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Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted)

Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted)

Studio: Pandora
Category:  All Girl , All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Pandora's Box (Pandora / Twisted) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/29/2002
Here we have an all girl dvd from Pandora studios. I am a big fan of lesbian scenes when they are done right. In that I mean lots of passion including a healthy amount of kissing, breast play, and especially oral. As for toy usage I like to see next to none but if they are used at least let it be at the end of the scene or let the girl using they toy keep licking the pussy or kissing the breast. So let's see how good a job Pandora studios and the director Perk Adann did, lol on that name BTW.

So for our first scene we see blond Julie hook up with her black haired friend Victoria. The two stroll around a bit before ending up walking down a hallway to a hotel room. Both the girls look hot and are all over each other as soon as the door closes. Both are touching all over each others bodies and it isn't long before Victoria is sucking on Julie's breasts and in even shorter time she is munching on Julie's pussy. Julie gets in some breast sucking and there is some breast to breast contact which looks hot. We see some more oral done to Julie as she leans next to the front door. The two hotties then go to the bedroom where they get fully naked and get into a nice 69 with Victoria on top. We find out in the Behind the Scenes footage that Julie likes the dark haired girls to be a bit dominate with her as she finds them very mysterious. In this 69 we get great footage of both girls licking pussy. It seems quite obvious both girls are hot for each other so enjoying the action is easy. The lighting for this scene was good as was the audio. We get a great shot when Victoria sits up putting her pussy squarely over Julie's mouth and this fucking rocked!!! This was repeated soon after when Julie sits on top of Victoria. Julie is grabbing her ample titties as Victoria laps away at her pussy giving us another great visual. The girls do some pussy to pussy rubbing before Julie begins licking and fingering Victoria's pussy until she squirts a little. A very good first scene.

There is little break as we move on to the second scene which features Kylie Ireland and Logan LaBrent. The two begin the scene with a nice kiss and then they sample each others enhanced breasts. Soon Kylie is bottomless and sitting on a kitchen counter with her legs open and Logan is right there licking away. We get some nice shots of Kylie showing her pleasure and also some nice close shots of Logan with her tongue buried in Kylie's snatch. Logan is soon on the counter and Kylie is down below licking pussy and she also licks some whipped cream from Logan's breasts as well as seductively bit from a banana topped with whipped cream. The whipped cream is then sprayed on Logan's pussy and Kylie playfully licks it away. Logan in turn uses the whipped cream on Kylie's pussy and Kylie uses the banana to stroke her pussy and then Logan uses it to penetrate her pussy. This is much sexier than a plastic toy would be. After some lengthy and very satisfying oral is done to Kylie the two close things out by sharing some passionate kisses. This was a very good and imaginative scene with the use the whipped cream and using a banana instead of a plastic toy being a second wise choice.

In our third scene we get two newbies to me, August a redhead, and Kelly Fire who has long brownish hair. We start with the two entering a nicely lit room and August sits down on a bed. Right off she is unbuttoning Kelly's shirt and also Kelly is helping August out of her top. Both girls have lovely pairs of breasts with Kelly having the bigger pair. There are some brief kisses before Kelly gets to lick on August's breasts and in turn August gets to squeeze and suck on Kelly's melons. I like seeing Kelly hover over August's face as she sucks her boobs. The action then moves to some oral loving from Kelly to August and this was captured beautifully. Soon it is time for August to munch pussy and she uses her tongue expertly to make Kelly quiver with pleasure. It took till scene three but we do get a toy, a big red one, and it is used first on Kelly by August but at least she cotinues to lick pussy while using the toy which is also put in Kelly's ass. We see Kelly turn over into a modified doggy and August licks pussy while Kelly rams the toy into her own backside. In another nice position Kelly sits on August's face so she can get her pussy eaten and still shove the toy in her ass. August then gets in the doggy position and Kelly uses a smaller toy to penetrate August's ass. Soon after the two lie side by side for some kissing, breast sucking, and pussy fingering. Kelly then pulls her legs around her head so her pussy is wide open for August to lick, a very sexy shot indeed. After some long oral to Kelly she gets behind August and rubs her pussy and nibbles on her neck and this closes out our third good scene. The toy usage was ok for me as it was close to the end and the one girl still licked pussy while shoving the toy in.

Our fourth scene features the lovely pair of Keri Windsor and Kaylynn. The two of them come into a room and sit down on a couch. They are giggling as they light up and get cozy with one another. Keri is soon kissing and licking one of Kaylynn's legs even removing the shoe so she could suck her toes. All you foot fetishists will get some pleasure as Keri licks a nice bit on Kaylynn's toes before moving her attentions between Kaylynn's legs licking over her covered pussy. Soon the pussy is free and Keri buries her tongue deep in Kaylynn's box. I liked the position with Kaylynn with her legs up in the air and Keri almost standing over her as she licks her pussy. Keri's huge tongue is put to great use as she practically fucks Kaylynn's pussy. There are also some nice slow licks from Keri and these elicit some wild moans from Kaylynn. Keri also gets on her knees in a more traditional pose to eat Kaylynn out and she is just as successful at making Kaylynn squeal with delight. There is some toy usage on Kaylynn but Keri keeps her face firmly planted in Kaylynn's pussy. Keri offers Kaylynn a taste of her own juices and the offer is gladly lickd off Keri's fingers The two then engage in some fabulous kissing and I mean this kissing was so erotic and should be a staple in every g/g scene. This was a big highlight in the scene no doubt about it. Kaylynn then gets in some breast sucking before the two do some brief pussy to pussy grinding. Kaylynn is then seen wearing a strap on and she proceeds to drill Keri in the mish position. Keri experiences some moments of pleasure folks that just have to be seen as they are that good. Kaylynn does do some licking with her tongue and at one point Keri has to push her away as the pleasure was so good that Keri slaps her pussy with joy. The scene plays out with some more sensuous kissing and some pillow talk between the two. What can I say except this scene rocked big time. WTG Pandora!!

The final scene features two allstar veterans in the lovely Tina Tyler and her blond friend the very hot Nna Hartley. The setting is a bar and the two ladies are chatting away like they were close friends and I think they are so this was nice and easy for these two lovelies to pull off. Soon Nina leans over and the two share a nice kiss. Nina then lowers her dress revealing a sexy bra and she cups her breasts before finishing taking off her dress. Well folks Nina is looking mighty fine and she shows off her body for Tina. She lets Tina finish off taking the bra off and then Tina gets in some nice squeezes on those puppies. All the while the two share great eye contact with each other. Soon Nina is fully nude and she lets Tina get a taste of her panties. Nina then climbs on the bar and bends over so Tina can eat the real thing. First, though, Tina uses her fingers to prime Nina's pussy and then she slowly licks that pussy. Damn this looks really HOT!!!! and you know Nina was getting off on this. Tina then turns her focus briefly to Nina's feet before returning to her pussy. Tina then loses her top and uses her nipple to rub on Nina's pussy. We get some more hot oral from Tina to Nina eventually leading to a 69 with Nina on top so she finally gets a taste of Tina and lets her know she tastes so good!! After some great 69 action the two close out the scene with some nice kissing and some good laughs. This was a very well done lesbian dvd and I can easily recommend it for either rental or purchase. The extras on the dvd were also good especially the Behind The Scenes stuff and the Extras scene which is the blond girl Julie from scene 1 pleasuring herself so any lesbian fans should give this title a look see.

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