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On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland)

On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland)

Studio: Dreamland
Category:  Straight
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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randybeaman's ratings for On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland):
Overall Rating 5 stars
On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality On The Prowl 3 (Dreamland) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by randybeaman  on  2/22/2002
Welcome to a new Millenium of premium porno! This is the best dvd disc you can own in 2001! Couples singles all should own it.

Scene A hot red head girl named Alex Fox and her worth is her weight in gold. This girl has curves everywhere! Huge gigantic natural breasts. Her tits are out to here. Wearing a miniskirt she buys a Prowler. It's a nice shiny red car. When she picks up the big guy Joel Lawrence they they get off after they drive somewhere. He Comments Alex fox has sexy breasts. He say youve got such great tits. She comments on his big dick is so big and says wow.. He is nice to her and licks her poontang pie. Fingers that worthless cunt and comments on the sxiness of it. He gives her head. He fucks her. Then hes in the missionary position andf hes in the doggy possition. Shes says hes sos huges. Joel Lawrence is so large that he has to use both hands to jerk off his manly dick and still has lots of dick poking out of his hands. After the worhless woman gets comed on. She says something. The bitch dares to say now get your shit out of my car. Joel Lawrence is left naked in the place where they made love.

Scene #number 2 A girl named Selena is driven around in the red car called the Prowler. Alex drops her off and dares her to do something wild. So the beautiful Selena does. She walks into the seedy red bar and picks up a guy. It's a real man. He is a giant with a giant dick. The Prowler acts like Christine. Selena is such a sexy talker and so bold! Shes got awesome natural big breasts. A curvey body and it's very very sexy. Beautiful full lips. The man gives her head The man slides his big manly dick in her slowly. The they get in the doggystle position. Afters hes done fucking her he comes on her belly and cunt. As Selena and ALex fox leaves she asks if that white stuff on Selenas cunt is come or not. Selena is so sexy she takes her index finger and picks up the come and eats it and say, well it's not mayonase dear. Meanwhile there shy friend Linda Diego is doing something very sexy in the next scene.

Scene #number 3 Linda Diego is a hot girl with brown hair. She has an awesome poon. She watches a movie with a girl named Shay sweet in it and she put lube on her woman hole and begins jerking off. After shes done she comes. Smoking scene.

Scene #number 4 Linda Diego can not believe the men in the bar didn't rip her to pieces. Selena is so wild. So she asks are you gonna do something wild? And Alex says looks like were gonna do something wild now and they kiss. This is so kinky that it is smoking hot. Alex is in the pool and takes her lovely feet and sticks it in Linda Diegos bung. Then she turns around and Alex Fox comments on the tightness of Lindas poon. Mmh it is tight looking. She can hardly fit her finger in there. Shes licks here. Then they switch and Linda Diego has greats tits with huge nipples. Alex fox is tity fucked by the lovely Linda Diego. She doggystyle fucks her with a cool dildo. And then comes. My goodness these girls are hot.

Scene #number 5 On the Prowler the Beautiful long legged miniskrt wearing curly haired Michelle Raven is driven by Linda Diego and she encourages Beautiful Michelle Raven to go get that cock. After hiding in the mens stall she says shes taking up the whole bathroom and will make the guys day. Shes chokes on his dick. He tits are magnificent and naturally huge. He doggystyle fucks her hairy worthless poon. What a beautiful butt. Her anus is fine!~ She could lose some weight in the belly but the director is smart and makes her keeps her skirt on to strategically hide her only unsexy part. When shes bouncing up and down on the big guys dick Her clit is clearly shown and huge and that worthless poon and nice! He touches her breasts. This woman also has beautiful curves. Shes got a pierced tongue, very sexy. She advises Linda Diego to take the long way home and its great advice for she meets up with a stranded motorist with huge breasts and blonde hair.

Scene #6 After Linda Diego tricks Tanya Danielle into going to the service station thats really a stable. Linda Seduce Tanya and says she was making a nice teasy move. Very kinky. And she uses the line since you need a mechanic. I'll give you a tune up. Tanya immediatly spreads her legs wide in the air and the rest is history. I'll stop describing the scene here for it is impossible to put the goodness of this scene in to words. Please see it for yourself to get off! A must see scene that will become a classic.

The movie ends with dialogue about cars with Linda Diego and Alex Foxe.

Buy it for the high quality of porn, and the quality of women. And even the music in the backgroud. Anyone who picks up this movie is getting the bargain of the century.

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