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Not Without My Brother

Not Without My Brother

Studio: Miami Studios
Category:  Gay

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2for1's ratings for Not Without My Brother:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Not Without My Brother overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Not Without My Brother Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Not Without My Brother Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Not Without My Brother Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Not Without My Brother Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Not Without My Brother DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Not Without My Brother A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by 2for1  on  9/30/2005
Ah...twins. There's something inherent in human nature that makes us crave the good deal. That is, getting two for the effort of one. Moreover, there's something hot about guys with identical DNA spewing their loads all over an eager bottom (you can never go wrong with double the cum as a reward for throwing your ass in the air).

Of course, Miami and Twink USA make us wait for the double action. We start off with Rikki, a submissive, Latin bottom boy with a huge, dark-brown, uncut cock. He's the narrator, so he says.

Switch to Cameron a blond cutie in the Navy and his fuck-buddy Scott (a hot Marine). Scott has trouble wedging his massive meat into Cam's waiting hole since it's "so tight". Once in, Scott gives Cam a fine fuck, both doggy and upright on the knees from behind. Cam is almost in a meditative state while taking the cock, until he awakens to announce to us all that he's cumming. He blows onto a towel that has been strategically placed below his throbbing meat. According to our cameraman, Cam "carpet-bombed" the towel. Not quite in my opinion, but he did lay down a nice spray all over the towel. Scott positions himself over Cam's awaiting chest and starts jacking. Our cameraman threatens that if Scott doesn't get the facial cumshot right, he will have to blow on Scott to show him how it's done. According to the cameraman (who's providing conversation and narration throughout) Scott hasn't popped in 5 days. I'm not sure I believe it, since Scott takes forever to cum, has to strain out a load and only drops 3 wads onto Cam's collarbone before dribbling some on his neglected face. Still in all, a nice scene.

Next up is Justin from the Army and Kyle, another Navy boy. Kyle is vocal when he's sucked and when Justin enters him while standing in a wading pool, both boys turn up the volume. Justin showers Kyle's face in cum. Kyle then wipes his burning eyes and proceeds to paint Justin's face with load (first on the forehead, then the nose, then the mouth area, then the hair). Damn, that towel is now in need of a good washing!

Next up we finally get twins, Matt and Mark Woods with bottom boy Jake. The Woods boys really like their sex as they vocally tell us how good it is, in between smacks on Jake's ass and high-fives between themselves. Jake receives such a pounding and a plowing from Matt that he can't even suck Mark's cock because he's moaning so much. As Matt plows Jake, Mark can be heard telling him to "get it, bro". After having a smoke, Mark is ridden by Jake. Jake then dribbles a load onto Mark's face with Matt urging more. Matt then positions himself above Jake and drops puddles onto his mouth. Finally, the screamer of the three, Mark lays down a ropey load all over Jake's face. Very hot scene.

Then, we get the Fisher twins. Alex is 6'3", 165, slightly taller and with more hair and a babyish face. Alan is 6'3", 155. Both are 18 and recent high school grads out of Jersey. Both claim only prior experience with girls. Their bottom, Rico is a hot latin stud with a defined six pack and a gorgeous cock. Alan fucks Rico from behind and then on his side, which Alex plunges his cock straight down into Rico's willing throat. Alan then blows an explosive load all over Rico's chest which even Alex must admit is a "nice one". Rico, after taking some time to work himself into a frenzy, squeezes out a belly shot. Finally, poor Alex, who didn't get a taste of ass, blows another explosive load. Alan wins, however, since his shot hit hair while Alex's only hit Rico's neck.

Finally, our narrator Rikki jacks off for us and pastes a nice load onto his chest. At first I thought it was gonna be a dud that only dribbled out, but then he fired an explosive shot of cum that landed on his chest.

Overall, good flick. Hot sex, vocal guys, nice cumshots mostly. However, the camerawork was a little grainy in the Fisher scene and I was disappointed that both Fisher boys didn't get to fuck and that Mark Woods didn't get more action.

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