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Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel)

Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel)

Studio: Elegant Angel
Category:  Black
Starring: , , , , ,
Released on: 
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VictoriO's ratings for Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Off Da Hook (Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by VictoriO  on  3/26/2002
Off Da Hook starring: PORSHA, MARIAH, CARAMEL, CINNABUNZ, TYRA BUTTS, XTACEE, Red Passion, Dynasty, SANTINO LEE, MR. MARCUS, TONY EVEREADY, Cuba & Devlin Weed DVD special features: Trailers, Photo Galleria, Bonus Footage & Websites category: Pro-Am, Black, Gonzo executive producer: PATRICK COLLINS producer & director: DALE JORDAN
1998/1999 Elegant Angel

-I saw this movie about 2 years ago. This movie has the sexiest Black females in porn & the freakiest (Porsha, Mariah [mixed chick], Caramel, Tyra Butts & Cinnabunz). The only thing this movie was missing is Cherry Lee, Diana DeVoe & Obsession. During the credits, some terrible noise called rap music plays while we see sexy Caramel dancing on camera. Fortunately, in this DVD, the music is gone, but replaced with even worse rap music! I rented this DVD ro review, so...

*The scenes are in order of the best, to me*

-Scene One: Mariah, Porsha & Tony Eveready
These 2 females are so, so hot! Although Porsha's body looks a bit weird (thin thighs but a big butt). I's like to say that she's the Mariah Carey of porn. God, she's hot. Anyway, these females go into a room where Porsha eats out Mariah as Dale interviews her. Mariah sounds dumb when, no offense, she says 'I want you all to watch me jerk off'. This is slow & weak until Tony comes (who has done so many scenes with Porsha). He gets Mariah to suck his cock. Porsha is the first to get fucked in missionary & from behind. Mariah sucks on both Tony's & Porsha's chest. He wears a condom as he fucks Mariah from behind & reverse cowgirl. Unfortunately, I can't say that Mariah gives an outstanding performance like Porsha does. Tony takes her up the butt from behind & she bites the covers on the bed as he slides in. She's a bit quiet about it, too. AND SHE SQUIRTS! Pissing all over the bed while getting her booty bursted. A2M is pretty boring here. Tony finishes Porsha's ass before he cums over both chicks. Fair scene. Porsha was much better in 'Freaks of the Industry'.

-Scene Two: Tyra Butts, Santino Lee & Cuba
Tyra Butts is kinda cute, meaty & very sexual. She talks with slang. Ugh! She gets interviewed by the cameraman. She talks about sex, her email addresses, etc... After the interview, she's in the woods, laying bare on a blanket. 2 guys approach her out of the nowhere (Santino Lee: The Black Buttman & Cuba; both guys are chunky). These 2 are going to sodomize this 'roast beef' girl. When these guys approach her, Santino says to her 'Maam, you are in violation of Article 35-10: Too much booty that needs to be trimmed.' They both claim to be sergents. Tyra blows on both guys & Cuba peeps in her ass. Santino eats her out from behind as she sucks on Cuba later. Santino slides in her pussy & her beefy ass gets gripped tightly. Tyra sucks him as Cuba lubes up his dick & Cuba fucks her from behind as she sucks & rims Santino from behind. NASTY! Cuba fucks harder & becomes dominant & spanks her ass off & on. Her big butt gets fingered. Santino fucks her again & yells out like a drill sargent 'CAN YOU HANDLE IT?' This guy is funny! There's a lot of talking during the sex, too. There's a massive fly problem in this scene, especially both guys take her in her asshole. She bends down, gets it up her ass by Cuba first, then Santino & they keep switching up. She's a bit vocal even when there's something up her mouth. When Santino fucks her ass, he loses control & he pops out of her. Goes back into her after she claims 'I dont deserve this, but its for you guys.' Honestly, I wish to see big black asses like this get filled up by guys like Lex, Nacho, etc... But it's just a dream. Nyah, at one point, when the guys cum, Santino accidentially squirts on Cuba! My gosh! Other guy cums on Tyra's face. Very good scene!

-Scene Three: Cinnabunz & Cuba
Cinnabunz is very sexy & a big freak show. But she should slim down. She's nicely thicken, but she has nasty stretchmarks all over her body. She's interviewed. Inside, Cuba eats her out, fingers both of her holes, she sucks his dick & they do a cool 69. They fuck in a few positions & Cuba fucks her in her fat ass from behind & missionary. The A2M here is pretty good. Great views of her ass being fucked from behind. Great scene! Cinnabunz was better in 'Cumback Pussy 19', though.

-Scene Four: Caramel & Mr. Marcus
I really like this hot Black female. She's beautiful. When I first saw her in 'Waxxxin Phat Asses', I sorta melted back then, although she hardly does anal. She's on a cell phone, awaiting Mr. Marcus. The cameraman interrupts her & wants to see her playing in her pussy. She shows her ass off for the camera & shakes it. Marcus arrives & puts a smile on her face! Her panties tumble down & Marcus eats her pussy. They move into another room where she sucks him down & her pussy gets plumped in various positions. This scene is a bit weak & quiet. She was MUCH better in 'Waxxxin Phat Asses'

-Scene Five: Xtacee, Dynasty & Devlin Weed
This scene was a bummer. Xtacee is kinda skanky looking while Dynasty is not hot! Both females get fucked, vaginally. No anal. Boring as shit! Next, please...

-Scene Six: Red Passion & Tony Eveready
Red Passion does nothing for me. When I first saw this movie, I let a friend see it, who was interested in porn, too. He says the same thing. She's quiet & she looks OK. She gets interviewed & her pussy is very, very wet during the interview. We see how her pussy & butt gets wet during the interview. She & Tony goes to a secluded place, she talks on a cell phone talking about how Tony is gonna do her. Tony fucks her in various positions. No anal at all. The sex is weak & it's shit! I wish this scene would have been replaced with a scene with Cherry Lee! Next, please...

BOTTOM LINE: This movie is very average. The scenes with Tyra Butts, Mariah/Porsha are the best. The other scenes are weak. The female cast is very good, but could have been better if the boring 3 females got replaced with Obsession, Cherry Lee & Diana DeVoe. If you want an excellent grade A Black porn movie, go to Waxxxin Phat Asses, Black Booty Cam series & Freak of the Industry. Avoid buying this. Just rent it & burn the good scenes. As much as I'd like to highly recommend this, I can't do that! Elegant Angel needs to work on their DVDs & stop putting pics & extra footage for OTHER FILMS on their DVDs. The audio is a bit screwed, too.

The Film: B-
The DVD: D+

2002, BlacaneseMale productionz, Ltd.

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