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Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The

Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
Directed by: ,
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Official Revenge of the Nerds Parody, The A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/29/2011
Welcome fans to another parody and this one comes from 3rd Degree studios and it takes us back to the 1980's and one of the classics, Revenge of the Nerds!! Ok perhaps not a acting classic but it has everything else- cheerleaders, jocks, nerds and of course now we can add fucking to that list since this is a porno! As I come from this generation when the original movie was released I have a certain take on what I'd like to see in a porn version as this movie did set itself up nicely for such a treatment. Of course with a parody you're watching to see just how many nods and winks you get to the original source material and they start pretty early on with this one as we have the opening shot of Louis lying in bed and his best friend Gilbert coming over so they can head out to college. The sheets are ripped back revealing a fully dressed Louis, pocket protector and all! Now since they are on a budget we can't expect a scene for scene retelling of the story so they change it up a bit once the boys get to Addams college as the jocks have already taken control of the dorm and throw the boys out so they can use their room as a slut fuck station!

This leads to the first sex scene and well they start off very strong as you have both Brooklyn Lee and Raven Alexis appearing as cheerleaders and they are fucking Stan played by Anthony Rosano and Ogre who is portrayed by Marco Banderas. Costume nods here for Ogre who is wearing the Alpha Beta shirt with the AB on it and the sleeves cut off and also he's wearing the Viking Helmet-- fans of the movie should recognize that. Good pussy fucking and the girls look very hot in and out of their cheerleader outfits. I was hoping they might've had some g/g contact in the scene but alas none though the action captured was good.

From there they move the story to the nerds trying to fit in and they come up with the fraternity idea and of course this leads them to visit UN Jefferson played by Lee Bang and as Poindexter points out in the bylaws the Tri Lambs must take them for a 60 probationary period so welcome Tri Lambs and Louis suggests a party so UN can see just how good the nerds can party. We hit the party and it's going ok but UN is ready to make his exit when Booger comes over and rather than offer up the Wonder Joints as he does in the Hollywood version he takes UN aside and hooks him up with a random party girl played by Tara Lynn Fox so we get some nice interracial action ending with Lee blowing his load but alas some hits his pricey shoes after he's distracted in mid pop by some glass breaking- some motherfuckers are going to pay for this! Lee suggests the nerds fight back against the jocks who in this version interrupt the party rather than the Pies who did in the other version. Well the nerds do fight back and this leads to the panty raid scene which for some reason included Lee Bang along for the ride. You get the shot of Louis pulling back the shower curtain on Raven who is Betty Childs and screaming out panty raid.

This panty raid sequence also leads to the next sex scene as you have the rest of the boys watching Sophia Santi and Dana DeArmond about to have a little lesbian love when Lee suggests he gets in there and lays that big black cock down for the girls to use but he pulls up with a bum ankle when they all stumble through the door leaving Poindexter played by Ralph Long to step up and take his place. Well the girls aren't so disgusted by a nerd in their room that they won't fuck a hard cock when it's pulled out so we get a very nice b/g/g scene with the ladies sharing his cock plus doing some nice g/g play as well. Still getting used to watching Sophia taking cock in her mouth and pussy plus there is some great P2M from Dana in this scene with the ladies sharing the load at scenes end. So the nerds have gotten back at the Pies but we never really see them get back at the jocks, perhaps time constraints.

The story moves ahead to the time when the nerds are threatened and their only recourse is to win the greek games so we head to that part of the show and Raven is back, all horny and ready to fuck in the moon room but Stan puts her off and so she heads off alone and is masturbating when the dark cloaked figure with the dark black mask enters and begins going down on Raven who notices right away a difference in the technique. This prompts Dane Cross who is Louis to move up allowing Raven to see his face. Where she was disgusted moments before at the thought of kissing him now after receiving the great nerd head she turns a full 180 and is now down for the nerd loving which Dane resumes giving and this also leads to some good head from Raven who doesn't mind kissing him now! After this fine scene we go to the Greek Games and this part was a bit of let down for me as they do only one event and it does feature Booger but rather than do the belching contest as we have Ogre there too they do a gross out contest with Ogre drinking a liquid that said My Piss on the glass bottle and when it was Boogers turn he just pulls his pants down and presumably his penis has teeth around it though we don't see it. So the nerds win and will get to keep their chapter at Adams and now just one more sex scene to go and it was going to be Gilbert's crowning achievement getting to nail his girl Judy played by Lily LaBeau but he has a premature ejaculation problem in his pants so they need another nerd to step up but who... how about Ogre! Ok so this jumps into Part II for those who really know their Revenge of the Nerds movie plots but that's ok. We also add in Misti Dawn as an onlooker who gets to enjoy Poindexter so Ralph Long gets two scenes and we also have Louis being taken aside by the other head cheerleader Brooklyn Lee for a blow job so he's gone from nerd to studly nerd by the time this movie is over!

So overall there were several good nods to the original source material with some big and minor changes such as Booger not being the horniest guy in the bunch and in the last part of the movie he reveals being of the gay persuasion and heads off with Lamar who we all know is gay in this movie. Not sure I really liked that change but you still get plenty of good nods with the Booger character such as the T-shirts he wears and he holds up the one finger every so often reminding us why he's called Booger and in the panty raid scene at the end he's shown holding a video camera which takes us to the Hollywood version where the nerds had placed cameras all throughout the main sorority house. This take on the movie was enjoyable and did have me feeling a bit nostalgic to take a look at the real movie which might have been my first glimpse of.... we have Bush!!! As for extras there is a good BTS segment to check out. If you're a fan of the movie by all means take a look as you'll notice the nods here and there plus you get some good sex. Two scenes with Raven which is never a bad thing plus good scenes with Tara, Lily and Brooklyn Lee who returns in the finale to offer a blow job.

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