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Nylons (3rd Degree)

Nylons (3rd Degree)

Studio: 3rd Degree
Category:  All Sex , Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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Gentleman Jon's ratings for Nylons (3rd Degree):
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Nylons (3rd Degree) overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Nylons (3rd Degree) Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Nylons (3rd Degree) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Nylons (3rd Degree) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Nylons (3rd Degree) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Nylons (3rd Degree) DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nylons (3rd Degree) A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Gentleman Jon  on  7/2/2007

Cast List by Scene
Scene 1: Alektra Blue with Pat Myne. She wears black pantyhose and has anal sex.
Scene 2: Marsha Lord with Kid Jamaica and Franco Roccaforte. She wears black stockings and a garter belt, and is double penetrated.
Scene 3: Valentina Valesques has anal sex with David Perry while wearing black pantyhose, as well as a lot of body glitter.
Scene 4: Sabrina Rose wears pink pantyhose while having anal sex with Mick Blue.
Scene 5: Mya Diamond wears white pantyhose and has vaginal sex with Toni Ribas.

My Viewing Experience with this Movie
I was curious about this title as soon as I learned about it, as I am a fan of both nylons and Mya Diamond. But it didn't seem like such a sure thing for me that I bought it on its release date and watched it immediately, either. I waited until I could buy it used to get it, and then it was a couple of months before I got around to watching it. When I watch porn, I like to watch the extras first, and in this movie's Behind the Scenes (which are just over three minutes long) the BTS cameraman asks director Chris Streams what he was shooting, and Streams said he didn't know the name of the movie yet, but the concept was just that the women wear pantyhose while they get fucked, and they do weird things with the nylons. Streams said he asked his boss for magazines or websites about the fetish, but he was never given any, so Streams was just "winging it." I knew that several of the women in the cast have a lot of prior experience shooting for this kind of fetish, but the director's attitude in the BTS set me up to expect to be disappointed.

And initially, I did think it was just okay. Additionally, I have both a nylons fetish and a foot fetish, and so I have usually thought of the two fetishes together, and I found it surprising that both Alektra and Marsha actually leave their shoes on the whole time. It is not until right before the cum shot of the third scene that feet are played with at all.

Fortunately, when I write an ADT review, I try to watch the movie at least twice beforehand, as I have found that my own mood and general health can affect how much I enjoy a scene, and a scene that doesn't do much for me on one day can be pretty hot on another day. I want to give a movie a fair chance before I write a negative (or a highly praising) review. And in this movie's case, I found that the more I watched it, the more it grew on me. And I learned to appreciate that yes, you can make a good scene with lots of nylons fetish but no foot fetish.

What I Liked
I liked Alektra caressing Pat's penis with her nyloned knee and shin. I liked pussies being licked through the nylon, and I liked nylon being stretched over guys' faces. I liked the guys sticking their tools between the nylon and the girls' skin. I remember that especially happening in Marsha and Sabrina's scene. In Marsha's scene the guys would stick their dicks down the top of her stockings, and she'd lick the heads. At first through the material, and then they ripped holes in the nylon for the heads to go through so she could better blow the tips. I liked how Mya had her pantyhose pulled down to her knees for some time before they pulled her hose back up and ripped out the crotch. It was just kind of visually interesting to see Toni have free access to her pussy while she had to take short steps and not spread her legs too wide. I liked nylons not only being ripped, but pieces actually being ripped off and played with. David Perry rips an entire leg off of Valentina's hose, and briefly had it draped around her neck and wrapped around his cock while she blew him. Later, he used that pantyhose leg to tie her legs together as he continued to ass fuck her and then had her give him a footjob before he unloaded on her face. Kid Jamaica and Franco Roccaforte ripped a piece off of one of Marsha's stockings and streched it across her face, hooked around her ears and covering her mouth. She opened her mouth underneath that shred of nylon, and they came on her face. She looked pretty hot with her mouth wide open but the loads sitting on top of the fabric stretched outside her mouth.

I liked the standing positions. Kid and Franco give Marsha a standing double penetration. Mya is fucked from behind while she is standing with her pantyhose around her knees, and before that, Toni briefly picked her up while he was eating her. Later, Toni and Mya do a standing 69. Toni fucked Mya's pussy when he already had four of his fingers inside it.

What I Disliked
While I did come to appreciate that you can have nylons fetish without foot fetish, I would have still prefered for Alektra and Marsha to have taken their shoes off. Even if there were no toe sucking or footjobbing, I would have still liked it if Alektra had put her stocking feet up on Pat's legs when she was in reverse cowgirl position. The great way that they did the cumshot in Marsha's scene has gotten me thinking that it would have been even better if they had shown her playing with the jizz more. I don't think it would have hurt to show her licking and sucking on the nylon streched over her face for another 30 or 60 seconds.

There is some sucking of male toes in Marsha's and Mya's scenes, but it was fairly tolerable and forgettable. Also, it wasn't too long ago that I read ALS Scan Alex making the observation in his blog that some Euro porn girls pencil in fake eyebrows, and he couldn't figure out why. Now I'm also noticing that, and Sabrina Rose has the penciled in fake eyebrows.

I don't think that just because a starlet has done anal that has to do anal in every scene. But I did think it was odd that the first four scenes were anal or dp, and then the last scene plays and it is vaginal only, even though I have seen Mya do anal or double penetration many times before. Toni does lick and finger her ass some, but he is never shown with his cock in her ass in this movie. I'm wondering if they didn't try anal, but for whatever reason it just wasn't happening for her that day. Oh well, the scene was actually pretty hot on its own merits, but I just thought it was strange that there would be one non-anal scene in a movie when I know for a fact that the starlet in that one scene does do anal. Or used to, anyway.

DVD Quality
The audio and video are okay. The movie was shot in standard definition video, but that looks okay on my 20" standard television. I was a little amused that when David Perry had his orgasm, the microphone picked up the slightly whistling sound of him exhaling through closed lips. I would greatly appreciate some more chapter stops. As it is now, every scene has one chapter for everything but the cumshot and one chapter for the cumshot. Chapter stops for tease, oral, vaginal, anal, etc. would be useful.

The extras include a cumshot recap that is about 6 minutes long, a gallery of thirty stills, trailers for 4 3rd Degree movies, and a BTS that is only 3 minutes and 11 or 12 seconds long, in which the director admits to not knowing anything about the fetish for nylons.

Overall Thoughts
For a movie directed by someone who admitted that he does not personally have a fetish for nylons, this one actually turned out pretty good. When I first watched the early scenes I wasn't too impressed, but when I watched those scenes again a day or two later, they started to grow on me. I've watched this several times in the last week, and I actually like it better now than when I first started watching it. Anyone who likes pantyhose and stockings might want to give Nylons a try, as well as fans of the 5 female performers, though Mya Diamond fans should note that she doesn't do anal in this.

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