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Overflowing Assholes

Overflowing Assholes

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Cream Pies
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Overflowing Assholes:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Overflowing Assholes overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Overflowing Assholes Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Overflowing Assholes Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Overflowing Assholes Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Overflowing Assholes Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Overflowing Assholes DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Overflowing Assholes A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  3/6/2006
OK it's been awhile since I've done a creampie review and the tempting ass of Brianna Love was an excellent reason to pop this title in along with Kelly fuck'n Wells, Hillary Scott, Roxxxy Rush, and Sahara Knite. John Strong has fun in his scenes that I've seen and with this great list of talent he has several good chances of this occurring here.

Brianna Love:

Ok we're leading off with the covergirl who is already showing off that sexy ass as we join her. This was her first scene in a couple of months as we find out in the BTS. John Strong has fun getting behind to spank that ass as well as do some shaking to it. Brianna then gets flipped over onto her back and John kisses his way down to her pussy where he says hello to her kittie. There is also some finger play to that ass and we know by the movies title it's going to see plenty of action. The view here was real good with the legs spread, he's fingering her ass while Brianna does some nice pussy stroking so your cock should be nice and hard by the time the harder action starts. Brianna then sits up and helps release Strong's cock and going with a side shot to start Brianna shows some love to that dick. Going to the sex you get spoon both vag and anal, reverse anal with some A2M by our cute star. John then asks if she wants more cock and she is game so they go to another room where two more swinging cocks are waiting. Brianna drops down to take on this extra cockmeat and the classic position with the girl between the dicks is shot. The sex resumes shortly with some doggie by both guys, then Tony T slides his dick up her poopchute still from behind. Mr. Pete then gets a go at that ass sliding into it in spoon. It takes awhile but you do get the best position to shoot this girl in, cowgirl anal, and John doesn't disappoint giving you some excellent shots of that ass hugging the cocks, well John isn't actually shooting as he's busy,lol, but you get the point. The guys finish off this little lady banging her ass in doggie each leaving some cum behind as a reminder of their romantic tryst. And Brianna does some loud cumfarting afterwards so for fans of the more messy creampie you do get a few good jets of sperm shot out.

Hillary Scott:

Our next girl up is a personal fave of mine and we start off with a fine bootie view, Hillary is smoking hot in the red outfit and we get a hard cock right from the start for her to play with. Michael Stefano is always ready to play and he's all over that tight ass licking, spanking, and fingering it. Hillary busies herself licking his balls which are dangling over her face, then it's right to some hard gaggin on that schlong. Hillary has proven she knows how to handle a cock in all her holes and her aggressive style is awesome to watch, I'm just curious if her makeup will stay intact till scene's end! The bj seemed a bit short but Michael I'm sure was anxious to fuck this fun girl so he slips behind to pound her pussy for a bit and there's a nice turn over to reverse and they really do get a fast pace going to the action. Hillary hops off to clean off those pussy juices, then Michael lies Miss Scott down onto her back and does some serious pussy and ass licking which is followed by our first entry into Hillary's ass. The legs are opened up perfectly giving you an optimum shot of that ass being fucked. Hillary then does some A2M before crawling over to John Strong who is sitting nearby and some solid gaggin is done by our girl while we watch from ground level. The sex then resumes and our guys waste no time doing a reverse dp and you get both pistons pumpin hard into Hillary's holes. This is only the begining, she hops off to do Ass and Pussy cleaning from both schlongs before they resume the drilling in the same dp position, again a hop off to do some cleaning and then it's a flip over to a cowgirl dp for our girl. One more multiple dick clean off and we get a real treat as she's double analized in reverse and the view was spot on too for this shared hole fucking-- ok this is porn and in no way would I want this done in real life, lol. The guys also double fuck her ass in cowgirl too and it appeared they did it standing up too and for the finish it's on to a floor shot in doggie and the guys splooge away. This scene they get a plate under her ass and Hillary does manage to fart out some cum and then slurp it up like a good kittie!!! Another prime example of how hot Hillary Scott can be in a scene.

Sahara Knite:

This next scene begins with a fine bootie shot as Sahara crawls along the wooden floor. Nicely all of the ass is there for you to see and she finds Steve Holmes waiting for her and he's always ready to party. Sahara helps him release his long cock and from a floor shot we watch as she capably takes on that monster. Steve is always a giver ready to please his lady so he kisses some on her tits before letting Sahara take a seat over his face, nice too she bends over to suck his cock some more while he dines on that twat. This leads nicely to our first position with Sahara sitting and beginning a ride in reverse anal no less. You get some A2M from this nice looking young lady and there is more A2M as well as ass fucking in cowgirl too. There are some great ass shots too in this position and once she's cleaned that cock off one more time Steve-O gets behind to analize her doggiestyle followed by a pick me up anal fuck we see from the ground. Steve then carries Sahara into another room with his cock still in her ass ad we get a second schlong for Sahara to suck off while the pounding continues to her ass. Our girl gets to do some double sucking which always looks hot on film and I appreciated that it wasn't to aggressive too, some hints are seen but mostly she is able to suck them off in a nice easy flowing style. Our girl then does the nasty bigtime rimming some ass to both men. The fucking then resumes in spoon anal followed by some dp work in reverse, I liked that you saw both cocks working into her holes, often one guy doesn't really move his cock while the other is fucking but here both men get some serious pounding done. We go on to some close up anal from behind, and then more dp love is shot in cowgirl, a standing dp and finally back to the doggie position where the men leave their seed. Sahara then gets in a good squating position and you get some loud cumfarts and she whirls around to lick the jizz up from the floor so no plate for this young lady.

Roxxxy Rush:

Our next young lady is blessed with some huge tits but we begin like the other scenes here with a shot of her ass and John is right there to caresses that bottom and he gets a few good squeezes in on those hooters though they are covered to start. John moves her g-string aside just a little to finger her ass and pussy using multiple fingers which are then shoves into Roxxxy's mouth to be cleaned off. Miss Rush then flips over so we finally see those large breasts revealed and there's more playtime with her pussy and a butt plug is used to fill her ass and that too is cleaned off in her mouth. Roxxxy then gets to work John's cock into her mouth and we get some fine side shots for the bj. On to the sex which gets going with a fine reverse anal and you see just how flexible those tits are as John pounds her ass good causing lots of movement. A turn over soon gets us to more ass shots in cowgirl anal where Roxxxy does do A2M and like a couple of the other scenes she is then led to a different room where another hard cock awaits, this time it's Steve Holmes. Roxxxy goes right to sucking him off while the action resumes in doggie anal and soon after a cowgirl dp and then a reverse dp. The guys really pound that ass too causing some nice gapes and you have the novel cowgirl dp with both men standing behind her so one guy had to step back slightly otherwise he'd be hugging the other fella, lol. Lots of hard anal for Miss Rush including still yet another dp this time the standing variety and this gets us to the finish which it seems comes in doggie anal and once both loads are left they position her over a green plate and it takes a few cumfarts before the jizz cums out so if you got a queezy stomach perhaps skip this, lol, I just hope a nugget or two doesn't pop out she tries so hard here. Roxxxy then does the nasty finish slurping up the cum and showing it off before swallowing.

Kelly fuck'n Wells:

Our last girl needs no introduction to most of you, she craves cock and usually multiple cocks are required to satisfy her ravenous appetitte. Kelly is looking pretty good here, almost to pretty, hehe. She is starved for cock which is good or bad news for the lucky guys this scene-- she might literally fuck them to death!! Well first off we get Kelly using some toys to ready that ass and our girl wants to be punished with cock so I really think these guys might be in trouble, lol. Well John is the first brave soul to come up and fuck Kelly sliding into her ass from behind. A very nice floor shot too of the ass fucking and Kelly's got the dirty talk flowing too. You get some A2M, cock slapping to the face and Kelly is informed there is to be more cock for her which pleases her. John then leads her by the hair up some stairs and a brief cock suck at the top of the stairs is then followed by Sascha joining in and Kelly goes right to gagging big time on both their schlongs. If you want pure unadulterated sexdrive this woman is an awesome representative of that and there is just something about Kelly's being that just gets it and knows what to do becoming a crazed cock slut of the highest order. We resume the ass pounding from behind, then it's on to a reverse dp, some A2M and rimming by Kelly, a cowgirl dp and here a third cock joins the party and this I know pleased Kelly. It's no surprise that she does double anal here and there's a lengthy double fuck in cowgirl before Kelly does more nasty rimming and really there isn't a more "crazed" girl in porn than Kelly and she so has earned that 'fuckin' monicker so often attached to her name, she just goes for it, losing herself in the scene and it is so genuine the way she does it, it's almost scary. More hard double anal then follows in reverse along with more A2M by Miss Wells. This scene has also featured quite a bit of her rimming ass and this only furthers her reputation in my eyes. Going to the finish the guys leave their cum in doggie like we've previously seen and you see the cum already seeping from her overflowing ass even as they are scrambling to get the plate under her ass. Kelly does several loud cumfarts followed by her licking up the ass juice. In the BTS she comments about them fucking her to death or something like that and having just watched the scene I can fully concur with that statement, she totally earned my respect with this scene.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for fans of creampies that are more towards the messy end then this dvd is going to make you pretty happy I think. The girls are fucked royally up the butt resulting in some pretty sloppy cumfarts which get licked up. Kelly Wells had the best overall scene I think looking totally spent by scenes end and I'd have to say Hillary did an excellent job too doing the other double anal in this title. All the girls give you plenty to jerk off to and I can see repeated viewings on all scenes for fans of the ass creampie. Extra wise you get some good bts with most of the girls and there's a bonus bj with a busty girl named Honey so check that out. A high recommendation for this title for creampie fans.

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