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Older Women With Younger Girls 5

Older Women With Younger Girls 5

Studio: Totally Tasteless
Category:  All Girl , MILF
Starring: , , , , , ,
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Em's ratings for Older Women With Younger Girls 5:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Older Women With Younger Girls 5 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Older Women With Younger Girls 5 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Older Women With Younger Girls 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Older Women With Younger Girls 5 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Older Women With Younger Girls 5 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Older Women With Younger Girls 5 DVD Extras rating 1 star
Audio/Video Quality Older Women With Younger Girls 5 A/V Quality rating 1.5 stars
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Reviewed by Em  on  7/14/2004
Older Women with Younger Girls, Volume 5
Older damsels, lesbian love with younger women
2004, FilmCo/Totally Tasteless, 87 minutes
Alana Evans, Alex Foxe, Candy Vegas, Cherry Poppens, Diane Diamonds, Juliann More, Kitty Marie, Lizzy Liques

Featured Screenshot

Special Features
Notable Older Damsels: [2/6]
Candy Vegas.
Anal Play: [2/6]
One episode. Mutual analingus.
Deep Oral Penetration: [2/6]
Two episodes. Not nearly enough; spoiled by spitting.
Footsies: [0/6]
Kissing: [0/6]
None (if you do not count one 5-second pecking).

Purchase Recommendation: [3/6]

Overall Rating: [3/6]

This series has gone to the dogs. Volume 2 was overall the best of the series, and with each subsequent release, it's getting worse and worse. Older Women with Younger Girls: Volume 5 features four episodes, amongst them one filmed with a cellular phone, one regular lesbian flick with two women very close in age, and amongst the two proper episodes where the women really are distant in age one is unwatchable. That leaves one episode, but wouldn't you know, a sexy older damsel was paired with a young girl who, to use, is extremely unattractive. Is this video worth buying? Only if you like Candy Vegas, or if you do not mind getting less than half of the video's worth of good scenes. Otherwise feel free to skip this release.

Episode 1: Juliann More and Diane Diamonds

Oh boy... What a pair! The young 'un has pierced body parts. The older one of the pair, Diane Diamonds, has more artificial body parts than her own. The episode begins with a conversation with the Hairy Cameraman Demon(TM) We have to endure it for several minutes, but then there is little to look at, given how spoiled the bodies are. Spoiled, for both women would have looked better had they kept their original appearance. At one moment in time, a comic-strip scene ensues, which will satisfy every male chauvinist out there: a woman glued on to the tits. Not the other way round. Bizarre, that, and not to our taste at all. To see the extent of the damage, you have to look in a closeup. Is that a woman? Is that a human being? Oh dear, and why have you done this to yourself?

Then the women begin to perform according to the script. I do you, you do me. They spit. They grimace. They look nervously at the Hairy Cameraman Demon(TM), but there is no help. Some analingus was in the script, so they do as they are told. You can't help thinking that any time now, one or the other, especially Diamonds, will burst in tears.

Please, if that is to be the end result, we prefer not to see it. If the women do not enjoy backdoor oral, do not force them!!!

Episode 2: Candy Vegas and Cherry Poppens

Fortunately, there is one episode in this video which is worth seeing, as long as you enjoy older women as they are, without any artificial add-ons, or any other kind of an upgrade. Candy vegas is paired with a very unattractive young girl. The room is very badly lit, we have to endure a conversation between the girls and the Hairy Cameraman Demon(TM), and the clothing was apparently bought at Target (insert your cheap local store here). You can soon relax your teeth's grind as the cameraman shuts up, and the girls begin kissing. Oh well, this doesn't last long, but whilst the ladies exchange liquid messages, you can admire Candy's haircut. A very nice hair she has. We love glamour women, as does everyone, but we enjoy the natural body just as much. There is something very attractive in full, full breasts of slightly unequal surface. Candy is not pretty. Yet she is very sexy never the less. MILF -- have you heard this term? Well, a small belly looks very motherly, even though there is no living thing inside. Ah, the damned imagination -- must you play tricks on us?

Soon, enough, the young 'un flops back on the bed, and we do not have to see her face any longer. What a relief! For quite some time, our Candy is in focus. Viewed from a profile, she is beautiful. We have always been insistent that almost every girl treasures something valuable, some sort of treasure you only have to find, and let her show it to the world. So many plain-looking girls would look stunning, if only they had someone for whom they could try, and make the effort... But no, the men usually go for that which glitters. Look around you, say we. There is so much to find...

Candy, dear, thank you for this scene! May we see you again soon, with a more responsible partner, a girl who would appreciate the caresses in full. She is a professional, indeed. The thorough attention will burst your trousers, and would have kept the other girl's hair on ends, if only she were responsive, and not made of wood. The girls reverse the gears, and you have a unique opportunity to see Candy from the back, and it is almost as if we could embrace her and enjoy the attention she gets together with her. We have done it once, and may it happen once more to us in this lifetime. Then we can die contented!

Ah, what a breast! The camera focuses on the rear action, and the scene gets hotter and hotter. Rimming, drilling, sucking, kissing, or all in one, no wonder that after such attentions, our damsel is getting wetter and wetter. That only intensifies when at long last, the splendid oral encounter is over, and Candy takes a brown dildo inside. We are not fans of toy play in lesbian scenes, but it is pure pleasure to see an older damsel being pumped hard, and sweating all over, trembling, and what have you. Unfortunately, when the ladies reverse gears again, Candy cannot enter the younger chick who is altogether too tight, and this good episode ends on a miserable note.

Episode 3: Lizzy Liques and Kitty Marie

Ha, haha, hahaha! What did you use to film this scene? A cell phone? Dear readers -- please judge for yourself. Or perhaps there was a glass bottle they filmed it through? Who cares.

Episode 4: Alex Foxe and Alana Evans

Although Alana is a bit younger than Alex Foxe, this is not a pair you would expect in a film entitled Older Women with Younger Women. They belong to the same generation, and there is nothing that justifies such a choice of performers. Having seen a wonderful, two-volume masturbation movie, Girl Show, we used to think that Alex Foxe is a goddess, but apparently we have mistaken her for someone else. Our bad... We must have had some other damsel in mind :(

This episode is weird. It begins with no foreplay, and we jump right into the action. It might have been good, if it were not for spitting. Personally, we hate spitting. Is it sexy? Why is it sexy? Who said it is sexy? Who??? Why not drink the natural ambrosia that the other woman has to offer? If you are unable to drive her to frenzy, you might as well stay home rather than spit on your woman to moisturize what should have been of its own volition. Why exchange nature for this despicable act? Spitting? Goodness gracious.

When you do me is over, I do you follows, but Alex does not stoop to oral sex. All she does is masturbate her partner with one, two, and then three fingers. The episode is violently aborted, and the video is over.

--- Em
MadameDVD Review, 14 July 2004

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