking deep into his eyes-- like a good love doll! Down to the bed goes Dane, pushed there by Lizz who takes charge working his cock out and this doll knows what she wants and attacks his cock and balls. Dane returns the favor and the wide open shot was nice here. Doggie, mish and a great bouncing reverse help make up the fuckin which closes in spoon and a pull out and pop to her pussy. He wants to order another one, lol.

Kaylani, Alektra, Taylor Vixen & Jana Jordan:

So we return back to the party where Taylor asks if they can try the toys out which Alektra says sure go right ahead. Taylor picks one out and I think she wants to play with Jana who plays it shy which suited her perfectly. Taylor keeps pressing the issue but in a good way putting the toy down and starting to kiss Jana, that will surely melt her walls. They kiss a bit and Taylor picks up a toy plus we see Alektra and Kaylani start to play with each other. Both couples are having fun here with the making out and getting the toys ready to use on each other. The scene then lets the girls intermingle and they keep up the good toy play but not much in the way of oral sex is captured but that isn't the goal here I guess. Lots of moaning and some good shots on each pussy as the kittie is tested. We get a little bit of oral towards the end with Jana riding Kaylani's face-- this was nice but all to brief. Alektra licks a bit at Taylor too, liked those two busty babes going at each other. Alright they just loaded the oral to the end as Taylor gets some licks in too before the toy comes back. A little more face riding too as Jana gets over Taylor's face but tilted at an angle so she's off to one side and able to get at Kaylani's pussy and Alektra is done in front of Taylor working on her. Not a bad orgy scene, toy driven for the most part until the end when we get some decent oral sex worked in. To bad they didn't play more with the boobs belonging to Taylor and Alektra, those puppies should have been kissed a lot in this scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a fun feature from Jonathan Morgan. Not heavy on plot but some funny moments especially with Kaylani who has fun playing the obsessed party thrower wondering if everything will go well. Turns out she has a great partner in Alektra who leads the toy party attended by Taylor Vixen and Jana Jordan. We get single scenes for Alektra and Kaylani leading up to the party, a funny one with Dane Cross and Lizz Tayler who plays a live sex bot and then Dana DeArmond has fun playing a dom with Ramon Nomar as her bitch! The extras aren't bad but missing some BTS. There is a bonus scene with Kaylani Lei taking on Michael Vegas from the Wicked release Eternal so check that out after you're done with the feature. It's funny and light hearted with some good couples sex worked into the story which is very easy to follow.

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