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astroknight Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) 4.5 starsOnce You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) 4.5 starsOnce You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) 4.5 stars
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Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video)

Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 6 (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  5/30/2011

Prologue Over the years, one of Jules Jordan's most popular titles, but most inconsistently released, has been Once You Go Black You Never Go Back. Despite the stereotypical nature of the title itself, Jules generally sticks to just presenting hot action with little or no rhetoric. Maybe that's the reason he can get elusive firsts from some of the most sought after stars in the industry. They get to shine, and grind, without insulting all the men in their lives, and we get to see beautiful women pounded by some of the more prodigious members of the fraternity. The cast here is nothing short of fantastic. Stunning little hotty Abella Anderson and veteran beauty Amy Ried experience chocolate loving for the first time. Super hot nova Asa Akira takes black dick in her ass for the first time, and in keeping with her extreme nature, no less a woodsman than Lex Steele initiates her. We also have two legends on hand. Gina Lynn provides extra glamor to the proceedings, and Inari Vachs makes a darkside stop on her comeback tour. Hard to go wrong here, and I fully expect a very entertaining video.
Sweet faced Latina Abella Anderson has tease etched into her DNA. She knows what she's got and she knows how to flaunt it. Some conversation and posing out at the patio, and Abella goes inside for her chocalate surprise, Mr. Marcus. She's sexy and confident as she squirms against Marcus, putting some hot lap dance moves on him. Abella gets to work on a cock that's not already juiced up, so she's tasked with making it hard first. It doesn't take much doing before he's in full working order and Abella's just toying with the pussy plunger. She lays back on the bed for a few licks by Marcus before the grand opening. More tease as Marcus rubs the steely rod in Abella's cameltoe in doggy, and the cock practically seats itself in her horny wet pussy. All I can think is "Baila mi hermana" as Abella dances on the cock. She pulls away, fingers herself, and invites Marcus back in in mish. He's making danger pussy sounds as he tries to adjust to Abella's tight snatch. She takes charge of the fucking for a sweet while and puts some killer moves on the cock. Marcus is enflamed as he takes back the lead, giving it to Abella deep and hard. P2M, Abella playing to the camera and watching herself on the screen. She rides the cock CG, then RC, playing, then exploding in hard pounding fucking. There's a constant tradeoff between Abella's playfulness and her nastier side, going from using Marcus like a fuck toy, then demanding his very best and strongest efforts. She hops off his cock and rubs her business in his face, then gets on all fours for deep doggy. The play remains stellar at varying paces, then Abella gets dicked down in mish to prime the pump. Marcus blasts across her face with a major load and Abella kisses the cock that pleased her. She's very happy with her first experience.
Great scene. Abella is as playful as she is cute, and these are the scenes that Marcus does best in. Lots of happy sounds and quiet encouragement with great visuals that seemed to be helped immeasurably by Abella's exhibitionistic nature. She loved catching glimpses of herself, and I think Jules had the camera screen turned her way, or a monitor hooked up to help things out.
I don't know how much more can be said about Asa Akira that hasn't before. Exotic, dynamic, beautiful, edgy. She's the total package in a tiny, explosive package. Even her posture, the way she pushes out her tits, speaks of sex and lust and immediate availability. Jules seems as hooked on her as everybody else, and Asa is getting showcased everywhere. He starts with some arty posing in fetish wear. Thigh high patent leather boots and halter style jacket to match. Lex is waiting on a sofa, and he's very appreciative of her outfit. Still, he can't wait to get at the goodies inside as Asa peels for him. Devour is the only word that comes to mind as he kisses, licks, fingers, and even moans in his own arousal. Asa fingers her anus in anticipation of the sodomy on the horizon, but first there's some play to be had. She scarfs down a heaping helping of hot rod, employing all the elements of cock love she has at her disposal, and Asa has quite the trick bag. Licorice stick worship and no hands gag reflex testing, and it's all too short before Lex is jamming himself into her tight pussy from behind and lifting Asa for some aerial fucking. Alighting on the couch, Asa's got him balls deep RC, and they go back and forth with Asa's hip action making things super hot. She reverses to regular CG and does the shimmy shimmy shake on his cock head. Lex even grinds into her cervix and makes Asa's whole body shake, then letting her have her way with his dick. Her sweet juices are all over his cock and her fingers are in her ass, and Asa has herself a nice little orgasm. P2M, and a cut to the gorgeously photographed mish anal penetration as Lex slowly opens that impossibly tight little hole. Little by little she takes more and more of the massive cock and her body seems to be on fire. Lex chokes her as he takes full ownership of her rectum and Asa seems to cum again. She plunges four fingers into her hot pussy, and shows a nice little gape when Lex pulls out for a moment. He gives her a few new angles, then offers her the invader to suck in appreciation, which Asa does with relish. She moves over to a bar stool and points her hot ass at him, sticking four fingers there as well. Lex is right behind her and plumbing her depths. She's working her cunt while Lex goes wild in the ass and Asa looks overcome for a moment. More A2M with some emphasis on his balls. Asa mounts in RCA, getting the rag doll treatment. Spoon anal, then side entry to straighten out the penetration, her face showing all the colors of arousal from distress to a big smile. Cut to Lex blasting her beautiful face with a big load, getting post cum head to end the scene.
Asa hit the ground running since her first anal and hasn't looked back since. She's a guaranteed fire starter, and paired with Lex and Jules sure camera, this scene rocked. The end came a little early, but I can't blame Lex if he couldn't hold out any longer. Asa really is that hot.
Former Pleasure superstar contract girl, Gina Lynn, has come a long way since striking out on her own. Now Jules captures her washing the dishes. She's even glamorous doing that, as Gina's wearing a tight white dress that hugs her sumptuous curves. Mr. Marcus is at the door looking for Jules, who's out, but Gina, who's waiting to do a shoot, immediately takes a shine to him. She leads him into the living room, sits him down, and starts putting on a show, trying to find out if Marcus thinks she's hot enough for her scene. Marcus starts to investigate more fully and pulls the dress up to expose her ass, burying his head for a moment, then freeing Gina's big titties. She rides his lap and reacts to the growing shaft in his trousers. Marcus feasts on the hot tits and plays with Gina's bottom. She unleashes the beast and sucks it hard, taking it as deep as she can when he's rock hard. Face fucking and throat impalement. Titty fucking makes Gina squeal in delight, then some crack fucking from behind, leading to a doggy penetration on the couch. A tight fit for the fat cock, Marcus steaming into that hot, wet cunt. Gina's so into her dirty talk she can't register that Marcus wants her to spread her cheeks for him. They roll into RC and Gina puts on a little show with her hot ride, alternately getting Marcus to dig in deep. She spreads wide for him and a deep penetration, then a cut to sidesaddle. CG displays a nice little pucker in her ass. When Gina, when? She hits that cock from all angles and challenges Marcus to take her hard. Some long poling initiated by Gina leading to a pounding that brings Marcus to crisis point. Cut to mish, deep, wet, and hard. Great sequence with Gina's sweaty body writhing on cock as Marcus works to hold it together and deliver the coup de grace. He pulls out and gives Gina a well earned open mouth facial. She sucks the cock in gratitude. Jules walks in on the sated couple, his shoot ruined and the smell of pussy pervading the room.
The video continues with another winner as bountiful Boricua Gina shows why she remains a star after so many years. She knows what she's got, and she knows how to work it. She even knows how to talk her way through a scene. Very good stuff.
One of porn's most perfect natural bodies, belonging to Amy Ried, is on display in the penultimate scene of this video. She's posing in the same stairwell that Asa did in her tease, showing off her nice long legs and full tits to great effect. Those pouty DSL's of hers aren't too bad either, and Amy looks pretty good from any angle Jules takes. Never the most committed performer, but always popular eye candy, Amy seems to have an itch in her panties as her hand keeps disappearing inside to rub the nubbin. This is her first scene with a black man and I guess she's worked herself up for it a little. One can only hope. Mr. Marcus gets the prize and he's ready for Amy in the kitchen, surveying the assets with his hands, and even slipping her some tongue. He makes lip love to her breasts while diddling her twat, feeding her the stink finger and getting it right back from her kiss. Amy sinks down and frees his cock, giving him some throat as he grows, and letting Marcus fuck her face gently. He gets some titty fucking, and the mood between them is very light and happy. Amy sits on his cock in CG, her lube immediately coating it thickly. She even sneaks a finger into her ass as they get the party started. Amy's taking the now white dick balls deep with no problem. In fact, she's really putting her ass down on it, pumping, grinding, and swirling. P2M 69, then RC. Amy gets drilled from underneath, then continues to really put herself into it by pounding down on the hard cock. They shift to hard driving doggy, Amy playing with her ass again. P2M face fucking, then mish. She's spread wide and he's balls deep. Amy even fucks back from this position for a very hot sequence. They stick with the mish with a few variations until Marcus can't hold out any longer. He pastes her face nicely, and Amy finishes him off with a lick.
I'll admit straight up that I didn't think Amy had it in her to shine in this title. She did that and more, keeping up the quality of the scenes before her. She was beautiful, and Marcus seemed extra aroused, the enthusiasm apparently contagious.
Inari Vachs is back with a vengeance. A legitimate legend from the turn of the century, with a resume that includes an AVN Performer of the Year for 2000. Admittedly, she doesn't look like a teenager anymore, but is a testament to smart living, exercise, good nutrition, and a healthy sexual appetite. In short, she looks amazing. No tease for this scene as Jules chooses a funny little vignette with Lex playing a plumber, dispatched to Inari's abode to "clean out her pipes". Indeed. While Inari's upper body has gotten tighter from dancing and body building, her rump and legs are just crazy built up. Lex follows her upstairs to the bathroom and quickly finds what's clogging her sink. A huge dildo. While he forages around there for more, Inari starts her own search for real meat. While this is quite irregular for a hard working plumber, Lex seems up to the task. They go from tongue kissing to one of Inari's patented sloppy blow jobs, and lord does she like to play with hard cock. Lex bends her over the counter and digs into her sweet pussy, standing her up and lifting a leg so we can see the long strokes filling her up. She leads him by the dick into a bedroom and sits Lex down on a couch for CG. Inari's nipples are shooting out like little bullets as she covers all the angles she can. She finally strips naked to reveal her incredible body, then puts on a show as she fucks Lex in RC. When she lays back to let Lex lead, you can see a nicely pronounced clit. Inari sucks some dick before Lex stabs her in mish. They get into a killer rhythm with Lex keeping a fast stroke and Inari beating up her clit till she arrives at a six pack heaving climax. Fun over, it's time for anal. Lex slides it in in missionary, opening her up while she dips into her pussy, then digging in deep. Doggy anal follows, Inari spreading with her hand while Lex goes up and over. He steams into her with Inari pushing him harder. RCA is next, Inari's pussy gaping lewdly while Lex pounds from underneath. She takes to the floor for a big ball blast facial and cock cleanup.
There are more edits in this scene than any of the others, understandably, as this is probably Inari's most demanding scene since she came back, even counting a DP or two. She's still got it though, shining through with beauty, skill, and style. A fitting end to a terrific video.
Epilogue Jules knocked one out of the park with this video. Every scene was strong, many showing extraordinary passion, as well as a sense of fun. The haters, of course, will point out the presence of either Lexington Steele or Mr. Marcus in every scene, and turn up their collective noses at this title. Lucky for me I'm not one of them. With the exception of Lex channeling a southern redneck plumber or Forrest Gump in the setup for Inari's scene, they were both spot on throughout. I think they even went the extra mile for Jules and saved up their loads for days before shooting these scenes. For the women experiencing firsts in this volume, well done, and I feel certain they won't be one and done in the future. To Inari, welcome back. And please stick around.
The Disk There's a BTS with some extra sex, but nothing particularly enlightening. A photo gallery, cumshot recap, cast list, and trailers.
Recommendation Highly recommended. This one's a keeper.

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