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On a Dogging Mission 10

On a Dogging Mission 10

Studio: Killergram
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , ,
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stinkfist's ratings for On a Dogging Mission 10:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
On a Dogging Mission 10 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks On a Dogging Mission 10 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks On a Dogging Mission 10 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex On a Dogging Mission 10 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting On a Dogging Mission 10 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras On a Dogging Mission 10 DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality On a Dogging Mission 10 A/V Quality rating 0 stars
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Reviewed by stinkfist  on  4/24/2008
Mirror-Signal-Maneuver..Who can remember there first driving lessons as you sat there soaked in sweat gripping the steering wheel like your life depended on it,how you dreamed of passing your test and buying your first car so you could cruise about on a hot day with the windows down with your favorite music playing.Did you ever imagine you would end up in secluded car parks watching hot girls sucking and fucking complete strangers.Welcome to the world of Dogging a practice that involves horny couples and singles descending on remote meeting places,deserted car parks at night,old country path roads miles from nowhere etc to indulge in some no strings attached fun.Well that is how some of the British go about there Dogging lets turn our attention to watching all these hot scenarios getting put on film and preserved for our enjoyment step forward Killergram and there Dogging series called On A Dogging Mission..enjoy the ride.

Scene 1-Bonnie Wood

It's the dead of night and pitch black and Don Roobles the man behind the camera and the On A Dogging Mission series is out looking for hot action to film,as he talks away about this being a Dogging site the camera pans around and a red car comes into view and with the door already open we see Bonnie sitting inside wearing a red top which is open exposing her great tits,she has on a a very short skirt pulled up to reveal a shaved pussy my god hold on till i get my hands on my gearstick?she is pretty and almost like the shy girl next door type with her hair tied back.As Don chats away to her telling her he is going to find a few guys to have some fun with her she is soon getting turned on at the thought and is squeezing her tits and asking for cock.I really hope we get to see her reverse parking,she talks dirty to the camera demanding that all the guys get to this Dogging spot so she can suck there cocks.If i went and shagged her up the arse would i get 3 points on my license i thought to myself,did i mention that Bonnie is 19 has fantastic pert tits and a shaven haven it's not long before she is out the car and she has a slim toned body and a pierced belly button as she bends over she has a nice bubble butt which Don playfully slaps.Now they are on the move looking for cock for Bonnie to suck and as she walks ahead the camera follows her sexy arse she is soon on her knees as a guy stands before her with his cock out,she licks his balls and goes to work on his meat Don continues giving us a commentary on naughty Bonnie and she gazes to the camera and with her mouth full of man meat shouts out that she wants more cock etc.Soon she is on her back on the ground her legs wide apart as she rubs her pussy.We are now on the move again as that cock was not enough for her she never even let the poor guy cum thats right up there with losing your bank card on wages day,ok not getting to cum is 100 times worse than losing any bank card.Bonnie is now back in the car playing with her pussy in the backseat no seat belt on either there is just no telling these back seat drivers.As her pussy lips get spread wide open and fingers slammed deep inside i only hoped that the police speed cameras down my way could not pick up my wanking which had reached a frantic pace or i was looking at a fine.Bonnie reaches out of the window as some guy has appeared to have his cock sucked,soon she is on the floor again rubbing her pussy and talking dirty it's all too much for the guy as he stands over her and cums on her face as she brings herself to orgasm.As she lies there more talk from Don continues and you can tell that Bonnie loves being the slut as she talks to the camera with her face covered in spunk.

I enjoyed this scene there might have been no fucking or multiple cum shots but if you enjoy interaction between camera man and performer it's good,if you are a lover of outdoor action and love seeing hot girls masterbating and talking dirty to the camera then Killergram On A Dogging Mission series is for for Bonnie well she has a license to thrill,she looked cute and who would have thought that a shy girl like her had a filthy mouth and a performance like that in her.

Scene 2 - Anjali Kara

The scene starts with the camera following a female through some field it's daylight and suddenly all is revealed and quite literally as Anjali stands before us wearing a short black top that is pulled up to show off her big lovely breasts,she has on a denim skirt which is pulled up and her hand is down her black knickers playing with her pussy and the other hand is playing with her tits.For those not familiar with Anjali she is Indian has lovely flawless skin big tits and a curvy figure that could turn a church goer into a football hooligan,Anjali starts talking dirty and as she plays with her cunt i can see a marriage proposal heading her way from me.She chats away to Don and her long hair catches in the wind and she looks so sexy she cups her breasts and asks" What have you got in store for me today" only to be told a Dogger is wanking and watching her,as she strokes her pussy we get to see that she has a cute little landing strip more dirty talk follows as she fingers her pussy and soon she is on her knees greedily sucking on the Doggers cock as she plays with her pussy again.It was time to do my own 3 point turn..trousers off,open a beer,tease the snake.Anjali is also wearing a pair of black knee high boots and her legs look fantastic she has soon drawn the attention of two guys who's hands are roaming all over her tits and she encourages it,i cant take my eyes of her tits they are so big and juicy and i would love to just insert my face between them and go brrrrrrrrrr.As she wanks both guys off at the same time i just knew i was going to start going for long walks in the park when the good weather comes in.She sucks one guy off and spits on his cock and wanks him off demanding that her tits get covered in cream as she continues wanking him off the other guy is fingering her cunt,wait a minute was that Don i just seen spanking her ass who's holding the camera? Who cares as Anjali wants her arse smacked hard,ever get the feeling you have drawn life's short straw some guys do have all the luck.She was still wanking and sucking off the other guy although he was not going to hold out much longer as Anjali was slapping his cock off her tits and demanding some cream,eventually both guys wank off and plaster her tits in cream Anjali was doing such a great job wanking the guys off that i wished she had done them to completion instead of them having to wank to completion.As the scene ended the camera follows Anjali as she heads out of the woods.

i enjoyed this scene the dirty talk does it for me, Anjali always looks great in the Killergram movies,if you like Indian girls check out just might need a guide dog afterwards?

Scene 3-Lady Josephine

Scene starts with Don driving to meet up with Lady Josephine,don't panic someone else is filming him he assures us that he is on the way to meet a big titted milf who is up for sucking dicks and taking a face full of cum sounds good to me.Now we are in woodland it's daylight and the camera focuses on Lady Josephine on her knees by her car with two guys who just happen to have there cocks out.Holy fuck Don was right about those big tits what a pair,although she had on a light blue long dress her tits looked so heavy and firm.Lady Jo has long black hair she is curvy and is milf material as Don quizzes her she talks away while wanking off the guys,back to cock sucking she went and we see that she has on white stockings and white knee high boots.As she stands up the guys free her tits from her dress and those big firm hooters come out to play,i shook my head in amazement that would be one way to get your daily dose of calcium sucking on those whoppers i thought to myself.Don't ask me what size they are as i'm trying to wank and operate remote controls and have a sip of beer in between.Hey i'm a guy i don't do multi tasking very well.As Lady Jo sucked on some man meat she spreads her legs to reveal her stocking tops and light blue undies,she asks if Don wants to see her pierced clit..if he does not i fucking do,she also has her tongue pierced quite a milf indeed and some tattoos on her back,she was having fun switching between both guys cocks.Her dress gets lifted up while she sucks away on a cock and she has a great big curvy ass the kind of ass that could turn Cliff Richard into a rampant hetrosexual.Back to the action and one guy could take no more and wanked off into Lady Jo's mouth,Sir i applaud you for that she then turns her attention to the other guy and sucks and wanks him off till he lets out a groan and floods her mouth with cum,who says guys only show emotion when the footballs on.Don talks away to Lady Jo who still has cum dripping from her chin as she sits in the car she says she wants more the next time and cum on her tits and Don continues to get some juicy information out of her regarding her Dogging ways.And the shows not over yet as she lies in the back seat and spreads her pussy lips and continues to talk dirty telling Don that her arse is very very tight in a posh voice,they finish the scene by going for a walk with Lady Jo revealing more sex secrets and laughing as Don makes the final comment about her tits she urges Don to give her nipples a suck which he does then she leans forward and slaps her big heavy tits together.I think i need some pain killers i cant take anymore.

This was a great scene Lady Jo the hot big titted milf put on a good show,i loved her big solid tits and curvy body and dirty talk,i could end up with a repetitive strain injury.

Scene 4-Lexi

Scene starts with a shot of Lexi in the house with Don behind the camera announcing that"We are going dogging",Lexi has dyed red hair bright red lipstick on and looks pretty she is a Polish girl and looks sexy.As she leaves the flat she is wearing black fishnets with stocking tops visible,a short denim skirt,jacket and lacey blue top,once in the car Don quizzes her about what they are going to do and in broken English she says"I want to suk cok".I thought she looked great with her big sexy lips and red hair.They were on the move and looking for cock for Lexi i was looking forward to seeing her in action.They had reached there destination and in the pitch black a Dogger was already waiting Lexi makes her way to the guy and unbuttons his trousers and slips them down sinks to her knees and wraps those blood red lips around his dick,she starts working away on his tool wanking him off and slipping it back in her mouth.This kind of thing should be available on the NHS for perverts everywhere,more talk from Don continues and even Lexi gets in on the laughs as she says things back to Don in Polish then laughs.As she continues to wank and suck the guy off she looks into the camera and has blue piercing eyes my god she does look sexy,as the camera pans down between Lexi's legs her black thong is pulled up tightly between her pussy lips and what a hot sight it was,steam was rising from between my legs too i was scared in case i set the smoke detector off in my flat.Lexi gets her little pert titties out and her nipples were big and erect you could have hung a wet duffel coat from them,there are laughs to be had in this scene Don trying his best to talk all dirty to Lexi who is struggling to make out what he is saying eventually Don just saying" Just say yes Lexi please" when he was talking about how does she enjoy sucking cock etc.Lexi seems to be in on the laughs too and smiles,shrugs her shoulders and laughs her way through the scene poking her tongue out to the camera.When Don asks if she wants cum on her face she laughs then says yes.My kind of woman indeed,after more sucking and wanking the guy wanks off over Lexi's face and shows the relations between Britain and Poland are as strong as ever she continues to get interviewed by Don after the cum shot and looks sexy with cum on her face and talking in Polish and still the laughs continue as she struggles with what Don is saying,a fun scene indeed,as she sits in Dons car with her skirt ridden up Don teases her about getting cum on his car seats,again Lexi looks at him and shrugs her shoulders and laughs not understanding what he is saying.

This was a fun scene Lexi the hot 19 year old Polish girl looked so sexy with her toned body,red hair,blood red lipstick and her natural charm in front of the camera,at times i was laughing along with her and Don.I liked Lexi she made the scene more enjoyable with her laughter,as she talked dirty in broken english it sounded sexy as hell,i could easily go back to this scene again and again.My favorite scene so far.

Scene 5-Lisa and Tina Marie

Scene starts with Don talking to Lisa who has long dyed red hair,a curvy girl she has on a short black top which is rolled up exposing her midriff a short skirt and bare legs with no panties on i think,thats because the camera flashed down so fast that i creaked my neck trying to have a look.This girl is Polish and as Don talks away to her about what filthy things she is going to get up to her answers sound so hot in broken English,she is saying she likes big fat dicks loves to suck cock loves horny men,cum on her tits etc.This is exactly the kind of girl i never seem to meet on nights out Don comments on her big tits and they are fucking big just then the camera pans down and she is wearing knee high leather boots and with that short skirt and revealing top i think we are onto a winner.Don says he wants to see her ass "YES" i shouted out at the television i have not seen any action yet and i just know this is going to be a knockout scene,as we see her big firm ass we also get a look at her pussy and this girl has big fat pussy lips what is the other girl like i thought to myself as i tried to contain the lump in my trousers.With that Don says to the girl blow a kiss to the camera and we will see you later,now we are deep in the woods it's late at night Doggers are gathered round and we see Tina and she is fucking hot she is a British girl she looks really pretty,her black hair is in the style of Cleopatra although i have a feeling she will be bathed in cum instead of milk by the end of the scene,a leash gets produced by Tina and clipped around Lisa's neck,looks like Tina is in charge and looks hot with her red basque like top and black skirt very burlesque looking.The two girls start feeling each others tits then Lisa gets led over on the dog leash to suck a Dogger's cock,she sinks to her knees and takes his cock in her mouth it's not long before we see her big tits and she wanks the guy till he cums all over them.Tina rubs the cum over Lisa's boobs another Dogger steps forward to get the siphon treatment,it's hot watching Tina hold Lisa's by the leash while she sucks off the guys we get to see the two girls groping each other,but it's cock Lisa has on her mind as she finds another Dogger's cock to suck and empty over her face.Who's next she asks,"ME" i shouted out if only i thought.On screen and the Dogger's are shy she wants cock to suck but they are reluctant to give her it.After finding someone else to suck off Tina starts licking on Lisa's huge tits before the search continues for cock.One lucky guy gets the final treatment from Lisa,damn i was wanting to see Tina suck a few cocks or take some cum in her face or licking Lisa's cunt even a sneaky look at her pussy..

Another great scene from a sexy Polish girl and a sexy little minxx from Britain,both girls looked really sexy the focus of attention was Lisa but watching Tina pull her around on a leash seeking out cock for her was hot as well.Sometimes it's what you don't get to see that gets your imagination running riot,the fact i never got to see Tina take some cum or even see her cunt made my cock so sad..i just know he will sulk for days now.

Scene 6-Sexy Biker

Scene starts with sexy biker girl sitting in her car with the door open,it is pitch black and we are in some field she is wearing a long coat her hair is black and she is quite slim,as she opens her coat to give a glimpse of what she is wearing underneath i wolf whistled at the television.Don is having a laugh with her joking about how cold it is but not cold enough to go for a walk as they head along some path in search of Dogger's Don asks to see her outfit,as the jacket comes off she is wearing her leathers,looks like a catsuit,boots and biker jacket a sexy biker girl indeed i would not mind riding pillion with her,her ass looks great as the light shines on it yes there is something about seeing a woman in tight leather especially when she walks in front with the camera following her moves.Back to the car they go with Don asking the questions after a chat in the car biker girl starts playing with the zip on her catsuit"Get those puppies out" i blurted out,suddenly a Dogger had appeared and the window got rolled down,this was a brave man as it was zero degrees out there.Still when there is a chance of getting your cock sucked by a stranger i guess you would pull it out in the North Pole,the poor guy did get allowed into the back seat of the car as biker girl went to work on his cock.Don is making her laugh and at last we get to see those tits of hers and i expected them to be bigger,i'm a man for gods sake what did you expect from me?the rest of her outfit soon gets slid down and we see her big ass if you are looking for flawless skin this is not the scene for you and she is more like the woman next door type which might appeal to some guys.She gets back to work on the guys cock,eventually Don gets his cock sucked too as he stands at the window with biker girl and the other guy sitting in the backseat of the car and he cums in her mouth.The other guy was not up to the job delivering spunk for biker girl and to continue the laughs the guy says "I'm on my way" Don tells the guy to "Go shave some fucking sheep" i laughed out loud.

This scene was the weakest for me,at the start i thought it was going to be great when i seen biker girl wearing the leathers as i have seen her in another Dogging mission title and enjoyed it,i raised my eyebrows in anticipation.Sadly the scene never seemed to get going at all maybe that is the pitfalls of dogging you go out expecting not demanding.Still if you are looking for outdoor action,girls sucking off strangers,dirty talk and some fun thrown in then seek out some more On A Dogging Mission titles.You do get fucking in some of the Dogging mission series and more and more Polish girls are starring in there movies which can only be a good thing in my eyes.Overall it was a decent enough movie i have seen more action in other On A Dogging Mission titles and will continue to buy more from this series...there was only one thing to do get in the toilet and get cleaned up in case i got a parking ticket for sitting here so long.

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