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Nylons 5 (3rd Degree)

Nylons 5 (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Sex , Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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fu_q's ratings for Nylons 5 (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nylons 5 (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by fu_q  on  6/14/2009
“Nylons 5” by 3rd Degree is an overall good foray into the world of nylons. Indeed, the DVD shows that the use of such items goes far beyond simple physical adornment, as they are employed in a variety of imaginative, sexy ways by the various participants in the disc’s five scenes. In terms of the sex (all vaginal), most of the performances here are good, with one very good—that of Sasha Grey—to lead things off. The actresses are all quite attractive, and there are a couple of relatively new / lesser-known faces presented here that will be worth keeping an eye out for in the future—Cassidy Morgan and Madelyn Marie. There are a few potential drawbacks, as well. For instance, the scenes seem just a bit too long—which sometimes provides a bit of a drag on the festivities—and the camera angles can get a bit bizarre, too. Further, there is at least one instance where the director can be heard giving directions to the actress. That said, all in all, this is still a solid production and worth a look if one is a fan of any of the women here, nylons themselves, or creative uses for common articles of clothing.

Inserting the Disc / Main Menu
Upon inserting the disc, the standard warning and information pages play, followed by an animated logo for the production company, 3rd Degree. After this, it’s off to the Main Menu, where we find three choices—“Play Movie”, “Scene Selection”—a standard scene selection mechanism, and “Bonus Features”—which will be addressed at the end of this review. For now—and as always—let’s get things kicked off with “Play Movie”.

Opening Credits
The opening credits provide a cast list along with clips from the upcoming movie. After this is a producer / director credit, and the DVD moves into Scene One.

Scene One (Sasha Grey ; boy-girl)
This scene involves Sasha Grey, a porcelain-skinned brunette and adult film megastar, and a male actor in a room with a red sofa. Sasha starts off wearing a black thong, black thigh-high stockings, a pair of black heels, and a black bustier top. Physically, Sasha is thin and has long straight hair, perky natural breasts, and a triangular tuft of pubic hair above shaven lips. As always, she is both gorgeous and unique.

Sasha Grey—a legend in the making.

The scene starts out with Sasha stripping, talking to the camera, and then masturbating. After a bit of this, the male lead walks in—large and ready to go. Sasha immediately jumps into action and administers a sexy blowjob, complete with handwork, smacking noises, close-ups, and some spitting. The male lead returns the favor and performs oral sex on her eager womanhood. In terms of the actual penetration, the two please one another in a variety of positions. Amongst these are: various side-entry couplings, missionary-like action, doggie-style sex, and reverse-cowgirl riding. In keeping with the theme of the film, Sasha’s stockings are emphasized to a good degree in this scene, as well. One of them is ripped during the course of the activities, and Sasha uses it to give the male lead a brief hand-job. Further the nylons often end up in either Sasha’s mouth or the male lead’s mouth, and the male lead even fucks the hole in the ripped stocking. Finally, the male lead ejaculates (decent load) up by the knee of the nylon that isn’t ripped, and Sasha licks at it a bit to essentially finish off the scene.

Overall, this is a very good scene; it’s rare that one with Sasha Grey isn’t. Sasha is enticing, alluring, and looking great. There is good heat here, and a variety of positions are utilized. Additionally, the theme comes into play well, too. One thing that seems odd is that the choice was made to start with Sasha, as opposed to ending with her. A slight detraction in this scene, as well as elsewhere in the disc, is the use of some bizarre camera angles. That said, in total, this is definitely the best scene on the disc.

Scene Two (Nika Noire ; boy-girl)
This scene involves Nika Noire, a curvy, foreign-born actress with light-brown hair, and a male actor in a room with a large, raised, brown cushion-pad, white sofas, and a lot of windows. Nika is dressed in a pair of black, lacy thigh-highs, a green bra, a green garter belt, see-through panties, and clear heels. Physically, Nika has relatively large, enhanced breasts and her womanhood is shaven but for a tightly-trimmed triangle just above the lips.

Nika Noire—looking good in her BTS segment.

To kick things off, Nika does a little bit of talking to the camera, stripping down, and masturbating. Similar to the previous scene, the male lead for this scene enters with his large, bent cock ready, and Nika begins to blow him. There’s a good amount of deep-throating, face-fucking, and some handwork during this oral action; Nika is definitely a pro. In terms of the actual sex, the male lead takes Nika in side-entry, missionary-like, reverse-cowgirl, standing rear-entry, and doggie-style positions. The stockings come into play here a lot, as well. The male lead does a bit of fucking underneath one of the stockings while it’s still on Nika’s leg. Additionally, Nika gives the male lead a double-foot-job with the stockings on, and one of the nylons that had been previously ripped is kept in the male lead’s mouth during some oral sex on Nika. The scene essentially ends with a pop-shot on Nika’s mouth and stocking-clad foot, which she is holding up to her face, followed by a good deal of cum-licking by Nika.

All in all, this is a good scene. As with the first scene, the theme is done well here—perhaps even better than in the first scene—and the camera angles get a bit wild. There are a variety of positions that are made use of, and Nika is looking good. While the sex itself isn’t as good here as that in the first scene, this is still worth a watch for those interested in the nylons / stockings fetish or fans of Nika Noire.

Scene Three (Shawna Lenee ; boy-girl)
This scene involves Shawna Lenee, who is the 2009 Penthouse Pet of the Year Runner-Up, and a male actor in a room with glass sliding doors and a white sofa covered with a gold-brown fabric. Shawna is dressed in a black and gray thong and bra set and flesh-colored pantyhose with a hole in them for each butt cheek. Physically, Shawna is a cute, blonde cheerleader-type with nice-sized, enhanced breasts and a shaved cooch.

Shawna Lenee—cute as a button.

Shawna gets things started by talking to the camera and doing some posing before the male lead enters—again with his thick, erect cock ready for business. Like the last two sequences, Shawna blows him and does a bit of deep-throating accompanied by some face-fucking and handwork. Because one good turn deserves another, he also gets in there and eats and fingers her. In terms of the vaginal action, a number of positions are employed, including: side-entry, doggie-style, reverse-cowgirl, and cowgirl. As with the others, this scene advances the nylons theme well. The male lead fucks Shawna’s nylons at one point; Shawna blows him through the nylons; and the male lead penetrates Shawna in a doggie-style position with the nylons covering his penis. Further, a good deal of the action takes place with the male lead’s genitals wrapped / tied with the nylons. Finally, the sex essentially ends with an ejaculation on Shawna’s nylon-covered, open mouth, followed by some cum-licking and oral cock clean-off.

In total, this is a good scene, though it suffers from the bizarre camera angles that are also prevalent in the first two scenes. The environment of the shoot also gives this sequence a bit of a cluttered feel, as the covering gets bunched up on the sofa and gets somewhat distracting. That said, Shawna and the male lead turn out a solid effort, and Shawna—as always—is looking great. Some of the unique goings-on with the nylons also add to the fetish appeal of the title. This one is worth a watch, just like the other two scenes thus far.

Scene Four (Cassidy Morgan ; boy-girl)
This segment of the DVD involves Cassidy Morgan, a spunky barely-legal-type brunette, and her male lead in a room with a white couch partially covered by a purple fabric. Cassidy starts things out in a black, lacy pair of pantyhose, a black bra, and black g-string panties. Physically, Cassidy has a slender build with perky, natural breasts, a fully-shaved, doubly-pierced cooch, and prominent shooting star tattoos on each butt cheek. She comes off as a cute and bubbly woman.

Cassidy Morgan—doing some wardrobe adjustments in her BTS segment.

The activities start off in standard form with Cassidy doing some talking and stripping, and then the male lead comes in. This time around, the actor pays attention to the actress—Cassidy—first, as he eats her, rims her, fingers her vaginally and anally, and gets her quite wet (squirting?). The male lead fucks one of Cassidy’s heels a bit before she reciprocates in the oral category and blows his uncut cock, which also incorporates some handwork and face-fucking. Sex-wise, a number of positions are utilized, including: side-entry, reverse-cowgirl, missionary-like, and cowgirl. The nylons theme also comes into play in this scene, much like the others. A lot of the activities involve the nylons being wrapped / tied around the male lead’s member, and there is intra-sex oral work by Cassidy that makes good use of them—and includes some face-fucking and deep-throating—as well. The scene essentially ends with a squirting ejaculation on Cassidy’s face from the male lead’s nylon-tied member.

Overall, this is a good scene, and Cassidy is someone to definitely look out for in the future. The camera angles once again get a bit odd, and the scene—much like the others in the film—is a bit on the lengthy side. The theme comes into play well, which should please those with this particular fetish. All in all, this too is a scene that is worth a look.

Scene Five (Madelyn Marie ; boy-girl)
This scene involves Madelyn Marie, a stunning, Latina (?) actress with a slender and leggy build, and a male actor in a heavily-windowed room with an artsy sofa consisting of a tan seating area, an olive-green back, and matching, patterned pillows. Madelyn is wearing a gray bra and panties set with pink thigh-high stockings that have small bows on the front. In terms of her physical appearance, she is a brunette (some highlighting) with nice-sized, enhanced breasts and a shaved womanhood. She is quite a looker.

Madelyn Marie—simply stunning.

The activities begin with Madelyn speaking to the camera and doing a bit of masturbation. True to form, her male lead makes his entrance, his big cock at full attention. After a bit of rubbing his member on her nylons, he uses his fingers on her, and she then administers a blowjob featuring a mild amount of face-fucking. In terms of the actual penetration, Madelyn gets it from her stud in a variety of ways, including: cowgirl, doggie-style, side-entry, reverse cowgirl, and missionary-like. The nylons theme also plays well in this scene, with them being used in a variety of female-on-male oral activities—tied / wrapped around the cock / balls at the base; in Madelyn’s mouth with the male lead’s penis; and Madelyn performing oral sex on the male actor while his member is covered with them. Further, the male lead fucks the nylons while they’re on Madelyn’s legs, and—toward the end of the scene—she wraps them around her neck and tightens them a bit. Finally, the sex essentially ends with the male lead ejaculating into the nylons that are covering his cock. This is followed by Madelyn admiring his handiwork and doing a bit of licking. There is then a cut to the closing credits.

In total, this is another good scene. Again, there are some odd camera angles that are assumed, and—particularly by this point, if not sooner—the setup of the scene is a bit repetitive. That said, Madelyn is a very attractive woman, and the sex itself is good, as is the incorporation of the theme. The relative lack of cum-play at the end is also something of a let-down, but not a tremendous one. As with the others, this is worth a watch—especially if nylons are your “thing”.

Bonus Materials / Other Options
The bonus materials are accessible via the Main Menu’s “Bonus Features” option. Here, there is a “Photo Gallery”, which plays a slideshow of stills from the DVD, and there is a “Cum Shot Loop”, which replays through the pop-shots from the movie. Further, there are a handful of trailers that can be watched under the “Trailers” option—they just play after selecting the option—and there is an interesting “Behind the Scenes” featurette that is highly recommended if one is interested in learning a bit more about the actresses.

Sasha Grey—signing some papers in her BTS segment—cool coat!

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