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Captain Jack Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) 4 starsOnce You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) 4 starsOnce You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) 4 stars
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Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video)

Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video)

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back 5 (Jules Jordan Video) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/24/2010
Alright fans time for some sizzling hot interracial action courtesy of Jules Jordan and it's got a fine looking cast of hotties all ready to take on huge black cocks! Natalia Rossi is one I'm looking forward to here, then you have London Keys, Missy Woods, Gina Lynn and Bella Blaze-- love the huge titties so let's hit some highlights.

Natalia Rossi:

Well up first is Natalia who I've not seen for awhile but gather she's been shooting again more frequently so new scenes are forthcoming including anal, but not in this one I don't think. Well Natalia's dropping by Jule's place and she's bringing a friend, Mr. Marcus. Like the pink outfit on Natalia but it doesn't last long before she's down to bra'n'panties. Jules gives us a good floor shot as the bra goes revealing a nice modest set of boobs, Marcus leans in for a tit kiss. Always like the behind shot where the guy in this case buries the face between the ass cheeks, licking both booty and asshole. Marcus then flips her around to mish and the legs spread nice'n'wide for more oral delights. Great side view then is given as Natalia assumes the traditional shot on the knees working the cock out and into her mouth. Taking her time too, I like that with the bj. Not a super long bj but it gets the job done and Marcus is soon ready to lay pipe, doggie to begin, then mish and we get P2M also from Natalia. Cowgirl and reverse then follow in succession with more pussy tasting as she cleans his cock. Pretty strong facial/ open mouth pop to close with cleanup from Miss Rossi. Glad to see her back and looking as sex as ever.

London Keys:

On to the next scene which begins with London coming into the offices and she's here to chat with Jules about doing a scene-- send her right in!! So up she goes to the palatial offices and Jules has a few words with Miss Keys. Gotta like the desk too, it's adorned with several AVN awards! The two talk about working together, Jules shows a few dvds to London to give her an idea of what he does. Jules inquires about anal but not quite yet she says- but there's hope! Ok so London sees Marcus on a dvd cover and inquires about him so Jules makes the call. So the call ends and I'm thinking Marcus is heading right over, lol. So as she starts to show off the bod a little Mr. Marcus shows up and the action commences- titties come out to play and what a rack! London's a horny gal and she's all over that cock in short order and I mean she's all over it, deep throating with no problems. Her approach is much more aggressive than we saw with Natalia but both were equally hot to this viewer. The heads so strong here that spit flows down her chest to the outfit she stills has on- a great ground shot going up captures this bit of action. So after some of the best head you'll see anywhere we have Marcus sliding in from behind-- that dick should be rock hard after that oral display from London. She's talking dirty too, very much into the scene. Cowgirl, mish-- it's all working here and the energy from London is just awesome, you will not have shred of doubt about her being into the action and I bet Marcus loved it too, helps make his job much easier and more fun too! A good facial pop closes this excellent pairing, wow London impresses here bigtime.

Gina Lynn:

So we move to Gina and find her in the bathroom checking herself out, getting ready for a date. Gina's not sure but is gonna do her best to handle the black cock coming her way- the outfit is good and inspiring for sure, black pants that hug her ass. So off Gina goes and turns out she's got two dates, Marcus is back, joined by Sean Michaels. The men waste no time in sampling the titties and the pants are peeled down revealing that fine ass with no panties in the way- ground shot from Jules here was great too. So the cocks come out and Gina's all over them working one at a time at first leading to the classic kneel down shot with her between the guys. The two pros do well in trading off nailing that pussy, cowgirl was very good. The energy is good but not quite as much uuummph as we had from London the scene before. You get several shots during the fucking from doggie to cowgirl to mish to spoon and Gina's sucking hard on whichever schlong's not torpedoing her cookie. The men finish off dropping their loads over Gina's expentant face, cleanup too.

Missy Woods:

Ahh Jules has a new assistant in Missy. He lets the camera capture her obvious qualifications for the job, lol. Short skirt, open shirt accentuating the cleavage. Jules gives her some duties to perform which aren't sexual in nature-- at least to start! Seems Jules owes some money and people have been stopping by and he can't pay them so she needs to keep all undesirables out, lol. So Jules leaves letting her work and sure enough we have someone stopping by and it's the man of Steele! So Lex rings the doorbell several times and Missy goes to answer even though she was told not to. But she stands there looking, thinking she knows who it is so she finally heads over and opens the door. So the two chat a bit, she's a big fan so that breaks the ice and she eventually lets Lex in- soon letting him in everywhere!! Wasting no time Lex checks Missy out, from ass to tits and she's checking too grabbing a hold of the obvious buldge in his pants. So naturally Jules comes back and finds the two fucking, boss not so mad though!! Jules says don't stop, you've got a hard dick in front of you, keep going! Lex then stands up and begins feeding that long schlong into Missy's waiting mouth, like her looking up and she's taking it slow too much like Natalia did in scene one. Not a long bj though before we move to Lex slipping the snake in for mish pounding. After some fine dick destruction to that pussy we get our first anal action with a good reverse captured. There's mish and cowgirl anal worked in too leading to Lex's pop, a good one to Missy's open mouth with cleanup. Disc one done, let's move on to the next!

Bella Blaze:

As the second disc opens we're staring up at Bella and it's quite obvious she's stacked. Jules shooting slightly at an upward angle helped too. So we work those puppies out and yeah they're marvelously huge. So we take a few seconds to admire those tits, hanging out!! But Jules is a pro and keeps soldiering on, working some ass shots in as well as the cookie. Sean Michaels then enters, so smoothly behind Bella and he has fun cupping those huge knockers, squeezing them together but sadly no shared nipple licking by the two. Sean's long cock then says hello and Bella reciprocates engulfing as much of his rod as she can. As you might expect they slide that bad boy between and Sean gets several good strokes in before we let him slide in from behind, using the table to prop her arms on, titties dangling down. Sean picks up the pace letting the bouncing increase too, Jules takes up a great ground position here capturing the action. We finally hit the signature position for Bella as I see it, reverse cowgirl and hello dancing with the stars tits! They close strong with cowgirl, Bella's tits almost slapping Sean's face as she rides him-- I'd take that job hazard!! So the finale has Sean slipping between to titty fuck Bella until he pops right between the funbags, some on her nipple-- but no nipple cleaning which would have rocked from Bella.

Tiffany Rayne:

Yeah fans it's that Tiffany Rayne!! Not new as in shot recently but new to me. Guess Jules was spring cleaning the vaults and said hey look what I found Tiffany with Mandingo! Tiffany is a great blast from the past here, looking good in the see thru pink top. Man this girl was poised for superstardom a few short years ago but sadly not to be. Jules lets the camera drink in this fine body as the two chat, it's a sunny so she's wearing shades which are taken off per request so we can see those eyes. So we follow Tiffany inside and Jules has the perfect perve ass shot working as we're up close, so close the peach fuzz is nearly touching the lense. So Tiffany finds Mandingo and Tiff's pretty quick getting to the bj and damn she looks good working it in. So we get Tiffany naked and get to follow her as she crawls a bit, fully naked now!! Ok this is just gonna be a bj scene, that's cool because Tiffany rocks the cock and looks very good taking on Mandingo's stick. The popshot to close finds a home within her mouth. Well fans this was a great reminder of how hot Tiffany Rayne was back in the day. She takes the load in her mouth, shows it off and swallows, returning right to the cock for those last few drops.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well this was some good action from Jules and the cast was real good lead by London Keys who easily has the best scene captured here. Gina was fine in her 2 on 1 and Natalia working the stick is never a dull site. Missy Woods opens up her ass, thanks and on side two Bella's big boobs fill the screen and I didn't read the backcover carefully before slipping this one in so seeing Tiffany Rayne's name was a pleasant surprise and she delivers a sizzling dick drain to Mandingo. Extra wise the big one to check out would be the BTS plus you have pics, cumshot repeat and some trailers. Interracial fans who want good action, shot up close with very interested young ladies should check this one out. London Keys fans in particular should snap this one up.

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