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Studio: Celluloid Addiction
Category:  All Girl
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bono-ONE's ratings for Nymphetamine:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Nymphetamine overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Nymphetamine Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Nymphetamine Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Nymphetamine Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Nymphetamine Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Nymphetamine DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nymphetamine A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/29/2008
Good day fellow porn fans, here I've got the new one from Michael Ninn and I'm not to familiar with his work but I am a fan of the g/g genre so I'll have a look see here to see just what's up. There are really hot girls in this one too from Jana Cova to Faye Reagan to Celeste Star to Karlie Montana-- some fine g/g performers so let's see what Mr. Ninn and co. captured on film.

Jana Cova & Jana Jordan:

An interesting beginning with the girls naked, lots of white everywhere, cool architecture too. The music piped in helped the tone too but it was mostly the visuals that kept my interest here, there were a lot of cuts too. This is the tease portion so I can go with that but I hope once the girls start playing that the shots will linger a bit more. I should also add they're standing near a lot of water, shimmering pools separated by a long white walk way, visually it was cool to look at. They work in a little black & white footage as well. The music stops and thankfully the shots do start lasting longer as we have the girls use fingers and tongue to pleasure each other. Liked the standing in water too, I'm actually a fan of water play in general, be it in the shower, or the pool-- wet female bodies are hot and especially when you have two of them. There starts to be a little dirty talk too and the action isn't bad, some oral is worked in and yes they do eventually get to toys and my interest waned some as it seemed the toy use started to dominate in place of oral or kissing. It's all a question I think of what type g/g you like, if you're into the more sensual/ erotic end of the spectrum this scene has it more towards the start and a bit after they begin playing and then it lessened some for me once they began thrusting in the glass objects. The visual look stayed strong throughout so fans of the toy playing in g/g scenes should get more from this portion of the scene than I did. Overall, great visual look and the girls played well.

Charlie Laine & Heather Carolin:

This scene takes place at night but at the same location as the first scene, I think it's a great location with the shapes, colors-- you have the white dominace of the wall, the objects in the pool but then you contrast that with the shimmering blue water and then the beautiful females as well. This scene also has a voice over track playing during the early part of the tease which features the girls in and out of their clothes. There is some music too utilized and the same quick cutting style is used too, give you lots to look at and then once the heart of the scene begins they'll slow it down some for the longer shots. The ladies are very attractive, I've liked Charlie Laine for some time, lots of great g/g scenes from her, first time I'm seeing Heather I think but she's very nice to look at and the two seemed liked a good pairing. Watching Charlie licking coochie while the water reflected off the wall behind her was a great look. The darkness was there but enough light was worked in to create the mood shot which made the scene effective for me. Then we get a great shot for Heather when she's behing Charlie who is elevated on stairs, love the licking pussy shot while another girl is behind, Heather also gets fully under arching up to lick/ finger Charlie. The oral I think was much better in this scene than the previous one. There were no toys used in this scene either, just fingers, tongues, nice kissing and so overall this was a much more pleasing scene on my end.

Faye Reagan & Jennifer Dark:

Ok this scene takes us to a different location, we're inside but there is still lots of white, in fact it surrounds the girls from the walls to the flooring-- perhaps this is the same place but now inside. The girls too are clad in some very nice flowing gowns, not sure of the shade of red they were, almost crossed with purple maybe? Anyway they looked great and they're giving us a fine show from the start as their lips are locked. The music too was different but as with the previous scenes seemed to fit the visuals perfectly. There was some sounds in the music almost like Monks singing, I liked it. There was shapes in the white too, to hard to make out but it was fun trying to imagine what they were and the shots seemed to linger here longer too, the kissing was very nice here by the girls and I'm really becoming a fan of Faye Reagan's g/g work as this year's gone on. The hair blowing too was a great touch along with the music, the kissing-- all these things working in tandem made for a most effective presentation. The ladies do a great job losing those dresses and then progressing to some good oral sex/ breast kissing too. Jennifer Dark works in a little dirty talk too as Faye's tongue is working its magic on her pussy lips. This scene sees the toys return but for my part I'd seen more than enough action that I was looking for so they finish up with a little love for the toy fans. There is the music piped in too which keeps the whole mood going, the wind still blowing in the hair. Oh wait at the end of the scene you see there is water around them so I guess they were using the same location just they did a great jof of hiding the water until the end.

Celeste Star & Alyssa Reece:

This scene opens with an impressive shot of the sky above, the billowing clouds covering most of what you see with a stretch of blue on the outter edge, there are strong white columns surrounding a small pool of clear blue water and the picture then starts to flip almost like you're seeing the pages of a book turned in a rapid fire fashion creating the moving picture look. This effect was used mostly to start the scene, then the two girls start to dominate the visuals with some fine kissing, the wind effect is used again too, the almost white look takes over at times. The cuts aren't as quick now so you're getting to enjoy the different visuals tyles longer and of course there are the naked images of these two gorgoeus girls fused in as well. Looks like surrounding them on the outside of the pool is a million little stone pebbles. One last great visual look, Celeste in the pool and behind her is some water cascading down in a waterfall like fashion giving us splashing water! We see some very good oral here too on Celeste, their flesh contrasted so nicely against the whiteness that was surrounding them. You get some toys used here too and there was some sensualness to it when the girls were licking the head and the tongues met.

Karlie Montana & Georgia Jones:

This finale keeps us at this wonderous white location and the water is very much in the shot as the last scene gets underway. The girls mostly shadows as they begin walking and the guitar track playing was awesome, you see the girls closer too as the shot changes, going back and forth plus they are strolling hand in hand through this pool. The two have on matching corsets and bottoms and the clouds above them are gone giving us a brilliant blue above them, the wind effect is wisely used one last time. This would be a fantastic music video for this guitar track!! A long piece of peach colored material is worked in, so thin but it covers the big round white marble sitting area. The young ladies do a good job with the interaction, the kissing wasn't bad, some nice eye looks and the oral was very solid here. As the scene went on the picture got darker so we go from day to night in this scene. You begin with the tranquil blue, the all white and end up with their pretty flesh surrounded by pitch black darkness. Karlie does a good job of mixing in the pussy eating and the toy thrusting-- and she does this from behind as Georgia's standing up. The great guitar track returns just as they finish up and we hit the credits.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this isn't your typical g/g porno and I applaud the effort here. They used a variety of looks and textures to what was filmed- my technical knowledge isn't what it should be to describe it better but if this was a painting being made before my eyes I liked the process and witnessed a lot of good action here. Was it fully the type of g/g I would prefer, no, but it wasn't a mindless exercise of toy thrusting either with no passion between the girls. Everything here had a purpose and it will be up to the viewer if they allow themselves to be drawn in and taking for this wonderful visual ride, I hopped on and very much enjoyed the trip. I like how they call the tease part of the scene the prelude-- a more dignified term to describe the artistic endeavor I believe they were attempting. You can of course skip this part as you see the girls names right under the word Prelude but I'd urge you the first time to watch it all the way because for me the teases were a vital part in setting up the oral and toy play that came after. I'll be very interested to see more as the music along with the great visuals make this a style of g/g I can appreciate coupled with the more sensual/ erotic kissing and oral I like shot in longer segments. Well done and I'll keep a look out for more. I should add too you have photos and BTS to take a look at, the behind the scenes going for 31 minutes and here we see the location laid out bare with no special effects.

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