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spookcentral Ole' In & Out 2, The 3.5 starsOle' In & Out 2, The 3.5 starsOle' In & Out 2, The 3.5 stars
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Ole' In & Out 2, The

Ole' In & Out 2, The

Studio: Acid Rain
Category:  Anal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Ole' In & Out 2, The:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Ole' In & Out 2, The overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Ole' In & Out 2, The Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ole' In & Out 2, The Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Ole' In & Out 2, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Ole' In & Out 2, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ole' In & Out 2, The DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ole' In & Out 2, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/8/2005
Prologue The front of the box got me on this one. I'm not that big on circus acts, but a triple penetration is promised. It's kind of like seeing an accident on the highway. You just can't turn away. The front cover makes it look like Audrey Hollander is going to do the honors. A likely suspect. But the back makes it seem as though it's Sandra Romain. Just as likely, if not more. It doesn't hurt that Selena Silver and Alicia Rhodes are adding their own brand of nastiness to the proceedings either. Let the circus begin.
Sandra Romain looks awesome in her yellow undies. An ass to die for and the shapliest gams extant. She's sexy as hell. She's toying with a dildo that has a suction cup on the base and telling us she's doing a double anal. Possibly a triple using the toy. I sense disappointment here. Toys shouldn't count. She warms up her holes with the toy and is joined by Otto Bauer and Ben Bratt. Otto sticks his cock in Sandra's mouth while Ben takes over the manipulation of the dildo in her ass. Once that thing is plunging deeply he sticks his live one in her bung in a scissor up and over doggy. One of his feet is actually pushing her head down on Otto's cock. The deep throating is no challenge her as Sandra swallows him with impunity. Slapping, hair pulling, face fucking A2M and some double dick sucking. Bratt wants her to gag on their cocks. They're going to have to grow a couple of inches for that to transpire. A2M on Otto with Bratt choking and fingering her. More A2M and back to RCA. Sandra sucks cock and balls. Bratt climbs on her for the RCDP. Otto chokes her from behind. Sandra cleans both cocks. Bratt dogs her ass, then lays them back for RCA. Otto joins his buddy for an RCDP. Some choking and slapping. Sandra wants this as physical and punishing as possible, but all they're doing is jumping from one position to another in rapid succession and it comes off as totally unfocused. She double sucks them and asks for two dicks in her ass. She mounts Otto in CG anal and Ben joins the party in her ass in doggy. If they spent less time acting like tough guys and more time stroking her ass, this would be a much better scene. This slips into a conventional DP and then the toy makes a reappearance in her ass. Ben joins it in Sandra's rectum with Otto still embedded in her cunt. Cock clean-up for Sandra and she asks for all three cocks in her ass. RCA on Otto with the toy alongside and Bratt sticks his cock in there too. It's an awkward sight, but Sandra's happy. Triple A2M. One of these idiots, I think Bratt, says something about her tight ass. There's a joke in there somewhere. Bratt and toy double her ass in piledriver. Then Otto and toy in reverse piledriver anal. Bratt mounts her pussy to join them all. Sandra rims Bratt. Her ass has a gape you could stick a baseball in. Bratt does the toy DAP and shows her gape. They attack Sandra, slapping and choking her. The two guys are trying to negotiate a DAP from the piledriver position but settle for just switching off. The doggy scissor anal is back for Otto. Bratt takes a few plunges and goes for A2M while Otto reclaims the bung. Mish anal on the armrest of the couch with Otto sneaking in underneath to double her ass again. Doggy anal with leg raised while Sandra sucks Otto's cock. RCA on Otto with some hot, deep grinding. Ben disappoints her by plunging into her pussy. It's all good as he drives hard. He switches into her hole of choice and continues to pound her ass which now only has two cocks in it. Cut to Sandra in the receiving position taking a double dose of cum in her mouth. She swallows both loads to end the scene.
Audrey Hollander opens the next scene with some short tease before telling us she's going to do some DP action with Marco Duato and Alberto Rey. Audrey's fiery, redheaded looks are a real turn on for me, and her body looks like it was built for sin. The guys enter naked and Audrey's on her knees to entertain their cocks. Like Sandra before her, Audrey likes to be used and abused. Marco and Alberto aren't the gentlest of souls and they're packing some decent beef to stuff down her throat. Serious up and over face fucking with Marco bobbing her head on Alberto's cock and slapping her tits. A butt plug is produced and put up her ...butt. Alberto plunges it with his mouth and feeds her some taste. The plug is reinserted into her pussy so Marco can rail her ass. A2M and Alberto fills the vacant spot. The thrusting is deep and hard. A2M for Alberto. Marco spoons her pussy which is red enough to match her hair. Face smacking and choking. Marco slides into her gaping anus. Alberto face fucks her in an up and over. There's a littany of "whore" and "suck" in Spanish, coming from Marco. More physical abuse, then A2P and A2M. This is right up Audrey's alley. She sits on Alberto in RCA, then Marco takes the rump in mish. One A2P plunge and she sits her dumper back on Alberto. Choking and face fucking. A2M and a CGDP. Audrey demands to be choked and calls herself a nasty slut. Double dick sucking and RCA on Marco. Both holes are gaped for the camera. Alberto rejoins the party for a short DAP. A second round morphs into a conventional DP. Alberto cleans his cock in her mouth. Audrey continues her wild ride on Marco and slaps her pussy till it's spraying the camera lens. The guys position themselves on the floor with their legs scissored so that both cocks are adjacent and have Audrey double herself. Double cock sucking then a cut to spoon anal with Marco abusing her mouth and face. Audrey four fingers her pussy, then Marco sticks the butt plug there. They keep her filled on both ends, ramming deep in her ass and throat. Up and over doggy anal for Marco, followed in turn by Alberto. A DP from that position with both guys in some form of doggy. Alberto sticks the plug in her mouth to quiet her. Cock clean up, a butt plug insertion and taste. Audrey gets picked up by Marco for a flying fuck and Alberto slides into her ass. She bounces happily on their stiff members. Back on the ground, Audrey cleans the cocks. The cocks are ready to blow and Audrey takes the facials with an open mouth.
Selena Silver in her new blonde mane points her impressive dumper at us and plays with her juicy pussy. She's in a simple negligee and primed for pumping. Selena's paired with Benjamin Bratt and the first thing he does is caress her neck menacingly before kissing. He positions Selena with her head over the edge of a bed. laying on her back in a classic throat fuck position. Ben toys with her tongue before plunging in, mining for drool. Her face is a mess in a hurry and soon he's using her pussy like a bowling ball while she sucks his balls. Forced deep throat, then an inspection of Selena's anus. He lubes it up, pries it open and fingers the lovely pucker. Selena gets a taste before Ben climbs on for an up and over doggy. Some toe sucking and Selena strums her clit in time with Ben's thrusts to get off. P2M and Ben slaps her, making Selena tell us she wants it in her ass. He does that scissor doggy move and gets deep in Selena's ass. Selena keeps her pussy busy and cums again. Deep throat A2M and Ben strips the undies off of Selena. They're in a room with large picture windows and I could see someone walking by. I wonder if they're putting on a show for the neighborhood. RCA with Selena's digital assist and some gaping. A2M leading to mish anal with Selena's legs pinned under her arms. She continues to make sure her pussy gets what it needs and has cum about four times at this point. More gaping, then Ben resumes the sphincter attack in an up and over scissor. Back to mish and A2M. Selena really looked like she savored that one. Such a dirty girl. Standing doggy anal with raised leg. More A2M, then piledriver anal. Another apparent orgasm for Selena and another gape. A2M and light rimming. Ben continues to piledrive her ass until he's ready to cum, which is placed squarely on Selena's tongue. Show, play and swallow.
Alicia Rhodes, who needs no further introduction, is going to be working in tandem with relative newcummer Harmony. Alicia's got the body that's launched a thousand loads and Harmony's no slouch there either, in looks or form. They introduce themselves while petting an kissing each other and Alicia expresses a desire to see two cocks in Harmony's pussy. That seems to be the prescribed anal substitute for newbies these days. Otto Bauer and Alberto Rey get to do the honors. Otto pops between them and the girls double team his dick momentarily before Alberto steals Harmony away and sticks his face up her ass. She's a bit of a trash talker and doms it up a bit. Harmony does a hard gagging bj on Alberto while Alicia handles Otto. The girls reach over to touch each other periodically. I have to say, Alicia's tits have never looked better. What's she been feeding them? Her hot pink panties are slid off so Otto can bugger her hole. Harmony's drawn to her pussy like a bee to honey and Alberto reams the bent over honey's pussy in doggy. A2OGM for Harmony. Anal scissor for Alicia, P2M for Harmony. A2M for Alicia and the girls change partners. RCA for Alicia on Alberto, doggy for Harmony. A2OGM, and Alicia gets her share as well. P2M deep throat for Harmony and RCA for Alicia with a little gape. Otto tags the open bung while Harmony plays with a dildo. RCDP for Alicia. Cut to CG for Harmony on Otto. Alicia places her muffin in her face. Alberto joins the pussy party for a DPP and Harmony's tongue is working overtime on Alicia's clam. P2OGM for Alicia on Alberto. She licks Harmony's sphincter while riding CG. Alberto comes back for another DPP foray. Alicia sticks her fist in Harmony's mouth. P2M on Alberto. She turns for RC and Alberto comes back again for the double. Alicia rides her face for a sensory overload. Alberto goes up and over her face. Alicia does P2OGM and explores Harmony's gaping pussy. Alicia sits on Otto's cock in CG, Alberto fills her ass for the DP, Harmony digs out her friend again. Alberto chokes her, but not hard enough to satisfy. The girls double team Otto's cock, but Alberto steals Alicia away to suck his and fuck her pussy and ass in mish. A2M for Alicia. Harmony gets DPP with Otto and toy. Alicia leans over to admire and Alberto face fucks Harmony. Alicia licks off the pussy coated cocks. Mish for Harmony with Alicia's head right there for multiple clean ups. Alberto picks her up for flight and Otto fills her ass for the DP. She's let down on her knees and the girls work together to prime the pumps for a sploogefest. Otto coats Harmony's face and tongue with his seed and Alberto face fucks Alicia till he apparently cums inside her mouth. The girls kiss and lick the spent cocks to end the scene.
Brooke Haven, a blonde with big fat bolt-ons and a sensational looking ass, introduces herself. No sooner than she finishes talking, Lee Stone has his cock in her mouth. She gives a slobbering, no hands bj. Not too deep though. Lee titty fucks her before bobbing Brooke's head back on his curved rod. He attacks her holes from the rear and rips Brooke's panties off. Doggy insertion into her welcoming kitty. Lee flips her over for RC. P2M with a little force used on the back of her head. Brooke jumps back on in RC again. Lee chokes her, almost into unconsciousness. More P2M. Brooke tries to get it into her throat but she's not that skilled yet. CG and Brooke's roaring. She shares some spit with Lee and rams her body down on his cock. More choking and hard CG. He picks her up for a flying fuck but sets her down quickly for a resumption of the former position. Lee flips Brooke over into mish and she sticks her foot in his face. Lee can't seem to fuck her hard enough. He gets her back into doggy with a raised leg. Fire hydrant's favorite position. P2M into RC. Brooke threatens to cum on his cock. Tsk, tsk. Idle threats. He's in there balls deep though. More P2M. Brooke squat fucks him in CG. Brooke is screaming she's gonna cum. P2M into mish, priming his pump for the facial he delivers. Brooke sucks the cum out of his gun to end the video.
Epilogue The first issue that needs to be tackled here is the "triple anal". While it may be a semantically correct proclamation, in spirit it's not what the multiple penetration mavens are looking for, and therefore a calculated misdirection. If two cocks and a toy count as the holy grail of sex acts, then Bridgette Kerkove's chopstick filled rectum is the icon. It has to be three live ones to truly make that claim. As far as the actual sex went, it was extremely physical and a dizzying array of positions and penetrations but ultimately.....boring. I get the fact that Sandra Romain demands and may even need to be treated like nothing more than a fuckhole but that tendency just gets exploited here. The men who would act dominant were nothing of the sort. Everybody was just jumping from one position to another with no payoff and just being brutal. No erotic component to the supposed male domination here. I'm surprised they didn't just haul off and punch her. The Audrey Hollander scene was more of the same but a little more under control and slowed down. It played out better for me but has me yearning to see Audrey in a scene with only one guy who knows how to handle her. Selena Silver put in the best scene of the disk. She made sure her needs were taken care of as she provided the nastiness that fit in with the rest of the video. Alicia and Harmony also provided some good action in a sometimes chaotic encounter. That's to be expected in group scenes. At least they seemed to genuinely be attracted to each other. Brooke Haven's turn was out of place in here. She did get fucked hard but it made for a soft changeup to end the video. One thing I'd like to emphasize is that nobody appeared to do anything they weren't prepared for or forced into. I know going in that Acid Rain is looking to deliver rough and tumble action. They did that here. I just don't think it was great porn.
The Disk The menu provides both chapters and select-a-shot, which allows you to go to a specific sex act for the particular scenes. There's a photo gallery, trailers and a BTS where you can see Sandra struggle to take that third cock, Audrey puke after cum swallowing and Alicia almost get her lip busted by an errant slap.
Recommendation I didn't love this title, but I'm willing to bet that there are many guys out there that will. Rent it if you're curious. Buy it if it's up your alley.

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