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On a Dogging Mission 18

On a Dogging Mission 18

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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stinkfist's ratings for On a Dogging Mission 18:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
On a Dogging Mission 18 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks On a Dogging Mission 18 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks On a Dogging Mission 18 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex On a Dogging Mission 18 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting On a Dogging Mission 18 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras On a Dogging Mission 18 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality On a Dogging Mission 18 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by stinkfist  on  11/11/2008
Scene 1-Ariana Kaye

Another dogging mission and i am looking forward to this,the scene starts with Don on his travels on foot going through the woods it's daytime so let's see what is in store.He talks away and gives us the lowdown on the best dogging spots and after a while he spies a couple getting down and dirty through the bushes,Don sneaks up closer and a blond is on her knees giving a guy a blowjob and as the camera is trained on her the blond stands up and the guy pulls down her lol.The guy wastes no time in getting her against a tree for some standing doggie.It's difficult to see anything as the guy still has his jacket on and his jeans are pulled down,well what did i expect Luther Vandross playing in the background. lol

Don zooms in on the guy who is sporting a backside that is whiter than Michael Jackson then without warning Don gets close and introduces himself to the couple,the guy spins around and seems startled while the girl grins away Don says he is from Killergram and can he watch.The couple have no objections and the fucking continues doggie style,Ariana is blond and slim and attractive and smiles away as she gets hammered from behind,she then sinks to her knees and decides she wants some cock to feast on as Don continues to ask some questions,Don you are getting nosier in your old age lol.

Ariana looks great with her mouth full of cock and judging by her smile i think she is loving this,as she sucks away she makes eye contact with the camera and this is good to watch.Now it's back to fucking and Ariana stands up and pulls her trousers and panties down and standing doggie again,she has a great ass and with her milky white skin she looks great, Ariana sits on a small wooden handrail that is on a makeshift footpath that overlooks a river/lake and began to take one leg out of her trousers,i hope to god she does not fall in the river although part of me thinks it would be funny.She begins to get fucked and looks great even in this precarious position.

Next up she is on her knees with one leg still in her trousers and her knickers dangling down,hey this is outdoor fucking what do you want trousers folded and everything running to a plan Ariana gives the guy some deepthroat action and glances at the camera,ok you might have heard of the Gaydar that gay guys are supposed to have,they can look at another guy and they can tell if he is gay or not..well i have got a Pervdar and i can assure you Ariana is a fully fledged pervert lol.Standing doggie now and she gets banged hard and moans away while the guy piston pumps her then it's back on her knees to suck him of,she does this with her hands by her side just ramming her mouth against his cock.

Some pov action now as Don captures her with her hands by her side getting face fucked,i think i am going to be taking a walk down my local park tomorrow you never know what's going on.Back to the action and Ariana looks sexy as she gobbles away on his salty serpent some good deepthroat action now as Ariana lets the guy slide his cock all the way in her mouth.Standing doggie is next on the menu and you can hear her juices slopping away she then drops to her knees and Don warns her to "Watch the nettles on your ass" lol.The finale has Ariana sucking and wanking away and deepthroating this lucky guy,then shock horror Don announces that someone is coming and it is not going to be this guys lucky day..or mine,as a local bike club or something are in the park a quick exit follows,damn lol.

Good scene to start the movie Ariana was sexy as hell and with her slim figure and milky white skin i liked her.She had great cocksucking skills and really loved to deepthroat.At the start Don had sneaked up on this couple who were fucking on private property and got to watch and film it for us,it's a pity we never got to see Ariana take a facial maybe next time.

Scene 2-Donna Bones

The scene starts with Don moaning lol,he is in his car and it's pitch black and he says he has found another dogging spot for us.He gets out his car and heads to another car and a guy is in the back seat and judging by his posture i think he has company lol.As Don gets closer sure enough another head bobbed up and down..yes the jammy sod is getting a blowjob.Don heads for the car window and the woman has dark hair and is getting down and dirty with her partner,the door gets opened and Don says "You don't mind me watching mate do you" and the couple give the go ahead to him watching.

Donna has short dark hair and continues sucking on her partners cock while Don talks away to them she seems to be enjoying herself as she clamps her lips around that cock while hubby does all the talking.She wanks away on her hubby's tool and he let out a moan then she continues sucking away.Donna is a naughty housewife indeed and says she would love more is your chance Don lol.He goes on to tell her that if he took her to a dogging spot that he knows there would be about 50 guys for her to suck of Donna laughs away and says to her hubby that they need to try that place out.

Now it was time to see some flesh and her blouse got opened and her tits were small but perky she also had a tattoo above one boob and a piercing on one of her nipples,her hubby licks on her nipples while she wanks him of and you just know that Donna's pussy is soaking wet at the thought of being watched and filmed.My Pervdar confirmed it lol,more chat from Don then the camera pans down to show of Donna's hairy pussy it is a bush and a half and as hubby comments on it you can tell he was the one who pleaded with Donna to grow it then he lets slip that Donna shaves her toes wtf lol,i think he will be getting the frying pan over the head when he returns home tonight.

Donna continues to wank him of and Don is filming all this from outside with the car door open,i hope he wrapped up well.Now it was time for a 69er and somehow they got in position and hubby began to eat out her hairy cunt then tried to slip a finger up her bumhole only to get his hand slapped away lol.Hubby has had enough and gets out the car and stands and Donna backs into him then decides to get out the car and at last we are going to see some fucking.She stands against the car door and hubby starts to bang away next up she is sitting in the car playing with her pussy while she sucks of hubby.

I think wanking of her hubby is Donna's thing as she moans away while she is doing it and her nipples are rock hard she uses both hands on his tool and then goes back to sucking the end of his cock while she wanks the rest of his length,Don zooms in for a close up shot of her pussy and it is some bush indeed that Donna has.Some mutual masterbation now as Donna lies on the back seats and plays with herself while hubby rips the head of his cock,are this couple a pair of wankers lol.As i watched the both of them wanking there hands were a blur the wife was first to cum then she moved towards her hubby and he came in her mouth,great timing.

Very little fucking took place in this scene,we did get to see plenty of wanking though if that is your thing and if you like the housewife look then you might like Donna.She also had a hairy pussy i could not really get into this scene so i hope for better from the rest of the movie.

Scene 3-Naomi Briggs

Straight into action we go and a milf awaits us and as Don chats way to her he promises her big cocks and plenty of fun on her dogging mission,she reveals some secrets to Don and then pulls down her top to show of a huge pair of natural juggs with big nipples and as Don pans the camera down her body she has on knee high black boots and black stockings and a short skirt and she goes on to tell Don that she has been dogging before and had a load of guys wank of and leave there DNA all over her tits lol.I think i like this woman,more chit chat and we are on our way to a dogging spot.

We are now at the dogging spot and Don announces that it's pissing down so he knows an old shed where they can go Naomi gives the ok and Don pans the camera back and the doggers are already waiting,he tells Naomi to get her coat and now we are on the move.It is going to be good to see this older woman get her tits and face plastered with cum,as Don walks to the shed the camera pans along the ground and catches the boots of Naomi and the feet of the doggers it has that filthy edge to it knowing that Naomi is only seconds away from sinking to her knees to suck of some strangers and take there cum.

Now we are at the shed and as Don talks away Naomi grabs a seat and with that the doggers move forward and start to get there cocks out,she reaches out to wank one guy of before sucking him of and he wastes no time in slipping of her jacket and freeing one of her big boobs from her top then starts to play with it.Now another dogger is getting his cock sucked and both her tits are out now as hands roam all over her knockers.Naomi wanks of two guy while the other guy has his hand down playing with her pussy i am enjoying this scene so far.Naomi's nipples are huge and as she sucks of the guys she was really getting of on this.

Don continues with the laughs asking if anyone heard an earthquake then asks Naomi if it was her tits knocking together,she goes from cock to cock and sucks away and has a look on her face that confirms she is loving this.She stands up and hitches her skirt up and it's a free for all with hands all over her cheeks,she sits back down and the 3 guys wank over her and Don promises her creamy tits.One guy duly pops his load over Naomi's tits and she rubs it in then takes turns sucking of the other guys.Naomi squeezes her boobs together and asks for cream and one of the guys can take no more and shoots over her tits,the final guy tries his best but Don gives him verbals telling him to hurry up The Sopranos is due on lol.The guy apologizes he cannot do it and with that Naomi says she has had a great time.

I liked this scene and that is without any fucking in it,Naomi was a milf an older woman with large breasts just what a milf should be and she got her seedy cock fix at an old shed and i enjoyed watching her scene.

Scene 4-Natasha

We are out daytime dogging again and Don has the camera trained on a couple who are kissing and the female slowly starts to strip her man of and kisses his chest then sinks to her knees and gets his cock out and wraps her lips around must be love lol.Don is still quite a bit away and zooms in on the action then slowly creeps forward towards this couple.He is now right next to them and asks if he can watch and now we get a look at the pretty blond who is squatting giving this lucky guy a blowjob she has a nice slim figure i hope she loses some clothes if you know what i mean lol.She has a dirty look about her and not just because she has a mouthful of cock,she has great little tits and from what i can see nice thighs to,very sexy and toned.

Natasha smiles and then gives Don the ok to watch,this guy has got the best job in Britain lol.Now she gets back to cocksucking and rubs on her pussy at the same time,i like this girl.She now stands up and is very leggy and as her denim skirt has ridden away up we get to see her peach of a bum and with that some standing doggie is on the menu,as he bangs away Don warns the guy to watch he does not fall or it's an ass full of nettles he will get.Natasha leans forward and places both her hands on the ground as she is getting banged and this looks good and Don captures the action side on,back to cock sucking Natasha goes and you can tell she is a fan of oral as she greedily sucks away on this lucky guys tool.She treats his cock like that is the last chocolate in the box licking away at it and softly moaning..

Don captures some pov action and this looks good as Natasha slides her lips up and down his shaft and all of this is taking place outdoors at about no later than 2.30pm i am jealous lol.Natasha is making some noise kissing the end of this guys cock as she pulls it out her mouth,she is in cock heaven even my old pal Don says to her "You would not get away with that noise in the back row of the cinema"lol.Now Natasha tries to find a bit of even ground to stand up so she can get her pussy licked,she eventually holds a branch and bends over so the guy can eat her out and a close up of her pink slit looks great.2008 and women are still getting it hard so to speak lol,Natasha wants a cock fix now and sinks to her knees once again to slurp away on his dong then after a while pulls back and as she squats she rubs her pussy while the guy wanks away till he delivers the baby gravy all over Natasha's face and mouth.

I enjoyed this scene and Natasha had a touch of the Ashley or was it Angel Long about her,maybe it was her height,her long blond hair tied back her slim figure or just her facial looks but she did it for me anyway.She liked to suck cock and it was good to watch i would have liked to have seen her get a good fucking maybe she can be paired up with The Shaft in a movie.

Scene 5-Tallulah Thorn

Some daytime action again and Don is on his travels to a quiet spot to hopefully find some action for us and he goes on to say that he followed this couples car down this quiet country road so let's see what is on offer for us perverts on this dogging mission.Don is now on the move and a car comes into view and he makes his way over to it,damn there is no one in the car a path leading of from where the car is parked could be a good bet to have a look and so Don treks along this path in search of some action for us,relax Don it will keep you fit lol.Then some great news as a lone female figure can be seen at the top of the path and as Don zooms in even better news she is standing masterbating.

As Don gets to the top of this steep path we see the guy as well and he is eating out Tallulah who stands with one leg propped against a tree,as Don introduces himself we get a good look at this couple and Tallulah is a rock chick.She is heavily tattooed has plum colored bopped hair and has a great sexy figure she has loads of large tattoos and one that runs from her hip right down her thigh,i like this girl.Who says rockers only stand at the bar getting pissed drinking pint after pint while listening to heavy metal as they flick the devil sign at each other..probably a couple of Jehovah's Witnesses lol.Tallulah looks fantastic and with her short hair and sexy smile she is doing it for me lol

She has on a mini kilt and black top and as she turned around more large tattoos stretch the length of her arms and as she sinks to her knees she has on biker boots and red socks,her partner is also a rocker and has several tattoos.Tallulah briefly gives him a blowjob before standing up and her shaved pussy is now on display and she parts her legs to do a piss,a stream of piss launched out of her slit and i think this is going to be a fantastic scene.She then rubs on her pussy and tastes her piss stained fingers and smiles and laughs to Don,now she sinks to her knees and i noticed her knuckels are also tattooed with the words Fail and Doll written on them..i think,and this lucky guy begins to get sucked of then Don asks some questions and as the camera pans up to the guy he has a long goatee beard that chodemasterj would be proud of lol.

Tallulah who is still standing bends over and spreads her cheeks wide apart and shows of a great little tight asshole and a nice pink slit,as the guy slides his cock up Tallulah she bites on her bottom lip as he begins to pump away,she then moves her leg against a tree and balances it on a branch so the guy can get in deeper.This girl likes it deep and hard and as she talks dirty and tells the guy to "Slam it in my dirty hole" i think i love her lol.She stands up and leans against a tree and reaches her leg right back and as her partner pumps away at her,her leg is draped against his shoulder.She then mouths of more obscenities.

Tallulah looks great getting fucked this way she then bends over and spreads her cheeks and tells the guy to "Fuck my arse hard" this is great it looks like Don has delivered a great dogging mission for us and in all my time watching the dogging missions i cannot recall a girl taking it in the butt on a dogging mission before so this is great and Tallulah just looks so nasty and that makes it even more enjoyable.Don calls her a dirty bitch when he finds out which hole the guy is fucking and Tallulah says "It's up my fucking arse,i love cock up my arse" as the guy pumps away she mouths of then when he pulls out she begins to force as many fingers as possible into her own asshole and fingers away,this is hot to watch.

As the guy goes back to fucking Tallulah's ass she crams her whole fist in her mouth,even Don is taken he had a stiffie though lol.Tallulah continues to talk nasty telling her partner she wants her "Ass stretched wide open" and she wants to "Feel his cum dripping in her ass" as he pulled his cock out her ass Tallulah sunk to her knees to taste his cock and rubbed away on her pussy as she sucked him off,she then goes on to say that she "Loves to taste her ass of his dick" and as she sucks his cock again she says that she can "Taste her arse of his dick" this is one hot nasty chick..get her phone number for me

She turns around again and says to the guy to "Spunk in my arsehole" and that she is going to "Scoop it out and lick it up" her pussy gets fucked now and and as she is moaning away he slides 4 fingers up her asshole and stretches her hole,Tallulah is loving to lol.As he fucks her she has an intense orgasm she then swings around and demands to taste her wet pussy from his dick,someone get Don a sedative lol.Some great deepthroat action now and Tallulah looks hot as hell and for a second the action stops as someone is nearby,after a slight pause Tallulah gets fucked again this time with one leg high up in the air pressed against a branch.

The finale has the guy spunking over her arsehole as she pushed her cheeks wide apart she fingers her asshole then licks the cum from her fingers,then as they make there way out of there they pause at a tree and Tallulah bends over and gets her spunky asshole fingered by her partner then she rams 4 fingers up her asshole and pummels away then she shoves her fist in her mouth to taste her ass.She sinks to her knees to once again suck of her partner who is hard again,she stops and demands that he spit in her mouth and Don says "You pair of dirty fuckers" lol more sloppy deepthroat and Tallulah gags away on his cock before she gets fucked again and the guy manages another pop shot in her mouth.

Fantastic scene Tallulah was a rock chick the kind of rock chick that i never seem to meet on my nights out lol.She was heavily tattooed her chest was tattooed and she had great tats running from her hip to just below her knee,her knuckles were tattooed with Fail and Doll i think it said on them and with her short bobbed plum colored hair and her penciled in eyebrows and thick black eyeliner and biker boots and mini kilt she was a hot babe indeed.She was as nasty as they come and it made for a great viewing experience and if you like alt girls you will love this scene,she also loves it up the arse and combined with her filthy talk it made the scene even more enjoyable,Don you did us proud there go get yourself a cold beer mate.

Scene 6-Trinity Thomas

The last scene and what's in store for us now i wonder,the scene starts with Trinity indoors getting interviewed by Don and as he chats away to her he pans the camera from her feet upwards and she has on a pair of thigh high black boots and a short skirt and a see thru black body stocking spiders web style and her black bra is on display and with her dark hair tied back Trinity looks sexy as hell,she also has a dog collar on i do not know if my cock can take any more lol.Trinity is pretty and has blue piercing eyes,she goes on to say this is her first time dogging so this is going to be great to watch she has that twinkle in her eye which has set my cock of lol.

Trinity stands up and she looks fantastic so slutty and just ready to be fucked,i love the boots and the short skirt,fuck me i am coming out of my shell here lol.As Don gets her to do a twirl she has a great ass really nice and curvy and as an ass man i might just say Trinity could be my favorite girl of this dogging mission and that is a strong claim to make after watching scene 5.Don looks at his watch and says it's 9.30pm we will get to the dogging spot for 10pm which is prime time for the doggers,Trinity smiles and says let's go.We are now at a dogging spot and Don opens the door to let Trinity out.

She takes of her jacket and she looks great she then bends over the bonnet of his car and hitches her short skirt up and written in black felt tip pen was On A Dogging Mission on her arse cheeks,i smiled to she was my favorite lol.And with her bubble butt i would use her for toothpaste lol,it was time to find her some doggers and Trinity smiles when Don mentions that her ass might get a spanking.As she walks up some path Don follows behind her and we get a great view of that ass and her sexy boots,a dogger now stands before Trinity and she urges him to get his cock out and flashes her bum at him and his hand is soon on it squeezing her cheeks,i am nearly in tears back here with jealousy

She sinks to her knees and tells the dogger to get his trousers down and laughs away and the guy knows a good thing when he sees it and gets his cock out,Trinity wraps her lips around his cock and begins to suck away then wanks him of,is this girl really a dogging virgin.She continues to suck and wank this lucky guy of till he eventually gets to spunk over her ass,hope to god he does not rub of Don's artwork as he is moaning already and slags the guy of for only managing 3 dribbles of cum lol.The guy gets made to get a wet wipe and clean her ass and Don asks Trinity how her first dogging mission was,she replied by saying "Boring,not enough cocks"

Short but sweet scene Trinity was sexy and i was hoping to see her suck lots of cocks and get fucked,pass the hankies as i could cry lol.Only one dogger for her and she was not thrilled by his cum shot at the end but that's dogging for you,although for some reason she was still my favorite so here is hoping Don gets her out again.So that's another dogging mission completed and something for everyone,shy housewifes,alt girl,a milf..and the dogging virgin Trinity,this was a good title from Killergram i honestly think i am addicted to dogging lol.

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