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Paradise Hole

Paradise Hole

Studio: VCA
Category:  Feature film , Straight
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astroknight's ratings for Paradise Hole:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Paradise Hole overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Paradise Hole Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Paradise Hole Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Paradise Hole Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Paradise Hole Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Paradise Hole DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Paradise Hole A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  3/20/2001

Running Time: 142 min.

Production Date: Feb 2000

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Sydnee Steele, Lola, Tiffany Mynx, Tabitha Stevens (non-sex), Renee La Rue, Allysin Chaynes, Bobbi Bliss, Jessica Drake, Keisha, Olivia, Daisy Chain, April Flowers, Evan Stone, Joel Lawrence, Dale DaBone, Van Damage, Root Logins, and Clay Hyde (Jim Holliday)

Initial Expectations: I canít think of a Jim Holliday movie that I havenít enjoyed. Theyíre normally short on plot but have a lot of humor in them. The sex is also normally top notch. I expect more of the same here.

Initial Reaction: Itís top notch Jim Holliday and a great DVD overall.

Audio /Video Quality: Both are almost excellent. The audio is very clear but during one scene the neighbors made a lot of noise that detracted from the scene. The video is also very clear but a little bit of blue dot haze appears for a few seconds.

Music: Itís well balanced and typical Jim Holliday music. Rather than Reno and the Rum Runners, this time itís mostly done by Ed Monton and the Alberta Renegades. It also features the debut of Evan Stone in Evan Stone and the Zzyzx Roadhouse Band and the Ghosts of Curtis Springer Chorus for the theme song. Itís a lot of fun and you have to pay attention to the lyrics to really enjoy it.

Review: In Paradise Hole Jim Holliday takes on the holiest of the holy, televangelists, with his normal flair. One should note that Jim went to great lengths so that the words God and Jesus were never said in the movie. It canít be easy to stop porn stars from muttering or even screaming out ďOh God!Ē. but somehow he managed. The movie is held together by a trailer trash Tiffany Mynx, who after Van Damage puts her ass through what must be close to the fires of Hell, canít tear herself away from the TTT network and itís wide variety of televangelists. Sister Sharon Stonebreaker with her sacred sledgehammer of eternal love (Sydnee Steele) leads the network, but thereís also Evan Stone, whoís name I wonít go into for spacial reasons, a dancing, prancing preacher, the Little Bopper (Allysin Chaynes), a deaf and dumb faith healer, and the Belladonna sisters Moonseed (Bobbi Bliss) and Nightshade (Daisy Chain) with Spin-a-Sin. Also in the mix is Jessica Drake, an investigative reporter whoís after Evan Stone, who harbors a deeper, darker secret. As with most of Jim Hollidayís movies, the plot is more for fun and a framework for the sex. Although fun, donít think this means itís poorly done. Itís perhaps Jim Hollidayís best written and funniest film to date. Also, and this shouldnít come as a surprise as itís this way in all of Jim Hollidayís movies, the women come out on top in the end.

As with most, if not all, of Jim Hollidayís movies, the sex differs from the normal porno out there. First of all, itís almost always some of the hottest sex out there. Mr. Holliday often lets the girls pick their partners knowing that if two people enjoy being together heís going to get a hotter scene, which almost always works. Thereís a lot of good material for anybody with a foot fetish. Jim read surveys which say that perhaps as many as half of the people out there have a foot fetish, and because of that, heís going to give them some good material. Anybody out there with a foot fetish who hasnít seen any of Mr. Hollidayís work is really missing out. He also includes a lot of facials. I have to give Mr. Holliday a lot of credit as he claims to not like facials and that he doesnít have a foot fetish. Heís just trying to give the viewers out there what they want to see. Also, thereís a lot of anal sex and rim jobs which Mr. Holliday has heard from people that they want to see. If youíre not a fan of anal sex, a foot freak, or somebody who just doesnít like really hot sex, you might not enjoy Paradise Hole as much as others. But enough with generalities about the sex, letís get on to it!

Paradise Hole opens with Tiffany Mynx and Van Damage. There arenít many things that catch your attention like wild anal sex first thing in a porno. Van really shows his talent for deep rim jobs, and Tiffany takes it for all sheís worth. Two minutes into Paradise Hole and I was already putting my jeans through a major stress test. Itís one of the rare scenes that doesnít have any vaginal sex in addition to being extremely hot.

Sydnee Steele takes over for the next scene with Olivia and Dale DaBone in her office immediately after finishing her show. Olivia and Dale mostly switch off pleasuring Sydnee, so there isnít a lot of group action here. Olivia does an okay job taking both vaginal and anal, but I donít find her that attractive. She augmented her chest to the point that you could chain her to a Sherman tank and drop the tank into the deepest freshwater hole in the world and she wouldnít drown. Sheís also trying out to be a human pawn shop with how many piercings she has. Sydnee, of course, does a great job, but what else could you expect? Dale ends the scene with a rare couch shot which leads into one of the many jokes throughout the movie.

Daisy Chain comforts the grieving widow Renee La Rue on the next show. Although thereís something I donít quite like about Daisy, and itís probably her overabundance of tattoos, sheís starting to grow on me. Renee, of course, is fabulous. Thereís some nice humor laced into the scene and the girls work each other over very well. Renee does especially well as this is her Ďfirst time with a womaní.

After playing a little bit of ďThis Little PiggyĒ with Keisha and answering a few questions, Evan gets down and dirty with her. Thereís a lot of great foot worship here and Keisha puts all of her natural talents to good use here. I almost expected Evan to fist Keisha in this scene, and if it werenít for some of the laws we probably would have. If youíre a fan of Keisha, you wonít be disappointed with this scene and those who arenít fans of her might start to be.

Evan pairs up with April next in the funniest scene of the movie. April plays a high school cheerleader type (sorry, no uniform) who comes to the Blessed Reverend Evan because sheís worried about her salvation. He explains that sex is evil and bad. Unless, of course, youíre with someone pure, like him. The sex is pretty good here, but the interaction between April and Evan really makes it. April keeps spouting off really cheesy teenager type lines throughout the scene. When going down on Evan she says that he tastes better than any popsicle sheís ever had. Later she asks if she can ride him like a horsey. Each time it starts off with a half questioning ďBlessed Reverend...Ē. Thereís quite a few more also, but I donít want to ruin in. Each time Evan looks half confused and half like heís not sure if he canít laugh at her. Iím not sure how he even kept a half straight face. Supposedly she was only supposed to do one line but she got started and couldnít stop. Thankfully nobody stopped her. Itís a hot scene but itís also one of the funniest scenes Iíve ever seen.

Allysin accidently exposes herself to Jessica in the next scene. Yes, Jessica finds out the Little Bopper can talk. I donít know what the rest of you were thinking, but Iím shocked! Thereís almost always a little set-up to a lesbian sex scene. These ladies have one honey of a scene, too. Itís extremely long because Jim apparently couldnít bring himself to cut it down further. Itís almost a little too long, but Jessica and Allysin are good enough with each other that I wonít complain.

ĎHusband and wifeí Joel Lawrence and Lola come to Bobbi for help in the next scene. Theyíve been married for months and havenít been able to consummate their relationship. Part of the problem might be that they donít know what Ďconsummateí means. The larger part is that Joel canít get hard, which is saying something with Lola around. There isnít a single woman here who wouldnít be able to help me with that! Bobbi knows that with the help of hands, mouth, and feet, and of course a sizeable donation, she can help them through it. The scene is a bit of a cliche, but Joel and Bobbi make it a lot of fun. Unfortunately, this is the most problematic scene. Itís an outdoor scene that was filmed adjacent to a golf course doing some major landscaping. Tree mulchers and heavy equipment donít go good with movie audio. You can still hear the performers clearly, but itís a little annoying. VCA deserves some credit for bringing out the audio as far as it did.

Finally, Evan, Jessica, and Sydnee cum to terms in the final scene. Itís a couple very happy endings, as both Jessica and Sydnee both have very nice ends. Itís a very good group scene and the teamwork between Jessica and Sydnee helps out the scene. Itís not as fun as the last few scenes, but it contains the only real religious imagery in the entire movie. Itís a hot scene that leaves the Paradise Hole open. Hopefully this will turn into another great series from Jim Holliday.

Finally, VCA finishes off Paradise Hole the right way... with real credits. Jim Hollidayís movies normally have a very large cast and itís nice to know who his angels (as he refers to the ladies who frequent his movies) are. Most of them are recognizable, but for the newcomer itís a great thing. Also, even for those of us who watch a lot of porn, thereís normally one or two people weíre unsure of whose identity we can now find out. Credits never seemed like theyíd take that much effort to add to a movie, so I canít see why credit shouldnít be given to the cast and crew, especially when the job they do has such satisfying results.

Extras: VCA pulled out all the stops here with a slide show, bios, directorís commentary, behind the scenes, real multiple angles, trailers for Timeless , Eye Candy Refocused , and The Top 25 Adult Film Stars of All Time , a virtual tour of VCA, internet info, and contact info. Also, although not necessarily an extra, VCA lists the chapters by the girl starring in it. Itís a great way to do it and I wish more studios would list the chapters this way.

The photo gallery is automated lasting about two and a half minutes with about six seconds per picture. Theyíre all full screen shots and extremely clear. If youíre wondering what to expect from Paradise Hole this is a great place to start.

Sydnee Steele, Jessica Drake, Bobbi Bliss, and April are all covered in the bios. Itís a nice little bio which includes a little personal information as well as a photo so you can recognize them. VCA also includes a link to the starís scene which is one of my favorite things about their bios.

The thirteen and a half minute behind the scenes is the same featurette that is included on the Women In Control DVD. Itís a decent behind the scenes but I wish it was edited a little better. I now know that Mr. Holliday normally makes two or three movies at the same time, but this should be easily edited. Iíd much rather have two separate featurettes that are half as long and pertaining to the feature theyíre with than two that are twice as long with half of the information not pertaining to the feature itís with. Thereís still a lot of interviews with the cast as well as other fun stuff.

Sydnee Steele and Allysin Chaynes join Jim Holliday for the commentary. Itís a great commentary but poorly balanced at first. Allysin is much louder than either Sydnee or Jim. I didnít notice it later in the commentary, so I either got used to it or it was better balanced later in the commentary. Jim talks a lot about how he avoided anything religious when he made Paradise Hole and that not once either Jesus or God are mentioned. He strongly believes that all televangelists should have a for entertainment purposes only disclaimer at the bottom of the screen and realizes how eager many of them would be to sue him. He also talks a lot about how he tried to cater to what the fans want such as with rimming and foot worship. Heís given up on trying to keep track of what he can and canít do in a movie, so he worries about that stuff in editing. This doesnít mean that he thinks there arenít any rules to shooting a film. You can sense a lot of respect from him for the talent and he refers to several things as ďfreak show stuffĒ. He talks about how some of his movies work and his dislike of the current gonzo trend in todayís porn. Of course, thereís also a lot of behind the scenes stories about the movie and the performers in it. Itís a very fun commentary and one that I hope most people will take the time to enjoy.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, group, anal, toe-ing, rimming (male > female and female > female), spanking, foot fucking, toys, tit - fucking, and foot jobs

Raincoat Factor: Very high. As Jim put it in the commentary, it might take some Southerners a week to make it through the entire movie.

Overall: Currently, Paradise Hole can be found online for between $22 and $25 with several stores offering it for about $22. For this price itís a steal! The sex is hot, the movieís a lot of fun, the transfer is great, and there are a lot of great extras. Thereís not much more you could ask for.

Note to VCA: Great job! I wish all of your DVDs were this well done and that something could have been done about the noise from the neighbors.

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