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loverboy Only the Best Of Breasts 3 starsOnly the Best Of Breasts 3 starsOnly the Best Of Breasts 3 stars
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Only the Best Of Breasts

Only the Best Of Breasts

Studio: Cal Vista Classics
Category:  Busty , Classic , Compilation
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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jayo's ratings for Only the Best Of Breasts:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Only the Best Of Breasts overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Only the Best Of Breasts Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Only the Best Of Breasts Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Only the Best Of Breasts Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Only the Best Of Breasts Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Only the Best Of Breasts DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Only the Best Of Breasts A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by jayo  on  10/3/2009
Lisa DeLeeuw

Only the Best of Breasts

Studio: VCX

Stars: Candy Samples, Vanessa D Oro, Desiree West, Teresa Orlowski, Kay Parker, Janette Littledove, Sue Nero, Lisa DeLeeuw, Christy Canyon, Ali Moore, Honey Wilder, Desiree Cousteau, Keisha, Lott Topp, Herschel Savage, Tony Martino, Jamie Gillis, Claude Stien, Marc Wallice, Buck Adams, Clay Hyde, John Leslie, Tom Byron, Jon Martin, Mike Ranger and Jose Duvall

Running time: 2 hours (feature)

I bought "Only the Best of Breasts" on VHS back in the 80s and logged a lot of quality time with it. Somewhere along the line I lost, lent or misplaced it, so when I got it again on DVD, it was like a visit from old friends.

This feature lives up to its name: these are most of the top big-breast stars of the late-gold and early-silver eras of porn; and any tape that begins with Candy Samples and Lott Topp has to be taken seriously. But they also include legends Kay Parker, Lisa Deleeuw, Sue Nero and Desiree Cousteau, plus Keisha and Christy Canyon early in their long careers. The "filler," in the forms of Vanessa D Oro, Desiree West, Teresa Orlowski, Janette Littledove and Honey Wilder, are nothing to sneeze at either.

This compilation definitely shows its late-70s/early-80s roots. Some pieces are on film, some on video. The girls are soft-bodied and mostly natural (Janette Littledove is the standout exception), and the sex is a bit more gentle and vanilla, with a lot less emphasis on getting the camera right up in there for that piston-pounding closeup. Desiree Cousteau's fucked-from-behind pool scene, for instance, could run on late-night cable without much editing.

But they did pick out a nice, diverse sample of things. This isn't a one-scene-looks-just-like-the-others checklist porn.

Scene 1: Candy Samples and Herschel Savage (from Taste of Candy) - Candy gets tit-fucked in bed.

Scene 2: Vanessa D Oro and Tony Martino (from Down & Dirty in Beverly Hills) - Vanessa, in a maid's costume, gets it all sorts of ways in a hotel room.

Scene 3: Desiree West and Jamie Gillis (from V - The Hot One) - Desiree and Jamie masturbate while watching each other. The credit says this is from "V - The Hot One" but I know it's in "Vista Valley PTA." I don't know whether it's a mistake or if it occurs in both films.

Scene 4: Teresa Orlowski and Claude Stien (from Teresa, the Woman Who Loves Men) - Teresa walks into the ladies' room and is grabbed a serial rapist who leaves his mark on lipstick on the mirror. She takes it from behind vaginally and anally. In true movie fashion, she resists at the beginning, but quickly changes her mind and gets into it.

Scene 5: Kay Parker and Marc Wallice (from I Want to Be Bad) - Kay Parker fucks a young stud on her home sofa.

Scene 6: Janette Littledove and Buck Adams (from Crazy With the Heat) - Sex on a bed.

Scene 7: Sue Nero and Clay Hyde (from Garage Girls) - Sue on her back where she belongs.

Scene 8: Lisa DeLeeuw and John Leslie (from Garage Girls) - Lisa gets fucked in a shower room.

Scene 9: Christy Canyon and Ali Moore (from Wild Things) - the only lesbian clip in this film.

Scene 10: Honey Wilder and Tom Byron (from Private Moments) - Honey sneaks into Tom's room and gives him some pointers.

Scene 11: Desiree Cousteau, Jon Martin and Mike Ranger (from Hot Rackets) - Desiree gets it from behind in a spa.

Scene 12: Keisha and Mike Horner (from Moving In) - this is part of a four-some, though there's no swapping or four-way action.

Scene 13: Lott Topp and Jose Duvall (from Flip Side) - mostly oral sex (both) in what looks like a motel room.

Jon Martin and Desiree Cousteau

Special Features: There are three "bonus" items. The first is "The Payoff" which also appeared on the VHS version. It's a 1940s stag reel, about 8 minutes long. The story line is something about a girl (prostitute?) who steals secrets from the unsuspecting guys she lays. It's interesting by way of seeing what changed in porn—like how the cumshot was internal, then the camera featured a big closeup of the evidence as it dripped out. The video quality was apalling even on the VHS, and the transfer to DVD did it no favors.

New "bonus" material for the DVD are scenes from "Sweet Throat," "Vista Valley PTA" (not the Gillis/West scene), "Tower of Power" and "Visions of Clair." There are trailers for "Pleasure Palace," "Flesh Fever, "Tramp" and "Two At Once." They also tacked on a "Legendary Tribute" which is just a rapid series of clips, mostly face reaction shots, from various movies. All together it's more than you what get in many "bonus" packages, but still not particularly good.

Production values: Unfortunately I can't find my VHS so I can't make a direct comparison; but the DVD is taken from the VHS (you can see the imperfections in the video) and degredation ensues. The video is washed out and muddy. It's acceptable on my TV but awful on my computer monitor. As mentioned above, "The Payoff" is almost unwatchable. Sound is okay, but it varies from scene to scene. Of course you get the ubquitous bad 70s/80s soundtracks.

Final verdict: if you want an instant collection of clips from some of porn's big stars from the late 70s and early 80s, this is a good representation, and if you like that era's type of porn (which is less harsh and a bit more realistic, albiet not quite as explicit), then it's a good compilation. The quality is lacking, however, and you may find it distracting. I'm not sorry I got this DVD, but I wouldn't pay very much for it, either.

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