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Nymphos (Wicked Pictures)

Nymphos (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Nymphos (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nymphos (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  2/23/2014

Running Time: 100 min.

Production Date: None given

Director: Stormy Daniels

Cast: Casey Calvert, Dahlia Sky (formerly known as Bailey Blue), Juelz Ventura, Katie St. Ives, Lyla Storm, Mischa Brooks, Stormy Daniels, Brendon Miller, Karlo Karrera, Michael Vegas, Steven St. Croix, Tommy Pistol, and Xander Corvus in sexual roles with Jay Crew (aka Jake Jacobs), Kyle Stone, and many more in non-sex roles

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are very nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced, and even plays with things a little using music to make some of the dialogue deliberately harder to hear in a few places. This is definitely a tricky proposition, but here it works to great effect and makes the scenes all the stronger. The video is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks very good. It's well lit and clear with a great eye behind the camera.

The Movie: Although known for her features, with Nymphos Stormy Daniels goes down the vignette path. The four vignettes are unrelated, but each has a nice opening to set things up.

Scene 1 – Katie St. Ives and Karlo Karrera

After a long day working her way through clients, massage therapist Katie introduces herself to new client Karlo and leaves him to disrobe. She checks on him with a hidden camera and sluts herself up a bit unbuttoning her shirt, losing her panties, letting down her hair, touching up her lips and changing from comfortable shoes and high heels before returning. Katie teases him with a flash of her panty-less pussy before starting the massage, and then teases him with her breasts in his face and a hand on her breast as she massage shim. When he starts to apologize for his cock popping up, Katie moves in to kiss him and grope him through his sheet. Karlo helps her strip down so he can admire her tits and ass, and soon after has her stroking his cock and seeing how much of it she can fit into her mouth. He picks her up and carries her to a counter to eat her box before he fucks it as she sits back on the counter. He picks Katie up and turns her around for a midair fuck before laying her back on the massage table for a quick missionary fuck. She rolls over for Karlo to fuck her doggie style and bounces on his bone reverse cowgirl style as he takes his turn laying back on the table. Katie spins around on Karlo's cock into the traditional cowgirl and finally sucks him to a nice pop in her mouth that she quickly swallows down.

Scene 2 – Dahlia Sky, Lyla Storm, and Brendon Miller

Latina hottie Lyla isn't overly happy with how her dishwater blonde Dahlia partner sleeps with every guy who comes through her door at work, as well as chasing down guys in the bathroom and at the water cooler. After a chat about sex in her office, Lyla comments on how Brendon is outside looking for a job for prison work release and Dahlia decides they should both fuck him since it's obviously been too long since Lyla's had a good fucking. She explains to a nervous Brendon about how she'll give him a glowing recommendation for the parole board, and the happier she is with him the better the review he gets as she moves around to put a foot in his crotch. Brendon quickly gets with the program and lets her know that her reputation proceeds her before kissing her hard and starting to play with her pussy through her panties. Lyla watches for a few moments before joining Dahlia on the desk with some passionate kisses as they help each other strip down and check each other out. Brendon eats his way between the girl as they kiss and play with each other lightly and then leans back against the desk as they team up on his cock and balls orally. Lyla works Brendon's rubber on with her mouth and then moves up to ride his face as Dahlia rides him cowgirl style. She moves around to work her way between Brendon and Dahlia orally, and after Dahlia gets a few more pumps, gets in the middle so Brendon can take her from behind as she eats Dahlia's pussy, sucks her tits, and kisses her. Lyla plays with Dahlia and Brendon as they fuck reverse cowgirl style and straddles Dahlia so they can play with each other as Brendon fucks his way between them. Brendon finishes Dahlia off fucking her as she lays on her side, and then gives her a solid pop on her ass that Lyla licks up.

Scene 3 – Casey Calvert, Juelz Ventura, Mischa Brooks, Michael Vegas, Tommy Pistol, and Xander Corvus

Hot brunettes Casey, Juelz, and Mischa will do pretty much anything to get to the One Erection boy band of Michael, Tommy, and Xander, and when they find out where the guys are shooting a music video try multiple schemes to get inside. None of them seem to work, but Juelz refuses to leave until she gets pop star balls in her face and they finally get a crew member to get them inside so they can get busy with the guys and relax them for their shoot. The guys are a bit surprised when they open a set box and find girls coming out. Mischa sets her sights on Michael as Casey goes after Xander and Juelz quickly hooks up with Tommy. They quickly work through kissing and a bit of oral action before moving on to fuck the girls in missionary and doggie around the box. The guys move around to enjoy more of the girls, and also work in a bit more oral action and some fucking in the cowgirls. Juelz takes the first facial from Michael before Tommy creams Casey's pretty face. Finally Xander sprays his seed over Mischa's tight stomach.

Scene 4 – Stormy Daniels and Steven St. Croix

Bookish bottle blonde Stormy makes her way down a hotel hallway before opening and envelope with a key and some money inside. She pours herself a drink to calm her nerves before cleaning herself up and transforming herself into the sexpot we're used to seeing complete with some hot black lingerie. After a knock at the door a well dressed Steven enters and pours himself a drink of his own as she waits on a couch. He makes his way to the couch with his drink and takes his time as he checks her out before confirming his suspicions that it's her first time. Steven steps away from her for a few moments before rushing back to kiss her passionately. He carries Stormy to the bed and lays her back to kiss her and worship her body. He wraps his belt around her neck as they strip down, and after worshiping her fantastic funbags wraps them around her forearms behind her back while he moves down to play inside her panties with some nice tease worked in. He even sniffs her panties when she removes them, and brings back his belt to spank her pussy lightly as he eats and plays with it as well as giving her ass a few slaps. Steven devours Stormy's chocolate starfish as well as her pussy, and she begs for him to spike her pleasure with a touch of pain spanking her ass more with his belt. She gets on all fours so he can enter her from behind while kissing her back and holding her throat. Stormy gives him plenty of vocal encouragement, and keeps it up as Steven moves around to spoon her. She lays back with her legs in the air for Steven to fuck her pussy with a bit more pussy eating mixed in along with a little foot worship. Steven pulls out and gives Stormy an impressive load over her stomach before eating her a little more, and finally collects the envelope of cash on his way out the door.

I have to admit that I'm starting to get a little afraid of Stormy Daniels' releases. She's been on a heck of a roll this year with releases such as Divorcees, Switch, Wanderlust, and The Ring, and with every release my expectations get higher for her work. That always seems to be a recipe for disaster, as eventually my hopes get so high that it's just not possible to meet them. With Nymphos stepping away from the features Stormy is so well know for a little bit, part of me was expecting this to be the release where Stormy finally let me down behind the camera. That part of me was completely and utterly, without question, 1,000% wrong. Rather than letting me down a little, Nymphos only raised my expectations further for Stormy Daniels both behind the camera as well as in front of it. This release isn't just extremely sexy, it's a heck of a lot of fun. The opening for every scene works great, from the kinkiness of Katie peeping on Karlo as he stripped down to the hilarity of Dahlia fucking everything that movies. The fun of Mischa, Juelz, and Casey trying to sneak in to get some boy band boning is great, but nothing compared to how downright hilarious Michael, Tommy, and Xander are as the boy band. Finally there's Stormy's nervousness in her hotel hookup is nothing short of fantastic and adds a very nice emotional touch. Sexually the movie worked just as well, and there's great chemistry in each and every scene. I really like how Stormy mixed things up with Katie and Karlo keeping it fairly straightforward and then mixing in Dahlia, Lyla, and Brendon's threesome and the mini-orgy between Juelz, Mischa, Casey, Tommy, Michael, and Xander. Even returning to a one-on-one action as Stormy moved in front of the camera with Steven there was the added twist of a little extra kinkiness combined with the classy opening. Although Stormy only seems to get recognition for her work behind the camera, this is yet another scene that shows she deserves every bit as much recognition for her work in front of the camera. From start to finish, Nymphos blew me away and added itself to Stormy Daniels' already impressive list of great movies that are definitely worth the purchase.

The Extras: Trailers are included for Nymphos as well as six other Wicked releases. The photo gallery lasts about eight and a half minutes. There's also bonus scenes and commercials.

Bonus Scene 1 – Juelz Ventura and Bill Bailey

The opening scene comes from Barrett Blade's Spin Class Ass. Juelz shows off her great ass in and out of a little white and purple short shorts along with a purple top. She strips down and adds a few bubbles from a nearby bath to the mix before Bill joins her with a kiss and a hard cock. He worships and spanks her ass before sitting back so she can swallow his cock. Juelz bounces on Bill's bone reverse cowgirl style as he plays with her ass before stretching out her turdcutter with a large black buttplug. Bill eats her ass before fucking it doggie style, and then lets Juelz lay back so he can fuck it missionary style. He continues to bone her butt as she rolls to her side and finally lets Juelz have a nice pop on her ass that she rubs in and tastes from her fingers.

Bonus Scene 2 – Dahlia Sky and Xander Corvus

The second bonus scene comes from Stormy Daniel's Change of Heart. As Logan chats with Xander on the phone about going out, Xander lets him know that he won't be able to make it as Dahlia struts in wearing a sexy bra and panty set looking for his opinion on it. Soon after Xander's kissing his way across Dahlia's body as she lays back and lets him help strip her down. He sucks her tits and works on her pussy with his tongue and fingers before letting Dahlia up to kiss him and mouth his manhood. Xander fucks her missionary style before letting her get on top for a reverse cowgirl ride. She lets him tap her ass doggie style as well as spooning it. Finally Bailey lets Xander spray his seed over her chest before taking a quick taste from his cock.

Bonus Scene 3 – Stormy Daniels and Michael Vegas

The final bonus scene comes from Stormy Daniels' fantastic Switch. Although Michael doesn't want to be late for their dinner reservation, he quickly changes his mind when Stormy walks in wearing some sexy pink and black lingerie and lets him know she changed their reservation so they could have dessert first. They kiss as he admires how hot she looks and runs his hands around her. They lay back on the bed where he mixes in plenty of kisses for Stormy's big tits as well as laying her back to eat her pussy. She eagerly sucks and strokes his cock in return before letting Michael fuck her missionary style. He also takes Stormy as she lays on her side and lets her ride him cowgirl style. Stormy sucks him clean before he takes her in doggie with a little ass play mixed in. Finally Michael pulls out to pop on her ass and back before giving Stormy a few more kisses.

Condom Usage: 100%

Final Thoughts: Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it. Buy it.

Note to Wicked Pictures: This one seems like it could have really had some great behind the scenes outtakes that would have been a nice addition to the overall DVD. Even better might have been a completed music video for Michael, Tommy, and Xander's boy band.

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