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Oral Hygiene 4

Oral Hygiene 4

Studio: Extreme Associates
Category:  Oral

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Linus's ratings for Oral Hygiene 4:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Oral Hygiene 4 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Oral Hygiene 4 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Oral Hygiene 4 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Oral Hygiene 4 Sex rating 2 stars
Plot/Acting Oral Hygiene 4 Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Oral Hygiene 4 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Oral Hygiene 4 A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  1/26/2005
Oral Hygiene 4


Preview Expectations: Extreme 2.0. A clever little title I guess, considering thier issues that led them to shut down and rebuild thier operation, and in doing so the image too. I was occasionaly a fan of Extreme, I liked thier hard edge approach to things, and appreciated that they were one of a very few who had the nerve to push the limits of hardcore fantasy. That said though, I don't know what to expect from them here, I hope to see some of that old style, but I don't consider it a given anymore.

Initial Thoughts Basically it's 12 blowjob scenes with one girl and two guys in each scene, each scene leads off with an interview that is sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, but probably mostly bullshit, there is a reasonable length double blowjob, and then a swallow or double facial ending. It has some of the old Extreme aggression, but this one fails on a lot of levels. Only a couple of the girls really get down and grovel on it, and do that fantastic job we all hope for, A lot of the scenes are just plain average at best, and there are so many cuts that make the scenes feel very jumpy, almost every popshot, is done with a cut, the girl never sucks until the guy is ready to pop, and then does so, they always cut away and then come back, and I think it really hurts the scenes. The extras are OK, but not that great, and overall I just feel Extreme could have done better, it isn't bad, but they had a few girls who really shined and they didn't deliver with them.

Technical Considerations: A little lacking in the technical areas, not to the point of being a real distraction, but sound especially could have been better, picture quality and lighting are a bit amateurish feeling, thier decent, but it's kind of gloomy looking, and the picture just lacks balance. Camera work is average, and the menus are fairly well done with easy navigation, but I would have liked a more clear looking font.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1:Kami Andrews and 2 guys

Kami starts off by getting interviewed by Rob, as do all the girls get interviewed, and they go through a bunch of banter which half of sounds made up, but the interview portions have little information tidbits that pop up on the screen, and it gives it kind of a VH1 feel or something. So after her interview, Kami gets to work on two unknown wangs, and does what she does best, and deepthroats the hell out them. On top of being a cute, big breasted, ball of personality, she knows how to handle the wood with her mouth, and she gives both these guys a great energetic, sloppy blowjob. Good eye contact, and she goes a lot of the action "no hands" with plenty of ball licking. She gets slapped and choked a bit, but it's mostly in good fun. She gets a double shot of protien in her mouth, one at a time she swallows and cleans up her face, and then she gets a little assistance wiping up her face before a little more slapping and choking to close. Duration: 11:24 mins

Scene 2: Tyla Wynn and 2 guys

Tyla's interview is pretty short, and she gets to sucking on two dicks pretty quickly, Tyla is another agressive dick sucker, and she spits on thier shafts and deepthroats them, a little gagging is present. They spit on her face, and she does some ass licking to the extreme as both guys really put it to her. Face fucking, choking and just general high energy aggression is the way of things here. Tyla did a nice job, but it became too much about the degradation than the blowjob for my tastes. Both guys cum in her mouth, but neither is much of a load, she downs them both. Duration: 10: 11 mins

Scene 3: Jamie Brooks and 2 guys

After we meet Jamie for a couple minutes, she gets down to work too, this one is just a good pure dick sucking fest, she goes super deep (these guys aren't monsters though) and has lots of saliva and stringers, plenty of ball licking, and she just gives a nice performance, the degradation is pretty much non existent here, which is a good change. The guys shoot two good loads in her mouth, and she downs them without issue. Duration: 10: 14 mins

Scene 4: Trinity Post and 2 guys

Trinity gives us a little more worthwhile of an interview before she gets her lips around a couple dicks, they treat her like a bit of a whore, but not too abusive, they slap thier dicks on her face, and face fuck her strongly, but thats about it, she gives a pretty energetic effort, and takes thier dicks pretty deep, massive amounts of saliva in this one and tons of stringers, the guys shoot a couple of smallish loads on her face and in her mouth, and she cleans her face up, and one of the guys comes back for a little extra sucking. Duration: 10: 10 mins

Scene 5:Lain and 2 guys

Lain has a nose ring here, and looks just as cute and girl next doorish as ever. Not much jibber jabber here, and she gets her two dicks to play with, and does a nice job, alternating between sucking and jerking each guy, she lacks a little inspiration, but takes what they give her, and gets a mouthfull of balls and a good mouthfucking. Again this one is just a solid oral scene and the slapping and spitting and stuff is not present. Unfortunetly she doesn't get too much cum from either guy, but she does smile for us with a spermy face. Duration 8:57 mins

Scene 6: Brodi and 2 guys

Brodi's interview offers a couple interesting tidbits, but her oral work is pretty average in this one, she is timid and just not real into sucking these guys off, they take it easy on her and this one really is just a point A to point B suck off scene. One of the things I'm not liking though, is the constant cuts, each scene has done it so far, and it really takes a lot from the scenes, the girls blow the guys a while, then they cut back for the facials, and it really feels unfinished, here one guy cums on her face, then later they cut for the other guy to cum in her mouth, thier so so loads, and she just kind of takes them. Scene duration 9:02 mins

Scene 7:Adina and 2 guys

We learn some more pointless crap about her parents being married for 30 years (great teaser stuff, not! if it was true it would be one thing, but in porn, it likely is all crap) and soon Adina is going to work on two shafts. She is energetic enough and gets a good pace going, but I don't think she ever gives the guys eye contact, and there is very little passion, no aggression in this one either. Another two weak loads in her mouth, she swallows and smiles though to end. Duration: 8:32 mins

Scene 8: Hillary Muff and 2 guys

Hillary seems to be all ready to go in her interview, and she mostly delivers in the blowjob too, but it's another passionless job, she gets face fucked a little, and sucks thier balls, and tries to deepthroat them, but fails, there is a little gagging, and she gives a good try, but there just isn't that spark I like to see. She gets a couple of OK loads on her face and in her mouth, and Duration: 7:52 mins

Scene 9:Carmen and 2 guys

We get a little personal info about Carmen, and then she's off to suck the cocks of 2 guys, she is fairly energetic, but not supremely into doing the task, she gives a little eye contact, and does a nice job of keeping both guys going at the same time, again this one is more subdued with no aggression from the guys. They both shoot a pretty decent load onto her face, and they wipe it into her mouth, she laughs, but isn't really a goo fan, and has some issues with it. Duration: 9:57 mins

Scene 10:Deja Daire and 2 guys

We learn Deja was a slut in high school, and she soon feels the need to prove that she still is. She goes to work on the guys, and oddly enough is chewing gum. She is a cute girl, and gives some good deep head, but she has this way of being almost in a state of ignoring her task, she is supremely cool about sucking dick, and goes about it like she was watching TV or washing the dishes, in some ways I like that, but in some ways it lacks passion, so I guess it depends on your taste. The cumshots here are a real let down, as the first guy is half hard and doesn't really cum, and the second guy shoots an OK load which she swishes around and swallows. Duration: 9:52 mins

Scene 11: Briteny Madison and 2 guys

Briteny seems to have a bigger chest since the last time I saw her, quite a lot bigger chest in fact, 34 DDs are quoted, but anyway she goes through like all the others, and chats a bit before she sucks dick. She gets into it quickly, and the aggression is back as she attacks thier dicks, and gets spit on her face by the guys, she takes them deep, and gets slapped around a bit. The scene has some momentum issues, but works reasonably well, both guys fire thier cum into her open mouth as she holds her head back for them, she swallows them one at a time, and has a great attitude about it. The second load is nearly nothing though. Duration: 12:23 mins

Scene 12: Heather Gables and 2 guys

The routine of crappy interviews has really gotten old by this point, the information is not really cute, hot, funny, or anything else, way too much of it, is just information. Heather goes into her oral session with some good energy, and does plenty of deep oral with some face fucking and gagging, and all the spit stringers and stuff, she deepthroats her own hand, but she almost has this look of being physically sick during parts of this, and it just doesn't work for me. They give her thier seed and she swallows it down, but again it's one load at a time. She gets slapped around again, and they bring in some fluid in a tupperware thing for her to drink, the audio track on my disc went to hell in the last 10 minutes or so, so if they said what it was, I don't know since there was no audio, it looked like a couple of ounces of curdled urine or something, I doubt it was cum, but whatever is was it's downage wasn't very well done. Duration: 18:01 mins

Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: A decent featurette, some comical moments, like Tyla unplugging the toilet, and others, mostly comedy stuff and a little extra sex. 9:44

Photo Gallery: about a dozen shots, literally about 1 for each girl.

Other Extras:Trailer reel including Oral Hygiene 1, 2 and 3, Extreme teens 38, Creampie Milkshake, and Dyke Club, there is also a cumshot recap.

In The End

I don't know, the longer this one got, the worse it got in my view. It started out strong with some great energy and nice scenes, and even the change to more subdued blowjobs for the next couple scenes worked well, but from there it just fell screaming into average and then maybe even below average. The audio issues at the end really bugged me too since Extreme had a lot of buggy things in thier first go round, I had hoped many of those were fixed. I can see value for this if your a fan of most of these girls, or in some of the better scenes, but couples and many raincoaters are likely to be a bit unsatisfied with much of this one. Maybe worth a rental, but that's a maybe. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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