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astroknight Outlaw Ladies 1 3.5 starsOutlaw Ladies 1 3.5 starsOutlaw Ladies 1 3.5 stars
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Outlaw Ladies 1

Outlaw Ladies 1

Studio: VCA
Category:  Classic , Feature film , Straight
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Outlaw Ladies 1:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Outlaw Ladies 1 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Outlaw Ladies 1 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Outlaw Ladies 1 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Outlaw Ladies 1 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Outlaw Ladies 1 Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Outlaw Ladies 1 DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Outlaw Ladies 1 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  9/10/2003

Cast: Veronica Hart, Juliet Anderson, Marlene Willoughby, Merle Michaels, Jody Maxwell, Samantha Fox, John Leslie, Richard Bolla, Bobby Astyr, Ron Hudd and Joey Silvera and in sex roles; Jolet Kodet, Candida Royalle, Erica Eaton, Elyse Alexander, Cami Graham, Josh Andrews, Al Greenbach, Henri Pachard and several others in nonsex roles.

Director and writer: Henri Pachard

Production date: ©1981

Length: 83 min.

Extras: A slide show with 20 stills and a catalog list of classic VCA titles.

Audio/visual quality: The quality of print is excellent, with a minimum of speckles and other defects. The lighting tends to be a bit low, but in a way that's flattering to the performers. The mix of camera angles is good. Shadows partially obscure some of the action, though not to the point that it bothers me. The penetration footage is briefer and generally less explicit than is common nowadays; it holds up well, however, when compared to other movies of the day.

Two of the five scenes contain sex sounds only. For the remaining scenes, the background music is mixed in a way that it seems to be playing at the locations. The pieces include classical Mozart and contemporary vocals. The movie is also sophisticated enough to have its own theme song. There's a slight hiss in the audio, but the clarity is still good enough that I can almost hear the whirl of the camera in a couple of places.

Blunders, bugs and boo-boos: Unless I missed something, one of the back box cover photos is unrelated to this movie. There is no lesbian threeway, which is okay by me.

First impression: It really should be illegal to have this much fun watching porn!

Scene highlights: The clever "vignette plus" plot of Outlaw Ladies revolves around women who get their rocks off by breaking social conventions. Each chapter could probably stand on its own, and no particular role stands out as the lead. Yet the scenes hang together very nicely, thanks to amusing segments in which the characters' paths crisscross during the course of a day.

Juliet Anderson and Jody Maxwell enjoy a cup of tea before sampling a cookie, who goes by the name Ron Hudd. Juliet, a true dame who's confident in her sexuality, immediately takes charge of the young man's cock. She instructs him to hold it for her while she gobbles it up. Juliet then directs Ron to recline on the couch so she can ride him to her satisfaction. Jody (who's still clothed and watching these proceedings with interest) fetches Juliet's purse and lubes up her anal probe (what a good friend!). Juliet grinds on Ron and writhes orgasmically while Jody holds the vibe in place. Juliet slides off just in time for Ron to spurt onto his chest and her hand. They finish with a cum drenched kiss.

Marlene Willoughby, a prim and proper lingerie model, conducts a little evening business from her home so she can afford her maid. For the right fee, Marlene has no compunction about sticking her tongue into Bobby Astyr's ass. She wraps her sheer panties around his penis and leaves them in place for the blowjob and (after sitting on his face) vaginal sex. Marlene makes Bobby promise to pop in her mouth, not on her panties. She lets the juices spill down his shaft, and since she's a good sport as well as a bad girl, she nicely mops them up with the lingerie.

Attorney Veronica Hart invites artist John Leslie to her office to celebrate a successful case. They greet each other with affectionate kisses, and Veronica looks him right in the eye to make an unusual request: "I wanna try something different tonight; I want you to put it up my backside." She bends over her desk and offers to disrobe, but John insists that she remain clothed. He slips Veronica's white briefs partway down and warms her up with a finger while she plays with her pussy. John lubes his cock with lotion before easing it in. The expressions of astonishment and joi de vivre that play across her face are a hoot. A phone call from Veronica's husband breaks their concentration, forcing John to cum on her ass instead of in her ass.

Merle Michaels, a ditzy blonde secretary, takes the boss back to her place. She's sweetly scatterbrained as she rambles on about hickeys, contraceptives and the need to remove Richard Bolla's trousers to avoid wrinkling them. Merle soon demonstrates, however, that she's bright enough to know how to suck a cock. Richard happily returns the favor, which prompts her to respond, "I like it! Yes, it's good." He presses tightly against her during missionary sex, more intent on pleasing her than pleasing the cameraman. Since she's not on the pill, Merle uses her breasts, hand and mouth to get Richard off onto her chest and chin.

Jody Maxwell appraises Joey Silvera from across a dim and noisy bar. Her girlfriend Samantha Fox arrives and gives a nod of approval—yes, he's dirty enough to do. They head upstairs to his cheap apartment, where the muffled din from below is still audible. The women squeeze together side-by-side on the rumpled, smelly sheets of his twin sized bed. Joey flips up their skirts and puts their closest legs through a single pair of panties. He eats out each one in turn, while they look at each other and caress. Jody takes Joey's flaccid penis into her mouth and makes it hard before passing it to her friend. Joey pokes Samantha's pussy while Jody licks his balls. Jody asks Samantha to hold her by the hair during a second blowjob, and Samantha jerks him onto Jody's tongue.


Thumbs up: I love the saucy female characters and the realistic, mildly kinky sex. Although the intercourse is not excessively generous in duration, I find it extremely hot because of the way it's set up. With the possible exception of Merle's character (who provides a nice contrast), every one of these women is very much in charge and focused on what she wants.

This movie also delights me with the way it consistently mixes humor and tease. The tone is apparent right from the opening shots: a delicate hand with long, graceful, perfectly manicured fingers emerges from beneath the bed sheets, followed with great comedic timing by a disheveled hairdo in curlers and an unattractive overnight "beauty mask."

Thumbs down: The lame-o job on the extras holds this disc back from a five star rating. Considering that Henri Pachard and Veronica Hart continue to direct features for VCA, it's truly disappointing that the DVD does not include a commentary, a featurette or even something as simple as biographies. It'd be nice to see this one treated with the same special care that went into Barbara Broadcast and a few other VCA classics. Also, six chapter stops are too few (when I hit the wrong button on my player, I have to scan forever to find the place I left off). But don't let these little complaints stop you from picking up a copy of this fun and inspired gem of a porno. Heck, even the titles are classy. And at least the audiovisual quality is well preserved, which is more than I can say for some of the Golden Age movies which other studios have released on DVD.

Themes: Straight, threeways (f/m/f, with minimal lesbian interaction), oral, anal, DP (technical), rimming (f > m), titfuck (brief), facials, toy (vibrator), assertive women (major theme), dirty talk (major theme), lingerie (major theme), hairpulling, voyeurism.

Condom use: None.

Juice-o-meter: High.

Final analysis: I've noticed that Outlaw Ladies is available from several online vendors who cater to female customers. After watching it, I can see why. It's delightful (and HOT!) to see women on top in a way that's not mean-spirited. I also imagine there are at least a few male viewers who'd find this just as erotic as I did. If you're a fan of Golden Age classics, Outlaw Ladies is definitely worth your consideration.

Special thanks to astroknight, 1,000+ reviewer extraordinaire, for hosting my screenshots. Read his review of Outlaw Ladies here.

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