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Official Halloween Parody

Official Halloween Parody

Studio: Zero Tolerance
Category:  Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Official Halloween Parody:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Official Halloween Parody overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Official Halloween Parody Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Official Halloween Parody Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Official Halloween Parody Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Official Halloween Parody Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Official Halloween Parody DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Official Halloween Parody A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/30/2011
Welcome fans to a new parody movie from Zero Tolerance studios and it is a horror classic of the highest order. The original Halloween back in 1978 was a scary movie that didn't need to resort to copious amounts of blood to get its scare across. It let the music, the set, lack of light and our silent white faced killer to provide all the scare needed and Michael Myers did that and then some in that first movie and in subsequent sequels that did bring in a little more blood. Well porn valley decided it was time to visit Haddonfield and we get not one but two versions of this movie. I already reviewed one and now I'm getting a chance to check out this take on the classic tale of Laurie Strode and her doomed girl friends. Let's see how accurate this is to the Hollywood version.

It starts off well with the jack o lantern being lit and it's not necessarily an evil smile but we've seen Halloween countless time and this is how it starts with that flickering and the orange lettering as the movie and cast are introduced, so far so good and the music was at least enough to get you in the mood. So after the credits are done we get the familiar lettering Haddonfield, Illinois flashed on the screen followed by Halloween night 1999 so they are taking this back just a bit for that first scene with Michael's sister. I have to say the house they choose was a good one. It already had that run down look which will later be associated with the Myers place. The house is kinda isolated too between the houses on either side, lots of room so a good job choosing this one. Right on que we have the window come into view and our peeping tom observes a girl and a guy following around on the couch. Turns out it is Lexi Swallow and Dane Cross and they decide to head upstairs when things get to hot 'n' heavy.

Lexi Swallow:

As we get to the bed room we have Lexi doing a nice job slowly taking off her clothes as a very interested Dane Cross observes. After she is done losing the clothes Dane pushes her down onto the bed and goes about kissing his way down from her tits to her pussy. Nice clear picture here and Dane also uses some fingers to work that pussy up. The two then help Dane out of his jeans and Lexi strokes him briefly before moving over and engulfing his cock. Sex wise you get some good riding in reverse with more good boob shots coming when they flip over to mish leading to Dane moving up to pop over her mouth. Nice scene from Lexi, to bad it's her last in this movie, lol.

Downstairs we see a clown mask on a chair and our mysterious person picking it up, sorta out of focus and then the shot goes back up to where Lexi is still lying in bed and doing a little post fucking pussy diddling. Our perp stands and watches for a bit slowly walking up until Lexi notices him. She even gets on him for watching her over the years, wrong thing to say!! Next thing she knows a big butcher knife comes into view and some blood splatters start appearing on her body so good buye Judith Myers. Next shot then takes us to Bellevue where we know Michael was taken after committing this horrible deed. We are also told by copy flashing on screen that it is Oct 30, 15 years later making this set in 2014, the future! The setting of course is the Asylum they've put Michael in and we get to meet James Bartholet who gets the plum role of Dr. Loomis played so well by the late Donald Pleasance. He goes over the protocol with dealing with Michael with the nurse who is dressed pretty sex but James isn't falling under her spell. Hmm they do the inmate running amok scene a little differently in this version. A crazy lady comes running up the hall, it's Tabitha Stevens, and she's smacking at her pussy and saying gibberish while James starts to walk over to check this out another patient runs up to the nurse and grabs the keys out of her hand and makes off with the car-- this was Michael and the evil is gone as James tells us-- off to Haddonfield which flashes next on our screen.

It is Halloween day and we watch as Laurie leaves her house. Chanel Preston gets this juicy role and looks very hot in black with a shirt that lets you know she's got some boobies underneath ready to burst out. A note on her car reminds her to drop off the keys at the old Myers house and we get our second look at it and yes this house looks like it's been neglected for a good decade plus so well chosen. Chanel knows the history and rushes quickly up to drop the keys under a floorboard and rushes back to her car. Upstairs we see Michael has made it and opens a curtain to look down on who was just at his house. Back to the asylum we go and James is hearing it from another coworker, Mark Wood, about how Michael couldn't have possibly gone back to Haddonfield but we know better. You also have the word EVIL painted on the wall, in blood, not sure! The nurse also joins them in the room but she doesn't seem startled anymore about what happened.

Carina Roman:

Mark left the room but James was still trying to talk about how the evil had gone home but no one will listen. There is one person that has stayed behind, Nurse Carina but she's not really there to hear more about Michael Myers and his quest for the pure evil high, nope she wants to work out some of those jitters caused when Michael was so rough taking the keys away from her. James takes some convincing but he gets into the spirit of things. This turned out to be only a bj scene for James and when Carina was just finishing up Mark Wood returns and shooshes James away, guess he wants a crack at the staff now! Carina loses more clothes here and Mark goes in to taste her pussy giving us a nice wide open shot for the pussy action. No bj for Mark but she does move neatly to squat down for a squeeky ride in reverse-- yep this is a hospital bed!! There is also some riding in cowgirl along with Mark pounding hard in spoon. Good open mouth pop to close for Carina who doesn't die!

We move next back to Haddonfield where we meet Laurie again plus her two friends Annie- Dana DeArmond and Lynda- Lexi Belle. The girls are also obviously out of high school now, that was a good change to make. Annie is still a horn dog and Dana goes on about wanting it in the ass but then it comes out that Chanel aka Laurie is a virgin. This night she won't be babysitting but alone with a book she tells the other two. Lexi wants to come by Dana's place later with Bob for a little hanky panky, Dana muses if he'll fuck her in the ass, lol. There is also a bit with Dr. Loomis and he has found the sheriff played by Anthony Rosano. James does his best to give the sheriff the lown down on what has arrived at his town- they are at the old Myers house. James is really laying it on thick with the evil stuff, was Donald this hard on it, speaking of hard James was grabbing at his crotch as he was getting into the description, was that an attempt at dark humor. Anthony Rosano had the appropriate grossed out reaction to what he saw. Later in the day we go back to the whole virgin conversation with Dana and Chanel who hasn't even fingered herself- this is over the phone btw between the two. Dana is also topless while chatting to her friend, for the last time!! The dog barking causes Dana to mess up her jeans so that she has to launder them-- ahh just like Annie had to but in this version Dana sees Michael standing in the kitchen when she turns around however she thinks its Larry- who ever that is, lol. Ok it's her boyfriend or so she thinks and Dana gets all flirty while Michael just stands there. The mask is nice and white as you would expect, the hair maybe not as good but overall a decent attempt.

Dana DeArmond:

Well Dana keeps trying to get some sort of reaction but even taking her panties off doesn't work so she blind folds herself and the two head to the living room, yeah he doesn't kill her right away, hmmmmm. Michael has a seat and a big cock comes out in Dana's firm grip and she starts giving head. This must be a new sensation for Michael, lol, so he doesn't know quite how to react. Dana has fun here gagging on his cock with Michael getting into it a little smacking her ass and letting a finger or two graze her asshole. After a couple good pussy pounding shots we get Michael slipping his dick inside Dana's ass! He has lost all clothes too save for the mask which in this case would be like porno heels!! Dana gets one last good facial with clean up-- damn and then he kills her, ouch!

Lexi Belle:

A short time later, it is getting on in the early evening when Lexi stops by as planned with her man played by Kris Slater. The two appear to have been drinking and give us some appropriate stupid laughter as they stumble into the house which we know is occupied but by her dead friend and Michael is lurking somewhere. The duo head up stairs to a nice plush bed and get right to the nasty. Hasty kissing and fumbled fingers going every where- a nice frantic fuck! It was funny watching the two get naked with Kris then moving down to lick her pussy. The nice wide bed made for a good area for Kris to lie back and Lexi to lean over to suck him off while he gets a finger behind her to diddle her pussy. This turns into a 69 with Lexi on top, even better. Good shots riding in cowgirl and there was some nice boob dancing when they hit spoon ending with a pull out and pop just outside her pussy. Now go get me a beer!Actually Kris heads off for a glass of water, what they went all PC here, lol. Strangely his glasses were down in the kitchen where he picks them up before opening the fridge to see what's there. Of course Michael silently walks in but we don't get to see the kill for some reason- that was important too as in the movie Michael stands there watching with an almost quizical stare at the body as it is impaled to the wall and we're cheated of that shot for some strange reason. The next shot has Lexi still lying naked in bed, looking like only she can look when a figure comes to the doorway wearing a white sheet and ah hah the glasses are now off Kris and onto the sheet so Michael can full her, I think she's still cock drunk so he's ok! The haunting music starts in as Lexi is in the same position almost as his sister was 15 years ago so you know Lexi is a goner, lol. Ok another change as we don't get Lexi on the phone before Michael strangles her, two key changes in a short amount of time.

We have seen Chanel a couple of times between scenes but she wasn't doing anything to major to tell about but finally she goes over to check on Annie and Lynda who we know are now deceased. The house is fairly dark as Chanel enters. She of course calls out their names which would alert any killers that might be present, lol. Chanel even goes so far as to say they can fuck her if they want-- damn it lesbian action and they killed the girls off, hehe. Chanel goes up stairs where she finds Lexi lying in the bed, she appears to be asleep but Chanel plays it like she's dead and starts screaming running back down the stairs where she finds Kris on the floor with some blood on his chest-- again not hanging from the wall with a knife in him. Dana is found on the couch with the pink scarf around her neck that she used to blindfold herself. Chanel makes it back to her house and she has a visitor as Michael has trailed along and silently makes his way into the house. The hair above his mask isn't looking to good now, Dana must have really worked him pretty good before biting it. Chanel is walking around her house with Michael doing his best to sneak up on her in the bedroom but again another change as she doesn't cower in the closet while he is breaking through tossing the hangers around while she's shreaking. Chanel does manage to run off before he can knife her. Ok we get another change in the story as Loomis does appear to save her but instead of shooting Michael six times and him falling off the balcony it's several shots to the chest and he falls onto the bedroom floor.

Chanel Preston:

Well the evil has gone as Dr. Loomis is so eloquent is saying but it takes a few repeating verses before Chanel feels safe enough to go up and take a shower-- yeah Chanel shower footage!! We still haven't seen her fuck yet so after the shower footage we have Chanel is a gorgeous blue nightie- see thru, head down to entice the sherrif to head up and make sure there's no bad men up there with her. I guess Anthony doesn't know his daughter is dead otherwise I don't think he'd be fucking Chanel here. Damn Chanel looks so good in the bed as Anthony stands next to her fingering her pussy and kissing her tits. The nightie is removed and a wide open shot is given as Anthony devirginizes her pussy one step at a time, first with his tongue. Chanel's first blowjob I presume also gets us to another 69 shot with her on top. Sex wise you have her plundered in reverse, spoon and cowgirl though this is shown from behind Anthony so it appears like reverse would. I think Chanel's character is still in a bit of a daze after her ordeal and she gives some strong dirty talk towards the end closing with Anthony blowing his load all over her face. A strange ending after they are done with Chanel and her cum glazed face uttering the words the evil is back and she brandishes a knife though she doesn't kill him-- what was that a nod to the Rob Zombie version out of left field, lol.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans I think Halloween purists might find a few things they aren't quite sold on in this one but perhaps they are just small changes and I'm just overreacting but the changes with the deaths regarding Kris and Lexi were big for me. Having Chanel go into the crazy zone at the end was a bit off but I actually kind of like it,lol. They try and stick close to the Hollywood version but as I touched on there were some changes and you may or may not like them depending on your level of Halloween Fandom. The sex was pretty good and Chanel was a vision in that blue lace lingerie at the end, holy shit did she look good. The only real extra for this is a BTS segment that is part of the main menu that lists the scenes so have a look see at your leisure, it goes for about 26 minutes. Overall a good job but some of the changes lessened this parody for me as I really liked the original version and the story was so good in that it didn't need a lot of tweeking beyond adding the sex here. The music was strong throughout I thought as well. Certainly worth a rental for fans of the movie, you see lots of nods to it as the show unfolds.

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