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Overflowing Assholes

Overflowing Assholes

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Gof's ratings for Overflowing Assholes:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Overflowing Assholes overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Overflowing Assholes Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Overflowing Assholes Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Overflowing Assholes Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Overflowing Assholes Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Overflowing Assholes DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Overflowing Assholes A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gof  on  5/29/2006

Watching cum ooze out of a woman’s ass is not everyone’s cup of tea, and in fact it doesn’t do much for me, but this title boasted a strong cast, including one of my favourites, Hillary Scott, and John has directed some entertaining gonzo of late.

The opening scene features cover girl Brianna Love with John Strong. The scene begins slowly, with John showing his all to often-unseen romantic side, with some tit licking, kissing and pussy licking. The oral from Brianna is also refreshingly free of drooling saliva or gagging.

The sex begins in a similar vein with some pussy and anal spoon action, with some nice full body shots of Brianna in her lilac stilettos. Brianna is now flipped over into RCA and her squealing gets louder as she is pounded as her legs wave in the air. Again, great full body shots here as Brianna rides sidesaddle before going down for some ass to mouth.

Brianna now wants some more cock and gets more in the shape of Mr. Pete and Tony T. These guys ratchet the heat up a little and young Brianna is soon taking a standing doggie anal while blowing the Mr. Pete. Its now Mr. Pete’s turn to take her ass and he does so in spoon while Brianna blows Tony and wanks the returning John. More spoon anal for Brianna now, before a hot looking cowgirl anal from John, while she services the other guys.

The guys now take turns in pummelling Brianna in push down doggie, with a gape on each withdrawal and then each guy deposits their load. Brianna squeezes out the discharge, but she doesn’t lick any of the cum up afterwards.

I’m not sure about Brianna having watched this scene. I don’t find her that attractive, and she was a little low on the intensity scale, although I had just watched Hillary, so perhaps that judgement is a little unfair. Still, a solid scene to begin the movie, and Brianna’s performances can only get better as she does more work.

Brianna 8.0
Scene 8.5

The second scene features the gorgeous Hillary Scott, looking hot in red latex top and pants and red heels. Hillary gives some great deep throat before Michael feasts on her ass like a starving man. He begins by giving her pussy a work over in doggie, spoon and a hot looking reverse-cowgirl which Hillary really seems to get off on, although you can never tell with Hillary because she is a foul-mouthed squealer throughout most of her scenes.

The anal begins with missionary, which affords good shots of penetration, and then the nasty Hillary provides some ATM. One cock isn’t enough for Hillary however, so she crawls over to our director John and shows him her deep throat skills. The action then cuts to RCA before Michael makes it a reverse-cowgirl sandwich. A hot sequence now, as Hillary is banged again in RCA with her legs raised in the air, before Michael again feels left out.

Hillary now switches to cowgirl, which affords a great view of her stretched sphincter, before Michael takes a turn in her ass and Hillary almost explodes as she is pounded in both holes. Hillary is no ordinary slut however, and so she now insists on two cocks up her ass and there are great shots of penetration in reverse-cowgirl for those who dig the double anal thing, followed by more duel turd tunnelling in cowgirl. Finally, the guys finish stretching her sphincter in their patented flying cowgirl, although I’ve never seen it performed in double anal.

If this was a normal flick then both guys would cum on that inviting tongue, but instead they bend her over and fill her little ass with nut juice. Then the bit that might gross you out as Hillary squats above a plate, squeezes it out and sucks it into her mouth before swallowing.

What next for Hillary, a double anal while tight rope walking above the Grand Canyon? The Queen of extreme again took it to the limit, and still looked oh so cute in her red heels. A great scene for lovers of hard sex.

Hillary 9.5
Scene 9.0

The third scene opens with a nice shot of Sahara’s butt as she crawls towards Steve Holmes and then we are treated to a great looking, standing 69, with the attention focused on Sahara’s cock sucking skills. It’s then straight into the main event as Sahara’s ass rides Steve’s cock in reverse-cowgirl before he has even taken his jeans off.

Sahara’s Latino / English butt now envelopes Steve’s cock in cowgirl, while Steve gives her a few healthy slaps, then Sahara greedily goes down for some hungry ass to mouth. Steve has at last removed his jeans and fucks Sahara in push down doggie while Sahara incomprehensibly mutters away her porno clichés.

The pace of the scene suggested more cock, and that is exactly what happens in the shape of John Strong, who has the duel pleasures of having being rimmed by Sahara and then fucking her Latino ass in spoon. Sahara is now double teamed in reverse-cowgirl and both guys take turns in push down doggie as Sahara continues to shout abuse, using swear words like “wankers”, which American’s may be unfamiliar with.

A conventional DP now, with Steve in her shitter and then a flying DP before she bends over and both guys deposit their loads in her ass.

Sahara reminded me facially of an older Tiffany Mynx and verbally of Roxy Jezel, another foul-mouthed crumpet from over the pond. Good action here, although Sahara’s verbal assault grated after a while.

Sahara 8.0
Scene 8.5

I first saw Roxxxy getting buggered in John Strong’s Freshly Fucked, and John obviously like what he saw, as Roxxxy develops her talents further by taking on two guys and a cream pie to boot.

Roxy isn’t the best looking chick around but she has a good body with bouncy C cup breasts, and she is nasty, deep throating John and giving him some slurpy head. Talking of Roxxxy’s breasts, we get a great view of them in RCA and then great shots of her butt as John really slams her in cowgirl anal.

Our director obviously isn’t enough for Roxxxy and so she is introduced (well not formally) to Mr. Pete and Steve Holmes, and all three are soon making her air-tight as she rides in cowgirl and performs ass to mouth as the guys take turns with her ass. Predictably, Roxxxy now takes a pounding in reverse-cowgirl DP, although the expected wide gape for the camera doesn’t materialise.

John now fucks Roxxxy in the push down doggie position and she really does start to gape, and then something I haven’t seen before, as Steve fucks her pussy from behind to complete a doggie sandwich. More doggie anal follows before a missionary anal train with the guys also taking turns to fill her mouth.

There is now a flying Dp, with Mr. Pete and Steve taking turns in her ass and then its that time for Roxxxy to assume the position as the guys cum in her ass with Steve having to take sloppy thirds. There’s plenty of cum up there of course, and Roxxxy does a very good job of squeezing it onto a plate and sucking it up.

Roxxxy isn’t hot enough to really arouse me, but she is a decent performer, and this mini gang-bang will satisfy lovers of anal and DP.

Roxxxy 8.5
Scene 8.5

Kelly Wells is like that huge guy they bring on when the ball is on the one yard line, she may not be the prettiest girl out there but she gets the job done, and there are few that can match her sluttiness and extremeness.

Kelly needs her daily dose of penis and this ‘mad woman’ is soon plugging away at her own ass with a large dildo while bemoaning her lack of cock. Fortunately, before the men in white coats arrive, John appears to slam in the real thing from behind while Kelly perches on a stool.

As is the theme with this movie, there is more cock, this time in the shape of Tony T and Sasoha, who give Kelly a furious face fucking which would choke most people or at least make them vomit. Tony doesn’t seem to be hard as he fucks Kelly in standing doggie anal so John arrives to fuck her RCA and then Tony completes the sandwich. Kelly now licks John’s ass while having her own ass fucked in doggie and then its back to RCA and reverse DP.

The “carnival of cocks”, as Kelly describes it, continues in cowgirl DP before Kelly asks the guys to pleasure her ass with two cocks, which even then didn’t seem to touch the sides. Kelly looks particularly psychotic now, as she is double analed in reverse-cowgirl with the guys taking turns to provide the second cock.

Kelly tells the guys that her ass is a reservoir for their semen and they dutifully deposit their loads before she sqeases the contents onto a dish and greedily laps it up.

I swear that Kelly is stark raving mad, but nevertheless, she has found her calling, being an anal whore. The scene was a little OTT for me but if you enjoy hard action you will dig the sex in this scene.

Kelly 8.0
Scene 8.5


The bonus scene is a POV blow-job scene featuring, Honey, a big busted, slightly Asian looking, 20 year old girl from Colorado. She can’t take Jake very deep, but she has an enthusiastic style and nice dark eyes. She isn’t keen to swallow Jake’s cum however, so she has some way to go in the business.

In behind the scenes the girls exalt the virtues of anal. Kelly tells us that God created vaginas for giving birth and the ass for fucking, which is an interesting theory, and Hillary tells us that despite her doing hardcore anal sex throughout the last year, her ass still doesn’t gape.

In addition there is also the usual photo gallery and cum shot recap and there is also an enjoyable photo shoot.


I know you wouldn’t expect romantic one on one sex with a title like, ‘Overflowing Assholes’, but nevertheless, I felt that the scenes lacked any subtlety and the multi partner sex became a little monotonous towards the end.

With the exception of the always gorgeous Hillary, the girls were also note A standard and so I can’t really recommend this on the quality of the girls.

Only recommended to those who are really turned on by cumshitting, otherwise, only worth a rental if you’re into one of the girls.

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