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Panty Pops 3

Panty Pops 3

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for Panty Pops 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Panty Pops 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Panty Pops 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Panty Pops 3 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Panty Pops 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Panty Pops 3 Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Panty Pops 3 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Panty Pops 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  2/12/2012

I'm really looking forward to this movie from Kevin Moore i have seen trailers of his Evil Angel work and got to say he is shooting some fantastic stuff and to think i thought he was new to Directing,Kevin has been Directing more movies than i have had hot dinners.This is a quick look at his work that is listed on ADT and this is a link to his profile page on Evil Angel complete with box covers and trailers,well here goes for Panty Pops 3 and as the name would suggest the end result is the girls getting a hot creamy load to the butt while wearing their undies so im looking forward to checking this one out.I must confess to having an underwear fetish but sadly my days of squeezing into a thong and gazing into a full length mirror with one ball hanging out either side are over(hands on hips optional lol)..before it even began lol.Im joking in case i just put a few people of there dinner ha ha.Kevin also has a thread on ADT and if anyone wants to check it out to leave comments/feedback etc im sure Kevin will answer any questions regarding his movies.Kevin Moore thread

Well here goes with the review and with 10 hot girls to check out this is going to be pant-tastic,3 of the girls i know of so my cock is well acquainted with them but it's 2012 and my cock is a serial cheater so he is desperate to see the other girls,i better not let him down as he is the one who calls the shots (cum shots) in "our relationship " it's time to drop my pants and sink into my wanking chariot and press play on the dvd player,the last time i felt this excited it was Christmas Eve.

Scene 1-Tori Black

The scene starts of with Kevin getting caught peeping on Tori who is wearing a very short dress that shows of her panties as she bends over,Kevin just happens to be jerking off well lets face it if you are going to get caught you might as well go down fighting lol.The action is caught pov style and with pretty Tori calling Kevin a pervert and lifting up her short dress to show off her panties she says to Kevin "Is this what you want to see" she is all smiles and looks lovely and what a really pretty girl she is,cute smile too and with her sexy figure and with her long locks tumbling down past her shoulders she is the reason i sleep with an ice pack between my legs at night lol.Some people wake up in a cold sweat at nights,i wake up and my bed looks like a wig-wam lol

Some good tease action plays out with Tori showing off her panties and peachy ass to Kevin then she goes on to say "If you like panties so much how about i try on some more" and with that the camera zooms towards a bag of underwear.I would quite happily stick my face in that bag of undies and inhale until i ended up with blocked tear ducts lol,back to sexy Tori and im not sure if Kevin has asthma or not but he is getting a little bit heavy in the breathing department as he mumbles out "Yes,yes" lol.The action swings to Tori in doggie style with her ass high in the air and with it filmed pov style Kevin rubs his cock over the crack of her ass,i think he is a religious guy as he keeps calling out "Oh my god,oh my god" lol

He slaps his cock of Tori's ass and some more great tease takes place with Tori now on the floor and lying back to show off her panties and with her legs now high in the air she looks so so sexy,as she lies back on the floor she pulls her panties up and they grip between her pussy is this known as a pantie wedgie.One word about the carpet in the room get a new one Kevin lol it looks so 1980's lol,some blowjob action for Kevin now and with this shot pov style it looks amazing to see this hot babe gaze into the camera,do not tell anyone that could be MY cock with Tori sucking ME off lol,porn and dreams you have got to love them

Tori looks great sucking cock and im going to have a guess here and say this is not the first pink torpedo she has serviced lol,she glides that tongue all over the head of his cock then expertly down his shaft and all the time Kevin is moaning away with delight.The action swings to Tori trying on different pairs of panties and teasing and this plays out like a dream,my cock is thrashing about in my pants as if he is moshing at a Pantera concert.It looks great to see Tori standing and bent over a desk wearing another sexy pair of panties while Kevin thrashes his cock against her ass,careful Kevin you will end up giving him concussion lol

Another hot moment now with Tori turning around and sitting on the desk and with her legs wide apart she says to Kevin "Do you want to rub that dick against my panties" Tori if he says no i will get a taxi asap i will simply run down the street in my boxer shorts and hail the first cab and point at my bulge and say "Pornoland please,Tori Black emergency" with foam escaping from my mouth and a wild eyed lust look about me.Tori's panties are so tight i bet her pussy lips are struggling to breathe,i hope Kevin has got a defibrillator on site to give her pussy lips a quick jolt if need be lol.

With more teasing moments taking place i have got to say that Tori has an amazing ass,if you do have a panty fetish you will love this as she changes into another pair and pulls them deep into her pussy then she sinks to her knees and picks up the pair of panties she was originally wearing and sniffs them and with the camera right in there you can almost smell those perfumed panties from here,a girl sniffing her own panties how hot is that.Now a real treat for Kevin as she wraps those pink undies around his cock and jerks him off.

Tori goes on to suck his panty covered cock and this looks great,she then pulls them with her teeth and all the time the camera is in pov style and to see this sexy babe with her smouldering eyes look into the camera as she gorges on man meat is hot as hell,some dirty talk from Tori while she jerks off Kevin would have been the end for me.A couple of times while jerking him off she uses her teeth to hold the panties in her mouth then tilts her head down and sniffs her panties again,ok i will admit it im going to shoot my load lol.

More doggie style fun now and again Kevin gets to slip and slide his cock all over that fantastic arse of Tori's and with more panty changing and this time a sexy black and gold pair are Tori's choice,no wonder the front of them are gold as that is where the real treasure is lol.My fave is when Tori is in doggie style pose as i really love the ass shots yes it's sexy to see her pussy too as she is wearing her panties but im ass obsessed so when the action plays out with Tori in doggie im delighted.Tori begins pressing her ass against Kevin's cock and this looks great,the back of her undies are see thru black and they make her ass look irresistible and with Kevin getting carried away he slips his cock under her panties and lets his writhing beast loose about Tori's ass.

I should mention that Kevin has a good sized cock and is keeping up with the challenge of having hot Tori before him,and when i say keeping up with the challenge i mean rock hard.No wild pubic hair for Kevin as he is shaved,i heard it makes you more aerodynamic in the bedroom well i told a girl that at the bar one night and she slapped me lol.The action jumps to Kevin jerking off over that round ass and covering Miss Blacks undies with prick paint and with Tori on her belly we get more shots of her cum covered panties before the scene ends.

This was a fun scene to start the movie with and Tori was beautiful and good tease action too with her changing in and out of panties,i liked the panty jerk off she did and the sniffing of her own panties was a treat too but the best for me is to see the cock rubbing against the ass while she has a sexy pair of undies on,to me it looks sexy and to finish with a hot creamy load to her panty covered ass was great.

Scene 2-Ahryan Astyn

This is a new girl to me so im looking forward to this scene,the intro starts with Ahryan standing at a window and as the camera pans from her legs upwards it's a wow moment as what a figure she has.Her legs look amazing and her ass looks incredible she is wearing a yellow dress and when the camera zooms upwards she has long blond hair,if this is the back i better get a muzzle on my cock for what awaits when she turns around.We get some great up-skirt shots and a teasing look at Ahryan's panties,i can sense this is going to be a classic.Im dribbling more than Stephen Hawking trying to eat an ice cream and before anyone gets upset at that joke i actually meant Im dribbling more than Stephen Hawking trying to rim a midgets asshole while covered in peanut butter,im going to hell i never wanted to be up there with all the non porn fans anyway how boring would that be, playing a fucking Harp all day.

Back to Ahryan and with Kevin lifting up her dress to show off her panty covered curvy ass i felt like cheering,what a round sexy bum she has.I think i have fallen in love with Ahryan's ass,she is wearing leopard print type undies and i think they are high waist ones,im not really into thongs i like a nice curvy ass almost covered with the panties and with Ahryan wearing these they make her ass look so juicy and inviting,i could rub my cock all over her ass for days, well until the friction burns set my cock on fire lol.

As the camera sweeps from the floor upwards Ahryan's legs are beautiful,so so sexy and toned and athletic i think when she turns around i will rip off my balls and throw through them through the monitor lol.Someone get me a glass of water as Ahryan has just turned around and my instincts were correct she is indeed a stunner,lovely curvy figure and great boobs and pretty face and even Kevin says to her "You are the full package,legs booty and boobies" After a short interview with Ahryan it was time to see more of this beauty.

With the camera looking up at Ahryan who was still standing she slowly and sexily began to take off her dress at the same time her yellow dress hit the floor i think my tongue joined it as it fell out my mouth and crashed to the floor,stinkfist has fallen in love.Ahryan looks so sexy as she stands there in just her panties and heels,Kevin wastes no time in telling her he has something for her and the camera zooms over to a sofa with underwear on it and Ahryan slips off the panties she was wearing to try on some others,the action is still pov style so all you man haters rejoice lol.

Ahryan slips on a sexy pink pair of panties and she looks stunning,the ass shots look amazing with her bent over and with Kevin lavishing praise on her it's all playing out very nicely indeed,it might be just as well that i do not have a 50 inch Plasma as i have a feeling i would have been dead by now as i tried to jump through the television and get my hands on that booty.This is the body shape i love,hourglass figure,someone get me a hankie please im getting all emotional now lol.

Another short interview plays out with Kevin asking Ahryan some secrets about her sex life and as she answers and is all smiles to the camera this is hot,Kevin says to Ahryan that he has a confession to make and that he might need to take his pants off lol.We get some great shots of Ahryan as she lies back on the sofa and pulls her panties deep into her crack and as she pulls her panties to the side wow,she has very small pussy lips and you know what i love very small pussy lips lol.A really pretty pussy indeed so inviting almost as if it's just begging to be licked lol(nudge nudge,wink wink).

Another panty change for Ahryan and she looks so so sexy,what a great choice of sexy undies she has,as she stands up her body looks amazing and the scene jumps to Ahryan in doggie position and Kevin rubbing his cock against her ass.A blowjob for Kevin follows and to watch Ahryan crawl towards him then lick all over his cock while smiling looked great,good pov action as Ahryan goes on to deep throat Kevin and jerk him off.A change of position now and Ahryan goes on to sit at the edge of the sofa and spreads her legs wide and Kevin rubs and slaps his cock against her pussy covered panties.

Another change of panties and this is great and this time with Ahryan in the same position she takes Kevin's cock and rubs it against her panties,Kevin is getting so turned on that you can see his pre cum has stained her panties.Ahryan goes on to say to Kevin "Did you make a mess" as she pulls her panties up to try and look at the pre cum on them,the action swings back to Kevin rubbing his cock all over Ahryan's pussy,his cock is leaking cum and i do not blame him as Ahryan is having the same effect on me.

More blowjob action with Ahryan lying on the floor and her ass looking amazing,the overhead camera view is great here and the action switches to Kevin oiling up her butt then dry humping the crack of her ass and suddenly he cries out "Oh my god" as his cock goes off like a garden hose being turned on at full pressure and he covers Ahryan's panties and ass in cum.He managed a good load and Ahryan's curvy bum looks great covered in ball batter,some good teasing shots of her ass follow and Kevin chats to her about the mess he has left on her ass and with Ahryan giggling away the scene ends.

Great scene i think i have fallen for Ahryan she was sexy and her choice of underwear for this scene was perfect,i would have loved a whole scene with those leopard print undies but was more than happy with how this one played out.Good tease and with a butt made for creaming this scene might be a hard act to follow as far as im concerned.

Scene 3-Victoria Lawson

Straight into action we go and pretty Victoria is next up,she looks beautiful and with her dark hair and pretty looks and sexy figure this scene is going to be great,she is on a bed and is all smiles and is wearing black lace see thru leggings/tights and a t shirt and sexy black heels complete her look.She looks so fucking sexy and with pairs of panties on the bed im looking forward to seeing her changing in and out of sexy undies,some tease action takes place with Victoria taking control and teasing for the camera,i really like the look of this girl.

With her sexy looks and great body Victoria is oozing sex appeal i think im just oozing lol,she has pulled up that t shirt to show of her lovely boobs and just seems a natural in front of the camera.Those lace leggings/tights that she has on are really sexy too and with more teasing she leans towards Kevin whose cock has come into view and she sucks on that prick while looking into the camera,so so hot.She has that look that could turn a cock to stone lol,with Victoria cranking up the dirty talk and pulling down her leggings/tights to show off her ass she looks horny as hell and in control.

A hot moment now as Victoria lies back on the bed and with those tights pulled down and her panties on show she asks Kevin if he wants to see her wet pussy,she then pulls her panties to the side to show of her sexy pussy.This looks great and to watch her stroke her slit is a turn on,Kevin cannot hold back any longer and presses his cock against her lips and his cock slips deep into Victoria's pussy and he goes on to fuck her as Victoria cries out with pleasure.

The action is pov with the camera looking down on the penetration and this looks great to see Victoria with her leggings pulled slightly down and her panties to the side and her shaved pussy full of cock,after more fucking Victoria decides that she wants to try on some panties for Kevin and slips off her heels and leggings/tights and t shirt and reaches for a sexy pair of panties and slips off the pair she was wearing and into the new pair she goes.She looks like she is having fun as she thrashes about that bed,i love her lol.

Kevin gets Victoria to back into him in doggie position so that he can rub his cock all over her panty covered ass and what a fucking ass it is,it all gets too much for Kevin and he goes on to fuck Victoria again and as she is getting nailed she is looking over her shoulder at Kevin/into the camera and talking dirty.She goes on to do all the work during the fucking backing her ass/pussy into Kevin and you can hear the slapping noises as there bodies crash together,her screams are getting louder and after more fucking Victoria is moving over to try on more panties.

With more dirty talk from Victoria this is making a hot scene even hotter,she goes onto her side and pulls her panties to the side and urges Kevin to fuck her pussy again.Another panty change for Victoria then the action swings to her face down on the bed and Kevin fucking her as her panties are pulled to the side and after more fucking and vocal encouragement from Victoria it was all too much for Kevin who pulled out and came all over her ass and panties.

That was an enjoyable scene,i really thought Victoria was a natural in front of the camera and with her sexy looks and vocal demands she was hot as hell.With panty changes and fucking etc this made for a good scene and with Victoria smiling throughout her scene it made it very pleasing on the eye to watch a girl enjoying herself on screen,i will seek out more of her work.

Scene 4-: Priva

The girls just keep on coming and next up is Priva who is a sexy little Asian,the scene takes place in the bedroom and with Priva only wearing panties and heels she looks great.What a tight toned body she has and her nipples are like bullets,i had to hide behind my sofa in case my eye got poked out lol.I would chew on those nipples until i ended up with Bells Palsy,a short interview takes place with Priva telling Kevin she is from Thailand and this little babe is hot hot hot,those nipples deserve a review all to themselves lol.

After more tease from Priva she slips off her panties and turns around to show Kevin her perfect little tight ass,she slips off her panties and goes on to sit facing Kevin and strokes her perfect pussy while Kevin comments on her beautiful pussy and with Priva giggling away this is moving along nicely,she puts on a pair of pink boy shorts and turns her ass to face Kevin what a tight little rump hole she has.Kevin rubs his cock all over her panty covered ass and i bet that feels so good,lucky bastard lol,some more tease from Priva follows before she goes on to try on another pair of panties that were strewn over the bed.

A hot moment now and with Priva on her knees on the bed she leans forward and drapes a pair of panties over Kevin's cock and begins to jerk him off and with sexy Priva looking into the camera she goes on to say "I like to be good and bad,but it's good to be bad" i think im falling for this little babe from Thailand.She is all smiles and again i cannot take my eyes away from her rock hard nipples i do love a big pair of nipples,now it was time for Priva to suck some cock and as she lies on her tummy she sucks Kevin's cock and looks into the camera.

Priva spends a lot of time licking and sucking on the head of Kevin's cock only stopping to look into the camera and talk dirty then she goes back to sucking on his purple dome while jerking him off,time for more panty changes and Priva slips into another sexy pair of undies before the action swings to her once again on the bed and sucking off Kevin and again she sucks hard on his helmet while jerking him off,i would have blown my load so Kevin is doing well to hang in there.The action changes to Priva in doggie position lying on the bed with her ass raised so that Kevin can rub and grind his cock against the crack of her ass,Kevin dry humps her ass crack until he cannot hold back and blasts his seed all over Priva's ass and panties.

Another good scene and Priva was a sexy little Asian with a tight toned body and fantastic nipples,she gave a great blowjob to Kevin and focused on his helmet rather than choosing to deep throat him etc and as she was jerking him off at the same time and looking into the camera this was hot to watch.She just clamped her mouth around the head of his cock and had Kevin moaning out with pleasure,that is the way to treat a man lol.

Scene 5-Chastity Lynn

Next up is a girl i have seen plenty of,a hot little minx aka Chastity Lynn.She is a pretty blond and has cute looks and a sexy figure and an almost schoolgirl fresh look about her so it's going to be great to watch her getting in and out of her undies,bring it on.The scene starts of with Chastity lying on a bed and underwear surrounding her she looks so pretty and with her long blond hair and almost shy expression on her face my cock has decided that he is going to do the Lambada in my pants lol,Chastity does look stunning and with her only wearing a pair of panties and topless this is the way i would like her on my bed.

What a sexy figure Chastity has,her legs are amazing too and this hot little tease wastes no time in going into doggie position on the bed and showing off her perfect ass i think im going to love this scene.This is what having a cock is all about lol a faint cough from my living room made me glance over to the other sofa and what do you know but i was confronted by the sight of my Guide Dog cranking one out to Chastity,ohhh i am soooo proud of him lol.After some tease and dirty talk from Chastity she is on the move over to Kevin's cock and as her tongue glides all over his shaft i bet Kevin is thinking "Is this REALLY work" lol.

Chastity looks great and the overhead pov shot is fantastic,she gets stuck into Kevin's meat like a lapsed vegetarian who is back on the meat warpath and with Chastity looking into the camera as she services Kevin's cock she looks so sexy.She has amazing eyes too and just to prove im not going gay on anyone i would love to throat fuck her too lol,now that IS true love.Another hot moment as Chastity reaches back and grabs a pair of panties and wraps them around Kevin's cock and goes on to suck and jerk him off and with it getting quite messy this is great to watch,so much for me thinking that Chastity was a quiet little "butter would not melt in her mouth" type of girl.

Chastity really does gag on Kevin's cock and you can hear her making "glugging" noises as his cock rams in and out of her mouth,this is great to watch as Kevin is on his feet here and the action is filmed looking down on Chastity.Now it was time to see Chastity changing into another pair of panties and it looks so sexy to see her slip off the pair she was wearing then with a glint in her eye as she looks into the camera she eases into a sexy little pair of undies,are they really panties or dental floss im past caring lol,Im feasting on the action and with Chastity lying back on the bed with her legs open and saying to Kevin "Do you like these ones on me" it is a ball draining moment.

Chastity goes on to sit on the edge of the bed and uses both hands to jerk off Kevin then goes on to give him a sloppy blowjob,more hot action now as Chastity sits at the edge of the bed and with her legs apart she grabs Kevin's cock and jerks him off and she rubs his cock all over her panty covered pussy and the action soon moves on to her in doggie position offering her ass to Kevin who goes on to rub his cock along the crack of her ass.Another change of panties for Chastity and after more blowjob action and more panty changes and with Chastity standing up to show off her amazing figure it was back to lying on the bed and giving Kevin a blowjob before the finale has Kevin fucking Chastity's ass crack and popping over her panties and ass cheeks.

I loved this scene Chastity is such a beautiful young woman and with almost a shy demeanor about her it was awesome to see this little babe get down and dirty and what a body she has,tight toned and with curves in all the right places she is a porno babe indeed.I loved the panty changing and the blowjob action from Miss Lynn and this scene played out really well and was enjoyable from start to finish.

Scene 6-Phyllisha Anne

Next up for the panty treatment is Phyllisha,she is an attractive leggy blond and from what i can see she has a curvy butt and the reason im saying this is because she already has her back to Kevin who is filming and im getting a perfect view of her rump too lol.With her panties hugging into her ass crack and pussy she looks like she will be another classic panty popper,a short interview plays out with Kevin getting Phyllisha to tease and show off her curvy bum then he gets her to turn around and tease even more as this milf gets her enhanced boobs out.

She is all smiles and Kevin wastes no time is asking her to try on some pairs of panties that are on the bed,im sure Sade wrote that song Smooth Operator for Kevin lol,as she slips out her blue panties i can see some tan lines on Phyllisha's ass and Kevin requests a pair of panties for Phyllisha to slip into and after more tease and instructions from Kevin he has Phyllisha changing into another pair of sexy purple undies and with her getting in the mood she reaches for Kevin's cock and as she stands she takes hold of his cock and jerks him off and rubs his dick against her panty covered ass cheeks.

This time Kevin asks Phyllisha to put a black pair of panties on and she poses on the bed and looks really sexy and her curvy ass looks great too,some blowjob action now and Phyllisha works her magic on Kevin's cock.More panty changes now and it's shocking pink for Phyllisha and back to cock sucking she goes,some good shots of Phyllisha's ass here as she lies on her tummy while servicing Kevin,some pussy fucking now and with Phyllisha lying on her tummy Kevin rides her pussy hard and fast before pulling out to spray Phyllisha's ass and panties with thick cum.

I thought this scene was ok maybe the last scene with Chastity spoiled me,this was a quick scene and although Phyllisha was nice enough in looks it never really took off for me which was a shame.

Scene 7-Emy Reyes

Straight into action we go with the sexy Latina Emy Reyes,Kevin is peeping on the girls again and watches Emy as she stands by her door wearing a pink top and black leggings.She is a slim babe and although im only getting to check her out from the back i think she has a great figure so im hoping the rest of her lives up to expectations,Kevin pans the camera to underwear on the bed then as he reaches for a pair of panties he wraps them around his hard cock and begins to jerk off.With the camera back on Emy im pleased to announce that she is indeed a sexy babe with smouldering looks and a body so tight she could turn Cliff Richard into a football hooligan (i think the UK posters will get that joke lol)

After more flirting Emy glances over and says to Kevin "Hey you,are you jerking off to my panties" and with that she climbs onto the bed and grabs the underwear that was next to her and smiling away she says to Kevin "Do you want to see me try panties on for you" whatever happened to pulling out a Gun and saying "Private property one move and your dead motherfucker" then phoning the Police to come and get the body lol.Back to Emy and what a little pocket rocket she is,slim with a tight toned body and perky little boobs that are just itching to get out and say hello to the world.

With Emy being very vocal and teasing Kevin she turns around to show off her ass and with her still wearing her leggings and top she looks hot as hell,i bet her little asshole is tighter than Scrooge at Christmas lol.After more tease from Emy she pulls down her leggings to show off that lovely little bum,im convinced her bum hole winked at me and i waved back and blew a kiss to the television lol.A hot moment now as Emy lies back and with her legs high in the air and her leggings down we get a great view of her ass/pussy while she runs a finger over her slit.

With the camera panning back for a full shot of Emy lying on the bed in that position it's really hot stuff and did i mention she also has heels on,as if you fucking care lol.As she plays with her pussy she talks dirty and this looks and sounds great,i have fallen for little Emy lol.It's official dirty talk gets me going all the time and judging by the sounds that Kevin is making he is a fan of dirty talk too lol.Im looking forward to seeing this little babe slip in and out of her undies,Emy seems to be having a blast playing up to the camera.

With more dirty talk Emy removes her leggings and places them under her bum then pulls them deep into her pussy crack to grind and fuck herself with her leggings and if Emy is getting herself hot and bothered she has not seen the reaction she is having on me lol,now it was time for more teasing with Emy putting on a sexy pair of panties,this only drove Kevin crazy and led to him rubbing his cock all over her panty covered ass and im convinced i saw a white flag sticking out Kevin's pee hole.A white flag signifies to all that an approaching negotiator is unarmed,with an intent to surrender or a desire to communicate.Persons carrying or waving a white flag are not to be fired upon,nor are they allowed to open fire...i lied he wants to fuck her and open fire on her ass lol.

Im loving the dirty talk from Emy and with her lying back on the bed with her legs spread wide open as she rubs on her pussy through her panties she is ramping up the tease action,with more panty changes taking place Emy looks fantastic wearing a pair of white undies,simple white undies but so effective in showing of her beauty.With Emy now turning onto her tummy her ass looks great in this position.

This little babe reaches back and spanks her ass cheeks quite hard and im loving this,slow tease always gets me going and this scene has been moving along nicely and i love watching a girl slap her own ass.Emy gets vocal once again and asks Kevin if he wants her to wrap a pair of panties over his cock while she jerks him off,it's really hot as the camera is looking down on the action and the hot body of Emy is a feast on the eyes and the jerking off with the panties is such a thrill too.Another change of panties now and Emy slips on a sexy black pair and with her dirty talk to Kevin urging him to stroke his cock and cum for her she goes on to lie on her tummy and Kevin rubs his cock against her panty covered ass then beats his meat while Emy continues talking dirty and urging him to cum over her panties which he does and Emy goes on to say "Look at the mess you have made of my panties".

I enjoyed this scene and Emy was such a little cock tease and with her cute looks and sexy figure the scene played out really well.

Scene 8-Miley Ann

Another new girl for me to check out and it's the turn of sexy Miley to get down and dirty for us panty lovers,the scene starts of with Kevin zooming into a pile of panties that are strewn over a bed and he picks up a pair and drapes them over his cock and begins to jerk off.Kevin is now on the move and as he moves towards another bedroom we catch sight of Miley checking herself out in a full length mirror and with her wearing tiny panties and high heels she looks amazing,she is a slim toned sexy babe and with her long dark hair and lovely legs it's going to be great checking out this scene.Kevin is still peeping on Miley and jerking off with those panties still draped over his cock.

Miley looks stunning and with her tight toned body and great boobs she has got my cock hot and bothered lol,she announces that she will try on another pair of panties and with that Kevin rushes back to the other bedroom and in comes Miley and catches him jerking off,you might have heard of the phrase caught red handed well Kevin has been caught right handed...with his cock in his hand lol.Miley Ann flirts with Kevin and it's not long before she is agreeing to try on some panties while Kevin watches,to watch this sexy babe slip off her panties then try on another pair is so hot and her shaved pussy looks so so inviting too,wish i could get an invite lol.

What a perfect ass Miley Ann has,so curvy and juicy looking and the fact she has bent over doggie style and is urging Kevin to rub his cock against her panty covered ass makes me love this babe even more lol.With Miley Ann standing up her perfect rear is at the mercy of Kevin and he rubs and slaps his cock against her ass,i bet that feels fantastic it certainly looks fantastic.This girl is a stunner and with her long sexy hair she is looking every inch a sexy panty popper,she slips into a sexy pair of black and purple panties and looks fantastic and i swear that foam is coming out my mouth lol,im hooked on the charms of Miley Ann and i want the world to know it lol.

More hot action now and Miley sits on the edge of the bed and gets a pair of panties and wraps them around Kevin's cock and jerks him off,with Kevin standing up and with the camera looking down on the action this is so fucking hot and with some blowjob action too as Miley jerks and sucks off Kevin this is great to watch.More blowjob action this time with Miley side on and on her knees and in this position her curves look sensational,a change of panties now for Miley and to see her slowly peel of the pair she was wearing then squeeze into another sexy pair was a visual treat indeed.Some great butt tease now with the camera looking up at Miley as she pulls her cheeks apart and makes her ass cheeks jiggle.

It all gets too much for Kevin and he rubs his cock against that perfect ass and with Miley giggling away more blowjob action takes place and once again Miley goes side on and sucks off Kevin and in this position it gives Kevin a chance to reach out and feel that peach of an ass.Miley looks into the camera and smiles says "I have an idea why don't you cum all over my panties" a quick change of panties and she is again full of demands as she says to Kevin "Do you want to cum all over these" and with that she lay on her tummy and Kevin had that ass covered in oil then his hot spunk as Miley giggled and she kept saying "All over my panties" and she continues giggling.

I loved this scene and what can i say about Miley,what a sexy stunning girl she is and with a great figure and hot looks i will seek out more of her work.

Scene 9-Isis Taylor

I have seen the beautiful Isis in action before so im really looking forward to seeing this hot babe in full panty mode,the scene starts of with Isis on all fours on a bed and with undies either side of her it's looking good so far.Isis is such a sexy girl and with a smoking hot figure and her lovely sultry looks she is a porn fans dream,she is such a classy looking girl and with her perfect long hair tumbling down past her shoulders she just oozes class and perfection.She is wearing a pair of panties and heels and with her smiling to the camera she quickly turns around to show of her curvy bum to Kevin.

With Isis teasing and shaking her ass and putting us under her spell she moves around and with her tight toned body she looks great,she goes on to say "Im Isis Taylor and im going to be trying on some panties for you today" that is the best news i have heard all day lol.Isis moves closer to the camera and with a glint in her eyes she says "Im going to be naughty" and with that she takes Kevin's cock in her mouth and begins to suck him off and with the camera looking down on the action this looks great,im loving the eye contact from Isis as she sucks cock.

The overhead shot here is fantastic as we see all of Isis and to see her amazing curvy figure while she is on all fours is a hot moment,what a booty she has.It was time for an underwear change for Isis not me lol and she slipped on a sexy pair of panties and is all smiles for the camera and after more teasing shots of Isis she goes on to suck Kevin off again.She reaches for a black pair of panties and after rubbing them over Kevin's cock and jerking him off she slips off her panties and puts this pair on,with those black panties Isis look fantastic and they are my fave type almost like a swimsuit type cut to them that covers most of her ass.

Kevin goes on to slide his cock all over that amazing ass as Isis lays on her tummy for him and the sight of her curvy bum in those panties is driving me wild,blowjob action now for Kevin and with Isis on her knees in front of him sucking cock she drapes 2 pairs of panties over his pink beast then giggles and goes back to sucking duties.Isis stuffs a pair of those panties in her mouth and is getting me so horny,another panty change now and what a sexy pair Isis has picked out and with some blowjob action now Kevin cannot resist reaching over and groping that big curvy ass as Isis lies in front of him sucking him off,the finale involves Kevin jerking off over that majestic booty.

This was a great scene and Isis was her usual sexy self and with her amazing body and beautiful looks i loved watching her in action,some great panties on view here and to see her butt get creamed at the end was great,i will go back to this scene.

Scene 10-Lexi Belle

Well it's on to the final scene and with Lexi Belle being the one to bring the curtain down on Panty Pops 3 im looking forward to her scene as this is another hot babe that i have seen before and she always puts in a great performance so i hope she has packed her best undies for us panty poppers at home to enjoy lol.The scene starts with Lexi standing before Kevin smiling away and with her only wearing panties and heels i think this is going to be another hot scene,Lexi looks so adorable and cute and with her knockout figure and sexy smile she is a girl i cannot get enough of.

She has that natural charm about her and speaking of charms she has been blessed with a fantastic pair of tits,no wonder this girl is smiling as the tit fairy has been kind to her lol.Some tease action now with pretty Lexi showing off her hot body and with Kevin zooming in on a bundle of panties that lay on a sofa it's going to be great to see this little babe get in and out of her undies,im loving Lexi and she is all smiles and i like a girl who enjoys herself and her performance is natural and not forced.As she reaches for a pair of panties and sits on the sofa and slips off the pair she was wearing what a sexy looking pussy she has,shaved and perfect it would take 10 bodybuilders to prise me from between her thighs lol.

Lexi looks great as she slips on this other pair of panties and as she stands up to give us a twirl her cheeks are so tight i think you would have trouble trying to get an American Express card between those tight buns lol Kevin is not slow off the mark and rubs his cock over her panty covered ass before the action swings to Lexi before Kevin with her legs open and Kevin rubbing his pink torpedo against Lexi's covered pussy and with the camera catching her shy facial expression/reaction this is great,she seems really shy here but her nipples are getting hard and Lexi is getting turned on so im going to take a guess and say she aint shy after all lol.

Lexi slips into a sexy pair of panties and begins to tease and with her soft voice asking Kevin what he would like to do to her panty covered ass she is driving me crazy,Kevin goes on to rub his cock all over Lexi's ass and with him standing and Lexi on her knees and at the edge of the sofa with her ass pushed out this is great to watch,the action is caught looking down on Lexi and this is great too.More tease now and that hot little minx peels of her panties and her body is like a dream,she goes on to slip into another pair of undies and her fun smiling attitude could warm the coldest of hearts.

Kevin gets Lexi to go into doggie position again and he rubs his cock all over her ass while breathing like a 90 year old man lol,it's a tough job but someones go to do it..any vacancies lol.Now with Lexi laying on her tummy on the sofa Kevin gets right in there and dry fucks her ass,it must be an amazing feeling having this young beauty face down on your sofa with her ass at your mercy.Lexi changes into another pair of panties and the finale has Kevin rubbing his cock all over her panty covered ass until he goes off like a spunky firework and coats Lexi's ass and panties in hot spunk,well the(blue)touch-paper was lit from scene 1 so to finish the scene with another exploding cum shot over a hot girls ass was the perfect ending to this movie.

Another great scene and what can i say about Lexi she seemed so innocent but behind that shy exterior a hot sexy babe was crackling away,she looked amazing and with her pretty looks and sexy figure she will be in demand for a long time as far as her porn career goes.

Well it has been a great release from Kevin and im now a fan of his Panty Pops series,it was a fun title that never strayed from what Kevin set out to do and that was get hot girls in and out of their panties and pop a load on there panty covered butts and with tease/dirty talk along the way and plenty of panty changes it was great.The blowjob action with panties draped over Kevin's cock was great to watch too and if you have that panty fetish you will love this part of the action,some fucking did take place but again i would say the emphasis is on celebrating hot girls and their panties and with it shot from a pov perspective it all adds to the "that could be me" scenario.

To see 10 hot girls get the Panty Pops treatment was great and my own fave girls were Tori Black she set the tone for the movie and to see her sniffing her own panties was awesome,Ahryan Astyn what a figure this girl has and i fell under her spell.Victoria Lawson was another stunning girl who i could not get enough of and Chastity Lynn a hot little blond with cute looks and a body that could cure erectile dysfunction made all my dreams cum true lol,Miley Ann was another girl i loved and her performance had my cock moshing about in my pants and Isis Taylor and Lexi Belle completed what was my own personal highlights from this movie.If Kevin does get to read this review can i ask if you will consider doing a Big Butt Panty Pop edition Kevin with girls such as Kelly Divine,Caroline Pierce etc out there it could and would be awesome,thank you.

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