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HeyNow O-Ring Blowout 3.5 starsO-Ring Blowout 3.5 starsO-Ring Blowout 3.5 stars
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O-Ring Blowout

O-Ring Blowout

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for O-Ring Blowout:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
O-Ring Blowout overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks O-Ring Blowout Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks O-Ring Blowout Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex O-Ring Blowout Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting O-Ring Blowout Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras O-Ring Blowout DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality O-Ring Blowout A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  4/7/2005
Ok I recall seeing this big poster of the cover for this one in Vegas and Keri was looking so good on it as well as when you met her in person. Now I get to watch that scene along with a few others featuring some hotties, chiefly Jasmine Byrne catches my eye. So let's go along as Tim Von Swine gets these girls to open up their O-Rings!


We start with this cute pint sized girl walking up some stairs and Tim greets her asking what she's here for and naturally she's here to get her O-Ring blown out! Kat then has a seat and we get an interview conducted by the Swinemeister. Kat gives good answers as well as flashing us some nice smiles showing off those braces. Even better she sits back and spreads her pussy for us, then there are two cocks thrust in and she goes for it. Some hot bj footage and this young girl impresses when she takes those schlongs in at the same time. Sexwise it's right to her ass in spoon with some A2M, then doggie is shot and that gives us our first good shots of her gaping. Kat then gets into a dp in reverse cowgirl and you also see both men trading off fucking her ass one from below the other from up top. Going back to doggie anal you get some real good gape shots and the boys then dp her in cowgirl giving us still more gapeage. Moving to piledriver we can really see the gape develop as they pound downward with more A2M shot, then it's back to doggie anal, mish anal with some great ground level gape shots and the guys just have to pick her up for the standing dp and finally they rain some jizz down in her mouth with Kat doing some cleanup. Not a bad start and this girl just has fun in her scenes which is why I like to watch her!

Tiffany Hopkins:

Our next girl starts out comfortably resting on a couch and she reminds me a little of one of the main girls from the movie Wicker Park if you remember that recent Josh Hartnett film, well it struck me anyway and she is hot so there you go. Swine hadn't shot this girl before who was in the US for the first time, we get to hear her sexy French accent too, all the way from Gay Pari!! She doesn't know what an O-ring blowout is and Swine will just let her find out. Well this convo was fun but business picks up when Randy Spears joins in and he too seems to have fun in his scenes and his is funny too as evidence when the two of them start cuddling. Randy gets her back on the couch where he helps Tiffany out of her bra and some boob sucking is shot. Randy also does a good job on her pussy and ass tasting both plus using some fingers. Tiffany then gets a big smile on her face just before she takes on his cock and a nice bj is shot with great eye contact from her. Sexwise you get cowgirl anal right away and she has a nice ass which she grinds over his cock. After some A2M from Tiffany we get more anal this time in reverse cowgirl but you don't get much gaping shown so no idea how big the O-ring is at this point. You see more A2M from her, then it's on to doggie anal and here we should get a better shot of her gaping ass but it must have felt so good as Randy never pulls out long enough for us to see,lol. Tiffany then does more ass tasting, then it is anal in mish and you do see some brief gaping here before they go to piledriver anal where she claims out her love for his cock!! You get the best gape shots here and they close with Randy jerking a load onto her face and Tiffany had a great cum hungry look on her face as he's doing this and the cleanup was good. Not a bad scene but not enough O-Ring footage.

Jasmine Byrne:

Up next we have a young woman who has really been doing some bang up scenes so far in 2005 and I have no doubts she'll kick ass here. We start with a great shot of her ass which Swine can't resist smacking. Jasmine then shows us her pretty smiling face, then she has a seat for an interview with Swine. Jasmine is so calm as she tells Von she's here to get her ass fucked and she is just so cute as she tells us this. Jasmine then gets joined by Steve and John and the scene gets right to it with some fucking and sucking. Steve gets first anal dibs in doggie but John quickly gets in there for some spoon anal when the fellas switch. Jasmine does plenty of A2M and we get several more anal variations including dps and there is some good skull fucking done also and this scene the gapes are shown much better than in the previous scene. You even have some ass eating done by Jasmine proving she can be as nasty as anyone. The cowgirl anal really shows off the best views of her ass and of course there is some good gapes shown. You also get some good gaping in missionary anal and we close with some awesome cock sucking to both dicks by Jasmine and she's rewarded with two good loads in her mouth. A very good scene for Jasmine lovers.


Our next girl is a nice looking blond and her name is pronounced like this-- Sauna but just spelled differently. Swine doesn't want to do the boring cookie cutter interview but we still get some of the same questions,lol, but who cares she is a hottie! I had some technical glitches creep in with the picture freezing some but it kept on going but this was a definite destraction. The first three scenes had no suck problem for my player. Saana does a fine job showing us her body but the picture freezing every second or so bothered me a lot. Finally it froze when she was posed in doggie. This sucks bigtime and again it is the dvd I know. Well let's jump ahead to Keri's scene but I suspect there will be more problems, hope I'm wrong.

Keri Sable:

Our feature scene or well the one that features the cover girl because I think Keri will be hard pressed to be Jasmine's scene. We lead off with Keri sitting on a couch and yes the glitches are there just as the scene starts so I'm pissed already,lol. Well I couldn't get the scene to really play so I'm terminatin the review which is to bad. I know there are other reviews for this which are available so read those to catch the last two scenes. I'm not sure why but it seems lately RLD dvds start fucking up for me after 3 scenes and I have no such problems with other companies dvds except for Platinum X titles occasionally so perhaps those two companies need to think about using other authorers-- if that's the right area I'm not sure. Well I know Keri did a good scene so I'd still rent this one. Ok I tried again to watch her scene as a courtesy to this pretty young girl and to Swine but still the glitches won't let me get hard. Swine shoots some nice tease footage of Keri's body, that ass is incredible and he slaps it a few times and when she pulls the shorts down, that is practically perfection. Swine doesn't like the interview crap,lol, so Mr. Everhard and Stefano join in and Keri goes for it giving each cock a good work out but I wasn't able to fully get into it due to the freezing picture and it froze up again so I'm done.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a good title when it played for me, Jasmine was the highlight followed by Kat and I have no doubts Keri's scene was a highlight. Devin Valencia is the girl in the boner footage that Swine gets to fuck and she does a nice job sucking his cock and eventually she takes a pop but is surprised I think by the vastness of the Swine Load!! Devinn has an incredible body with some outstanding tits. Other extras to check out include a photo gallery and finally some behind the scenes and nicely you start with some of Keri's scene which sees a huge gape in her ass and as they take more pics we get more shots of her gaping ass, plus the guys have a few laughs. I saw some glitches in my picture too but not as much as in the last two scenes. Actually I typed to soon, the picture froze up on me,lol. Well it was a very good dvd to start but frustrating to finish up. I think if I had a non screener copy my thoughts would be better on the title. I still recommend this for purchase as the cast is real good and Tim obviously had fun shooting it. My ratings for the audio portion are strictly based on my copy fucking up and shouldn't influence you in not buying this at all, at least rent it, like I said this was a screener copy and not the same dvd you'd get buying one, at least that's my hope.

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