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O2: The Surrender of O

O2: The Surrender of O

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Feature film , Fetish
Directed by:
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YogaDame's ratings for O2: The Surrender of O:
Overall Rating 5 stars
O2: The Surrender of O overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks O2: The Surrender of O Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks O2: The Surrender of O Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex O2: The Surrender of O Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting O2: The Surrender of O Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras O2: The Surrender of O DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality O2: The Surrender of O A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by YogaDame  on  1/12/2009

The Surrender of O

Cast: Bree Olson, Kayden Kross, Ava Rose, Nina Hartley, Mika Tan, Nicole Sheridan, Bobbi Star, Trinity Post, Claire Adams, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Marco Banderas, Jerry, and Erik Everhard.

Director, Writer, and Producer: Ernest Greene.

Videographer: Ralph Parfait.

Production dates: 3/28/08 - 4/2/08 (taping), 10/10/08 (DVD).

Length: 184 min.

Extras: A 36-min. interview with Ernest Greene, a 73-min. behind-the-scenes featurette, 10-min. interview with Bree Olson, a 10-min. interview with Kayden Kross, a 25-min. bonus scene from The Perfect Secretary (with Carmen Luvana, the late Haley Paige, Vincent Vega, Tony Tedeshi), a 23-min. bonus scene from O: The Power of Submission (with Carmen Luvana, Justine Joli), 9 min. of trailers (O: The Power of Submission, Carolina Jones and the Broken Covenant, Latin Seduction, Sunshine Highway), a 4-min. slide show with 66 stills from the movie, a 2-min. slide show with 37 stills from the set, a free digital download of the movie (although I couldn't figure out how to make that work with my PowerBook G4), and coupon codes for and

Audiovisual quality: It's as close to perfect as it ever gets. Seriously, I haven't a single complaint. The camerawork is graceful, and the editing is fluid. The composition and framing are gorgeous. All potential distractions have been diligently removed, yet the scenes still unfold at a luxurious pace, with lots of space to develop and breathe. In several places, there are uninterrupted transitions between sex positions, an encouraging sign that the intercourse was proceeding smoothly on set. Chapter stops are plentiful, allowing easy navigation through the disc.

I will note that for the first run of discs, there was an audio synch problem in the behind-the-scenes segment (not in the feature itself). Adam & Eve has since fixed that. If you happen to end up with one of the defective bonus discs, please contact the company. Free replacements are available.

Screenshots: At the time of this writing, image galleries may be viewed at

Plot synopsis: To her chagrin, O (Bree Olson) is now having second thoughts about leaving Steven (Evan Stone). Excluding him from her life has hurt in ways she didn't anticipate. She's even hit a rut in her work as a photographer. But after the way O dumped Steven, he'd never take her back, right? Well, Marie (Nina Hartley) has read the situation a bit differently. It's best to not be too hasty with your conclusions when you have an ally as powerful as Marie...


Scene 1: Bree Olson, Nina Hartley, and Nicole Sheridan O (Bree) has been doing a bit of self-portraiture to try to get her edge back. Marie (Nina) and her friend Mrs. Nicole drop by and discover O in a naughty pose. O has evolved as a D/s (domination and submission) player and has learned to embrace her submissive side. She now genuinely enjoys sensations which sting, and she is drawn to more intricate and difficult activities than those in the first installment of this series. She worships Nicole's pussy while hanging by the ankles, accepts a two-on-one flogging while straddling a dildo on a pole, begs for stimulation from the sex machine while bound spread-eagle in full arm cuffs, and welcomes strap-on lovin' from both ma'ams while strapped to the spanking horse. Time: 22:50. Rating: 5 stars.

Scene 2: Kayden Kross and Erik Everhard After a heart-to-heart with Marie, O accepts an invitation to return to "The House." She meets house girl Regina (Kayden), who has a fun session scheduled with one of her favorite visiting masters (Erik). Kayden wriggles and giggles while Erik shaves her bikini line. He lubes her feet, and she proves she knows just what to do with them. What Erik loves best, though, is watching her squirm in response to his immensely effective oral skills. Bree delivers the flogger that the master ordered, and she joins in just long enough to put a blush on Kayden's butt during the blowjob. Vigorous vaginal fucking follows, with great eye contact from Erik the whole time. Kayden claims she came at least ten times during this scene, and I believe her. Time: 21:14. Rating: 5+ stars.

Scene 3: Mika Tan, Ava Rose, and Evan Stone Uh-O. Steven (Evan) has independently decided to visit The House, which leads to a brief, uneasy exchange between the former lovers. Fortunately, Steven is rather distracted at the moment by two entertaining house girls. Rita (Mika) and Monique (Ava) kiss and play for their master. Evan warms them up further with a dual whipping. Ava prepares Mika's ass with an acrylic butt plug, eventually leading to anal fun with her hips flipped up into pile driver. Meanwhile, Ava gets the first appealing rides in vaginal positions. The domination in this scene is quite well done. Evan is in command from start to finish. He instructs his submissives in a manner which keeps them engaged and aroused. Time: 28:26. Rating: 5 stars.

Scene 4: Kayden Kross, Bobbi Star, and Tommy Gunn O no! Steven's half-brother Ray (Tommy) has arrived unexpectedly, as well. He has two house girls of his own. Denise (Bobbi) kneels for the first blowjob, prettily bound by a bow at the elbows. The ladies unlace each other's bodices in a particularly steamy fashion. The ensuing action includes vaginal intercourse for Kayden and anal intercourse for Bobbi, ending in a spontaneous ejaculation onto her derriere. The sex is strong, but the D/s element is surprisingly soft. Tommy provides little verbal feedback to either lady and no audible reply when Kayden asks permission to orgasm. Meanwhile, Kayden craftily takes the steering wheel and does much of the driving in this scene. Of course, this is in keeping with the characters that they're playing. Ray doesn't have a clear idea of what he truly wants in life (although he repeatedly fools himself into believing otherwise). Comparing this scene to the previous one, we now know why O fancies Steven and not Ray. Time: 16:52. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 5: Trinity Post, Ava Rose, Marco Banderas, and Jerry Elsewhere in The House, punishment is underway. As Marie likes to say, "We don't punish because they're bad. We punish because it's fun!" The submissives are made to wear dildos locked firmly into place with steel chastity belts. They polish the floors under the supervision of their attendants, who provide proper encouragement in the form of friendly flogging. Deep, slobbery blowjobs are the next order of the day. Marco chooses Ava and Jerry teams with Trinity for the vaginal sex. Ava injects lube directly into Trinity's rectum, preparing her ever so nicely for the upcoming double penetration. Ava strokes herself with a dildo and watches appreciatively while Trinity gets very orgasmic. Both guys climax in succession (no masturbatory handwork or editing cuts) while their gals hold side-by-side doggy positions. Fantastic finish to a fine scene! Time: 23:25. Rating: 5 stars.

Scene 6: Claire Adams, Trinity Post, and Bree Olson Next up is a nifty little demi-scene. Bree wanders in while Claire is taking her turn with Trinity. Claire secures Trinity in a pretty red rope harness, playfully hauls her onto her lap like a doll, and begins to please her with a vibrator and dildo. The rapport between these two women is incredibly seductive. Bree masturbates in the background, but it ends in frustration for her. It seems that O has begun to realize that she can no longer deny her desires. It's time to attempt a reconciliation with Steven. Thanks to a cunning plan by Marie, that just might be possible. Time: 7:09. Rating: 4.5 stars.

Scene 7: Bree Olson and Evan Stone O lets herself into Steven's apartment. When he comes home, he finds a very apologetic and tastily wrapped morsel, wearing a pink and black satin underbust corset, black stockings with pink stiletto pumps, pink collar and cuffs, and a darling little fascinator hat. Ah, but what mixed feelings are stirred by this prospect. He really wants her back, yet she stung him so badly. This time he must test her sincerity much more severely. The result is a dark and emotionally intense scene. Evan isn't exactly polite to Bree. He whips her soundly, pounds her in all three holes, and thoroughly puts her in her place. Rough as it sounds, this is exactly the type of trust building ritual that both characters want and need. By the light of the next day, Steven has gratefully accepted the gift of O's surrender. And O has discovered a new type of courage: the courage to co-create happiness in a committed relationship. Time: 25:33. Rating: 5 stars.

The Extras I was disappointed in the bonus disc for the first installment, but those issues have been satisfactorily resolved for this production. We're treated to top-notch extras this time around. I like that the bonus scenes now coordinate with the theme of the main feature. The behind-the-scenes featurette provides significantly more breadth and depth. The two lead actresses both give very nice interviews. If you want the absolute best insights, however, you really must watch the Ernest Greene interview. He summarizes the plot of the first movie for viewers who missed that, and he offers fascinating details concerning the sequel's script development, cast personalities, and on-the-set dynamics. Plus, he talks about the profound love he shares with Nina. The story of their relationship is so scrumptious that I never get tired of hearing it.

Thumbs up: Authentic pleasure. Attention to detail. And an appealing plot with snappy dialog, too? I had to double check the 2257 statement on the box to make sure I was really watching porn. It's so rare for an adult movie to nail all three of those qualities. My girly bits are still tingly and happy.

A couple of early reviews have questioned whether the amount of D/s play in this movie would be adequate for bondage aficionados. That's an interesting question, and I will attempt an answer, although of course I can only speak from my own limited personal perspective. As someone who's gradually grown more comfortable with her inner kinky self, I'm genuinely pleased with the way kink is presented in The Surrender of O. I would argue that the point of bondage is not how long or how tightly the submissive is bound (although moderately challenging bondage does in fact appear in the movie). The point is whether the participants feel freed into the flow of pleasure, which might or might not incorporate the paradox of external restraints at any given moment.

Skilled D/s play is often rather subtle from an observer's point of view. I've found that learning to appreciate it is a bit like learning to more fully hear a symphony. At first, maybe only the main melodies and themes are apparent. Nothing wrong with that. With more practice, though, it becomes easier to notice that the percussionist is using a triangle to add interesting little shivery accents in the third movement, or that every house girl is fittingly accessorized with identical slave rings. This movie is a multilayered work: there are hot performers engaging in hot sex to thrill the general audience, and also there are tricky little details to hold the attention of discerning kinksters. The Surrender of O hits the right notes.

Thumbs down: There goes what's left of my retirement fund. This movie is giving me an irrepressible urge to shop. The costumes, the toys, the shoes, the implements... Ohmygosh, what a visual feast. I'll take one of each, please.

Themes: Pairs (F/M, F/F), threeways (F/F/M, F/F/F), foursome, oral sex (including rimming), vaginal sex, anal sex, double penetration, masturbation, footjob, BDSM (a variety of wrist, ankle, elbow, and full arm restraints; inverted bondage; rope bondage; flogging; whipping), toys (vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, strap-ons, sex machine, chastity belts, nipple clamps), shaving, bathing, dressing and undressing, dirty talk, facial, fetishwear, real couple.

Condom use: None. Black latex gloves are put to very good uses, however.

Juice-o-meter: High. I literally drained the last drops of power out of my vibrator. I'm glad that it's solar rechargeable.

Final analysis: O2: what a breath of fresh air! Sorry, couldn't resist. There's no point to resistance, when the movie is as alluring as The Surrender of O. Please, Sir, may I have another?

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