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Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody
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Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Official the Silence Of the Lambs Parody A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/23/2011
Good afternoon porn fans. The big AVN awards show is coming up so I'm getting a chance to check out a few flicks I missed during the year and this parody of the 1991 Best Picture Winner comes from Zero Tolerance studios. I think most movie viewers have seen the Silence of the Lambs by now, perhaps several times as it's an excellent movie with top notch acting performances from the two main leads. I wouldn't expect that type of acting here from Kagney or Ben English but let's see how close they can get. Now the story for me in the parody is probably the most important because you're wanting fans of whatever tv show or movie to be the ones that buy it along with fans of whoever is cast though the sex is also important. For me it is the little nods you see through the project to the original source material that can make or break it for the die hards of the Hollywood version. Well for this movie the nods start right away with the shot of Clarice running in the FBI course followed by her being summoned to the head man's office. Anthony Rosano gets the Scott Glenn role and the dialogue here is fairly close to what was said setting up the story of Clarice going to see Hannibal the Cannibal in an attempt to help them with the current Buffalo Bill case.

So we move to Clarice being felt up by Rocco Reed who gets the mean Warden role and he plays it up while we get to enjoy a big view of Kagney's tits, I don't think Jodie Foster has bigguns like this! Another nod as Kagney makes her way down to Hannibal's cell the Migs character speaks to her and fans of Zero Tolerance will certainly recognize Mike Quasar who gets this fun role. The big first confrontation comes and again it's fairly close to what we got in the original and the set pieces too do a nice job reminding you of the movie. As you know Hannibal doesn't agree to help right away so Clarice will have to come back and as she's leaving Migs gives her a reminder of the visit splooging out through the prison bars hitting Kagney's hair. She pauses at the end of the hallway and you might think she'd be repulsed but the facial expression tells a different story as does Kagney dipping a finger in for a taste of the jizz.

Kagney Linn Karter & Isis Taylor:

Arriving back to the dorms after her trip which I guess wasn't a far one because Kagney's left the jizz in her hair, lol. Isis notices this and the two start flirting across the room about this before coming together for our first sex scene. There was nice breast kissing here from Kagney who also gives some great head to Isis with a nice juicy close up or two worked in. Isis returns the favor and the scene also includes some dildo play at it winds down, a double ended one so they can fuck each other at the same time. This was a good lesbian scene with the only problem being during one of those close up shots you can clearly see the wig has slid a bit exposing the blonde hair underneath, might have been a good time to pause. Other than that solid action here.

So we have Kagney coming back to see Hannibal after the Senators daughter is kidnapped making the offer to Ben about the island and with a bit of dark humor it is a beach in Louisiana but one affected by the oil spills so Hannibal can enjoy the beach but they don't make any guarantees about his health, haha. But this isn't enough so Kagney brings in the bonus offer, a super fan of Hannibals wants to fuck him but he's not allowed to eat her, lol. Ben agrees to this offer, duh, he's in prison!

Alexa Nicole & Ben English:

So Clarice leaves and Alexa is allowed to enter the cell where she teases him briefly before Ben is allowed to touch his prize and no words here fans just the visual to tell the story and they are using the cell obviously for the scene so another good reminder of the Hollywood movie. As with Kagney's hair you see Ben sporting a hairpiece and I gather they were trying to make him look more like Anthony Hopkins here but at times it does look pretty fake but not enough to drag the scene down which features good pussy pounding and hello Ben eats her out, thought he wasn't supposed to eat her! They end with a very good facial all over for Alexa. Afterwards they give us the Hangar scene where the Senator comes in and tells the low life there was no such offer but he better tell her what he knows otherwise life will ge very unpleasant. You see Ben sporting the classic face mask and Rocco Reed is here too and he isn't able to stop Ben from asking Tanya Tate about her nipples and if they still have any feeling because of daughter feeding off them as a child and now that she's gone perhaps the feeling is gone from them.

Tanya Tate & Rocco Reed:

As Tanya leaves we see the words affected her more than she let on but not in a sad way or an angry way- but in a perverted way!! Rocco follows her out and is a bit behind the curve as Tanya is talking about the sweaty nasty man who had just asked her about her nipples. As she keeps talking we learn her pussy is wet and this prompts Tanya to take Rocco to a somewhat secluded location and have him!! Nice exposure of her breasts and we see the nipples looking pretty good and I bet the feeling is still there! Tanya gives some good head too before they hit a few positions leading to an open mouth pop and clean up from the Senator- see Senators can do some good work after all!!!

The story then shifts back to Buffalo Bill who is played by Mark Wood and I have to say it was a little creepy watching him try and be a man/ woman like we witnessed in the movie version. We saw him briefly earlier in the movie but at this time we come to another nod to the source material where he wants his latest captive, Riley Evans aka the Senators daughter, to rub the lotion on her skin and this leads to a back and forth which turns quite sexual in its tone.

Riley Evans & Mark Wood:

Unlike the movie version where the actress gives in quickly to her captors demands Riley doesn't and this surprises Mark a little but eventually she agrees and gives him a little show as he looks down into the hole. Watching Marks facial expressions and the make up he had on kept creeping me out, lol. Riley keeps giving him the business about wanting to be laid-- ok serial killer can't I just have some cock!! After a brief return to the FBI where we learn Crawford is going after the Buffalo Bill killer and he wants Clarice to hit Ohio and tie the last girl to this case. Then it's back to the killer who has taken Riley out of the hole and finally Mark doing something I'm used to seeing him do, lick a girls ass! There were several good looks at Riley's ass during this oral and there was fingering too. Riley also gets to suck a little cock and what is the yellow rubber ducky doing on his chest at the same time, lol. Riley really does good in this scene as a bad ass not putting up with anything from Mark who stays in character as a pussy! Riley makes a funny comment about the ducky before tossing it aside. For someone who is in mortal danger Riley sure doesn't act like it. Ok she's a nympho that explains it. Funny to see a Michael Myers mask hanging close by and you see a big pair of horns adorning the wall. This set perhaps doesn't resemble the movie version so much but this slight change and the change in how Riley's character plays her predicament actually worked for me. Good visuals during the fucking in mish where her tits dance very well. Great to see anal too as Mark goes behind to slip his cock into her butt. Mark puts goggles on as the scene winds down, another nod perhaps to the movie version. A pop shot to the mouth closes out the scene.

The story returns and Clarice is concerned that Crawford and his team is going to the wrong location and she will check out the first victim in Ohio and see if there isn't a better way to close in on Buffalo Bill. Speaking of our favorite freak he and his latest captive are still going on with their sexual games but instead of placing her back in the big hole he's chained her up and taken a long stick attaching a black cock at the end and is fucking her with it. Riley wanted to cum like 10 times and I gather this was the best idea he could come up with. We also see Clarice is there, gun out and I think closing in but she doesn't know the freak show that is going on down in the house's bowels. Mark is still working the creepy facial expressions but this is interrupted when he hears someone walking above them in the house. Tense times as the music indicates and this leads to Clarice confronting Mark who heads back down to the basement, Clarice in hot pursuit. She finds Riley who stays in character giving Kagney a few choice words about messing up her good time. Kagney leaves and we get the night vision look that leads to the final shot and thankfully Mark is killed, no more creepy facial expressions!

Kagney & Anthony Rosano:

The case is solved but one last bit of business to attend to, Clarice receiving her FBI badge which Crawford wanted to deliver in person. We have seen a few interactions in the flick and he knows Kagney is sorta a lesbian but if she ever changed teams he wanted to be the first to know and I think she's about to switch sides!! Hannibal escaped sadly but they don't think he's after either of them, at least for the time being. Kagney is pointed and wanted to know if there was another reason Crawford wanted her alone in a hotel room, perhaps some sex! Anthony is still under the impression she's a lesbian but Kagney lets him know her interest has been peaked, time to strike mister! The earlier hair splash by Mig's sperm also got her interest so this was the perfect time for her to experiment. Kagney takes off her clothes as Anthony sits and watches, great to see those big juicy tits again. Kagney sits back on the bed and begins to pleasure herself as the sunlight hits her body through the window blinds and the music too helped set the scene. Anthony can take it no longer and moves in taking the panties off and licking her pussy. Moving on we see Kagney breaking her vow of lesbianism and thank goodness too as she can suck a mean cock. Nice to see a 69 too with her on top letting both keep the oral working. Kagney still on top slides onto his cock for the ride in reverse with the shot also given from behind showing us her ass. Mish to finish with an open mouth pop. She gets to taste more jizz!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

They close this story with one last nod to the source material, the phone call from Hannibal to Clarice. The two have their back and forth with a few changes from what the movie gave us-- he's a vegan now and won't be eating the Dr., perhaps feed him to the dogs. Clarice only does a couple Dr. Lechters's before the movie ends. Overall I think they did pretty good in regards to staying close to the original source material. Of course changes needed to be made in order to bring the sex in and it worked especially in the scene with Riley Evans and Mark Wood where she turns the tables on her captor, real good work from Riley in this scene I thought. Kagney as the main lead does well with her dialogue and giving us two fine scenes with Isis and closing with Anthony. Speaking again of Riley we get a funny moment as the credits start to roll, seems they forgot her down in the basement, leaving her chained up yelling out hello, I'm still here. The only real extras is the BTS segment so be sure and check that out. Overall a good job, the cover was killer and really captured the original. The story was close and they added in some good sex to keep the show moving along. Well worth it for fans of the original movie who don't mind a few story details omitted in order to tell the story with sex added in.

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