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Own My Ass

Own My Ass

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Long Noel's ratings for Own My Ass:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Own My Ass overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Own My Ass Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Own My Ass Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Own My Ass Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Own My Ass Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Own My Ass DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Own My Ass A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Long Noel  on  11/20/2008
Own My Ass (2006)
THEMES: Ass Obsession, Anal
Starring: Ricki White, Dana DeArmond, Sasha Knox, Mia Rose, Alicia Rhodes, Tobi Pacific, Manuel Ferrara, Benjamin Bratt, etc…
Produced & Directed by: Jake Malone

Jake Malone’s second film from Evil Angel, Own My Ass is the beginning of a series dedicated to beautiful women having intense, nasty gut-bucket anal sex. I’ve seen the second one already and loved it, although it wasn’t a perfect flick. Lexi Love stole the show there while Maya Hills came in second. I know in this one, there will be no dudes getting fucked in their ass by a chick with a strap-on. This is why I couldn’t give the first Fuck Slaves a flawless rating. Then again, OMA2 was better than the first Fuck Slaves.

Many people loved the first scene with Mia Rose & Manuel Ferrara, from Tricia D. to Jake Malone himself. Manuel Ferrara is a great performer, but I can’t stand the fact that every time Manuel Ferrara sweet-talks the ladies, it sounds as if he’s whimpering and shit. Fortunately, we are spared from a lot of that. Mia Rose is far from a knockout, but she’s very nice looking. Her tease sequence is brilliant and it almost reminded me of Maya Hills’ tease in the second OMA. Manuel Ferrara comes, there’s some face sitting and he starts fucking the shit out of her in her vagina. It starts out acceptable, but things go great when they go upstairs and he hits it from cowgirl to standing doggystyle. Manuel gets in her ass and get it from various positions and that’s when things get a little better, especially when they go back downstairs (when he hits the ass from the back). They continue in various positions and he busts on her face. She thinks it’s funny and she takes a dive in the pool. All in all, it’s a very good scene, but I didn’t see what the fuss was all about. While I have seen better, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Ricki White is up in this bitch and she always struck me as The Christina Aguilera of Pornography while as of now, Dana DeArmond strikes me as The Bjork of Pornography! Ricki White has got some hella double cheeseburgers on her and the tease sequence is shot in slo-motion. Milk gets poured on her ass and she’s shakin’ it up. Indoors, she puts on some baby blue booty shorts and some fishnets, does some more tease. Manuel takes ‘em off and buries his face all in her big ass, then to her cooch. They 69 and then, they fuck (RCG-Vaginal) and she gives him a serious lap dance, riding his dick without it being in her. After that, Manuel’s dick goes straight in her ass and he pounds it in various positions. When he beats it up in a cowgirl position, it’s spontaneous. The action is brilliant and brilliantly shot. It’s noisy and all you hear is FLOP FLOP noises when Manuel beats her up. I mean she can really make her booty pop! She gapes a bit. He finally hits it in doggystyle, the position that anal-fucking should always be in! At one point, a glob of come drips from her ass. Manuel wipes this girl’s ass with his face and keeps hitting that big-ole booty in various positions (doggy, missionary). He comes on her face, in her mouth. Unexpectedly, a bunch of other dudes also come in her mouth, but you don’t see their faces. All you see is their dicks! She bends over a couch and shows her tail, shaking and arching for the camera.

Sasha Knox is here, she looks so damn delicate. She’s a real doll-face, you see? Dressed as some policewoman at first, she slips on some blue see-thru tight dress. She inserts a dildo right in her rectum and tastes it. She sucks Jake and another dude stops in, who has curly hair. He gets straight in Sasha’s poon and Jake gets some, too. The guys get in her ass and take turns on her. She sucks off one while the other is in her bootay. It starts out very slow but things move up as time passes by. She stuffs all four fingers of one hand in her ass, bent over a bench. Dude slides back in, grinding heavy in her. He fucks her ass in various positions and Jake joins. Dudes come on her face & tongue. The anonymous dicks are back to do with her what they’ve done with Ricki White. I feel I was cheated in this scene, because I expected much better in the sex department. I wanted better for Sasha’s fine-ass! In the sex department, nothing remarkable happened.

Tobi is a thin beauty who strips, puts a dildo in her rectum. Although from some angles, her buns look a bit bony, I love it all. She crawls up some stairs, Manuel eats her ass and slaps her butt red. She fits his dick in her little lips, fingers her ass and Manuel slides in her butt. He nails her in various positions and there’s a good bit of A2M and they move from place to place. Manuel bends her over a piano, keying her ass while she’s pressing the piano keys! This gal really likes the dick and she’s very outspoken while she’s getting hit! From some angles, it looks like she can’t fit his dick in her mouth but it happens. Now she lays on her stomach, flat on the floor and takes it up her ass before they change positions again. He comes on her face. This happened to be the second flawless victory in this flick so far.

I’ve been waiting to see this scene… Dana DeArmond gets her ass ate out by Manuel Ferrara from the back. She’s wearing some pantyhose and a fishnet outfit. Manuel fingers the hell out of her pussy and she creams everywhere! It’s some of the best pussy-fingering I’ve ever seen and the action is shot underneath and up front. She licks her come juices off the wooden floor, showing a lotta booty. She sucks Manuel up. Similar to a scene in Evil Anal 5 (with Summer Storm), Manuel fucks her butt crack through her fishnets. They fuck vaginally. They stop so she can sit on his face. She sits her anus on his nose, him smelling it, then on his mouth. Using his finger, he digs in her butt and tastes it. They 69. He fingers her ass with his thumb, placing his hand in her mouth. After opening her up with her in his lap, fingering her soaking-wet clit, she licks her juices off his chest and he slides in her anally. He bangs her ass up in various positions and they occasionally take breaks so he can keep fingering the dawg shit out of her, she sucks him or he eats her badly. The action is so fucking hard and beautiful, shot perfect. The camera hits the right spots at the right time! And I don’t hear Manuel whimpering too much, thank goodness! At times, she crawls while the camera is on her ass, Manuel tries to take one of his balls and stuff it up her ass. They keep fucking and he busts on her face. She bends over in front of the camera and farts a few times, stretching her asshole out.

Alicia Rhodes is a fine girl, but this scene really suffers, because it was weak and is the weakest scene on the film. At first, the sex starts out great when she rides Manuel in a cowgirl position with a toy in her ass, but then, things slow down and I just didn’t like it. I was bored with it. She takes it in all her orifices in multiple positions. Nothing at all is remarkable about this scene.

Great a/v quality. There’s a trailer for Fuck Slaves, cast info, photo gallery and some bangin’ BTS footage that lasts for 13 minutes. I loved the extra footage for Dana DeArmond and it includes more ass obsession, her discussing a sexual experience and Manuel choking the shit out of her, putting her in a headlock by using his two feet. Sasha Knox gets teased seriously by Jake Malone. He keeps going in & out of her ass and she’s interviewed. More fucking for Ricki White. More tease from Mia Rose and you don’t see Alicia Rhodes anymore!

I had expected much more out of this flick and while it couldn’t top OMA2, this is worthy of being bought. This flick has 3 flawless victories, which belong to Ricki White, Tobi Pacific & Dana DeArmond. Mia Rose’s scene was great, although I didn’t see what the big deal was about it. Mia Rose looks nice, but she is far from a knockout and I had to rate her scene a 14 out of 15. Same goes for Sasha Knox and I expected more out of her scene, also. Alicia Rhodes' scene was very tame and it did nothing for me. This flick is very damn good and while I rate it what I’m rating it, I have seen better. All of the women are beautiful, but when I think about the sex in this video, I have seen much better. There is no way in hell this flick can touch anal-sex-themed, ass-obsessive flicks like This Butt’s 4U, Belladonna’s Butthole Whores 3 nor most of the videos in Buttman’s video catalog that was made post 1998. This flick does have lll the booty & ass obsession you’ll will need for a little while. But, I had expected much more out of this flick! I'm giving it a very solid and even 95% and that includes the brilliant BTS footage!


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