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Once Upon a Temptress

Once Upon a Temptress

Studio: Caballero
Category:  Classic , Feature film
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fu_q's ratings for Once Upon a Temptress:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Once Upon a Temptress overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Once Upon a Temptress Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Once Upon a Temptress Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Once Upon a Temptress Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Once Upon a Temptress Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Once Upon a Temptress DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Once Upon a Temptress A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  12/16/2012
The distinction between reality and fantasy becomes a blur for Alicia Monet, as her work as a scriptwriter uncovers a real-life 1930s murder mystery in “Once Upon a Temptress”. A classic adult film from Caballero and Henri Pachard, this sexy little fuck-flick features Monet as a writer who’s been tasked with producing a script for a film about the lecherous grandfather of her former flame, producer John Leslie. Along the way, she becomes so consumed with the character of the grandfather’s ex-lover that she ultimately has trouble distinguishing herself from her. Oddly, her reality begins to closely mirror the reality of the long-since-passed woman, as well. At times, this is by Monet’s own doing and, at others, it seems by chance. The plot that results twists and turns all the way to the end, and it is generally enough to keep the audience’s interest piqued. Of course, Alicia Monet looks great here and does a good job with her roles, as does the rest of the cast. The sex—while typically short and not involving a tremendous amount of variety in terms of positions and what not—is still steamy enough to get the blood boiling. The only serious negative comes from the audio side of things, in which the sound often features a sort of tinny echo. This certainly isn’t the kiss of death, but it doesn’t help things, either…particularly as far as picking up plot-points is concerned. (As an aside, the main characters actually play two roles apiece in this production—one from the past and one from the present—which also serves to further the blurred-reality motif.)

In terms of the sex, Scene One features Alicia Monet in a sequence that’s a flashback to John Leslie’s grandfather’s time…all as she’s going through a trunk of his things from the past. Here, she plays the part of an actress who was both intimate with Leslie’s grandfather and who also ended up being a suspect in his eventual murder. John plays the part of the grandfather. The encounter kicks off with him giving her both a doll and a part in his next film as gifts—one clearly more generous than the other, but both related. Of course, the two have a thing for one another, and it doesn’t take long for her slip and fedora to slide off and his pin-stripes to follow suit. A seductive oral and vaginal romp proceeds, with the dirty-talk and Alicia’s submissive willingness to please him fueling the fires. Though there’s a minimum of positions here, the action still remains sexy, and the whole encounter closes out with a facial and some oral cock clean-off.

Scene Two features John Leslie in the role of his primary character’s grandfather again, along with his mistress of the time, Shanna McCullough, and a drug peddler, Joey Silvera. After some brief introductory material—in which Silvera provides everyone with some of his “special tea”—there’s a quick cut to the full-on festivities. Immediately, Shanna finds herself in a rotisserie position, with Joey’s cock in her mouth and Leslie’s taking her from behind. A couple of more oral / vaginal combinations ensue, and the action comes to a close with Joey unloading on Shanna’s ass and back and John ejaculating on her face and in her mouth. A touch of oral cock clean-off follows.

In Scene Three, Alicia’s in her modern role, meeting up with her friend, Robert Bullock. She’s at her place, and he’s visiting her for a date, though it’s clear at this point that she’s started to lose her mind from her obsession with her work. Robert isn’t fully aware of what’s going on, but he’s up for the fuck, anyway. A sexy oral and vaginal tryst proceeds, with the only position really being missionary here. Robert drops a load on her tummy and chest to close out this fine affair.

Scene Four involves Robert Bullock—who’s come over to check up on Alicia—and two of her actress housemates, Keisha and Nikki Knight, in Alicia’s room. After some nice double-oral work by the ladies, Robert lays some pipe in both of them and also titty-fucks Keisha’s legendary bosom. As he does so, both women suck his cock, and Nikki ultimately jerks him to a climax all over Keisha’s chest, breasts, and neck—Hot!

In Scene Five, Alicia Monet—as her character from the past—has fallen to new lows due to John’s grandfather’s indiscretions and has struck a desperate prostitution deal with Joey Silvera. Of course, he gets to fuck her and, after a brief bit of mild face-fucking, he does just that. The sex is passionate in this one, but—as with the other sequences—it isn’t horribly varied. Still, a couple of sexy positions proceed, and Joey drops one all over her back.

Scene Six brings together Alicia, Shanna, and John in a modern (as of the date of the production) setting. Shanna’s the lead actress for the film that Alicia’s writing, as well as a bimbo whom John’s fucking. Alicia’s there to set the distant past straight, as she’s become fully (insanely, even) consumed with her work. John and Alicia start things off, but it isn’t long before Shanna joins the party for some girl-on-girl action. As John gets in on things, he turns Shanna away—who leaves in a huff—and just goes at it with Alicia. She rides him briefly in a cowgirl position until he ultimately ejaculates on her ass under the friction of her bouncing cheeks. While this scene could have been longer, what’s there is smokin’.

Bonus-wise, it’s slim-pickin’s. There’s an advertisement for the company’s website, and there are some fairly hot ads for phone sex under the heading of “XXX”. That’s it.

In all, this is a fun fuck-flick that will definitely hold some appeal for the nostalgia-oriented crowd. Further, the sex is steamy—albeit fairly unvaried. For the appropriate audience, this one’s worthy.

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