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On a Dogging Mission 17

On a Dogging Mission 17

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex , Foreign
Starring: , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for On a Dogging Mission 17:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
On a Dogging Mission 17 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks On a Dogging Mission 17 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks On a Dogging Mission 17 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex On a Dogging Mission 17 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting On a Dogging Mission 17 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras On a Dogging Mission 17 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality On a Dogging Mission 17 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  11/7/2008
Scene 1-Crystal Saunders

The scene starts of with a blond milf in her apartment getting ready to go out dogging she has on black knee high boots,black fishnets and as the camera pans up she is wearing a black see thru dress and her panties and black bra are on show.I think i will take up this dogging lark,Don "Dogging" Roobles interviews Crystal and as we get a face shot we see that she has shoulder length blond hair and looks housewife material and she has quite a hooter on her.By that i mean she has a large nose which looks like it has been broken in the past,anyway back to the interview and Don let's her know that plenty of cocks are on offer for her tonight.She does a twirl and has a great curvy ass and by the looks of it a hefty pair of juggs..C'mon Don enough talking get her to a dogging spot.

They are both in the car now and it's pitch black Crystal tells Don she seen a dirty dogger hiding in the bushes..that was probably me Crystal lol,out the car she goes and she does have a great set of legs and with those tits intent on bursting out of her top it's going to be a lucky bunch of doggers who get the Crystal treatment tonight,this is worth coming out in the dark and the cold for.As Crystal walks ahead we get a good look at that butt of hers then a dogger comes into view and she walks towards him and i shouted out "lucky bastard" at the top of my voice,is it that easy to get some action the truth is yes if you are on the dogging scene and know the right contacts.The guy wastes no time in getting his hands on Crystal's ass and tits and she is soon wanking this guy of then stooping down to suck him off we do not get to see the doggers face only from the waist down.

She licks his balls and continues to wank him of i am sure this guy is glad he took a chance going dogging tonight,he pleads for her to stop as he is going to cum and asks if he can fuck her,why not cum then fuck her again c'mon son don't make me swear lol.Crystal heads over to Don's car and bends over the bonnet and the guy has a bit of trouble getting his cock in her.Don please do not buy this guy "The Joy Of Sex" for his Christmas lol,the guy is getting the last laugh as he is the one who is getting to fuck a milf.Crystal slides her knickers of and puts them in one of her boots..well i never lol.and then she raises her leg to let him enter her and Crystal is the one who feeds his cock into her.Forget "The Joy Of Sex" does this guy think the clitorious is a holiday resort...Don give him a wedgie for fucks sake.

As the guy bangs away he is groping Crystal's huge tits and her nipples stood out like 2 school kids playing truant down the mall,the guy says he is knackered and gets verbals from Don and Crystal as he has only just started,this is what i like about the dogging mission titles it is down to earth action with laughs thrown in.Crystal spins around now so that the guy can tit fuck her and after some brief action he wanks of and cums over Crystal's tits then she opens the car door and gets a tissue to wipe herself clean then her mobile goes of and after some chat she is on the hunt for more doggers and finds another guy waiting by his car.He only arrived 2 seconds ago and is now getting wanked of by Crystal then she sunk to her knees and began to suck him off.

Suddenly the guy from earlier on walks over and Crystal takes his cock in her hand and begins to wank both guys of well this beats watching the Champions League this year,my team is not in it this year anyway.Both guys get sucked of then the guys wank onto her chest before one guy cant hold back any longer and cums over her tits,then Crystal wanks the other guy of till he pops over her boobs.That guy had a funny looking cock it almost looked like an anteater lol.Now Crystal walks back to Don's car as he asks her about her dogging session and the cum is still splattered over her tits as she makes her way over.

Not a bad scene to start the movie Crystal is a milf and does have a good body but i felt she could have taken more guys on or even got fucked harder or been paired up with a couple of well hung guys,but that's dogging for you.If you are wanting perfect lighting,airbrushed girls and flawless sex then this is not for you,if you like unpredictable action with down to earth girls and guys..get the car keys ready and let's go dogging.

Scene 2-Emma Lee

Dark haired Emma is next and she wears a red dress and black patterned tights or stockings i am not sure what they are yet,how am i supposed to know i do not wear them lol.She is another milf and who remembers the Chris De Burgh song Lady In Red,maybe old Chris was a dogger at heart eh.As Don chats away to Emma she lifts up her dress to reveal black see thru panties and in the background two cars have there headlights on..the doggers have arrived.Emma is a dirty talker and tells Don she has been dogging before and that 20 guys turned up and she sucked,fucked and took there spunk to her face this is one naughty little milf.Emma has a nice slim body and a good pair of legs,she is attracting more attention and is now on the move,the next shot of her has her lying on a car blanket playing with her pussy.

Her tits are out of her dress and her knickers get pulled to the side and she has large pussy lips which she begins to rub on then she begins to finger her hole,i think i like this woman.Emma stands up and fingers her cunt and plays with her tits she is on the move again looking for the doggers and the wimps are in hiding so back to the blanket she goes and gets on her knees and plays with her tits as Don talks away to her.Then at last a dogger appears and she sinks to her knees to suck him of and Don pans the camera around to show his mates standing there.Emma continues to suck and wank him of and you can tell this girl is loving it,she dirty talks telling the guy to shoot his spunk all over her tits and as the guy pulls away on his dick she plays with her tits and gives him vocal encouragement.

He gets to spunk in her mouth instead of over her tits and she spits it out,she then shouts out "Next" as the shy mates cower in the background,eventually she goes over and selects a guy then back over to the blanket she goes and drops to her knees to suck on this guys cock,now i know it's cold but you know what i'm saying lol.The guy cums in record time and again Emma spits it out then another dogger gets led over and is given the blowjob treatment and wanks of over Emma and with that she is on the move back to Don's car.Then more laughs as they pass a tree and 4 or 5 guys stand there and Don says "Fucking hell what you doing there,do you want your dick sucking or what"..then realizes what he has said "Not by me for gods sake" and everyone laughs.Back at the car and Don thanks Emma for coming dogging and one last look at her tits and the scene ends.

I enjoyed this scene,you could easily have put yourself in this scene as one of the doggers,Emma had that dirty look about her and it would have been great to see her get fucked or sucking more cocks.Two scenes so far and my cock is happy lol.

Scene 3-Gemma Grant

The scene starts with Don trooping through the woods,it's a dirty job but someones gotta do it.Did i mention it's daytime and a first for the dogging missions the action is taking place in a caravan park.Don sneaks up to a caravan peeps inside and we see a guy and a girl and he tries to be quiet which is difficult when you are walking on gravel,inside the caravan and the guy starts to kiss the girl he is a big hefty guy and wears a Chelsea away top and for a minute i found myself singing an old Chelsea song "Celery,Celery,If she don't come I'll tickle her bum with a lump of celery,Celery..Celery lol".The girl is the next door type and as he begins to strip her of she has a slim figure and looks nice and has a good pair of tits on her,as the big guy dropped his trousers and showed of a beer gut that was bought and paid for it gave me hope that i could get pussy to..if you know what i mean.

Don has seen enough and introduces himself and asks if he can watch,and back to kissing and stroking they go and the big guy is soon going down on her before she gets to work on his cock."Blue Is The Color" that's another famous Chelsea song..well i am green with envy as Gemma sucked of this big guy,i wished she would come suck me of.Gemma continues to slowly suck him of and this guy had a big smile on his face and no wonder then she says she wants her ass spanked and the big guy slaps her ass as she stands and she continues wanking him of.Give her it harder than that mate i thought to myself.Back to cock sucking Gemma went and the action is really slow and the big guy just lays there while Gemma sucks him off,i would have had her pussy drilled ages ago.The big guy chooses to go down on her and at least Gemma is happy,next up he stands and wanks till he cums over Gemma's pussy.

This scene never really got going for me,i prefer the outdoor action pretending that i am one of the doggers skulking about in the darkness hoping to get sucked of etc,so the caravan scenario never did it for me.Gemma was nice and the girl next door type but this was only blowjob action,the big guy fair play to him got to get it on with Gemma but never got out of first gear.Stick to watching Chelsea big man no offense lol.

Scene 4-Lucy Lomas

The scene starts with Don on the hunt looking for action he is at the edge of a golf course and as he looks around he spies an old derelict house and then a car with hopefully some action going on inside so he decides to sneak up on it.He goes through this old house to get to the car and it is pitch black,the things Don does to keep us doggers happy..we appreciate it mate.Now we get a look at the car as Don zooms in on it and inside are a couple who get out the front seats and make there way into the back seats.As Don makes his way to the side of the car we can see the guys hand stroking the girls pussy and her top is open and her bra is on show.Don knocks on the window and asks if this is a golf course,the oldest one in the book Don lol.Lucy looks nice and sexy she is a blond and as she continues to get fingered she looks like she is loving her dogging experience.

Don asks her to get out the car and as she does she has a fantastic figure,great long legs and as she bends over she shows of a great butt.I like this girl,the action soon swings to her on her knees sucking of her partner and as she sucks away she is really getting into it.Don tells her he would love to take her on a shoot and get her ass and face covered in spunk,she stops to say she would love that.Her legs do look great as she squats and sucks on this cock,some great pov style action now as Don stands over the guy and looks down on Lucy and asks her to look into the camera as she sucks cock,she then gets fucked against the back of the car doggie style and this is great to watch.Next up she has got that cock back in her mouth and is on her knees frantically sucking away,the finale sees the guy wanking away as Lucy gets her tits out of her bra and plays with them she still has her denim dress on which is open to show of her great legs then the guy cannot take anymore and shoots his spunk all over her tits,Don cries out "Four" well we are at the golf

I liked this scene Lucy was sexy and looked great,the only downside was we never got to see her take on multiple cocks but Don has promised to get her back for another shoot.It was good to see her getting fucked and she had a great ass,well i am sure Don was happy that he followed there car to a dogging spot.

Scene 5-Paradise Summer

The scene starts of with Paradise already in the car at a doggers spot and Don says to her "Would you like to see how many doggers have turned out for you" and with that the camera pans around and about 15 guys or more are milling about and one female(did you listen to my idea Don about getting girls watching at the dogging spots) As Paradise sits in the car her tits are out and what a great little pair they are,Don tells her she is going to get covered in spunk,this man has a way with his words lol.As the camera pans down she has her legs wide open and pulls her knickers to the side to show of a shaven haven.This is going to be good to watch she also has on a denim skirt which is now around her wist and knee high black boots and a black lace top which is pulled high up.

Bring on the doggers that's what i say and as this is Paradise's first time i think word got out as there are loads of doggers now,she is on her knees on a car blanket and her tits look great her nipples are nice and hard then Don shouts out "Are you all watchers or what" to the crowd.He then asks who has the balls to go first while Paradise patiently waits for some action.Paradise soon tries to get them in the mood she lies down and starts to rub on her pussy and she looks hot as hell.Get over there guys it's on a plate for fucks sake lol,one guy has seen enough and is over there with his cock out and Paradise laughs then feeds it into her mouth.Don taunts the rest of the guys while the guy who is getting sucked of shouts to his mates "You don't know what your missing guys" lol.

Paradise continues to suck on his cock and with that more bravado follows as he tells his mates "Her pussy is so wet" lol.Concentrate on the job big man concentrate on the job stay focused.And with that he stands up and says "Come on boys,i need a hand here" and Paradise sits waiting for the boys who are all talk but no action.The truth is i do not know if i could get my cock out in front of my mates maybe doing it in front of a stranger is easier but your mates,every time you look at them you would be looking at them in a different light so to speak lol.Back to sucking this guys cock Paradise went and the guy told Don he thought the other guys "Were gayboys" lol.That was not very pc was it i cannot believe all those doggers are just watching and only one guy has the balls so to speak to get involved with Paradise.

Paradise is enjoying being watched and lies back on the blanket and holds her legs up high and fingers her hole then goes on her knees and we get a great look at her ass as she fingers her pussy again.Don pans the camera around and we see the large crowd watching and yet no takers for some free pussy,maybe they are gayboys lol.Paradise gets all her kit of and plays with her sexy body and even she says she feels unwanted.The at last one guy comes closer and Paradise gets his cock out and begins to suck on it eventually the guy from earlier appears and spunks on Paradise's tits then that's it time up as Don got a call that the police might be nearby,that's dogging for you.

Well what can i say,at the start when i seen Paradise i thought we were in for a cracking bit of action but all those doggers and only 2 guys had the balls to get there cock sucked and only 1 of them managed to come.Paradise was lovely so they can have no excuses.All i can say to the guys who never took the free pussy on offer,get yourselves down the blue oyster bar and dance to some ABBA and leave the dogging to the perverts.Only kidding but dogging is so unpredictable you just cannot call how the action will pan out,hope Don gets Paradise out again.

Scene 6-Tina Marie

The scene starts with the Queen Of Dogging Tina Marie in her apartment,she looks great and is wearing a black leather jacket and a white dress and with her jet black hair in the style of Cleopatra i want to bathe her in my hot milk if you know what i mean lol.Although i think i could have a fight on my hands with chodemasterj and jrsl to name a few lol.Tina is going through her bag which is full of underwear etc and tells Don she did a porn shoot and got "Well fucked by 3 guys" it was not stinkfist,chodemasterj and jrsl...honest Kate.As she gets a pair of knickers out her bag she holds them up to Don and laughs as he says "What the fuck are they" and she tells him "Spongebob knickers" lol.She then pulls out a set of heels and tells Don she is wearing them to dogging.Don asks to get a look at Tina's dress and she gives a quick peek to show of a shaved pussy,i steamed up my monitor then clicked back to see if i really seen that..and the answer was yes lol

She stands up and has no shoes on and her curvy figure looks great in her white dress which clings to her body,her thighs and waist are nice and thick..mmm yummy.when she turns around her dress is so short that it shows of her amazing bubble butt and her shaved pussy,my god Tina has not even been dogging yet and i am having trouble controlling the snake ha ha.Her shaved pussy does look fantastic and as she slaps her own bum i was loving this.Then the door intercom buzzer goes and some male company has arrived and after some quick chat we are now in the great outdoors and Tina tells us she wont be fucking tonight as she did 3 scenes for Killergram earlier and her pussy is well fucked but her mouth is not,that is good enough for me Tina lol.She goes on to say that her pussy has been battered today and this sounds sexy as hell and as the camera pans down she is wearing jeans as well as that white dress and leather jacket.

As the camera pans to a couple of doggers Tina says "Look at my fucking nipples,it's freezing" and as she opens her jacket they are poking through her dress and her tits look fantastic and you can see her piercings she goes on to say she is "The dogging cocksucking queen" she gets her tits out to show Don.As she sinks to her knees to blow of a couple of guys it's condoms on or those guys aint getting any action,a small sacrifice to pay that's what i say.As Tina begins to blow them of she looks fantastic if you are wanting to see Tina feasting on huge cocks you will not be getting it with these 2 guys they are just run of the mill guys with average cocks who can't believe they are getting a blowjob from The Queen Of Dogging,then another guy appears to get his cock sucked,more slutty talk from Tina continues then she gets the guy to rubber up then sucks him off and again he is not very well hung.Tina does not care and sucks aways while Don makes Tina laugh.

Tina heads over to Don's car opens the door and sits on the passenger seat and with the door open the guys swarm over her and take turns getting there cocks sucked,then Don tells her to get those tits out and take some spunk to them and she does as she is told and they stand over her beating away till one guy whips of his condom and shoots over her tits then she sucks another guy of as the final guy stands and wanks over her.Her tits soon get another creamy load which runs down her white dress and drips onto her jeans,some laughs follow as the guy who came the first time around attempts to cum again and Don puts him of and Tina scolds Don for putting the guy of his stroke lol.The final guy is still wanking away but Tina has had enough and gets up and walks away and we get a great view of her ass,she is soon pulling down her jeans to show Don her bashed pussy from today and it looks amazing all nice and smooth,she then shows of that great bubble butt and i am enjoying this ending.And right at the end she runs over to the guy and says "I forgot my cum" and the guy shoots his load over her tits lol.

Tina was great and is such a babe,the lucky guys who got a blowjob from Tina should be thankful that girls like her go dogging.She is attractive and bubbly and so likeable and that is without me mentioning her body etc.Another good dogging mission completed and i enjoyed it.There was something for everyone and i have got to say i enjoyed several of the girls and am hoping to see Laura again on the dogging missions.

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