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Partly Stormy

Partly Stormy

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Partly Stormy:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Partly Stormy overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Partly Stormy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Partly Stormy Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Partly Stormy Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Partly Stormy Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Partly Stormy DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Partly Stormy A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/1/2010
Good afternoon porn fans time for a feature, yeah taking a break from the ball busting gonzo to enjoy some porn where they actually speak a few words in between doing the nasty! This one is directed by and also starring the award winning actress Stormy Daniels. The story centers around her character having some trouble both on the job front and also in the boy dept. So enjoy the show as Stormy decides what she'll do after being canned as a Weather girl, forecast I see going in is lots of hard cocks and wet pussys!!

As the story opens it's night and Stormy's arriving home and well she's had one to many saki bombs! Stormy gives us some voice over info too helping to set the scene. Stormy's so hammered she can't open the door right, literally using her head to get the door open. As she falls in you see the house is not empty, Marcus London and Lily Paige were doing a little something something in the bedroom.

Brooke Belle:

Ok Marcus gives us the skinny, Stormy's his roommate so he figures it's here and he's not about to check anyway as he is face deep in Brooke's pussy! She stops asking questions and gets in some serious moaning as Marcus's tongue works its magic. The picture quality is strong and we get some generous closeups too of the festivities. Marcus's hard work gets rewarded with a nice blowjob from Lily, some upwards gagging shot, don't see that a lot. The fucking was pretty fast paced too, mish and reverse had Brooke's tits dancing. Finished off pounding her from behind until he's ready to explode on those ass cheeks.

Ok so it's the next day and Eric Masterson is shown going into the john to take a leak when he's grabbed by the ankle-- turns out it's Stormy still recovering from that saki attack- so I'm wondering if Marcus thought she was Eric, stay tuned! So he runs out meeting up with Brooke, Marcus and a nonsex dude. Brooke goes to investigate and finds Stormy which prompts everyone else to go and see. Ok turns out this was the wrong apartment Stormy stumbled into, lol. What's with the pink robe Marcus! Well everyone has a laugh about it then they realize Stormy's the local weather girl, Marcus has spanked to to her hundreds of times, lol. We move then to another place where Stormy is dropped off-- it's her real place and Lily Paige opens the door letting them in so they can literally drop her off. Stormy then gives us another voice over filling us in on her relationship with Lily- the two were born a week apart and Stormy is quite jealous of her friend- but in a good way! Ok we learn also Stormy was dumped the night before, hence the saki lovefest. Lily does agree Stormy could be a little more carefree and adventurous in her life. A short time later Stormy makes a visit to the strip club where Brooke works and the two continue their coversation but now we need sex!

Lily Paige:

Later on that night we catch up with Stormy who's having a nightmare. She wakes up and decides to share a little more with Lily. But going into her room she finds her roomie in the bed but not alone! Stormy then realizes she's late for work and rushes off leaving Lily alone with Sasha and the two continue- he's doing some good pussy eating, the legs spread nice'n'wide. We get some good fingering too before we turn it over to Lily who does a fine job making Sasha's dick disappear- they move into a 69 which was hot. As with the scene before the sex is fairly fast paced, Sasha does a good job hammering her pussy in a few positions until he's ready to blow his load, just above her pussy which has a bit of a bush.

So we move on to Stormy arriving at work where she was met by her boss who relieves her of the weather girl duties. India Summer was there too and I do believe she was auditioning for the weather job, of course she got it. So Lily and Stormy talk about this and it was a perfect chance for a rebound fuck but the guy wasn't good enough for Stormy so thankfully no nookie. Stormy still thinks about her ex though and she figures he's doing India!

India Summer:

Indeed Stormy's thoughts were spot on as we head back to the tv station which conveniently is empty save for the two employees- you know Aaron Wilcoxxx is there to offer some tips on the new job India's embarking on. This does involve sex, gee it is porno!We begin with India in a nice form fitting black skirt and red shirt- this is gone in no time letting her coworker try out this breasts and the skirt goes too allowing us a quick ass glimpse before it's India on her knees engulfing some hard cock. Some seriously fine close/ side angle shots for the bj which moves neatly to pussy eating. Clear sound, clear picture help quite a bit. I think Stormy wanted some hot energetic fucking from everyone-- isn't that what all directors want or at least should want. Anyway, the passion here was good between the performers as the cock pounding commences. After mish, a quick pussy face dive from Aaron we get some anal sex, alright. The doggie anal was very good, small gaping when he pulls out and we get the pop to close fired to her face, an ice frosty finish!

Stormy & Lily Paige:

So we head back to Stormy's place where she's joined by Lily. Stormy's having no luck with the job search. The girls chat a bit and Brooke offers to help with Stormy being unfucked! Lily's such a lesbian but she works her magic and soon the girls are making out and losing clothes! Thank you, we get boobies and both women have wonderful sets. Loved that Lily went down on Stormy from behind, losing her face between those pretty ass cheeks. The floor shot used really helped that along. Stormy doesn't miss out either on the oral fun, first kissing Lily to taste her own juices then the shot morphs to Stormy's face buried deep in Lily's cookie. Great open shot here in the mish position. No toys are used but the scene stops much to soon, no seconds, boo.

So we head to the hospital of all places. Lily had an accident at work, a bad pole trick and her leg's out of commission. Of all people Eric Masterson's the resident who's attending Lily. Stormy has come to visit her friend and runs into Eric. The two chat while Brooke looks up, turns out Stormy left an earring at the toilet she threw up in at Eric's place and the two are going out.

Stormy Daniels:

Well well dinner must've been good as we get the One Month Later message on screen and then it dissolves to Stormy and Eric in bed making out. Great seeing Stormy in action again, oops Lily comes in and then the trio all see on the local news the weather girl that replaced Stormy totally go off on the boytoy who dumped Stormy-- seems a sexually transmitted disease was in question, lol. Suffice to say the new weather girl is toast and Stormy soon receives a call about getting her old job back. Things are turning much for the better, now to seal the deal with latest romantic squeeze. Lily takes her leave and the two get to celebrating. We first get Eric going down on Stormy, love seeing the guy please first and the close shots of Stormy's pussy were much appreciated. There was some nice boobage too before we turn matters over to Stormy who fully works those wonderous boobs out and then takes on Eric's cock. Stormy has that dick nice and hard in no time, sexwise you get some fine shots- cowgirl, spoon and mish get worked in leading to Eric nutting just above her pussy. Missed reverse and a good bouncing boobie shot but we get some of that in mish and spoon. So all's well that ends well with partly Stormy becoming fully Sunny by movies end!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one was fine with an easy to follow story. Good looking girls with India taking the best pop, superb facial to close her scene. Stormy gets the last two scenes sharing her pussy with Lily in one, yeah! The second has her paired with Eric who gets in some good oral before Stormy takes over, missed reverse cowgirl in the scene as that just shows off Stormy's awesome rocking tits so well but overall a good flick and worth a rental at least for fans of any girl cast here. Extras are a bit lean, no bts but there's a bonus scene with Stormy from Sex, Lies & Spies where she bangs one out with Tony DeSergio.

We open with an ominous piece of piano music playing as we see various images unfold onscreen. Not entirely sure what it means yet but at least we get a good idea of who's in the movie. You do see a picture of Stormy and Kaylani, a short time later that pictures wripped in two and in the trailer it's obvious the two are enemies now so stay tuned to see if that's explained further. So we finally settle on an image of Stormy in bed riding Tony and it's a good shot in cowgirl working in that ass. This is the shot for a good minute before we move on to Stormy sucking his cock, thankfully the condom's off at the time. After Stormy's worked him up good we get Tony moving down to sample that freshly fucked pussy-- which soon sees more action as we slip the condom back on for mish/ spoon and finally a good pop on her right breast.

That was my take on this scene. So fans Stormy keeps on trucking and stay tuned for more from this accomplished actress/ director.

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