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Panochitas 4

Panochitas 4

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  Latin
Starring: , , , , ,
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LaNIKITA2000's ratings for Panochitas 4:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Panochitas 4 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Panochitas 4 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Panochitas 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Panochitas 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Panochitas 4 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Panochitas 4 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Panochitas 4 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LaNIKITA2000  on  6/16/2000

Title: Panochitas 4

Studio: Diabolic DVD

Director: Mike John

Production Date: 03/21/1999

Talent: Alice, Paola, Fiorela, Gina, Hazel, and Michelle

Length: 2 hours 19 minutes

Scene One: Alice and a guy

The director speaks Spanish fluently and asks her to look at the camera. Apparently, she is concentrated on sucking the dick beside her. While she sucks cock, the director asks Alice if she likes it? Of course she does! In between sucking cock methodically, she licks his balls. After this, the guy fucks her in the reverse cowgirl position in the vagina using hurried thrusts. She has natural breasts like all the other ladies in this video. Alice moans but it is not really captured that well. This is followed by doggy style vaginal penetration. She turns her head to look at him while he gives her the hot sausage injection. Fucking continues in the spoon position. After several minutes of fucking, he jerks off onto her face. The cum lands in her mouth and in the region below her throat. The director wants her to open her mouth so us viewers can see the cum. While showing us the cum, she makes cum bubbles. Ah. . .reminiscent of the earlier work of Inari Vachs.

Scene Two: Hazel and a guy

Hazel, in this scene, is only sucking cock. As soon as the guy pulls out his dick, Hazel says in Spanish that it is very huge ["mas grande"]. Nonetheless, she does her best at sucking his dick. She is really into sucking his dick. She uses a mouth-hand technique where the mouth covers the cock head and the mouth strokes his shaft. In between blowing, she licks his balls. Now, on her back, she awaits for his cum. Finally, he jerks off onto her face resulting in a big wad on her left cheek.

Scene Three: Paola and two guys

Paola is a lighter skinned Latina. She wastes no time and starts to wet their whistles with her mouth. The two cocks vie for just one mouth. Like a considerate cocksucker she is, she tries to accommodate both dicks in her mouth. However, she realizes that this will not work at all and sticks to the normal practice of sucking one dick at a time. Paola has a nice and pretty face. More importantly, she knows how to fuck, which results in great sexual intensity. The guy gives it to her in the doggy position while she enjoys sucking the other dick. They briefly stop fucking in order for them to remove her top. Now, they revert to the same position and fucking continues again. This time, the other guy has an opportunity to tap her pussy. This is followed by reverse cowgirl fucking while she continues to blow the dick at her side. The video quickly cuts into a missionary-type position. Paola plays with her tits as she is being fucked in a vigorous fashion. After a brief non 2 on 1 scene, the scene continues with 2 on 1 fucking. A homeless dick in the background finds its home in a willing mouth. Now, the two men switch positions so each one has a chance at her pussy. Then this is followed by more 2 on 1 fucking in the doggy style position. For a brief moment they revert back to solo fucking in the cowgirl position. Both guys have an opportunity to fuck in this position. She enjoys being fucked tremendously. The other guy fucks her pussy hurriedly, which makes it impossible to concentrate on both cocksucking and fucking. . .so she chooses the latter leaving a cock lonely. 

The clincher of this great scene is the popshot sequence. The guy on her left cum all over her face (right eyebrow, left eyelash and left cheek). One would think that this was a good shot but he is bettered by his fellow dick. Anyway, the cum-covered Paola continues to smile while giving post-cum head. Now, the guy on her left jerks off until he blasts her face. He paints her face like an artist resulting in an ample amount of cum streaks on both sides of her cheek. The camera zooms onto her face while she continues to tease a cock with her tongue. The scene ends. Obviously, they enjoyed fucking Paola and in the end result, IT shows. 

Scene Four: Michelle and a guy

After some cheesy Spanish dialogue between the director and Michelle, the cocksucking begins. Michelle is another light-skinned Latina but is not as beautiful as Paola. However, she has Paola beat in the cocksucking department. Being the skilled lady she is, Michelle treats the lucky man to some no-hands fellatio. Thereafter, she uses her hand to stroke his shaft. After several minutes, he jerks off and blows his minute amount of cum in her mouth and near her upper lip. She sucks his cock afterwards.

Scene Five: Fiorela and a guy

In between this sex scene, the guys ask Alice from scene one if she likes big or small "pengas." She likes big ones. 

Now, it is time for Fiorela's sex scene. Fiorela is a weird looking lady. Mainly, she has fake-looking eyelashes that modify her appearance in a bad way. She does not seem "as natural" as the others. By far, she is the most unattractive lady in the film. Whatever she lacks, she compensates by being a total sexual fiend. She attacks that cock with passion. Then, the guy puts her through the motions by fucking her pussy doggy style. This is followed by a reverse cowgirl position. This position is somewhat modified since she lunges forward so it is between the doggy position and the reverse cowgirl position. Now, on her side, she is fucked at a rapid and constant pace. Her natural breasts jiggle with each thrust. Other notable positions include a brief missionary and cowgirl vaginal penetration. 

Finally, the guy blows his load resulting in cum streaks on her chin. The guys says that so far this is the best lady so far.  She continues to give head and then finally waves goodbye. 

Scene Six: Gina and a guy

Before Gina's scene, the ladies from this video jump up and down showing their natural breasts in motion. 

Now, the scene starts and the audience is treated to Gina's beauty. From what was being said, one could discern that she is from Cuba. Gina is a white lady like the women of Spain. She has a cute face that rivals the face of Paola. Furthermore, she has nice-sized breasts although they seem a little saggy. She has a devilish grin before she sucks cock. Wow! From the very beginning, one knows that this is not the first time she sucked cock since she handles Lex's cock quite well. With her right hand on his dick, she momentarily uses her tongue to lick his balls. The guy feeling horny as ever thrusts his dick into her mouth.

After Gina lubricates his pussy, she is treated to some vaginal fucking in the doggy position. She is in some pain since it is probably one of the biggest dicks she has encountered. She tries to mask the pain with smiles. She moans with every long and hard thrust. This is followed by some missionary fucking. Gina seems more comfortable in this position until he thrusts hard but then he suddenly pulls out and has the time to slap his dick on her pubic region. She makes the best of the situation and goes with the flow by laughing. Then, he reinserts his dick into her pussy. Again, she continues to moan. Afterwards, he fucks her on her side until the popshot ends the scene. Most of the cum lands directly in her mouth. She smiles into the camera.

Scene Seven: Hazel and a guy

There are brief videos of Paola's cum-blasted face and Alice until Hazel's scene begins.

Hazel starts out already in the state of being fucked in the missionary position. Instead of having the blowjob first, the blowjob shows up in the second part of the segment. . .perhaps editing. Hazel is a very good sucker. Now, he returns fucking her this time in the doggy position. She moans with every thrust. Then, the guy fucks her pussy hard in the reverse cowgirl position. Her tits bounce up and down with every thrust. She is louder in this position than the previous one. Cowgirl vaginal penetration follows this scene.

The scene closes with the cumshot. The cum lands in her mouth, her cheeks, and near her eye. Excellent post-cum sucking.

Scene Eight: Gina, Michelle, and a guy

The ladies take turn sucking cock from the very beginning. Michelle gets first dibs on the cock while Gina licks the balls of the guy. Then, they take individuals turns sucking cock. While Michelle sucks cock, Gina seems to lament about her life until she reawakens into the reality of the scene. Gina turns on her playful character at the right moment. . .that is receiving cum in her mouth and then transferring it to Michelle by kissing her. Good blowjob scene.

Scene Nine: Cumshot Recap

It shows the cumshots from the previous scenes mentioned in their edited form.

Scene Ten: Michelle and a guy

This is the last scene of this video. The camera captures Michelle's act of sucking cock. Great audio capture by the microphone since one can hear all the sloppy sounds of a wet blowjob. The guy takes her top off revealing her breasts. Then, Michelle gives a no hands blowjob. Wow! Good video work to capture the no hands blowjob. She almost gets his whole dick into her mouth. Since he enjoyed the fellatio very much, he briefly returns the favor by giving her some oral sex.

The fucking begins in the missionary position on a picnic table. This is followed by fucking in the doggy position. Throughout the scene, Michelle moans very well. In one segment while getting it in the doggy position, she licks her lips for the camera to see. Afterwards, she assumes the reverse cowgirl position. Then, he fucks her in the cowgirl position for some minutes until the camera fades into the cumshot.

He jerks off until he unleashed his large load onto her face. A big wad hits her in the center of the forehead, which slowly drips onto her left eye. A noticeable amount of cum is noticeable in her hair, lips, and her left cheek. He puts his dick into her mouth for one more suck. She smiles and says, "Panochita."


Overall: I am pleasantly surprised by Panochitas 4. This is the only volume that appealed to me since the women are beautiful on the whole compared to the trashy types in the other volumes. Scenes three, five, and eight are the best in this volume.

DVD Quality: No major complaints on my part. A minor complaint is that sometimes the moans were not heard easily. But, these are the problems of filming outdoors and not an inherent problem in the DVD format.

Extras: It is a standard Diabolic fare including the following: photo gallery and Diabolic DVD trailers that they have not changed since their initial releases. The mini-poster is worth mentioning since this time there is a great picture of Paola having sex. And yes. . .this time a beautiful face completes the poster. . .and not a closeup of an anus.

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