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Official To Catch a Predator Parody

Official To Catch a Predator Parody

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Official To Catch a Predator Parody:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Official To Catch a Predator Parody overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Official To Catch a Predator Parody Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Official To Catch a Predator Parody Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Official To Catch a Predator Parody Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Official To Catch a Predator Parody Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Official To Catch a Predator Parody DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Official To Catch a Predator Parody A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  5/20/2010
Expectations: Zero Tolerance has always meant quality and over the last say three years the porn parody game has been stepped up so dramatically that I’m expecting this to be pretty good. We’ll get some funny skits as the women are set up and to take the fall. I doubt there will be anything extremely hardcore, I’d be shocked even to get any anal out of this flick, maybe some gagging. Bottom line is that if you are only interested in the hardcore hardcore I’m pre-recommending a skip. Still this should be a fun flick, definitely the one you watch with your girlfriend.
Scene One: Julia Ann
We start with a voice over just like in the real show giving us a basic profile of Julia. She’s your typical MILF completely unsatisfied with her husband and searching for a young man to pound her. It’s short, sweet and fun. Nobody is gonna win an award for the acting but you won’t be groaning misery either.
Julia starts off taking her time, actually making out as she and her stud wriggle out of their clothing faced with that all too teenage problem of needing to get naked but unable to stop touching each other for even a second. As soon as he can get to clit he’s there sucking for all he’s worth. Of course the favor is returned with passioned cock sucking.
This is almost like real sex, most of the time in porn it’s almost like stunt sex. It resembles real sex the same way that action flicks resemble real fights. There are some superficial similarities but really nobody has sex like this. Aside from plenty of pussy to mouth this is almost realistic. The two are constantly kissing, Julia Ann isn’t so over the top that she could you off by listening to her. This might be the first time that I think a cum shot wasn’t the right ending. Oh well.

Scene Two: Mellanie Monroe
Mellanie Monroe is the wife of the man who runs Mr. Mason. Apparently he’s just in character all the time to the point that it drives his wife insane as he gives her the third degree. It’s pretty funny actually. He manages to remain in character even while he’s stripping her down and getting a blowjob. Ms. Monroe can suck like a champ and several times she gets all the way down to the root.
This is back to the kind of sex we expect from a porn. The woman way over the top with her moaning and screaming, they aren’t moving “naturally” from one position to the next, they are clearly going through the checklist. There’s nothing wrong with it just rather bland.

Scene Three: Raylene
Raylene is trying to sneak to her location wearing a heavy jacket and glasses. She’s the one who already knows what’s going on. It’s a cute enough set up that you’ll be laughing along with the scene.
This is back to that same energy from the first scene. Two people who at least seem to be really into each other. Kissing, groping and giggling and at the same time managing to undress each other over almost three minutes, which by porn standards is forever. Call me a freak but I love a woman who just yanks her panties to the side and gets to work. Another thing that makes this seem more real is some of their camera and set choices. Half the positions Raylene goes through actually hide her breasts rather than show them off. She’s lying down so low in doggy that the blanket actually covers her.

Scene Four: India Summer
India is again a MILF with a hubby that can’t satisfy her. Unlike the other girls she just walks in and strips. This is one of the funnier set ups actually. I was laughing my ass off when she asked if she was in trouble and he responds that depends on if your husband owns a gun.
India’s already nude so the first things she does is get down and prove she’s got her degree in cock sucking. When the MILF (I personally think thirty is a bit young for that category but whatever) has proven that she’s more than qualified there she makes her stud take her through the ringer all the expected positions get hit before she takes an rather impressive open mouthed cumshot.

Scene Five: Dyanna Lauren
Dyanna struts onto the scene smiling for the cameras like she knows that they are all there. Then she dropped her coat to reveal her lingerie beneath. She’s babbling on about how she used to be an actress and she’s purposely trying to get on the show. She knows it’s a decoy. She actually brought her husband along so he could burst in and shout at her. She then sends him away for not being a good enough actor.
Dyanna is trying to get her acting career going again so she’s in full tilt here. Not holding anything back as she goes from one position to the next. She’s plenty loud and it makes for a pretty good scene.

Heading Out: A lot of my initial thoughts about this movie were correct. The skits are a funny little lead in. Definitely something you’d rather watch and get the smiles than skip over just to get to the sex faster. It’s hard to believe that this movie was directed by one man. The scenes despite the skips almost feel like different movies. India Summer and Melanie Monroe give us porn fucks. Over the top slurping, deep throat even light gagging in the blow jobs. Same with the squealing and making sure the camera always has the best angle on the action. India and Mellanie practically seem to have almost forgotten about the camera.

I have to knock of points for a lack of variety though. We get three blondes and two ravens. There are enough girls of different races floating around porn valley that three tattooed blonds can’t be the best they could manage.
This is cutesy watch it with your girlfriend porn. There is nothing on here that is far enough on the edge to be offensive. It might bore some of you though who are hardcore, this vanilla.

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