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Nurses (Vivid)

Nurses (Vivid)

Studio: Vivid
Category:  Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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NerdType's ratings for Nurses (Vivid):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Nurses (Vivid) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Nurses (Vivid) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Nurses (Vivid) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Nurses (Vivid) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Nurses (Vivid) Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Nurses (Vivid) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Nurses (Vivid) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by NerdType  on  3/17/2004
I’m a big fan of Kira Kener (the chic on the cover) and that’s why I bought this movie only for her. The movie was described as the first Miss Kener adult movie and also as her first movie with anal scene. Wow, what a babe I said. Moreover I’ve read some interview with her from that era, and when she was asked what is her favorite sex position, she answered that it’s anal. I said ‘wow, what an enthusiasm’ one more time and couldn’t wait to see her in action. For those who’re not familiar with Kira. She’s an Asian looking (in fact she’s only partly Asian, she has also some Norvegian origins) hot babe with fucking pretty face, big (DD) boobs, great ass and killer legs. In short great looking body. What do you want more, huh?

As in any adult film pretty simple. A guy is addicted to having sex with nurses. He’s being caught and have to go to take some experimental de-toxic therapy. He’s finally cured but not thanks to the (sometimes sick) therapy but thanks to the sexy nurse (Kira) who is horny for his hard cock.

Sex Scenes:
As I mentioned before I bought this movie for Kira only and did not expect to much from the rest of the crew. But for those who counts. There are typical for the porn movie scenes: boy with girl, 2 girls with boy, girl with girl, with all the positions you want misch, doggy, standing, vaginal, anal, cock sucking, pussy licking. Everyone was trying to do his/her best, however not too hard I guess coz there is not too much remember about.

There are two sex scenes with Kira, and I’ll pay more attention to them. The first one is with Kira and two guys, and also in this one she’s going anal. Cool huh? But not for long, you pervert! The scene starts pretty good. Kira looks really awesome in nurse uniform (I wish she’s not fucking in this uniform. That would be astonishing scene. But well this is a porn movie so everyone must be naked. However guys wearing only shoes and white sox looks pretty awful here). The guys start to take the cloths out of her. One is taking care of her boobs while the other one of her pussy. Then there is 2 on one. First one guy pumps her hard (I mean really hard, and it’s a great view to see her ass being rammed by the guy) in doggy (her ass and tits look really great here) while she’s giving head to the other guy. This part would be great, but the 3 lovers have huge problems with synchronization, so it’s not so good. Then Kira rides in cowgirl (again great ass and tits views) and tries to suck the other guy’s dick. Again the synchronization is not so good (but better than in doggy). Finally, the first Kira’s anal part. I was expecting something really good and enthusiastic, but that what happened was terrible. Kira performs in reverse cowgirl (the other guy is jerking off), and it looks like one never ending pain. Her facial expressions shows that it wasn’t funny and entertaining for her at all, and I guess she was just praying to finish it as fast as possible. The scene ends with one guy unloading ammo on her ass and the other one (with Kira’s help) on her mouth. OK., the scene was long and had some good moments, some great views. That could be a great scene but the anal part was a disaster. I’m not a fan of anal in general coz very often it turns out that the girls are not really into it. But here I was expecting some high energy from Kira (specially after her statement in the interview), what we got instead is a girl being used in awful way. The other minus is that Kira in this scene is not very good in blow job. I know it was her first movie but common, what kind of performer is she, when she can’t put the whole dick in her mouth? Another compliment is about Kira’s vocals. She’s not really loud here (and I prefer loud girls, she’s much better in other movies), it goes loud only for a short moment during the anal (however anal scene is not so hard, the guy pumps her pretty slow, so imagine how painful was this part for miss Kener). I guess she had to be pumped harder to perform some better vocals. All in all the whole scene is so long that you can pick and find something sexy for yourself here.

The second sex scene with Kira is also a long one and slightly better. It’s the final scene of the movie when she’s taking care of the patient. Again Kira in nurse uniform is a wet dream of every guy (at least it’s my wet dream. Fucking her in that uniform would be a winner!). Why the hell the director did not allow to happen this. I mean can there be at least one scene in a porn movie with a babe wearing something more than heavy make up? Anyway going back to the action. The couple starts to taking care with themselves. She’s rubbing her pussy in front of the guy, who’s jerking off. Then he licks her pussy and she sucks his dick (again not that good as you would expect it. I’d love to see her mouth being fucked instead of this lousy blow job). Then the guy pumps her in mish and spoon (both really pretty long with great bouncing boobs moments and Kira’s vocals better than in the first scene). The scene ends with decent load of cum. What I dislike? There could be more variation in the positions, with such body like her (boobs size DD) reverse cowgirl or doggy is obvious. I really would like to see Kira’s cute mouth being fucked instead of the below average blow job she performed. And in general she should be fucked harder to perform some louder vocals. Again, all in all the scene thanks to Kira’s beauty was not so bad. There were some good chemistry between those two and it was a great pleasure to watch Kira’s boobs in action.

General Opinion:
If you like to see pretty women being used in a hard way (Kira’s anal scene, the other anal scene in the movie was also pretty hard) than this movie is for you. If you like bad playing and lousy screenplays this movie is for you. If you like girls without big tits (except Kira’s mammoths) than again this movie is for you. And now the good parts. If you’re a Kira’s fan buy this movie to see her first adult movie. If you have wet dreams with pretty chicks (unfortunately only Kira has big breast) in nurse uniforms this movie is definitively for you.

All in all this is not such a bad movie as you can predict from my review. But simply I was expecting something more from one of my best porn stars.

P.S. Don’t be fooled by the picture on the cover. Kira looks much better in the movie than on the cover (usually it’s vice versa). Frankly I’ve only saw one photo session of Kira when she looks really good (I have no idea why the other sessions with her look so average), it was in Penthouse (December 2002). She was pictured with different types of dildos and looked so fucking hot! Yummy!

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