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Oral Supremacy

Oral Supremacy

Studio: Shane's World
Category:  Gonzo , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Oral Supremacy:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Oral Supremacy overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Oral Supremacy Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Oral Supremacy Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Oral Supremacy Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Oral Supremacy Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Oral Supremacy DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Oral Supremacy A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  9/15/2006
Ok porn fans here's a new one from the Pigman himself, Tim Von Swine. It's an all bj title with a sprinkling of sex mixed in. Some of you probably remember the Cum Glazed series he shot not to long ago so you know what to expect, pretty girls, 3-4 cocks and lots of dick sucking. No huge production numbers, just knob polishing with a facial/ mouth pop to close it out, let's see what Tim and the gang came up with.

Riley Shy:

The artist formerly known as Bambi leads it off and she's already got a group of guys fondling her body as Tim's camera finds her. Our director is an easy going guy, doesn't force the action and let's events flow pretty smoothly. Riley is gamer, gambler, and a cocksucker we learn in the chat before the bj's. The dicks are out and ready but Swine wants to show us everything Riley's got from her tits to her ass. Finally our lady is let loose and I was glad to see the bj style was slower rather than just flat out gagging though she does enough of that but at least I saw some slower sucking which is more my style I like to seea bj shot in. Tim's got all the angles covered from closeups to floor shots with Riley's body usually front and center like it should be. There's some double stuffing shot but it's not a huge focus and they do the dick slapping to the face thing too. They also put Riley on a couch tilting her head backwards off it and you get throat fucking and a little ball licking as well. You also get some oral for Miss Shy as one of the dudes get under for a kittie lick. Most important of all is to feel the girl's into the cock sucking and Riley more than displayed that in this scene which closed out with 3 good pops for her to swallow. But we're not done as Tim gets him some of Miss Shy. So on we go with some POV dick love, again slower sucking is shot but Tim also lays some pipe to Riley fucking her from behind and in missionary. This ends with him nutting into her mouth and also spraying some jizz to her face. A good start and the other scenes follow this pattern for the most part.


Alright if you've been watching gonzo porn at all this year you've seen this young lady in a ton of scenes mostly focusing on that out of this world ass of hers but this time the focus will be on her oral skills which is good as you get a lot of footage of her exotic face. The scene here starts with Naomi walking down the stairs, notice the daisy dukes and skimpy white top she's wearing and the boobies are already poking out from that. Tim gives Naomi the ole 3rd degree, 10 is the top number of guys she's blown at one time, and she likes it extreme when it feel appropriate and not just to do it. Again and easy flowing vibe is set by Tim and Naomi seems relaxed but that will change a bit when the swinging dicks join in. Naomi is real into the positive energy and chemistry angle between the performers so that's cool. Our first cock walks up and it's a nice long black one and Naomi seemlessly begins sucking it mixing in fast and slow styles into her bj. They don't forget the balls either and the second/ third, and fourth cocks are added in at good times. You get the head tilted back off the couch bj and I see pretty good energy coming from Naomi as she's giving all this head. The pops aren't bad mixing in her face and mouth with a little cleanup from Naomi. No extra fun for Tim after this scene but a good one for Naomi fans.

Barbie Cummings:

Well this next young lady's got a fabulous body, good sized tits and the outfit is good too. A blue top which easily gets moved so her titties can come out to play and the white shorts snuggly hug her ass and Barbie's got a real pretty face too. Tim has a few words with this cute young girl as her body is shown off and wow just wait to see those shorts peeled off revealing a most sexy ass. Barbie then gets into the bjs and the guys are sitting down and she makes her way from dick to dick until the guys stand up and we get the semi cock-circle going. Of all the girls I saw in this title Barbie had the best look to me but I'm a sucker for nice tits and she's got a great rack. One more time the girl gets on the couch and tilts her head back for some skull fucking and you see the guys lean back to diddle her pussy some. The guys have saved up some good loads too and she dutifully swallows each. Tim was a smart director and kept this lady for a little overtime which is very cool as we get more time oogling that awesome bod. With a smiling face Barbie slowly makes her way over to Tim's piglet and with pretty eyes looking up she envelops his schlong. Such expressive eyes too Barbie has and it must have been hard not to pop within a few seconds of her giving head, nice long slow licks, it would have been difficult so kudos to Tim for holding back. As with Riley we get some sex mixed in as Tim slides in for some mish love and there's a good overhead shot when he takes Barbie from behind. But there's a slight no-no with the pop as he gets one stream right to her eye, oops but hey this girl is damn fine so a slight misfire can be expected. I definitely want to see more of Barbie Cummings!

Kacey Villainess:

We get going in this scene with the sit down chat. Kacey's a pretty young blond with modest sized boobs and a nice smile. They don't waste a lot of time and soon get to the guys surrounding Kacey and she goes to it. There's just something about watching a girl give a good looking blowjob that I like and when it's shot like this, without a lot of hard sucking and I mean hard as in almost puking then I'm really into it. Seeing a girl licking slowly around the cockhead as she's giving those sexy looks up sends a chill up me almost every time. The guys again save up some good loads and more importantly Kacey doesn't looked overwhelmed with the jizz and that made for a fun time. Ok we aren't quite done yet with Miss Kacey but it's not Tim who gets the extra fun but a couple more guys from the mope squad. More good knob polishing is done by this girl including a pick up where she's held upside down so he's eating pussy and she's sucking dick! The loads here are left on her face and we get a nice send off from Tim to Kacey.

Kaci Starr:

Well we get another Kaci here with a slightly different spelling and she's got quite a different look too. Dark hair and a little more meat on her bones, great tits and she's got a pretty good butt too. Kaci's got a good confident demeanor about her as we see during her conversation with Tim. There is some slight nervousness from Kaci about taking on four guys but it doesn't show in her facial expression, she's smiling the whole time. Tim's going to turn the guys loose on her one at a time and we get some good slow head given as she works the cock up to complete hardness. Great eye contact looking up from Kaci too as she also mixes in some ball licking. The other guys slowly surround her and she does a good job at bringing in all the swinging cocks and we see more of her body revealed as the clothes disappear. The couch is brought into play once again and Kaci does well as the guys throat fuck her and also have their balls licked. The pops are good and you do see some struggling with the volume of cum by Kaci but nothing to drastic to pull down the scene for me. I thought she did a fine job. Not done we go to Kaci sitting with a towel wrapped around her and she looks like she's just gotten out of the shower as her face looks to be mostly without makeup. Tim wanted a bigger piece of Miss Star as they'd hooked up briefly before but now he wants more and who can blame him. The smile is still there on Kaci's face as she gets in the pov position but then Tim turns her around to doggie and he checks out her ass/ pussy doing some finger play. Alright we get back to the POV shot and Kaci goes to it giving Tim's dick a thorough tongue bath. Mr Swine also gets to dip his schlong into that hot young bod fucking Kaci in doggie and then in mish before he busts his nut, again getting a little to one of her eyes but not as bad as the other scene. Kaci had a real nice scene in this I thought.

Sasha Grey:

This final scene begins with Tim moving the camera down the line of guys who he's brought in to face fuck Miss Grey and it's time for the Mope Squad to step up one more time. The "wall" of guys part revealing the smiling face of Sasha Grey and we're told there was some before scene dick play as Sasha just can't keep her panties on and the shot to her kittie proves that to be true. Tim doesn't want to talk to much, he feels the energy coming from Sasha and he wants to let her and the guys converge on one another. He does get a feel for Sasha's body pinching her tits and dipping his finger in and pulling it out you see the juices glistening on it and she cleans it off! Finally he lets em loose and Sasha is very confident taking on all those dicks, doing plenty of deep throating. You get the couch, face fuck shot again and Sasha out of breath at times keeps the energy flowing, lickin balls and doing some gagging. There's even a spit out and the strand goes back over one of her eyes so for fans of the harder edged bj you get some of that here. The pace to this bj was definitely the most aggressive of the dvd and from all I've seen about Sasha she likes it this way and it shows with her performance. We also get the pick up and holding the girl upside down shot which is cool to see and finally some dick slapping to the face, a little more gagging and we get the pops into her open mouth. A fitting conclusion to a strong oral themed dvd.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for fans of all oral flicks, or in this case mostly all oral you've got quite a good one here. Each girl does a solid job pleasuring the dicks thrust in her face and a few lucky ladies got to get a taste of Tim's cock. Barbie Cummings was the one I enjoyed the most with Kaci Star up there too and for fans of the more rougher blowjob then you get a good one from Sasha Grey to end this dvd. Lots of hot cock sucking throughout so if you are into blowjobs then definitely pick this one up. Extras for this include the money shots repeated, a photo gallery, and finally some BTS. A strong purchase recommendation for this one and I hope Tim continues this type of series as he's proven to be a fine shooter of this kinda action.

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