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Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks

Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks

Studio: Celestial Productions
Category:  Asian , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  9/24/2006
Oriental Chicks Crave Chocolate Dicks
Prologue I turn my attention back to the fine women of the Orient, and Stoney Curtis' take on them. I get to indulge my Tia Tanaka jones, as she graces the cover. Her best friend, Scarlett Ventura is also on hand. Jasmine Leigh and Kea Kulani get another screening for me, but the icing on the cake is Jayna Oso. Always a welcome sight. I just hope the guys are up for this.
Tia Tanaka opens the show with a huge Snickers bar, telling us she's craving chocolate dick. Incredibly cute and sexy in a faux black corset and micro mini skirt with white thigh highs, she gives us a little tease and cameltoe wedgie before stripping. Tia displays the kind of perfection that only a nineteen year old can possess. Stoney leads her through a couple of positions and suggests she go into the house to meet Jack. I wonder if Tia knows what she's in for? Tia's confident she can handle his big dick without ever having seen it. She lays back for some last minute pussy play, then takes her game inside, coming face to face with one of the biggest dicks in the history of porn. Jack teases Tia a little before putting his soft dick into her mouth for a taste. He works over her hot body with his mouth and heads south for Tia's sweet muffin. Gotta lick it before you stick it, especially if you want to fit Jack's dick in there. Tia squats on the floor and gags herself on Jack's growing member. It barely fits in her mouth, but Tia makes repeated attempts at jamming it into her throat. This doesn't seem to be one of Jack's good wood days, but he manages to stuff his fat cock into her little pussy, which makes nice wet sounds, along with thighs slapping, as she rides him in CG. Tia takes the cock with force and balls deep, then P2M. Cut to modified spoon, then mish, as the big chocolate stick disappears into her tiny body. Jack pounds away and Tia has a screaming orgasm, then another P2M. Cut to RC, Tia's hot juices coating Jack's cock, intensity evident on her face as she begs to suck his cock again. Another cut to doggy penetration, dick pumping hard and fast. Tia cums again as Jack flat out rails her. He goes up and over, then pulls Tia to the floor for more head. Back on the couch for mish insertions to show Tia's gaping pussy, going back and forth to her mouth. Jack pounds the opened hole, burying himself to the hilt over and over again. Cut to a titty fuck designed to bring the load, and Jack squeezes out a couple of dollops of thick cream into Tia's mouth. Stoney has her gargle, swallow, and give some PCH to drain the pipe completely.
Tia puts in an awesome performance highlighted by her sheer fearlessness. It's a shame that Jack couldn't maintain good solid wood throughout, but amazing how hard he fucked her when he was solid.
Scarlett Ventura greets us, identifies herself, and says she's from Indonesia. By way of The Valley, for sure. Scarlett is tall and busty, wearing a dark gray halter and matching plaid mini-skirt. She shows us what nature has blessed her with and plays with those wonderful endowments. Stoney gives her some baby oil to shine those suckers up. Scarlett's not finished with show and tell as she pulls her panties aside to display her hot twat. She pulls down the underwear to give us a rear view of glorious gash. Some masturbation helps Scarlett work up a lather for black dick, which gets provided by Julius Ceazher. Scarlett licks and sucks the fat truncheon, getting a little nasty with the spit. You know Scarlett really enjoys her titties as she's constantly fondling them during the bj. She sits down on Julius in CG and works the cock slow and deep. When he does the driving, the pace quickens and Scarlett doesn't know what to do with her body, twisting and turning, grasping at air. Cut to doggy, Scarlett looking to be on fire as Julius rails, at times looking like he's trying to drive his nuts through her. Cut to RC and a spectacular view of Scarlett's titties shaking. P2M, then a mish insertion. Her tits wobble as Julius fucks as hard as he can, then Scarlett's legs get peeled back for deeper penetration. No matter how hard or deep Julius gets, she's down for it, and wants more. Scarlett gets to her knees to take Julius' pop with tongue out, and he pretty much manages to miss it almost entirely as he spouts mostly onto her tits. Scarlett drains the hose and rubs the cum into her chest.
I really like this girl. She may have a ways to go in terms of technique, but she never strikes any false notes. Scarlett Ventura loves to fuck, and she has a body that can drain men's souls.
Jasmine Leigh starts out her scene by punching a hole in the big black dick mystique by saying that white guys are big too. She loves dick, and is obviously just happy to be there. Jasmine's got nice "C" cups which she proudly displays and plays with. She shows her butt, and pretty pussy adorned with clit jewelry. That is one sweet looking little snapper, and Jasmine does some masturbating to warm us all up. She's pumping two fingers and rubbing her cornhole when Sledge Hammer comes up and raps her ass with his big cock, then pours baby oil on her raised butt. Jasmine asks for a spanking and Hammer does it with his dick. He oils up her titties and licks her erect nipples. Jasmine grabs his dick and provides some oral treats. She tries to stuff that fat monster down her throat, but that ain't gonna happen. Sledge leads Jasmine into the house so she can get comfortable while he licks her pussy. It looks like he's doing a good job, as Jasmine is moaning and stroking her body. They get into a 69 and Jasmine declares her love of chocolate. Hammer lays into her in mish, stretching her little fuckhole and bringing her whole body to life. Jasmine really gets into it, strumming her clit and tweaking a nipple. Hammer picks her up for some aerial fucking, then sets down for a CG ride. Sledge does most of the work from underneath and Jasmine's just hanging on for dear life. When she takes over the driving, Jasmine seems to be possessed, bobbing and rocking on the big pole. P2M on the cum covered cock. Cut to an RC penetration. There's a relentless pounding from underneath and Jasmine's going crazy, albeit with canned lines that tie into the video's theme. P2M, then doggy. Not much depth in this position. Jasmine's pussy could be getting worn out. Short, fast strokes, and a cut to mish. Jasmine scampers to the floor to take Hammer's ball blast on her tongue, which she lets slide down onto her body. PCH and yanky cranky till the fade.
Jasmine seemed to be into this physically, but her vocals were all prefabbed. No question she got a good reaming here. I just wish she didn't feel she had to convince us of it.
Kea Kulani, a Hawaiian, is wearing a white bustier styled bra and denim mini-skirt. She describes her oral technique, then gets led upstairs to meet her chocolate dick. First, she has to put on a little striptease. Kea's tits are very nice, and she has pronounced tan lines, which Stoney seems to be hooked on. She steps out of her skirt and writhes on the couch while touching her pussy. Tyler Knight arrives and settles between Kea's thighs to taste some Polynesian pussy. For her part, Kea gets to showcase her bj skills on his chocolate bar. Cut to a 69, then a CG mount. It's a tight fit as they work it in, but Kea's up to speed in no time. She takes to Tyler's hole stretcher like a duck to water and invites a vigorous fucking. Tyler fiends on her swinging mammaries, then picks Kea up for an aerial pounding. P2M, then RC. They hold this position for a good spell, varying the control and speeds. Tyler tips Kea over into spoon and digs her out balls deep. He rails her savagely from this position, then offers his wet cock for her to taste. Cut to doggy, then up and over. More P2M, a return to cunt lapping, and mish penetration. Tyler bangs the shit out of Kea, then draws her to the floor for cum. He paints her face by rubbing his spurting cock around her mouth. Kea gives him some PCH in gratitude for a good fuck.
A lot of similarities to the scene before it with one major difference. Tyler was clearly into Kea's body, fondling her tits every chance he got. He also had a lot of positive things to say about her as they fucked. It made for a very lively scene.
Jayna Oso says she loves big, black cock. Now, I know she's saying that for the theme of the video, but I can testify that it's the honest truth. She's a wanton slut for large ebony dicks. As always, Jayna's body seems to be alive with anticipation. Nipples are hard, and she seems to be twitching as she displays her wares. Jayna also lets us know that anal is on the menu. She unwraps a chocolate to play with while masturbating and receives a visit from Jean Claude Batiste, who goes down on her ready pussy. Jayna wants it straight to the "A", but Jean wants to devour her body first. With no ceremony, Jayna mounts the bed on all fours and sticks her ass out, making it impossible for Jean to deny her wishes. He drives right up her elastic pooper and Jayna gasps with delight. Jean goes up and over, driving her lube and pussy drool down Jayna's crack for a very lewd visual. A2M, Jean burying his cock deep in her throat. He goes back to the up and over in a side reverse. He really digs out that fudge tunnel, then goes back to a more conventional up and over, Jayna blathering about her love of chocolate. Another A2M, then an RCA mount, Jayna spanking her pussy. She gives her dirt road a savage pounding, then lays back for Jean to drive, pushing her ass on his cock for greater effect. He picks her up for an aerial blast, then A2M upon landing. Jean spits in her hole and porks it in a side entry. With his usual litany of "little slut" in French, Jean pounds Jayna for all he's worth while she jills her pussy and almost hyperventilates from the action. Her constant reference to chocolate takes on new meaning in light of this deep reaming she's taking. Jayna sucks his cock right down her throat and lets Jean do a little face fucking. Cut to Jayna sticking her ass out and asking for a pussy fuck for a change. Jean licks it before he sticks it, banging her box hard. He's really bringing it and Jayna's biting the sheets, cumming hard on his cock. She mounts him in CG and continues the impaling. Jean picks her up and shows no mercy as he swings his dick as hard as he can. He lays her back down and spears Jayna in mish. Cut to Jayna two handing Jean's loaded weapon, coaxing his load directly into her mouth. This is shot POV from the top down and it's hard to see the results hanging off her chin, but looks like Jean gave Jayna a nice taste. Jayna ends up with the chocolate bar and Jean's cock in her mouth.
How good is Jayna Oso? Jean Claude managed to utter a string of superlatives along the way besides "little slut", which included "formidable". Many women act like they like anal, but Jayna is the real deal. She looks like she lives for this action and this scene is a keeper.
Epilogue This was a pretty strong effort by Stoney Curtis. A couple of very good scenes. A couple of average scenes. And one smoker. I do wish that he, and other directors like him, would dispense with the constant referencing of the title. Get it over with in the tease/interview portion and just let the girls communicate in a more personal manner exclusively. It really does sound stupid, and is very annoying. That said, the excitement with Tia and Scarlett couldn't be dampened by canned blather, and they interjected enough real exclamations to stoke up their scenes even more. It really weighed down Jasmine and Kea's scenes, but they took pretty good reamings anyway. They really didn't appeal to me as much as the other women in the video, so that also detracted a bit. Jayna was in a different world from everybody else. She made Jean Claude raise his game, and he responded admirably. I don't think it's very often that Jayna Oso is in a scene, that it isn't the most frantic and exciting of the disk. Certainly not this time, either. Many women claim to love anal. Jayna makes me believe it.
The Disk There are trailers, photo gallery and outtakes. Outtakes consist of the taking of "pretty girls", action stills and some wardrobe choices.
Recommendation This is a good video and warrants a look see. Definitely a candidate for rental.

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