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Office Encounters
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Office Encounters

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Office Encounters:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Office Encounters overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Office Encounters Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Office Encounters Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Office Encounters Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Office Encounters Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Office Encounters DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Office Encounters A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/4/2011
Welcome porn fans to a new Brad Armstrong title featuring the award winning jessica drake leading the cast which also includes Asa Akira, India Summer, Aubrey Addams and Lexi Swallows. The story takes us to the office where a lot is going on including plenty of dicktation! The company frowns upon office encounters but as you might expect this movie is chalk full of them, otherwise no movie, haha. So let's just see how sordid and sexy this encounters are with a few highlights.

jessica drake:

So as the opening credits end we go right to some action with jessica wearing a sexy grey business suit on her knees working Rocco Reed's cock out and tell me if you won't love to see those pretty eyes looking up at you as jessica wraps her lips around his cock. Good solid bj action here from jessica who makes love to the dick rather than try and skull fuck herself. The two change places allowing Rocco the chance to return the favor, jessica looks great here with her legs spread wide open- damn this outfit and lingerie looks smoking hot on her. Keeping the outfit on and just strategically moving it jessica gets right into some riding, skirts really help in this regard! jessica gets down to just the lingerie when Rocco gets behind to drill her doggiestyle. A mish finish yields the pop just above her pussy. A nice scene.

After the scene jessica returns to her desk where India Summer tells her she better be careful about this little extra fun with Rocco as the company frowns heavily upon any employee nookie time while at work! India then procedes to tell jessica of just such an encounter and it didn't involve an executive but someone who looks a lot like India herself.

India Summer:

So India gets into telling about this office encounter and it appears to be after hours and she's trying to get some last minute work done but the floor buffer guy is just to loud so she goes to complain. Turns out it is Tommy Gunn doing the floors. Rather than complain India is turned on by the site and walks right up to him and the two get right to it, making out. India then drops down and does a little buffing of her own to Tommy's cock! Good solid bj action here and the side view was perfect. As with the scene before we get some nice return oral from Tommy and the shot of him on his knees licking from behind is one of my fave oral shots to a woman, you have the ass and pussy right there. They fuck standing up for a short time before India does a little reverse riding ending with Tommy popping to her face with cleanup from Miss Summer.

Turns out the security cameras that are there aren't just there for show and India was lucky to not lose her job but Tommy will have to find another profession, perhaps Porn stud!! But India didn't get off totally without reprisal, she had to clean the executive bathrooms for a week while a replacement for Tommy was found. Later on jessica is given a task by Randy Spears her boss of showing Johnny Castle a good night on the town which doesn't fit with her dinner plans with Rocco. However, Asa Akira who is quite ambitious herself overhears jessica on the phone and lets just say what jessica was talking about wouldn't go over well with Randy so Asa uses this to get jessica to let her take the client out instead, hey Randy gave over the company credit card so have at it!

Asa Akira:

So we catch up with Asa who has taken jessica's place and we meet up with her and Johnny as they share a drink in a club. The music is kicking, they are smiling and Johnny then asks if Asa wants to go back to his hotel, gee this guy doesn't waste any time!Asa was agreeable so they depart and the next shot has them in full on make out mode, hands all over each other. Our guy neatly works down to tasting Asa's pussy and for some reason the club music is still playing, lol. Ok it finally stops but the good visuals keep on coming as Johnny also licks her ass a little here. Flipping over to doggie we get a bit more in the ass licking from Johnny and the way her butt cheeks looked here was great. Ok time for Asa to have some fun and let's just say she shows his cock a very good time. Always good to work in a 69 too with Asa on top, that butt/ pussy right there inches from your face, dig in! Spoon, doggie and mish make up the sex and Asa is all nice and sweaty by the time Johnny is ready to explode with his load mostly on her belly and tits. I'd say the client was satisfied wouldn't you!

The story then takes us back to Rocco and jessica who are lying in bed, Rocco looking over some papers while jessica is reading a book. The two have an exchange about what happened at work today. Rocco apologizes for acting like an ass and jessica makes him sweat a little before accepting and the two kiss. jessica expresses true feelings for Rocco which may or may not come back to haunt her at work, let's find out.


Well, let's not get in a hurry to return to work just yet as jessica and Rocco do a little make up sex, not that they had a huge falling out to begin with but work with me here! Some nice music plays as the two lovers get into pleasing each other with Rocco taking the lead here kissing down from jessica's tits to eating out her pussy, plenty of purring here from miss drake. The picture couldn't have been clearer and those shots of her juicy pussy were much appreciated by this viewer. jessica then gets another chance to engulf Rocco's cock and the second time around is just as good as the first with jessica making love to his dick. This scene is better than the first just for the fact they get to fuck in bed rather than using an office desk in place of a comfy mattress. Cowgirl and spoon highlight the sex which ends with a boob popshot, kinda surprised we didn't see anal here from jessica but still a nice scene. Now let's find out what happens at work in regards to this whole situation with Asa taking her place with the client. Before we do that jessica leaves Rocco with this cryptic comment, I have something to tell you and then it's fade out time back to the office, what did she say!!

So jessica is called into Randy's office and you can clearly see the displeasure on his face as he inquires as to what happened the night before. Obviously he knows jessica didn't take Johnny out and I think also suspects jessica of having some in office relations. jessica for her part speaks clearly and strongly though you can sense she's treading water. Randy then comes right out and confronts jessica with his suspicions regarding jessica and Rocco. She's offered a chance to defend herself but doesn't and then she's told to send Rocco into the office after she leaves if she runs into him. jessica then runs to Rocco and the two discuss what to do about the situation. We don't get to witness the meeting between Rocco and Randy but the gist of it is no shocker. Rocco has the seniority and he's either working there or not and if he stays it's not with jessica being there. jessica sees the writing on the wall and events are playing out just as India described earlier and jessica even references the whole Tommy Gunn situation which makes no sense to Rocco but total sense to us who have watche the whole movie. She leaves and it will be up to Rocco to decide what happens next.

Lexi Swallows:

Well after that bit of tense dialogue and story development we needed to cool down or heat up again as it's back to the office for a little more encounter action! It is with two people we haven't seen to this point but hey that's cool. Jack Lawrence and Lexi Swallows are in the conference room and lets just say they aren't going over the next quarters figures. The only figure we are going over is Lexi's! I have to say the ladies in this movie have looked way hot in their skirts and shirts but it's also great to see a little pussy eating which wearing a skirt makes easier to see as Jack goes down on this pretty lady. Lexi returns the favor on her knees, white shirt opened letting her tits pop over the bra while we enjoy a side view for the bj. Both get fully naked for the sex which again utilizes a table for the base. Mish and doggie lead the way here ending with a butt popshot. A funny post sex moment occurs when Tommy Gunn's replacement opens the door ready to clean the office finding the two still naked, oops!

Time to wrap this up and we get Rocco's answer and surprise he is the one that agrees to leave saying he was the one that pursued jessica and that she shouldn't pay for that. Randy is surprised but doesn't fight Rocco who leaves. Guess jessica hasn't got the news yet as the next shot features her with India and there's a box on the desk area and jessica has a few personals in it, just about to leave. jessica then goes in to have a last word with Randy who after jessica has said her piece tells her that Rocco has already resigned. This news as you know surprises jessica who completes the cycle and tells Randy she quits and exits the room so now Randy is down a big salesman and top notch secretary. Perhaps it's time to rethink that policy Mr. Spears! Mere seconds later we catch up with the two quitees in the parking lot and they get a visitor, Randy! Turns out being the boss allows you to rethink your policy and he's done just that. But jessica isn't going to let him off the hook so easy. She negotiates a nice 10% raise for herself but nothing for Rocco since he started this whole mess, lol. This is agreeable and the two will come back to work but first lunch to celebrate her raise! All's well that ends well, to be young and in love says Randy as he goes back into the office, still work to do!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I have to say this was a pretty good story and you had some strong actors in this chiefly jessica and Rocco though India Summer had some fine dialogue in her part plus a good scene with Tommy. Asa makes for a great sex pot and her romp with Johnny Castle was strong and we get a nice conference room romp with Jack and Lexi to close the sex. The story was easy to follow and there was some good dialogue for the principals to wrap themselves in with jessica and Rocco delivering well throughout plus they have two good encounters themselves with the second one being better-- fucking in bed is much better than a hard desk. Now for extras you get some BTS and there is a delete sex scene for this movie that featured Aubrey Addams with TJ Cummings. Aubrey looks quite good in her business outfit complete with fuck me pumps. Good head captured with the outfit still largely on though Aubrey lets her ass get exposed. The two make good use the of the chain fence letting Aubrey hold onto it while TJ gets down and face dives in Aubrey's ass, loved that shot. Strong fucking here with the two starting off standing up but ending with a good hard reverse ride for Aubrey. She hops off to work the pop out herself licking up the last few drops. A good scene and it made for a fine bonus addition. An easy recommendation for jessica fans as she appears twice plus she shows off those acting skills that have won her several awards.

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