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Oil Overload 11
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Oil Overload 11

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Oil Overload 11:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Oil Overload 11 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Oil Overload 11 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Oil Overload 11 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Oil Overload 11 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Oil Overload 11 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Oil Overload 11 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Oil Overload 11 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/11/2014
Greetings porn fans and welcome to the latest in the very popular Oil Overload series from Chris Streams. This two disc set will feature more babes pouring oil over their bodies before allowing a cock or cocks to fuck them. A good looking cast too featuring Skin Diamond, Riley Reid and Veronica Rodriquez to name a few. On to some highlights.

Riley Reid & Sara Luvv:

The oil party begins with a two girl pairing. Why not give you multiple girls where we can really see the oil used. After some great tease footage from the up coming scenes the focus shifts to our first pairing. Into a porn back yard we go and in moments we have the two girls caressing over one another. I'm hoping for a little non oil g/g play between the two girls. Not much though with the two pulling their boobs out then the first round of oil is poured down over them both. With the sun beating down on them the shine from the oil is very easy to spot. Chris is good offering choice close in shots on those tits and especially their butts. With all the oil you don't get much g/g play beyond them touching though there is some good kissing captured. No oral, though, and I would want that every time even in an oil themed scene with such cute girls to look at. James Deen joins the party and we get a little face diving from Riley but it's way to short but James takes up the slack diving into Sara's bottom. There is shared knob polishing from the ladies here leading to hard pounding pussy sex. Great shot of Sara being nailed in doggie with Riley right under to lick at her pussy but no P2OGM here which was to bad but there is more oil poured over Riley's body. Miss Reid then gets some dick in her with Sara moving up to have a seat above Riley's face so she's getting it from both ends! The girls then stand up putting butt on butt, pouring oil down then James gets to have his pick of pussy to fuck. A short time later you had Riley riding in cowgirl offering an excellent butt shot and Sara gets down there to playfully lick and she also does P2OGM here. Miss Luvv also gives us a great looking oil ride in cowgirl before they share the pop ending a good first scene.

Veronica Rodriquez:

The next scene opens with a good close in shot on Veronica with a pan down where her ass soon fills the frame. The crack is covered over with the black thong but you still see a decent amount of cheekage! Veronica doesn't walk around to much here as she poses with the booty shots being the best along with the facial glimpses we get. Veronica starts the oil play letting it cascade down over her outfit. Again the really good shots come when the view shifts around to Veronica's ass which does look great coated in oil. Moving onto a big cushion and I mean a big one she turns over the oil and it's poured onto her bare ass giving it the look of someone pissing on her and this view extends to her turning over and more liquid hitting her tits. A little is poured down into her hands and she lets that drop over the cock which is presented to her. No mistaking it's Manuel and he does lean down to kiss her while Veronica continues to stroke his dick. There is head too after she's jerked his cock off for several seconds rubbing that oil in. The side view was great here. Good to see Manuel get in some oral love too before he began to fuck her. With an ass like this you know the cowgirl shot was hot and more oil is used here too flowing over her butt and this accentuates the teasing ass hole presented. There is pounding in doggie and riding in reverse where you had Veronica doing two handed oil work letting it spill down over her body. The sheets are an oily mess by the time these two are done and Manuel finishes it off with a multiple blast of cum to her face and open mouth.

Aaliyah Love:

Time to finish off the first disc and we begin with a shot of Aaliyah's face moving down to show off her body. A yellow bikini is being worn here and when she turns around Aaliyah is kind enough to pull the bottoms into her crack offering up a little more booty to feast our eyes on. Once we've had a chance to check her out visually Aaliyah is handed a bottle and empties it out down her body. The view improves when the bikini top is removed and the oil can flow even more freely over her tits. Everhard joins and gets a prime position just behind Aaliyah. The oil flows and he fucks her ass crack with a few butt jiggles from Miss Love. Erik fingers her a little moving to slip his dick in when the two are standing so the rare standing mish I guess you'd call this, lol. From this Aaliyah drops down for her first taste of oil covered cock. We've had excellent views of the girls riding in cowgirl for each scene and this one kept that going with great shots of her riding with Erik pouring more oil down. Aaliyah does the flip around to reverse and since she's not wearing hearings which made total sense she was able to prop her feet on his thighs which made the shot even better. They close with doggie and Erik empties out another bottle almost directly down to her ass hole while pumping hard. The pop soon flows to Aaliyah's face ending a solid first disc. On to the second. I should mention that with the two disc set Chris likes to keep the extras for the scenes on the respective disc they fall so you have the BTS for Riley & Sara, Aaliyah and Veronica on this one so check it out. Tony Flush who does the BTS always has fun talking to the ladies so be sure and check it out.

Alina Li:

The second disc opens with Alina and I'm sure most XXX fans know by now she's made her exit from XXX films but she's left behind a great selection of scenes for the fans to enjoy. The first shot here has Alina slowly walking up the stairs turning around to give us the first of hopefully many butt shots. The glittering silver bikini style outfit looked great on her. Alina does nice here moving from side to side and turning around so we could once again check her face out. Alina then begins the oil play letting it coat her uncovered cleavage and then her midriff and finally the thighs. Another turn allows us to again see her backside and the view will improve greatly once the bottoms are gone, of course I'm stating the obvious! Her top is opened up showing bare boobies and the nipples are coated. The handy material at her bottoms sides gets used tugging them away giving us bare ass and she lets the oil flow. You see too that she's bare in front above her pussy. Moving on she's joined by Jessy Jones and as you might expect with an overload scene more oil is poured over just about every inch of Miss Li's body. She even pours some off the edge of her tongue. Alina gets in a little dick sucking here too as we move in close for a side angle. Another fantasic cowgirl is captured with her oil covered ass hole saying hello to us! The scene ends with an open mouth pop and clean up from Alina. You're a sexy young girl and it's been fun to watch you.

AJ Applegate:

The next girl up has been a favorite of ass luvers for a couple of years now. The scene opens with AJ making good use of a stripper pole. Holding onto it with one hand she uses the other to caress her body. Naturally any time she turns around to show off that ass your eyes should open wide! The bikini bottom nicely rides up between her crack giving us just a little more cheekage to enjoy. We can only hope there is some anal luv today for AJ and I suspect there will be. Off camera she's handed her first bottle and the oil pouring begins soaking her top and bottoms as the oil flows down. Big booty fans should enjoy the floor shots looking up as AJ lets the oil flow over that butt. The bottoms are removed giving us an even fuller shot. This leads to Manuel joining and AJ in a classic doggie pose is right at cock level to take him in. While AJ busies herself with his cock Manuel lets a little more oil splash down upon her ass. The multiple winner for AVN's Male Performer of the year then enjoys some ME time between AJ's legs. The next big highlight comes when AJ hops on for the ride in cowgirl, rocking back and forth! Going onto her side Manuel tests her pussy a little more before he makes the easy transition to her ass hole so yeah there is anal luv today for AJ. Other anal highlights come in reverse and yes they return to cowgirl as well. They end the scene with Manuel blasting off as he so often does splashing her face as well as into her mouth giving AJ plenty of jizz to taste with clean up too.

Skin Diamond:

Time to close this one out and I was lucky enough to be on set for this one though we had to leave before the fucking was captured due to where the action was to be filmed so we saw the pretty girls being taken and you see Skin is looking mighty fine here wearing red with black stockings. Chris offers up some great ground shots early on of Skin shaking her ass. She turns around and you can see Miss Diamond's got the moves and the music that is playing along fits the movements we see from Skin. The eye looks were good from Skin here. Miss Diamond makes good use of the white curtains playfully hiding behind them for a short time. She takes a little longer before working in the first bits of oil but I don't think you'll mind as the visuals were just stunning of this girl. Skin finds a place to lie on her side and we continue to check her amazing body out-- and this is even with little nudity but she starts to take care of this as zippers are over her nipples and she unzips allowing us to see a little boobage. The oil starts to come into play also at this point soaking through her bottoms and top. Turns out Skin won't just have one cock here as we have Erik and Mick Blue to play with her. The guys join in each with an oil bottle and Skin starts to suck Mick off while Erik playfully slips his dick in between Skin's ass cheeks-- I have no doubt she'll be anally violated in this scene. A solid start here with Erik pounding hard from behind while Skin keeps her mouth firmly wrapped around Mick's dick. A short ride in reverse leads to Skin hitting the classic doggie shot, more oil and then Erik slips back in to drill her but he's got company as Mick gets to pound her as well in this same shot. These two guys are pros and do a great job switching it up never leaving Skin's holes empty for very long, save for her ass hole but fret not that's coming! Indeed the fist anal comes from Erik who loves nailing her in doggie this scene and the oil is still flowing too over her back and ass. You also see the fellas offer Miss Diamond some double penetration love in both reverse and cowgirl. A very good Skin scene closes with the loads decorating her face.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Thus ends another edition of this popular series. Was it oilier than the others I'll leave it to you fans of this series to decide that. I saw more than enough oil play for me for it to live up to it's namesake. The last two scenes with AJ and Skin working in anal were definitely the strongest of the show but the two girl pairing of Riley and Sara was a fantastic start as well. In between you had several scenes featuring sexy girls getting all oiled up while playing with some hard cocks. As I stated during the first part of this review the BTS and photo galleries for that first disc are on that while the same material for the three scenes on the second disc are located on it. A great cast overall and it seemed everyone here had a great ass to check out so Chris wisely offered up enough booty shots. This one is recommended for fans of the series and for those who haven't but are curious about girls being heavily coated in oil this is a fine one to make a first experience in checking the genre style.

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