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Own My Ass

Own My Ass

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Own My Ass:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Own My Ass overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Own My Ass Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Own My Ass Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Own My Ass Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Own My Ass Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Own My Ass DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Own My Ass A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/2/2006
Here we have a Jake Malone title featuring the one and only Mia Rose in a tour de force performance with the lady killer himself, Manuel Ferrara. You have five other scenes as well to check out as they all feature a fair amount of ass play but for me this title is all about Mia Rose and her scintillating scene with Manuel which as luck would have it comes first so let's not waste any time.

Mia Rose:

Ok we start with a little black and white footage which quickly turns to color as Mia gives us the first of many spectacular views of her ass, the shot then alternates again with some black and white mixing in. The mesh to me is getting a little played out but at least you don't have to wonder what her ass looks like as it does allow for a pretty good unobstructed shot. Jake for his part lets the camera travel all over but he's already learned the most important thing, focusing in up close on that perfect tush. The black and white shots do add to the tease, it's hard to describe the feeling but I was definitely getting in the mood while watching plus knowing Mia is doing anal in this scene made the whole vibe better. It's a good 2-3 minutes I think before Manuel joins in and in the meantime you get a whole lotta Mia to appreciate. When he does join it's some very vigorous pussy fingering which yields the first of many orgasmic releases from Mia and you can see her whole body shake at times as she's pleasurized by Manuel. There is some great ass eating done by Mr. Ferrara and it was great how Mia put her hand back to place on his head and Manuel also turns Mia over to mish for some good hard pussy licking. The one main factor in this scene for me and I'll say it now having watched it a few times is how real it is, Mia totally gives herself over to Manuel and he certainly takes her for a wonderful and passionate ride. They don't really follow the script either that you see, oral, sex, anal, and pop. It's similar but the way Jake just points and shoots without giving direction was totally the way to go. The chemistry is so obvious, check out Manuel sitting up against the wall with Mia pushing her ass back against his face and she's telling him to eat her ass and who wouldn't want to change placed with him!

Going ahead just a bit we get some hard driving doggie shot on the stairs and Jake's got the shot going from ground level and with them up a few stairs already it made for a good shot. Soon we have them lying on the floor and Manuel is doing more hard pussy fingering which again gets Mia's orgasmic readings skyrocketing and it never sounded fake to me at all. Mia then climbs on for a romp in cowgirl and holy shit you'll be slappin your schlong here to avoid popping and Mia loudly proclaims she's near cumming herself, did I mention this girl's ass is phenomenal! You can see just how wet her pussy is too as Manuel's cock's crashing so hard up against her body the wetness is obvious. The scene too moves to several locations throughout the house, them fucking on the stairs, the carpeted floor, next to a window with Mia's leg lifted up and just watch how many times she's quivering on the edge of an orgasm, I lost count. Manuel takes it easy for the anal insertion as we get a sideways slip in but as we all knew it would that ass accepts a cock with ease. Loved the dick clean off she does here after sliding off, not fully A2M but that wasn't important, her eye contact was fabulous and then it's another hot position as they run through some reverse anal with a great floor shot. Of course there was some doggie anal shot and here Jake gives a good combo floor/ side angle shot and those ass cheeks were amazing in their movements and Mia's commentary wasn't nonstop but when she did speak or more accurately exclaim her joy it all worked. I liked it too that they took a few pauses in the scene though they didn't stop the activity more like they slowed it down just a bit usually with Mia sucking cock or Manuel fingering her kittie before they would ratchet it up again and yes there is cowgirl anal and feel free to allow your pop to fly forth as the shot here is spectacular and totally worthy of not even finishing the scene it was that good. But of course we soldier on as there is plenty more to see and hear. There was some very good mish anal which does get us to the close and just look at those pretty eyes expectently looking up as Manuel's pop comes out coating her face and Mia is there with some good cleanup. I hope I was able to communicate just a little how great this scene was. It is porn to me as it should be filmed when everything comes together. Nothing was forced, the flow was as smooth as Mia Rose's ass and the chemistry between Mia and Manuel was as good as any couple I saw in any scene this year in porn and these two had three such scenes for us to appreciate, well done to both of you.

Ricki White:

Well this girl has a hard scene to follow and we get a good start as Jake's got the camera pointing upwards and we've got another fabulous booty with some great cheekage!! You can also see when the shot gets in the front that Ricki's got some titties too. There's some milk poured down over that ass and I can bet there's a lot of you watching who would be glad to lick that ass clean and I must say I'd be in that line myself. Miss White works in some hot ass shaking which Jake slows the picture down for which accentuated the effect and we get some lotion I think rubbed over giving that ass a sparkly shine. Ricki then gets some mesh stockings on and her bottoms are easily pulled down giving us more glimpses of that ass which she continues to shake about. The close shots so far have been really well done and only two asses so far but we've gotten as much booty as we could want and then some. Manuel is back for more and I love how he buries his face in between Ricki's ass cheeks and he doesn't half ass it either, nope he goes all out and with a booty like this I'd expect no less from any man or woman who was in his place. Turning over there's a good breast shot as Manuel continues to lick away and Ricki too isn't shy about the moans and hers too ring out as very true to me along with the breathless pauses she does which I liked. You also get some 69 action with Ricki on top, then she sits all the way up with Manuel still burying his face in her pussy/ ass and you gotta admire his dedication to getting Ricki off and I have no doubts she was getting off several times here. The sex flowed smoothly as well featuring reverse both vaginally and anally with Manuel also rubbing over her pussy for added sensation. The titties were bouncing wonderfully too as he picked up the pace, Jake giving up close, pulled back and floor shots of the action. With that great ass it was a no brainer to shoot cowgirl anal and it looked every bit as good as you might expect and Manuel adds in a few slaps to that tush which does gape a little. A finish in mish anal gets us to the pop which sees Manuel firing a few ropes into Ricki's mouth but wait there's a second load which cums in and the loads just keep on cummin and why not. She's a hot girl and I'm sure there were a few guys standing around watching so Jake brings them in to drop a load which Ricki hungrily swallows down. Not a bad follow up scene at all fans, very good energy and she looks great with a cock up her ass.

Sasha Knox:

This scene gets underway with some extreme close up facial shots of Sasha and there's some black and white mixed in too as she reveals her modest sized breasts and I'm digging the floor shots too which give a super scope to the size of her tits which Sasha is kind enough to fondle for us. Jake doesn't forget her kittie or ass and Sasha's fingers do plenty of walking on the wild side in both areas. There's a wardrobe change and when the shot comes back into focus you have Sasha wearing a see thru number which is easily pulled up for some ass fingering with Sasha licking them clean. Next up the shot changes and she's fully nude in a doggie pose on the couch shaking her ass up very fast and then it's outside for some water being poured down her ass and a lot of it is spilled which created a big shiny ass. Miss Knox accentuates her great ass squatting down and those cheeks spread apart beautifully. Sasha then gets in a spoon position and we get a glass toy utilized to ready that ass for what I'm sure will be a lot of anal pounding. Jake drives us crazy with some more hot ass shots and Sasha too rubs it in shaking that tush and then giving us some sexy looks back before she gets in a POV position and Jake's schlong receives some love and attention. Damn this was a very good bj with excellent eye contact from Sasha and then we get some more meat for Sasha to play with and she easily works the extra cocks in along with a little male ass eating. Jake does some talking here and it worked with this scene I suppose as it wouldn't have with the Mia scene earlier, the vibe here was much more openly nasty and Sasha brilliantly went for it here and I say succeeded in showing her sluttiness! Ben Bratt is an ideal guy for this type of scene too as he can do it rough and the tone of the scene was definitely in that direction by now after the extended ass eating from Sasha along with the dirty talk from Jake. There's some great POV doggie shot as Jake had the best view looking down at Sasha's ass though he was boning her pussy at this time. Ben doesn't stay idel he thrusts his cock deep into Sasha's mouth and we keep this POV doggie going for a bit before Ben takes over and the shot moves a side angle plus he's drilling her ass finally. There's a good bouncy reverse anal shot and then we get a reverse POV shot I guess you'd call it as it's in doggie but Ben's at the top of the screen fucking her ass while she's sucking off Jake so not a reverse pov I guess just I've not seen anal shot in this fashion, an interesting shot. Oh sweet they work in some piledriver anal and damn Sasha gets in a perfect spot too with her knees falling on either side of her face with Ben then sliding in for a bit more anal fun. Then the pops fly and it's a pov blast off from Jake with some hitting her eye, she does cleanup and then Ben gets in there for his load which is fired into her mouth. A very good scene for Sasha fans and it was a great contrast with the Mia scene, both great but in vastly different ways I think. Oh wait we aren't quite done yet as Jake has a few more cocks slide in and drop a load which Sasha greedily snaps up with her mouth.

Tobi Pacific:

Our next girl has been doing some hard scenes for a few months now and we start her scene with a pitch black shot of a body moving but you can't make out much until the picture clears up and we're staring at Tobi's ass and it's got a butt plug already nestled within it. There's a whole lotta butt footage here, some great close up and ground shots get mixed in. Tobi also utilizes a glass toy to further prep her ass for being drilled. I think she's colored her hair as it really looks red here, a good look for her. Tobi is then lying flat on her back as her pussy is pleasured by Manuel who again does his trademark getting the girl off early in the scene and Tobi's moans sure make me think she's enjoying the proceedings. Soon the shot changes and we're face deep in Tobi gagging on Manuel's cock and the sound is crystal clear as there is no mistake what she's doing and doing well I might add. Manuel keeps busy flipping a few fingers into that ass which I'm sure he'll be visiting in short order. Tobi is like Sasha doing the gagging more aggressive blowjob very well. Manuel then gets eager and picks her up and puts Tobi in spoon and he goes right for that ass slipping his schlong in and finding no resistance. After a good close ride in cowgirl anal we get A2M and then some ass eating by Tobi and this follows what I've seen from her in earlier scenes, a nasty streak which would make any porn slut proud. Manuel then takes her for a short walk over to the fireplace where they do a standing doggie anal which gets to a more traditional shot of Tobi on her knees as he munches ass first and then resumes pounding that butt. Reverse, mish, and a revisit to doggie anal round out the scene which sees a very good load shot into Tobi's face. She was the one jerking the pop out too, then doing some cleanup but this time no extra loads are brought in we get some lasting ass images before they fade out.

Dana DeArmond:

This next girl is becoming pretty popular on the ADT boards but I've not seen to much of her and we start out here with some great butt shots and who else but Manuel is on hand eating out Dana's ass causing some great smiles and more than few moans to escape her lips. Dana reaches back and makes sure Manuel stays put pushing his face further between her cheeks but I don't think he had any place else he wanted to go at the time!! Nicely he slides all the way under so she's now squatting on his face and then he slips back out in front and the pussy eating continues at an excellent clip. There is also some good hard finger banging with the awesome sound letting you know just how wet her pussy was and it yields a very wet orgasm which coats the floor. I must say Manuel has really enjoyed himself this dvd with the ass and pussy licking which has just been awesome. Jake and Manuel then discuss what they should do next and it gets us to Dana licking up her juices from the shiny wooden floor and then there's more butt tease which smoothly gets to Dana gagging rather forcefully on Manuel's cock. There is some hard hand fucking/ sucking which I don't get but Dana seemed into it, and we're soon back to her aggressively polishing knob. As for sex you see a romping good time in cowgirl which gets into a easy slide in for spoon anal which lasts awhile with some A2M from Dana. Cowgirl returns this time with that ass being filled but the pace which started out furiously returns here and it's maintained through a standing doggie anal and then into reverse anal and finally Dana prys her mouth open for his pop which Manuels sprays all over her mouth but wait she spits it out before licking up the excess jizz from her fingers. Jake shows off that ass a little bit more before they fade out.

Alicia Angel:

Ok I've seen this next girl a few times and she's always been a fun one and the pattern continues of good closeups and then pulled back shots as Alicia is shown off. I'd also have to say again how the ground shots have been worked in nicely too along with the frontal shots. The shot then gets to some stairs where we see a pair of handcuffs lying there and Alicia gives us a sexy look as she puts them on along with a blindfold which was also lying there. You then watch as she pleasures herself blindly with a glass toy and Manuel is back one last time and as you'd expect he goes right to eating Alicia's ass with some fingering also. He helps her with some toy fuckin, then we get the handcuff and blindfold removed as the sex starts with cowigrl and she keeps fucking herself in the ass with the toy. Alicia gives some pretty aggressive head too including gagging which Jake captures well with a ground shot. Manuel then gets into some furious pussy fingering which the excellent sound communicates leading to Manuel lifting up her leg to the railing and pounding her ass from behind, oh man he really drills Alicia here. Reverse anal was another highlight here as was spoon anal and we get another hot 69 with Alicia bending over to suck him off and finally the pop which she jerks up as she is still standing over him. Alicia does a great job then of cleaning up the cum which spilled back down and the slow style she does here was very much appreciated by me. One last look at her gaping ass and we get the final fade out.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another stellar effort from Mr. Jake Malone and co. The cast was top notch and there's not a bad scene in the bunch but I have to say Mia's scene was really the standout one from all of them with Sasha's being second I think and the two scenes contrasted greatly in style I think but each equally being effective. Alicia, Tobi, Dana, Ricki were also quite enjoyable to watch and if you like good asses then this dvd is definitely worth picking up. The special features for this one consist of a photo gallery, cast list by scene, a trailer for Fuck Slaves which was Jake's first Evil production and finally some BTS where he visits with each of the girls and when chatting with Mia he gets her to lick her nipples as both of them give yours truly a shout out so thanks Mia and Jake for a great scene, Manuel too was at the top of his game throughout this dvd. An easy purchase recommendation for this one.

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