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Over 40 MILFs

Over 40 MILFs

Studio: VCA
Category:  MILF
Directed by:
Starring: , , ,
Released on: 
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MD James's ratings for Over 40 MILFs:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Over 40 MILFs overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Over 40 MILFs Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Over 40 MILFs Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Over 40 MILFs Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Over 40 MILFs Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Over 40 MILFs DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Over 40 MILFs A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  5/28/2007
MD James - A mystery wrapped inside an enigma

Title: Over 40 MILFs
Released by: VCA
Reviewed by MD James

MILF means “Mothers I’d Love to Fuck”, although too many people in adult entertainment mistakenly believe that the word “Mothers” is a synonym for “Older Women”. “Over 40 MILFs” is one such video.

“Over 40 MILFs” is a series of scenes involving older women and younger guys. That’s pretty much the only thing that links the five scenes together. There is no unifying plot or storyline… it’s simply five scenes of older women getting fucked.

Okay, once you put the disk in and you get past the required 2257 notices, you have to deal with a forced phone sex trailer that you cannot skip through or fast-forward. If there is one thing worse than a forced trailer (for phone sex no less), it is a forced trailer that really IS forced. Bad move VCA. Bad move. Fortunately it’s only about a minute long, and then you go right to the main menu.

Scene 1: Michelle Aston and Seth Dickens

We start with Michelle sitting on the arm of a sofa with one of her high-heeled shoes sitting on Seth’s knees. Michelle certainly does NOT look like a MILF! She has on knee-high socks under the high-heels, then black panties, a black mesh top, a decorative choker, and then a newsboy cap. You can clearly see the HUGE tats up and down her left shoulder and most of her left arm, as well as down her left side and down her left leg. Definitely not a MILF look.

Seth needs to be dominated and controlled. His girlfriend doesn’t know how, so he turned to Michelle. She orders him to strip while she passively plays with herself. She orders him to his knees and pulls down her panties so she can teach him how to lick her pussy. He apparently is a quick learner, though. She orders him up and to remove his boxers so she can play with his cock for a bit. The hat comes off and we see she’s got a Mohawk haircut. She brings herself to a quick climax for a moment before doing some serious deep-throating on him.

She gets herself on top of his face for a little bit before mounting herself on top of him in reverse-cowgirl position. She rides him pretty hard, bringing herself to another quick climax. Then she rides him in cowgirl position so we can see more of her extensive body art. Then they go to missionary position over the side of the couch, and he continues to fuck her hard and fast, much to her continued pleasure. Then after a quick break where she licks his balls, he fucks her again in missionary position until it is time for him to climax, at which time she gets on her knees and he blows his load right into her mouth to swallow. Then she tells him to go home and “fuck the shit” out of her girlfriend as the scene fades out.

Ignoring for a moment that this is supposed to be a MILF video, this is a pretty intense scene. It was domineering without being abusive, and Michelle certainly wasn’t afraid to express her pleasure. The downside to this scene was the choice of outfit, the fact that most of her front was blocked by that stupid mesh top, and the fact that there wasn’t anything about that scene that hinted at it being a MILF scene.

Scene 2: Vanessa Videl and Alec Knight

Vanessa fancies herself a cock inspector. She also claims to be the president of the “Orange County Size Queens” and she’s looking to bring a guy into their club. Alec certainly wouldn’t mind passing her exam, especially since they’re both in their underwear. She gets his cock out in immediately starts sucking on it. After sucking on it for a bit, she takes off her bra and presses his cock between her breasts. Then her panties disappear and she mounts herself on top of him in cowgirl position. She flips around and rides him some more in reverse-cowgirl position. She lets him ride her hard enough until she cums.

Then it is at this point he starts licking her pussy while she lays back on the couch. Then he fucks her in missionary position for a while then he shoves his cock into her face for a few. Then she gets on all fours and he fucks her in doggie position until he’s ready to cum, then she gets on her knees and he blows his load all into and around her mouth. He clearly passed her exam, even if she doesn’t say it when the scene fades to black.

The whole “president of the Orange County Size Queens” bit was just a little over the top, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad of a scene. Not as intense as the first scene, although esthetically better because Vanessa was eager to get naked quickly.

Scene 3: Tai Ellis and Brad Hardy

We start with a close-up of Tai’s chest, which is encased in an ugly pink top. As the camera pulls back we see her looking at Brad as she introduces herself as an artist who paints nude models. Her artwork features nude men, and specifically dicks. (Ironically, the painting she uses as an example is of a certain famous nude with a very SMALL dick.)

She tells Brad to take off his clothes, although he’s a little nervous about it. She plays with herself as she watches him strip down to his boxers. She motions him to the sofa and then starts to strip off his boxers and suck on his cock. She peels off her ugly bikini and positions herself over the armrest of the sofa so he can lick her pussy until she cums. Then she gets on top of him and rides him in cowgirl position slowly, but she still expresses her pleasure eagerly over it. After seeing her ass bounce up and down on his cock a few minutes at every possible angle, she turns around so we can see her ride him in reverse-cowgirl position for a minute or two. Then they switch to spoon position on the couch so he can plunge his cock deep into her and she can rub her clit at the same time. It looks like he’s ready to pop, so she gets on her knees, but when he doesn’t cum, she deep-throats him for a bit before switching to doggie position. Then she’s in missionary, bringing herself to a couple of gushing orgasms all over the couch as he jerks himself off. He slides his cock into her damp pussy in missionary position, then she gets back on her knees so he can jerk himself all around her mouth.

He wonders how she’s going to paint him now that he’s spent his load but… well, okay, I really won’t give her response away, but you’ll find it fits in nicely with the start of the scene.

Okay, this had the potential of being the best scene so far except for a few things. First, the ugly pink bikini. No, I’m sorry but that just did not look good on her, especially for the whole “artist” idea. Second, the focusing on her butt was wrong. She looked far better in missionary position than in cowgirl position. It was obviously more intense than the previous scene. (Gushing orgasms usually do the trick.) She didn’t go over the top in her role, but she just didn’t look right in that outfit, or having her hair pulled back into a ponytail. That worked for Vanessa, but it does not really work for Tai.

Scene 4: Kristine Madison and Christian

Our cover star is aptly cast as a fitness instructor. (She’s certainly pumped in all the right places.) Her choice of workout outfit is a bikini. She starts Christian’s workout by telling him to do 15 push-ups, and then gives him a little incentive by letting him suck on her tits. She gets him on his back for some abdominal crunches. She gives him a little more incentive by pulling off his shorts and giving his cock a workout with her mouth. He works off her bikini top as she continues to suck away. Then she gets up and lets him workout his tongue on her pussy as she lays back naked on the sofa. He gets up and sticks his cock into her in missionary position. Then she rides him in reverse-cowgirl position; then sucks his cock for a moment before switching to cowgirl position. Then they go to doggie position against the side of the sofa, then she rides him in cowgirl position again until he is ready to pop, and she gets down on his abdomen and tries to have him spray on her face. It doesn’t really get very far, but she still eagerly licks him clean as we fade back to black.

This was by far the best scene in this video, and easy to understand why Kristine would end up being the feature cover model. She’s not as vocal in her pleasure as, say, Tai or Michelle, but she certainly looks great from every angle.

Scene 5: De’Bella and Sergio

De’Bella has a problem. She needs to stop smoking, but she also needs to satisfy her oral fixation. She feels the best way to stop smoking is to suck cock three of four times a day. She strokes Sergio’s cock through his boxer briefs. As soon as he pulls them down, she slides his cock into her mouth. After a little sucking, she rides him in cowgirl position. She rides him in this position until she cums, then they switch to reverse-cowgirl position, this time eagerly announcing this is an early birthday present for herself. Then they go to doggie position across the chair, then missionary, where she has a powerful orgasm, and then she gets on her knees and gives him a gagging duckjob until he blows his load into her mouth and she swallows it all. The last thing we see is her pushing the cigarettes and ashtray away from her before we go to the end credits.

Not a bad way to end the video. The story is good, the aftermath is certainly appropriate. She’s also very vocal about her pleasure.

In addition to the video, there is a “Star Index” where you can view each of the scenes by the ladies and by the specific segments of their scene. It’s a nice idea, but it is very much redundant when you have that and the chapter index. If you’re going to have a “Star Index” along with a chapter index, you should at least include some sort of information about the stars to make it worth using. There is also a behind-the-scenes video, where we see that this video is Michelle’s first. Most of the BTS is about the photoshoots, though, which is about as exciting as listening to Michelle talk about pain and BDSM, which was the last part of the video. Not really appealing. Then there is the automated photo-show, four individual trailers for VCA, four individual trailers for Hustler, another plug for Hustler’s phone sex service, and a quick plug for VCA’s website. The BTS leaves a little to be desired, but otherwise the extras are good.

Now there’s something important missing in all of these scenes: the actual MILF factor! These are certainly Cougars, but not necessarily MILFs. Sure they may be mothers, but that part of the description was never established in any of the scenes. It was all about older women getting fucked. That’s good, but that doesn’t make it a MILF video. It would have been far more honest for the consumers if VCA called this “Over 40 Cougars” instead of “Over 40 MILFs”.

All-in-all this is a pretty good video for those of you who are into older women. If you’re looking for an actual MILF situation, you’re going to be disappointed, but if you’re just into older women, then this is certainly a video for you. I would say it would be a good video to get for under $15, but with the additional bonus (see note below) it is certainly worth paying $20 for.

Reviewer’s Note: VCA threw in its 4-hour compilation video "Over 40 Crowd" along with this DVD. Because of the large number of scenes in this particular video, I’ll be giving a separate review for it. It also gives this video a higher extras rating.

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