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One Sleepless Night

One Sleepless Night

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Comedy
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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lindi's ratings for One Sleepless Night:
Overall Rating 4 stars
One Sleepless Night overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks One Sleepless Night Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks One Sleepless Night Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex One Sleepless Night Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting One Sleepless Night Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras One Sleepless Night DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality One Sleepless Night A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by lindi  on  11/20/2003

This is an amusing couples feature with condom use. Kylie Ireland is up late at night in front of the tv, flipping channels. Each show that she starts to watch leads her to fantasize a sex scene.

General Impression
I watched the extras first and was impressed with the generally light-hearted attitude on the set. Each scene is a spoof of a B movie, and the crew had fun with the goofy premises. The little pterodactyl marrionette is a scream. This movie is light, amusing, and fun, though the sex isn't super hot. In several scenes I sensed the presence chemistry, sexual skills, or pleasure that wasn't shown to full advantage.

The volume is a bit inconsistent at the beginning of the scene, as two cowboys (Pat and Joel) confront each other in a saloon. My husband and I got a kick out the piano player's fake playing and out of the 'old fashioned' playing cards which are charming and look handmade. Anyway, Kylie steps into the argument between the men and offers them a way to settle their differences peaceably. There's an abrupt camera cut to her energetically sucking both of them. There's lots of frenetic activity and dirty talk but the scene is only medium warm at the beginning. The bad 'western' music plunks along. Joel takes her in doggie, then Pat in Mish, and the dirty talk is heating up the scene - not the talk done for the cameras, but the low murmurings to each other that I can't quite hear. I love those. The scene gets a lot warmer, and the pacing is nice. Joel gets RCG anal, then Pat moves in for mish anal. They wank on her chest and face. The scene is smirky-funny, warm, and has some non-formulaic aspects.

The second scene features a very pleasing brief parody of a Kung Fu movie, complete with intentionally bad dubbing and some over-the-top noises and grimacing during Brad's fight with a ninja. As a reward for defeating the ninja, Brad is given the hand of geisha Kianna in marriage. But it's not her hand he's after -- he heads straight for her pussy with his tongue. However, when she returns the favor, we see only about 12 seconds of bj and two tentative licks. The rest is shots of the back of her head and of his face. Then her big tits get to swaying in doggie. With all the cuts, it's difficult to tell if they shot 2 minutes or 2 hours of footage to make the shots of this position. In this scene there is some nice quiet talk between them, however she throws in a lot of rehearsed dirty talk for the camera. Mish and RCG before she gets him off with a bobbing hand-and-mouth bj.

Next, in a scene they have entitled Ooga Booga, we see caveman Lee, who is fending off a pterodactyl, with Calli by his side. The two of them run to safety where her first inclination is to kneel on her furs and suck some curved dick. I thought the grunginess and camera cuts and grunting and odd music were a bit distracting, but I enjoyed the raw animal sex, and, guess what, when my husband viewed it with me later he was digging the grunge and thought it was all hot. Doggie was followed by a nice lusty, grunting up-and-over doggie, then a few other positions that seem to go poundingly on and on. Then he wanks on her pierced (ha-ha) tongue.

Kylie's next channel change brings her to a fantasy in which she casts herself again, this time running from a masked man with a chainsaw and bloody apron. As unappealing as that might sound, it's just spoofy and dumb and brief, so soon enough we get to the meat of the scene, as it were, which is Kyle Stone. He offers her refuge in his cabin, and proceeds to console her by wetting her panties with his tongue before pulling them aside to lick her pussy and ass in turn. She sucks him to attention, sort of (it doesn't have that rock-hard look). But they manage RCG, and then a better 'flattened doggie,' then some mish anal, and he pulls out and lets it fly for a facial.

Next up, Jason McCain as a wounded soldier on the front lines, visited by nurse Terra who makes everything better. Kisses bring him around, then he sucks titty like he's hungry, before unveiling her nether regions to finger and tongue her. The enemy has apparently lost interest and wandered off, as he stands up for her to suck his dick, without apparent concern. After some mish, RCG, a magically re-positioned nurse's cap, and spoon, they are thoroughly disheveled and worn out, and have spent all their energy in the best possible way. So he wanks on her face.

The last scene finds Kylie stepping into an infomercial, where she plays a door-to-door dildo salesperson, arriving at a jacuzzi occupied by Cherie and Joelean. Soft music and lots of sweet slumber-party-type girl babblings accompany the dildo-fest, which includes technical dp's for Kylie and Cherie.

Extras include The Making of One Sleepless Night, which was done in a parody style, a very brief interview with Kianna, and a longer interview with Kylie, as well as the usual galleries, bios, trailers, and Wicked promotional stuff. I see from other reviews that there are some good Easter eggs - damn, I need to figure out how to find those!

It was fun.

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