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Operation: Tropical Stormy

Operation: Tropical Stormy

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
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bono-ONE's ratings for Operation: Tropical Stormy:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Operation: Tropical Stormy overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Operation: Tropical Stormy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Operation: Tropical Stormy Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Operation: Tropical Stormy Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Operation: Tropical Stormy Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Operation: Tropical Stormy DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Operation: Tropical Stormy A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/29/2009
Good day fellow porn fans, here I've got a dvd that's been anticipated for awhile now. Stormy had quite the success the first time out with Operation Desert Stormy so now we have the sequel where the stakes are higher, the danger is magnified and well ok that's to much drama, the cocks are harder and the pussys are wetter-- how's that!! The story from the first one was basically how Stormy and her husband stumbled into being secret agents and much sex and hilarity ensued until they have saved the day. So now it's round two and we have everyone back save for a couple casts changes I noticed, one key switch being Evan Stone coming in to replace Stephen St. Croix. Jenna Haze also had a memorable turn in the first one and is not back for this one so they needed a horny lab worker, enter Sammie Rhodes and her dreamy tits!

So we get to the movie and the first few seconds are filled with interesting graphics as we see the cast listed and it was very secret agentesque with the lettering, there were folders and lots of pics which could have been in those manilla folders you see on the agents's desks. A handy graphic then comes on after the credits have done their rolling and we're told Stormy and her husband, Stephen in the first movie and Evan now were each promoted to Offical Agent Status after 'accidently' saving the world and trust me if you saw the first movie they certainly bumbled their way into capturing the evil terrorist Hussein. But all is not well in secret agent land, seems there was a hit put out on the hubby's life so there needed to be a drastic change and they decided on a full body makeover, hence an easy way to bring in Evan as a replacement for Stephen but there are several funny lines here in further explanation and the way Stormy and Randy as the head Agent marveled at the size of the new penis had me laughing too. The final laugh comes when Randy reveals the dollar amount of the contract put out on Evan's head, I won't divulge here but it was worth a laugh for sure. But you want some sex too right, need a little bit of the nasty too to keep you interested.

Nikkie Rhodes & Annabelle Lee with Tony & Marcus:

Well fans we head over the pond to Mother England where Marcus London and Tony DeSergio aka Agent's Jacks & Watson have freshly returned from their part in the capture of the evil terrorist Hussein and they have a couple hotties in their shag pad and they spice up the tale to get them interested-- in what!! The guys are also to be Knighted by the Queen for their heroics so the girls, Nikkie Rhodes and Annabelle Lee want to make it with knights, they never have before so we're treated to a little shag off with Marcus and Tony laying pipe to the ladies. The girls each get a shot at their cocks, Nikkie Rhodes was so hot naked, something about her, the boobs were divine and I don't think I'd seen Annabelle do a guy before so seeing her with a dick was way cool, plus I was at this scene when it was shot, oh yeah! The lighting was a bit dark but this was on purpose, you still get good looks at everything, Annabelle in blue lace!! A little side by side riding in reverse gets us to the pops, each girl is facialized.

After we rejoin Stormy at her palatial house and it's Day One of being an Official Agent and she doesn't want to be late, of course Evan is rock dead asleep. Stormy goes to wake him and he spurts up with a gun in hand, it goes off and plaster drops down from the ceiling coating him and Stormy-- oops!The two have an easy rapport which is clear so the one liners hit home and the duo soon hit headquarters and we get another funny moment as the two try and get serious with the shades but all they can do is clang together and fall down, bowling pins falling is the sound heard! What a group of agents here too, Randy Spears is the numero uno but you have Tee Reel and Mark Wood here also. Ok we have a mission for Evan, take a top secret folder down to the lab so they can finalize testing on Formula 69! Well in the first one there was a similar situation and when Stephen in this case got down there the lab person, Jenna Haze basically seduced him and we got a great sex scene. Well Stormy knows this so there won't be a repeat performace so she takes the folder and decides to do herself and give Jenna a piece of her mind!

Stormy & Sammie Rhodes:

Well this leads to the second sex scene and hello it's not Jenna there but the lovely Sammie Rhodes who is so damn cute in her goggles and she's not wearing any pants, just a lab coat, shirt and lace blue panties!! Sammie tries to explain about Formula 69, it is top secret and well she needs a test subject so she sprays it in Stormy's face. As you might expect this makes her horny and even though Sammie doesn't swing that way she doesn't put up a fight when Stormy gets behind and starts munching hard on her pussy. In fact Sammie gets so turned on she sprays herself and the two have a pretty good g/g here with each eating pussy and then we get some 'toy' play when the can is used to drill Sammie's pussy and later her ass, it's not huge. The girls looked great together and what was good for hubby in the first was good for the wifey in #2, so I'm thinking in #3 the lab person will seduce both of them at the same time, hell yeah! Sammie heads back up to the office, the hair messed up and Evan can tell she's been doing the dirty deed and this actually causes him to chuckle.

Ok now I get to add my disclaimer, lol, I was on set for this movie for one day and actually got to portray a British Guard, the full deal from the headgear to the red outfit and boots. Well my cameo comes up after Stormy's g/g as we head across the pond for Agent's Jacks & Watson's Knighting ceremony. The two are shown waiting just outside the Queen's throne room and obviously the two are nervous and Tony notices a smell and oops, he'd stepped in dogshit and just as he notices that the two are hailed in by the Queen's emissary. As they pass by me I break protocol and show a facial reaction to the god awful smell but quickly get back into character, I'm guarding Queen and country after all!! It was a quick 20 seconds or so and I want to thank Stormy again for asking me to do it, had a blast. Now back to the movie,lol, the guys head in to get knighted and who's playing the Queen, it's the legendary Nina Hartley! Marcus is all good at being tabbed for knighthood but when Tony goes up he slips and actually pulls the Queen's dress bottom down revealing the royal bush so no knighting for him, lol. The action is fast'n'furious here as we go back to the good ole USA where Stormy and Evan get a bit of great news. The President wants to thank them for their great service by offering up the use of his private boat so off they go for a well deserved vacation-- you can guess it won't stay peaceful for long!

A little update on Randy Spears, he needs to replace Stormy who was his assistant so enter Shyla Stylez and Carolyn Reese, the two are perfect for the 'job' as you'll see in the little interview they have with Mr. Spears, if you can call it an interview, lol. Over in England we get Marcus trying to cheer up Tony over his flub up at the ceremony where only he was knighted. The two then get a message from headquarters, a new mission, and it's delivered through their toaster which lights up, lol. There is a new bad ass to worry about, Kim Jong-Il from North Korea and seems he's been amassing large quantities of bad stuff and it's on an uninhabited island so the guys are dispatched with due haste to check this shit out and thrwart the evil doers plan. Oh yeah the toaster then blows up and that was pretty cool to watch live in person, it was planned out meticulously and looked good when it blew. After that bit of excitement we're taken to that lair of Kim Jong-Il and there are a few laughs here as he talks, on purpose messing up a few words. He has a hair piece on and Kim has big glasses in real life I think so they go for bigger ones here. Kim is a horny dictator too== aren't they all and he wants to get jiggy with it with Gianna Lynn who is one of his Lts.'s but she is like no dice and it all business with Kim, usually walking out after delivering her news and disregarding the sexual comments he makes.

Shyla Stylez & Carolyn Reese with Randy Spears:

Well we had some plot development there so we're in dire need of some sex so Shyla and Carolyn are brought in to help Randy out as he moves on from losing Stormy as his assistant. I think the dual blowjob helped a lot. Shyla has incredible tits which come out and both ladies had on some sexy lace lingerie too which came off when needed! Randy gets to do some solid pounding here on both girls, I should add Carolyn's got a mighty fine rack too, two blondes for the price of one! Loved the face sitting we get from Carolyn on Shyla who is getting drilled causing maximum boobie dancing. You can clearly see the condom too, Carolyn even does P2OGM on it. After both cookies have been properly tested, Randy needs a viable assistant in these trying times, he's ready to unload and Carolyn gets most of it but each girl gets some cum to taste, cum kissing as we fade out. Next we're taken to that island where Kim's doing all the bad things and you see two sharks in the water who turn out to be Sir Jacks and Watson who were using the fins as a way to get in close, how clever the British are! The movie then shifts onto the island where one of Kim's evil doctors is trying to perfect a different formula but alas it's another failure. Gianna enters and snuffs out the latest test subject and gives the evil eye to the Doc who better get ir right next time!

Stormy & Evan:

We then catch up with Evan and Stormy who are now on that Presidential yaht and Evan makes quite a figure in his Captain's hat and coat but Stormy makes an even better figure in her awesome looking bikini. So what should the two do all alone on the Prez's boat-- why fuck of course! So out come those dreamy tits, Evan gets nekkid too and the twosome have one terrific scene. Wait until you see how Evan eats her pussy, Stormy at the head of the boat, straddling the rails which opened up her legs perfectly allowing Evan easy access plus we work in the water and surrounding scenery which was hazy and grey-- it really was breathtaking and a great idea for a shot. I loved it too how in each shot they had traded off the Captain's hat. After some great bouncing by Stormy in reverse and Evan drilling her in a standing doggie as the coastline loomed on the horizon we get the pop, a facial with some also dropping down on those tits. Well, well I've seen some boat scenes, not a lot, but this one was pretty good and I loved the first shots of the oral on Stormy, just really good stuff there. Evan then shows off the rocket launcher which comes into play not long after when the boat's blown up and two have to hit the beach, turns out they are also on that same island as Sir Jacks, Watson, and Kim Jong-Il-- what are the odds, lol. In the meantime we get some plot development with the brit agents and there's a little song/ dance with Kim Jong-Il, he's just a misunderstood tyrant! Back to the USA agents, Evan and Stormy hit the beach and are at each other's throats, they will hate each other forever, oh yeah Evan's wearning arm band floaters, you know like kids wear, he can't swim!

Gianna Lynn & Tommy Gunn:

The formula has been perfected by Kim's evil doctor who plans to distribute the evil toxin by means of the 4th of July holiday. Gianna is pleased and the two are joined by Tommy Gunn who is some sort of officer, not sure what nationality he's going for here, lol. Anyway Gianna leaves and he follows and the two eventually get into it and yeah they are lovers but need a little fight to get them in the mood. Again we get darker lighting here but you see everything which includes some great oral from Gianna before the two hit a few positions, she keeps her gunbelt on too, like a good soldier. Tommy fires off a pretty good load to her tongue/ face to close this passion fuck out. We check in with Stormy and Evan then who are separated on the island, eventually we see Evan hit by a dart of some sort-- not sure what will happen to him now. Back to Stormy who is still waiting on Evan that night but she's not alone as enemy soldiers find her tent and blast it to hell and for some reason her top is lost and catches on fire. Stormy flees and she's caught, not by the bad guys, but by Marcus and Tony who ask if she's on the mission too. Hey I'm all for more topless shots of Stormy so this was cool. Stormy learns of Marcus being knighted and also of Tony's mishap in not achieving that honor. Stormy is briefed by Tony on the events, Kim is on the island, has buried/ hidden the WMD's and now the guys are stuck at finding the location. Stormy gives the idea that perhaps the weapons are buried. She hacks in a US heat seeking satellite and this helps find where the weapons are, not far from their location!

Evan & the Cannibals:

Back to Evan who we see was captured by cannibals but these cannibals are also horny so before eating Evan they need to fuck and hey I didn't know cannibals used condoms, lol. Not sure who all the participants were here, did recognize Mikayla Mendez and Voodoo along with Evan who gives in, well he didn't have much choice! This was a nightime scene so naturally it was darker but there was enough light here to see the mini-orgy go on. We have three girls all told who get nailed by their fellow islanders and Evan, good facials to close the action out. Onto the next day where we find Stormy and the brits on patrol, trying to find the hidden ordinance when they find one of Evan's floaties along with the dart used to poison him.

Stormy with Tony & Marcus:

This leads the brits to think he's dead and well Stormy will need some grief counseling, how better to do that than to fuck her!! Maybe she still had some of that formula 69 around and used it, lol, on the guys. Anyway this was Stormy's first 2 on 1 and she does pretty good giving head to both men and she takes each schlong deep in that cookie. The lighting here for this scene was fine, it being daylight certainly helped. The guys saved up good load too, firing them to Stormy's face with some cleanup too from our grieving widow, lol. Flash forward to that night and we see a jeep pulling up, it's Tommy and his soldiers out looking for Stormy who had gotten away earlier. In the tent, meanwhile, we have Stormy waking up and ok it was the liquor that helped set up the fucking earlier, lol. She tosses the flask aside and heads out to piss, with the two guys easing closer to each other, back to back nearly and they're naked, ewww!! The guys soon wake up and we get to laugh at their almost gay experience. You see outside a soldier is lurking about the camp, Tommy might pop in at any moment. Sir Jacks tries to play off Stormy's fears they're not alone by saying his senses would've alerted him to any such presence, well those senses suck dude as you've got a laser site on your chest! Marcus is pushed aside just as the bullets start to fly, more laughter! Stormy gets a bad ass moment or two here during the firefight, oh yeah, kiss ass girl. Stormy gets to go all Indiana Jones on one dude who shows off, she yawns and calmly shoots him! Tommy Gunn does join the fight and is actually kicking ass until Tony does a flying leap, shooting him, thus saving Sir Jacks.

Ok the trio high tail it out of there before any other baddies can find them. As they wander through the terrain, well it's a dirt road, they hear sounds and figure out it's the Cannibals drums, the sacrifice is near! Stormy wanders then if he's still alive perhaps so they run as quick as they can towards the sound as we get to watch the cannibals do their dance. Evan is all tipsy still from the fucking, they've even made him up too. They find Evan and the two brits are like that's not George, that looks like the porn star Evan Stone-- they don't know about the body change but Stormy gives a quick lowdown that is does look like Evan but it is her man and with the great improvements-- ie the big cock! Well there will need to be some sort of distraction, Marcus comes up with an idea, stay tuned! Stormy in the meantime makes her way down to the giant pot that Evan's in, he's oblivious to the fact they're cannibals but Stormy eventually convinces him, I think it was the carrots she throws into the pot, lol. More things to laugh at in between the sex, helps with a long movie like this. Turns out the distraction was Tony DeSergio walking into camp dressed in that green thing from Borat-- you know the revealing outfit Sasha wore, and he scares them off save for one elder tribesman who chases after Tony!

Devon Lee with Tee Reel & Mark Wood:

To the next day and the four are ready to finish this mission off, the brits will go after Kim Jong-Il while Evan and Stormy will look for the underground lair where the weapons are hidden, shouldn't be far from their current location. A few minutes later and bingo the hatch is there, Evan lifts it up with some effort, it's all clanky and old! The two make it underground and start their search but not before Stormy has a wife moment and Evan has a hubby moment-- the two are sorry and love each other, yay!! The two find the area where the doc had been testing the formula and there is a lot of the stuff still sitting on the desk. She finds a phone and tries to hail HQ- that's Headquarters but no one answers. We see why when flashing over the pond we find Mark Wood and Tee Reel distracted by the lovely Devon Lee who's massaging their holstered cocks which are soon out and being traded nicely back and forth in her mouth. Devon's got a fantastic set of tits too which are on display as well. The guys trade that pussy back and forth then with a little anal added in for good measure. Two loads end up coating her pretty face, very nice.

Back over to the island where Stormy and Evan are still checking out the BBQ sauce, Evan's about to dip a finger in for a taste when the evil doc and Gianna come back. The last of the poison's been mixed in the sauce and it's ready to ship-- this leads to a funny facial look from Evan as he looks at the finger still glistening with the sauce, he was about to die!! Stormy chases after Gianna, shoots and presumably kills her while Evan is totally dominated by the evil doc who's about to end his life when Evan finally gets a gun and shoots-- but as Stormy comes back and wonders what's up Evan tries to explain but the doc is mysteriously gone. Time to book.

Back over to America where we check in with the President, Dave Cummings, and he's got an important phone call but he's not to be disturbed as he's doing important Presidential stuff, coloring! India Summer delivers the message and sticks around but no sex. Flash back over to the island where Jacks & Marcus are trying to infiltrate the compound where Kim is. There is a good use of chinese takeout to get the brits past the guard. We see Evan and Stormy actually stumbling into Kim's room, he's sleeping and soundly too as the two make lots of noise.

Asian girl three way:

As the brits are going through the house looking for Kim Jong-Il they just happen to stumble upon a trio of hot Asian gals who are passing the moonlight hours by fucking one another. The lighting in the room is darker, a bit hazy but you still get some fine shots of the action, pussy eating all around and some toy play too-- the guys sure enjoyed the show! Tony decides to get a closer look and this leads to some hilarity as the girls scream, he runs, Marcus runs and they are chased through the house by a machine gun wielding guard. Stormy does finally get through to Agent X-- that's Randy Spears and a choppers on the way, be there in 1/2 hour, just need to capture Kim now. Ok seems Marcus and Tony were captured and we get some torture tried before one guard comes up with one way to make them talk-- a feather, you'll say anything to avoid nonstop laughter! Poor Tony is the test subject and he's about to confess. Flash to Stormy in a robe and she's bringing someone a treat, perhaps Kim who's still asleep. Evan rescues Tony and Marcus and we're nearly done. Marcus was disappointed in his fellow soldier who was divulging secrets but not state ones but it's enough to split them up-- are they through, stay tuned! Kim then gets roused by Stormy who's bringing a midnight snack-- it's food laced with the poisoned BBQ sauce-- Kim's dead, if all evil dictators were killed this easily. Evan and Marcus stumble in and determine that indeed Kim's a goner. Marcus calls for transport and Stormy asked about Watson, that's Tony, but he's not a good topic for Marcus at the moment who calls for his own transport and heads off, leaving just Evan and Stormy to head to the roof.

Major spoiler!!

Well turns out that Evan is a double agent, he even puts on an eye patch to give himself an evil look. Stormy had been knocked over the edge of the roof by one last soldier and she's hanging on for dear life when Evan does the ole flip a rooni on her-- and she is dropped by him onto a vintage 70's car. As the chopper finally arrives we see an knocked out Stormy lying there and we hear Randy Spears's voice coming over telling us that the mission has been aborted-- meaning Stormy's being left behind and I'm guessing Randy's also a baddie-- stay tuned fans for Part III where I think Stormy will kick some serious ass. The closing shot is funny, we see Gianna Lynn making her get away in a jeep, it stalls and as she turns on the lights to see where she's at, who pops up but the Cannibals, bon appetite!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was a most worthy successor to the first one as Stormy goes on another adventure and we get Marcus and Tony also tagging along with Evan Stone stepping in and we see him bumble his way through most of the movie until the very end when he gets pretty bad ass and turns out he was just setting us up for his evil turn on his wife Stormy-- boy will she be pissed when she gets better, watch out Evan Stone!! Now this movie comes with two discs for the extra materials.

Disc 2:

The first extras disc has several choices for your viewing pleasure including a nearly 20 minute making of for this movie and I know Stormy put a lot of time and effort into this so have a look. You also have an 8 minute look at the girls cast in this movie, meaning naked time with the likes of Stormy and Gianna so yeah take a few looks here!! You also have screen tests, stunts, a little something on the pyro for the movie and we end with bloopers-- if you've not laughed enough watching this then have a look see for even more side splitting occurances on set.

Disc 3:

This disc is all about sex, meaning you have extended looks at most of the scenes shot for this, didn't see anything for the Devon Lee scene with Mark Wood and Tee Reel but there's more with Stormy as she bangs Evan and later on Tony & Marcus. You get more with Randy and the two secretaries Shyla and Carolyn as well as more of the cannibal style orgy with Evan and the gang. Plus we get a bonus bj for Dave Cummings courtesy of India Summer, hey the Prez needs some love now and then. There are some deleted scenes and finally some photo galleries to check out. If you saw the first one, then this is an easy pick up, the story is similar but with more spills, more thrills and ok more sex, lol!! Well done Stormy and you'll be hard pressed to top this one but I think you will as you hatch your plan for revenge on Evan Stone and I suspect Randy Spears will be a target too if he's in on it!! Stay tuned and get your winter gear as the next one will be a frosty trip.

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