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Operation: Desert Stormy

Operation: Desert Stormy

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Operation: Desert Stormy:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Operation: Desert Stormy overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Operation: Desert Stormy Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Operation: Desert Stormy Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Operation: Desert Stormy Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Operation: Desert Stormy Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Operation: Desert Stormy DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Operation: Desert Stormy A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  11/12/2007

The Little Details

Running Time: 180 min.

Production Date: 5 / 1 / 2007

Director: Stormy Daniels

Cast: Audrey Bitoni, Austin Kinkaid, Eva Angelina, Jenna Haze, Kaylani Lei, Lorena Sanchez, Melissa Lauren, Nakita Kash, Roxy DeVille, Stormy Daniels, Try Lane, Veronica Rayne, Marcus London, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Gunn, Tony DiSergio, and Voodoo in sexual roles with Nicole Sheridan, Tory Lane, Evan Stone, Ron Jeremy, Tee Reel, and many more in non-sex roles

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: I've heard nothing that was less than fantastic about this release. I can't wait to check this one out and have sky high expectations!

Initial Reaction: It's easily Stormy's best movie so far as well as one of Wicked's all time best releases.

Who Should Watch It : Fans of adult features

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting long sex scenes

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are extremely well done, and some of the best I think I've seen from Wicked. The audio is clear and well balanced, and I didn't notice a single background noise. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen, and looks great. The picture is very clean and there's some obvious attention put into the lighting. The video also varies a bit for a couple scenes to help them stand out, and the change makes the video all the better. This is a great looking and sounding movie.

Music: The music is very well done. It changes in style a few time throughout the movie and is always well balanced with the rest of the audio.

Menus: The main menu has a nice style with a few clips and a little animation. The chapter menu is sadly generic, which is nothing new for Wicked, and just gives you a clip of each scene with a scene number rather than something the viewer might want to know such as the names of the performers in each scene.

The Feature

After being married six or seven years, depending on which one of them you ask, Steven St. Croix and Stormy Daniels' marriage is in a rut. It doesn't help that they work together at a super spy agency for the government with Stormy as a secretary and Steven mostly fetching coffee for their boss Randy Spears while waiting to someday get a mission of his own. When it looks like they might have caused Randy's mission to be compromised with Randy completely unavailable, they set out together to try to rescue him as well as saving the world.

Scene 1 – Stormy Daniels and Randy Spears

After tangoing while dressed to the max and tossing aside multiple weapons, smoking hot dirty blonde Stormy gets it on with Randy. She lays back as he sucks her big fat titties and licks her pussy as well as giving her pussy a little finger attention. Stormy gets up to ride Randy cowgirl style while talking about how much better he is than her husband and holding her heels before tossing her ring aside and turning around to ride him sidesaddle and reverse cowgirl. They also get in a little missionary work before Stormy sucks and strokes him to a nice pop in her mouth that runs out and over her chin as she gives him some great eyes. She shows him what's left in her mouth before swallowing it down with a wonderfully naughty smile.

This is a very nice scene to open the movie with. There's some nice chemistry and energy from Stormy and Randy, and the swallowing finish was great. The camera captures it all very well also, and there's some really great use of light. This is a scene that's not just very hot, but also very well captured.

Scene 2 – Jenna Haze and Steven St. Croix

Brunette lab geek Jenna, who shows that even a lab coat can look darn hot on the right person, shows Steven a few of her inventions before showing him her new training goggles and putting on a pair herself for a little VR action. They kiss passionately as they strip down, grope each other, and play a little with Jenna quickly working Steven out of his pants to stroke and suck. Steven takes Jenna from behind as she vocally urges him on before nailing her missionary style on the desk. He even lets Jenna slide her shitpussy over his shaft for a little reverse cowgirl on the floor before giving her a small pop in her mouth.

This is a darn hot scene. Jenna looks fantastic and puts out plenty of energy along with some fantastically trashy vocals. There's very good energy and chemistry between Steven and Jenna, and they stay nicely in character for the scene as well. I also love how the video looks a little more grainy and computer-like for this scene. This is another extremely well done scene.

Scene 3 – Kaylani Lei and Randy Spears

After Randy works his secret agent mojo on South Pacific island bar wench Kaylani, she drops down to start mouthing his meat. She strips down a bit to ride him reverse cowgirl style before bending over and letting Randy take her from behind while mixing in a little more head. Finally, Randy pops on Kaylani's ass.

This is a pretty good scene. Randy and Kaylani have nice chemistry, and once again the scene is captured very well. It's a bit shorter than the other scenes, but still fun, and to really appreciate it one has to watch the behind the scenes featurette to see what Randy and Kaylani went through. This is a pretty good scene, but not quite up to the level of the others.

Scene 4 – Lorena Sanchez and Nakita Kash

Lorena and Nakita get it on as Ron watches with a video camera. They kiss quickly before Nakita drops down to tongue her twat. Nakita lays back for Lorena to tongue and finger her in return and then fucks Lorena from behind with a glass dildo. Nakita lets Lorena fuck her ass from behind with the toy as well as propping herself up for a little anal pile driving. Finally the girls finish things up with a passionate kiss.

This is a pretty hot scene. There's nice chemistry between the girls and they keep the action moving well. Nakita takes the anal especially well, and the camera captures it well also. This is another nicely done scene.

Scene 5 – Roxy DeVille and Voodoo

Brunette harem girl Roxy gets it on with Voodoo as he uses smooth lines about the desert on her. They kiss softly before she drops down to worship his oversized cock with a few licks before attacking it with full sucks as she gives him some great eyes. Voodoo goes right to fucking her missionary style before letting Roxy work him over reverse cowgirl style. Voodoo rolls her off so he can worship and tongue her ass before fucking her pussy doggie style with Roxy continuing to see how well she can work it. They even get in some cowgirl fucking before Roxy hops off to stroke Voodoo onto her cheek and give him a little more sucking. Not content with just one little pop, Roxy keeps stroking Voodoo until he gives her a little more for her face.

This is a great scene. The chemistry is off the charts between Roxy and Voodoo, and they both work the vocals extremely well with Voodoo staying very nicely in character. They mix things up very well with a few position changes being included, and the pop at the end is also very well done. This is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Scene 6 – Audrey Bitoni, Austin Kinkaid, Eva Angelina, Veronica Rayne, Marcus London, and Tony DiSergio

While exploring the palace, British Agents Marcus and Tony find the concubines, who insist the guys pleasure them before leaving. Veronica leads them in and starts sucking Tony while Austin and Audrey team up on Marcus orally. Veronica moves on to ride Marcus reverse cowgirl style as Audrey rides his face and Eva bounces on Tony while Austin moves in to suck Tony's cock clean. Veronica moves to the floor to eat Austin while Audrey slides down to ride Marcus cowgirl style and give Tony a little oral love. When Veronica moves up to ride Tony cowgirl style Marcus moves to the floor to spoon Eva. Austin also gets a little doggie fucking with Tony and some spooning with Marcus as the others go at it before Tony pops in Audrey's willing mouth who swaps it down to Eva and then gets it spit back on her tits to be rubbed in and licked at. Austin takes Marcus's load in her mouth who swaps it over to Veronica, who spits a bit out before sharing a kiss with Austin.

This is a very well done group scene. The action is very well captured and there's a lot of chemistry all around the group. It also moves along at a very nice pace without anybody feeling left out of favored. Scenes like this often miss for me, but this one worked very well.

Scene 7 – Melissa Lauren and Tommy Gunn

When Tommy finds Steven's training goggles from the lab, he's greeted by raven tressed Melissa Lauren in a cheerleader, waitress, clown, and finally dominatrix personalities. She works him over a little with her black and red crop while making sure that he does what he's told before sitting on her lap and pulling him into her tits. Melissa lays back and has Tommy remove her panties before he starts tonguing her, and then has him stand up so she can suck his cock and lick his balls. Melissa even lets Tommy fuck her tits before riding him reverse cowgirl style, and then lays back on the desk for a little missionary work. Melissa offers up her ass as well, which Tommy slides right into missionary style as well as in doggie. Finally Melissa drops down to take a nice pop in her mouth.

This is another very well done scene. It fits into the movie nicely and has some of the chemistry that's nicely worked throughout the movie. There's also some good energy with Melissa taking it up the ass extremely well. This is another well done anal scene.

Scene 8 – Stormy Daniels and Steven St. Croix

After saving the world, Stormy and Steven make sweet sweet love back in their bedroom. He kisses his way around her tits to lick her pussy as well as her ass before she kisses her way around his chest and then sucks his cock. Steven fucks Stormy hard missionary style before taking her from behind. They also get in a bit of spooning before going back to fuck missionary style. Finally Steven pulls out and pops on Stormy's stomach.

This is easily one of the best couples scenes I've seen from Wicked. There are plenty of comments in the movie about how long it's been since Stormy and Steven have fucked, and they let loose with the energy that makes it look like it's really been that long here. There's great chemistry, energy, and vocals, with Steven throwing Stormy around fucking her like she's a rag doll who can bend any way possible. This is a great scene that finishes the movie extremely well.

Besides being Stormy Daniels' biggest movie, Operation: Desert Stormy is also easily her best. In fact, Stormy has turned out one of the best features Wicked Pictures has ever made while raising the bar for comedy at Wicked. Stormy has done a great job with many of her scripts, but this one is easily the tightest and is filled with not just humor, but well done characters as well. The movie is a bit of a spoof touching on True Lies and the Bond movies, but it touches them with a few homages here and there rather than ripping out full sections of the movies and leaves Operation: Desert Stormy to feel like it's more its own being than a spoof of other movies. Although three hours long, the movie never seemed to drag and the sex fit into the story very well. The sex scenes aren't much longer than the normal Wicked scene, but they seem to flow much better than normal here and always have very nice chemistry and energy. I think Stormy's final scene with Steven and the orgy between Marcus, Tony, and the harem girls were my favorites here, but only Randy and Kaylani's scene lacked much and that's entirely understandable when one checks out the behind the scenes featurettes on the other DVDs. There are a few 'porno moments' when things feel a little cheap, but overall they're very minor and quite easy to forget. Operation: Desert Stormy is a great adult movie that kept the full attention of both of my heads throughout the entire movie.

The Extra Stuff

Wicked has went all out on this release, and spread the extras over three DVDs. You get an audio commentary, a plethora of photo galleries, behind the scenes featurettes, bonus scenes, and much more.

Stormy Daniels and Steven St. Croix team up for the audio commentary, which is the only extra on the first DVD, outside of a pair of trailers which are repeated on the third DVD. They talk about the making of the movie, some of what was cut, and the challenges of making Operation: Desert Stormy. It's a pretty good commentary, but there's also a lot of dead air in it that left me wishing that Randy Spears would have been brought in as well due to how large his presence was early in the movie. This isn't a bad commentary, but Wicked has a lot better commentaries out there than this one.

The second DVD is broken into “Intel”, “Strategic”, and “Visuals”. “Intel” focuses on the behind the scenes featuretttes. “Strategic” focuses on the amount of planning and scripting for the movie. Finally, “Visuals” focuses on photo galleries.

“Intel” starts out with the forty two minutes Special Ops: Behind the scenes of Operation: Desert Stormy and features camera work by Jax, Mark Stone, and Voodoo. Stormy starts out talking about how big the movie is before she and Steven talk about the gloomy day. After a little shooting there's some fun with Steven as they shoot the scene with Stormy. Co-director Jonathan Morgan works with Nicole Sheridan on one of her lines before it moves into the luau. There's also a bit of Nicole and Derrick's scene before moving on to Marcus and the orgy scene. There's also a little fun with Jenna Haze before Brad Williams talks about being willing to fill the dwarf fantasy for hot girls everywhere. There's a little of the shootout at the palace along with the fun that goes along with automatic gunfire in LA before Jenna Haze chats about anal sex and shooting for Stormy before. Steven talks about working with Jenna before shooting their scene followed by a little time with Ron Jeremy admiring his painting as Voodoo interviews him. Nicole talks about some of what's to come for her in the day's shooting as well as a little of what she's already been through. The desert scenes are next, with a little fun around the animals as well as Stormy's motorcycle training. There's also a bit of time for Nicole's skydiving and the explosions along with Steven having a little fun and a little seriousness for those serving overseas. Tommy and Melissa are next with a few words before Voodoo takes on Tory, and afterwards Marcus and Tony have a little fun with Nakita learning some new dance moves. After a little more harem girl action, Evan Stone lets loose with his character and Veronica Rayne gets felt up while talking. Finally there's a little more Ron Jeremy time and Stormy talking about how the entire movie ended up being more than what she expected and gives her fans a little thanks. This is a very well done behind the scenes featurette. It's a nice mix of fun and the making of the movie, and gives plenty of personality from everybody involved.

The Operation Desert Slappy cartoon in interactive and quite amusing. Combining a little Stormy and Betty Blockhead spy action with a little animated sex, this one had me chuckling from start to finish. This segment is well worth checking out.

Harem Girls Speak collects fifteen minutes of interviews with the harem girls. Roxy DeVille starts things out talking about how long she's been in the business, how many movies she's made, loving the penis, and why she got into the business. She also talks about some of her fantasies that have been fulfilled on camera, being able to orgasm on camera, where she thinks about being in ten years, and why she loves big boobs. Veronica Rayne is next, who talks about her role in the movie and looking forward to her scene, how many movies she's done, feet, and doing almost everything sexually. She also talks about feature porn growing on her, her new boobs, and gives a few tips for guys. Austin Kinkaid also talks about her role, who she's been working for since coming back again, being stuck in the bitch role, and liking to dominate guys. Audrey Bitoni talks about the challenge of her costume and her part in the movie, not knowing a lot of the movies she's in, and being pretty basic sexually. This is a very nice collection of interviews. Some of the questions are pretty basic, but there's some nice personality that comes out of the girls and there's a few little laughs as well. This is a nice featurette.

ADR on ODS lasts just over two minutes. This featurette shows some of the voiceovers Stormy and Steven had to record and the fun that was had there. This is a short featurette, but also an amusing one.

The blooper reel lasts a little under four minutes. There's plenty of crackups while shooting the movie as well as a little extra fun during the shoot. There's even a few minor things going wrong. This is a very amusing featurette.

The casting call lasts six and a quarter minutes. Things start with Marcus helping to audition harem girls before another guy reads for the part of George (which was given to Steven St. Croix). Girls also show their belly dance skills as they try to be harem girls. There's also some fun with the guys trying for the British agent as well as more harem girls auditions right down to a girl trying for Stormy's part and a few talks with the girls on what they'll do. This is a fun little featurette with Jonathan Morgan adding quite a bit with his requests for the people trying out. This featurette is a lot of fun.

Strategic starts out with a five and three quarter minute “Briefing”. Stormy leads a bit of a roundtable with most of the male players. They read through the script with Stormy giving them additional details. There's also a few laughs mixed in. This is a pretty good featurette that does a nice job of showing the chemistry among the cast.

Kicking Ass lasts five minutes. This segment starts at Stormy's house three days before shooting and covers some of the fight choreography training with mainstream Hollywood stuntmen. Marcus and Tommy work through several of their moves with the stuntman as well as Stormy and Nicole working through their fight. There's also a big of Tommy and Steven working through their fight with Stormy joining in. Some of the footage brings in the movie footage with picture-in-picture. This is a nice featurette that gives you a feeling of some of what the cast went through for the movie.

Tango Time lasts almost three and a half minutes. This featurette covers some of the dance training that Stormy and Randy went through for their dance scene after Stormy shows a few ballet moves. Once again, the actual movie is brought in with picture-in-picture for some of this featurette. This is another nice little featurette.

Coordinates lasts nearly five minutes. Stormy starts things out checking out the location she's planning on using for the Palace as well as talking about things she thought she was going to have to leave out that she can now include. She also spends some time in The Prop Shop picking things for the lab set and the luau. She checks out The Battlefield next while talking about things she has planned. Finally Stormy picks her locations at the Studio. This is a nice featurette that lets you see a bit of how Stormy thinks as she works through the many locations she had to shoot at.

The Box Shoot lasts just under a minute. There's a couple words at the start, but most of the featurette is set to music as Stormy and Steven pose for their stills and check them out. There's also a Nicole Sheridan, Tommy Gunn, Voodoo, Kaylani Lei, and Ron Jeremy also get a few moments before it comes to a close. This is an okay little segment, but nothing too memorable.

Spy Tips lasts three and a half minutes. Marcus London narrates the featurette that gives you all the tips you need to become a British Super Agent. This segment mixes clips from the movie with a few behind the scenes clips. This is an okay little segment that does have a bit of humor.

Profiles gives character information for characters played by Stormy Daniels, Steven St. Croix, Randy Spears, Jenna Haze, and Ron Jeremy, and last about forty five seconds each. There's plenty of humor for each profile which makes them all well worth checking out.

Visuals collects all of the photo galleries. You get a photo gallery for the movie lasting a little over eight minutes as well as a behind the scenes gallery lasting a little under three minutes. Star galleries are included for the entire female cast, lasting between two and three minutes as well as ten galleries for the sex scenes. In each case you get about seven seconds per great looking snapshot or full screen photo.

The third DVD includes many of your standard Wicked extras. Unclassified includes trailers for Operation: Desert Stormy, Coming Home, Black Widow, Melt, Delilah, The Predator, Last Night, The One, The Muse, and Just Between Us, as well as a promo reel, DVD-ROM content, and commercials. You also get interviews, deleted and bonus scenes in Lexicon and Essentials.

Lexicon gives you interviews with Stormy Daniels and Steven St. Croix, as well as a pair of Ron Jeremy segments, all provided in anamorphic widescreen. Stormy takes nearly fourteen minutes to talk about the idea for Operation: Desert Stormy, not originally planning to direct it, and some of the challenges to making the movie. She also talks about her location problems, writing with certain people in mind, and making a movie that they could pull off rather than doing a movie with 'porn people' trying to do something that's over their heads. Stormy even talks about directing her own scenes, where some of her ideas come from, the future, and why she loves Wicked. Steven's interview lasts nine minutes. He talks about why he liked the script right from the start, some of his concerns with the movie, and the sex and acting interfering with each other. Steven even talks about talent and the problems with it today, what he thinks needs to be done to improve porn, and why Operation: Desert Stormy is such a big movie. Finally he talks about working with Stormy and gives a great word of thanks and dedication to all those serving, who have served, or who will serve in the military. This is a great pair of interviews. Both Stormy and Steven come off as being very natural and real, with Stormy still having a feeling of being very lucky to be where she is despite all her skill. Steven comes off as being very professional and confident, but never overly egotistical. This is a great pair of interviews.

Ron Jeremy gets two segments. Ron TV lasts four minutes and features Ron talking about picking up women and showing some of his skills. This is a great segment that's every bit as amusing as one would expect with Ron.

The Ron Cam lasts five and a quarter minutes. This is the footage from Ron's camera during Nakita Kash and Lorena Sanchez's scene. The girls work each other over with their tongue and fingers before grinding against each other. They go back to a little tongue and finger play and even work in a bit of toys before the battery goes dead. This is a great pair of extras. Ron TV is hilarious while the Ron Cam provides a nice bit of stroke material.

Essentials collects extra sex scenes, which are mostly presented in non-anamorphic widescreen. You get two deleted sex scenes and two bonus scenes. You also get three of Stormy's favorite scenes, which Stormy talks about before each of the scenes.

Deleted Scene 1 – Nicole Sheridan and Derrick Pierce

Blonde Nicole pulls bald Derrick into an empty conference room with a definite feel of sexual urgency. They kiss quickly before he drops down to tongue her pussy. He also give it a little finger attention and mixes in some ass licking before she gobbles his knob in return. Derrick lets Nicole have it missionary style on the table before taking her from behind on it. Finally Nicole drops down for a nice facial finish.

This is an okay scene. Nicole looks great and there's some decent chemistry between her and Derrick. The scene also feels a little choppy and rushed, which leaves this as a nice deleted scene.

Deleted Scene 2 – Tory Lane and Voodoo

Voodoo brings brunette harem girl Tory into 'his throne room' and he scams his way into her jingly skirt. She drops down to suck his cock after sitting on the throne, and then sits back on the throne for him to tongue her twat in return. Voodoo fucks Tory missionary style and keeps it up as she rolls to her side before letting her have it from behind standing up. Tory also impales her ass on his cock reverse cowgirl style before she gets down to take his load on her tits.

This is a pretty hot scene. Tory, not surprisingly, is vocal and energetic, and nicely drives the scene with some very nice chemistry with Voodoo. Voodoo provides some nice humor to start the scene, and it all comes together nicely and moves at a very good pace. This is a good scene, and a great deleted scene.

Bonus Scene 1 – Kaylani Lei and Chris Cannon

The first bonus scene comes from Candelabra. Chris lays back on a bed as Kaylani arrives and slides on a pair of black and red argyle socks that extend just above her knees before joining him with a passionate kiss. She rubs one of the socks around his cock before reaching down to stroke it and then sliding down to suck it. Kaylani moves back up for Chris to slide off her panties and for him to lick her pussy as she holds it up for him. He keeps tonguing her as she lies back before letting her get up and ride him cowgirl style. Chris lays her back to fuck her missionary style, and finally comes up and pops on her face.

This is a good scene. The socks don't do a lot for me, but they are a nice touch that I'm sure a few people will really enjoy. There's very nice chemistry between Kaylani and Chris, and the dark look has a romantic feeling that worked very well for me. The scene also moves along at a very nice pace with well done camera work. This is a very good scene.

Bonus Scene 2 – Carmel Moore and Randy Spears

The second bonus scene comes from Black Widow and is presented in anamorphic widescreen. Stormy sets Randy up with hot bottle blonde Carmel as she watches them get it on. Carmel sucks Randy's cock wearing a little pink outfit and even lets him push down on her head before laying back for Randy to eat her out as she talks dirty to him. She gets up for Randy to fuck her doggie style before letting him fuck her face again. Carmel hops up to bounce on Randy energetically with Randy spanking her ass before laying back for him to fuck her missionary style. Finally Randy moves up and spurts his seed in and around her extremely willing mouth.

This is another great scene, that's surprisingly a bit rough and energetic for a Wicked movie. Carmel puts out some great vocals as well as great energy, and Randy matches it extremely well. The facial also works very well with Carmel looking like she might even swallow down some of the cum. The camera work is also very well done and has a great mix of angles. This is a very hot scene.

Stormy's Favorite Bonus Scene 1 – Stormy Daniels and Voodoo

Stormy's first favorite bonus scene comes from The One. Stormy heads to the bed wearing only a pair of black panties as Voodoo, looking a bit freaky with a blonde kinda grown out mohawk, moves in to kiss her passionately and start worshiping her body. He drops down to eagerly eat her pussy before Stormy drops down to suck his cock and balls in return. They take to the bed to fuck cowgirl style with Voodoo doing most of the work as Stormy urges him on. She turns around for the reverse cowgirl before letting him fuck her missionary style. Finally, Voodoo lets go with a nice load over Stormy's stomach.

This is a very nice scene. There's great chemistry between the two of them and the scene moves along at a very nice pace. It's definitely a bit on the short side, but with how much Stormy and Voodoo are enjoying themselves it's hard not to like it. This is a very good scene.

Stormy's Favorite Bonus Scene 2 – Stormy Daniels and Randy Spears

Stormy's second favorite bonus scene comes from Sleeping Around, and starts out with her reprimanding Randy looking fabulous in a little pink lingerie as he sits on a bed wearing a pink and black collar and cuffs. She snaps a few Polaroids before moving in to taunt him with her tits and then makes him take her panties off. She takes them away from him and plays with herself a little before making Randy get down and eat her pussy while telling her that it's good. Randy also adds a couple fingers to her pussy before stormy makes him sit back and laughs at his elephant g-sting. She sucks his cock with it on before unwrappping his cock to work it over orally without anything in the way. She makes Randy condomize his cock before getting up to ride him cowgirl style and then holds his hands down on the pillows when he reaches up to grab her tits. Stormy lets him grab her tits and even sucks him clean before turning around for the reverse cowgirl. Finally Randy has Stormy get off so he can pop on her stomach.

This is a great scene. There's plenty of humor between Stormy and Randy, with both of them staying in character very well. There's also some good chemistry and a very nice pace with the camera capturing everything very well. This is an extremely likable scene.

Stormy's Favorite Bonus Scene 3 – Stormy Daniels and Steven St. Croix

Stormy's final favorite bonus scene comes from What's a Girl to Do, which is Stormy's first time working with Steven. Stormy and Steven start out with some passionate kissing on the couch with Steven in a business suit while Stormy's in jeans and a sweater. She hops on his lap and lets him free her tits to suck on before they start stripping each other down with Stormy getting naked first with Steven moving right in to tongue her twat and suck her toes. Stormy checks Steven out through his boxers in return before stripping them off so she can suck and stroke his cock complete with a little fishhooking. They move on with Steven fucking Stormy doggie style before letting her ride him reverse cowgirl style and suck him all the way down. They also get in a little missionary work before Steven pulls out and pops on Stormy's stomach and tits.

This is a hot scene. There's great chemistry between Steven and Stormy, and they both put out some great energy while looking like they're having a great time. There's some great miles and looks between them, and the scene moves at a very nice pace. This is a very enjoyable scene.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, swallowing, anal, lesbian, toys, group, cum swapping, titty fucking, and rimming (male > female)

Raincoat Factor: Medium

Condom Usage: 100%

The Bottom Line:

Currently, most stores are offering this release for between about $25 and $30 with many stores offering it near the low end. This one's well worth the money. The movie is a lot of fun as well as very fun. The technical aspects show a lot of care and there's a lot of effort put into the extras. This is a great DVD that deserves to be picked up.

Note to Wicked: Thank you for continuing to put more and more faith into Stormy Daniels' skills behind the camera!

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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