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O Files 1, The

O Files 1, The

Studio: John Fantasy Prod.
Category:  Compilation , Oral

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MisterNoGood's ratings for O Files 1, The:
Overall Rating 2 stars
O Files 1, The overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks O Files 1, The Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks O Files 1, The Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex O Files 1, The Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting O Files 1, The Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras O Files 1, The DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality O Files 1, The A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by MisterNoGood  on  11/15/2005
This is an all bj movie where the girls all use a slow sedutive style. You wont find any rough bjs here.

This is a movie from a very small studio that has amateur girls. Because it is a small studio, the production values are not very good compared to the larger companies. These types of movies are only for a select audience, and will not appeal to everybody. Sometimes the blowjob movies from the large, major studios tend to have alot of the same girls over and over, so I often buy movies from little know studios just to see different girls that I have not seen before.

Unfortunatly this movie has below average picture quality and sound. Another problem is that many of the scenes, girls dont make eye contact with the camera, and in some of the scenes all you can see of the girl is the side of her head.

Up first is a cute blonde on her knees slowly sucking a guy and using her hands to stroke him she jerks him off. A disappointing way to start, poor video quality and all you can see of the girl is the side of her head. You see more than you want to of the guys face.

Laying on the bed is a cute blonde slowly sucking on a guy. Another guy walks in and she puts her hands on the base of each cock and softly sucks them. Eventually she jerks one guy off onto her cute face. Another disappointing scene as the camera work was pretty bad, and I would like to have seen more of her cute face. Only one guy came.

Things get much better in the third scene with a cute blonde wearing black leather, slowly licking on a guys dick and softly sucking him while looking into the camera. She slowly takes him all the way into her mouth, right down to the balls, then licks on the head and talks dirty while looking into the camera. Unfortunatly in the middle of this great scene they try to attempt an inverted bj, and it doesnt look that good. She gets back to her knees to finish the bj and he jerks off a large load onto her face. A really nice seductive bj by this girl, I just wish they edited out the inverted bj.

Next is a girl with black hair with many braids, slowly sucking on a guy, then she licks his butt for a very long time, and it looks just awful. Eventually she jerks him off onto her chin. Another disappointing scene.

Wearing a black head band is a cute blonde slowly sucking on a guy while using her hands to stroke him at the same time. She jerks him off into her mouth and sucks the cum off the head. She performed good and I enjoyed this scene.

An older plain looking girl with black hair is next, laying next to a guy sucking him. With her lips wrapped around his dick, he cums into her mouth. Kind of a disappointing scene, no eye contact and she is not that attractive.

Next is an attractive blonde laying down getting her pussy eaten. Next she gets to her knees to softly suck his dick while she squeezes his balls with her hands at the same time. A nice scene up until the ends when she spits out a very large amount of fake cum.

The next scene takes place outside and there is too much light so it is not really worth viewing. So it's on to the next one.

A cute girl with short brown hair slowly licks on a guys dick and softly sucks him, and then jerks him off onto her face. She performed well, and enough eye contact to make it enjoyable.

The last scene is a nice surprise, as the blonde girl that did a fantastic bj in scene three, returns this time dressed in red leather. Like her other scene, she makes plenty of eye contact while slowly licking on his dick and taking him deep into her mouth. Often she talks dirty and ends up jerking him off into her face. Another great scene from this fantastic cocksucker.

The video quality and the sound quality were below average. Not much for extras, just some trailers.

On the positive side is that there are girls here you probably have not seen before. The blonde girl in scene three and the last scene is just terrific. A few of the other girls are cute and perform good.

On the negative side is the picture and sound quality was below average. The camera work is not very good. Most of the girls do not make eye contact with the camera and often all you see of the girls is the side of her head. In a few scenes you see the guys face more that you want to.

I gave it an overall score of two stars. I enjoyed a few scenes here, but I had alot of disappointment along the way.

If you are really into watching amateur girls give seductive bjs, and you can put up with below average picture and sound, this might be worth a rental.

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