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Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard

Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard

Studio: Vouyer Media
Category:  Comedy , Feature film
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bono-ONE's ratings for Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Not Really The Dukes of Hazzard A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/16/2010
Good day porn fans, the porn parody strikes again and this time it's the classic show The Dukes of Hazzard which is showcased. This would be a show I would think ripe for parody and from looking at it once I'd say they did a pretty good job. First and foremost they hit the car perfectly, The General Lee with it's classic rebel flag, the O1 number and yes the horn which calls out perfectly from one Duke to another when it's time to high tail it out of some situation. The cast doesn't resemble their onscreen counterparts to much, Ryder Skye as Daisy comes close but I'd say the outfits take up the slack in that dept and help complete the look.

Any longtime viewer can picture the character off the tv show and then look at the XXX version and I'd say they hit it. Luke in his jeans and blue shirt, Bo in a more neutral colored shirt and blonde hair and yes Daisy in her Daisy Dukes! There were some non sex actors used for key roles, Boss Hogg, Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane and Uncle Jesse. Of the three I'd say the actor who took on Roscoe came close but he was more of pussy than I remember the onscreen version being. Boss had some good lines but not quite as funny as Sorrell Booke who just owned the tv role. Jack Lawrence plays a Sheriff too but his is more Law & Order but of course he's also got a super horny daughter played by Monique Alexander. There is a loose structure to the movie here that takes shape after the first sex scene.

Alexis Texas:

In that we get Bo running interference for his cousin Luke, aka Anthony Rosano, who was taking some time out from running moonshine-- ok not really, lol, but he was stopping by to have a piece of one Alexis Texas! Pretty sure her Pa who ran off to chase Bo was played by noted porn character actor James Bartholet- he also does the voiceovers you hear throughout the movie- the ones Waylon Jennings made so famous during the 70s classic version. Alexis is shown off well during her tryst with Anthony, plenty of booty time and who knew Luke was such a good ass licker! A solid romp ends up with the Duke blasting his seed all over those ample ass cheeks.

So the story continues with one of those patented car chases as Roscoe gets behind the boys and tries in vain to catch them. I did mention the car's perfect, if they'd fucked that up then the whole movie would have suffered. Now the surrounding countryside was a bit to nice to pass as back country, what you saw on the tv show but the spirit was honored so I give them credit there. We also hear that Enos has caught someone, hmmm who could that be!

Ryder Skye:

Yeah we finally get to fulfill one tv fantasy that of one Enos Slaughter, the worlds worst policeman but he's got the biggest crush ever on Daisy. So Enos has pulled over Daisy who goes way beyond what Catherine Bach ever did in getting out of a ticket but that's great for us as we're treated to a fine roadside banging. Dane Cross does some good pussy eating before we turn it over to Ryder who really knocks it out with a fine blowjob. Fucking right there using the car as a prop we end up with a solid facial for Miss Skye and fans of a Daisy/ Enos hookup get a great representation for that here.

The story then returns to the Whore's Next aka the Boars Nest from the tv show where the locals go to drink beer and raise some hell. Boss owns this place and he's going to be entertaining the locals the following night with a wet t-shirt contest, $500 first prize. So Daisy comes in late from her little run in with Enos and is promptly fired because the next time she was late that's it Boss told her. So needing some money she and the boys who were also there decide she'll enter the contect and get some much needed dough. Well this doesn't sit well with Boss who had already rigged the contest so the daughter of Jack Lawrence who I mentioned earlier played by Monique was going to win. Never one to not have a plan Boss hatches one and fills Roscoe in. They'll use the law and order dude, Jack, to arrest Jesse for having a still on his land but Roscoe also shows up and takes Jesse into custody. Why mention this, well the price to get him out of who the Who's gow- spelling bad on purpose, was $500 so Boss will get his money back anyway.

Monique Alexander:

Speaking of Monique we haven't seen her yet but that soon changes as we catch up with her already in progress!! She's riding Mark Wood aka Cooter, and it's a fine view in reverse cowgirl. James has piped in throughout with some great voice over jabs and this time was no different as we head right into the action with Monique. Some good head from Miss Alexander too and a nice switch around to cowgirl too where that fine ass is showcased for a nice amount of time. Good clear picture too which has been there for each scene and we end up with a good load being launched to Monique's face-- a familiar horn honk signals a customer for Cooter who rushes out, followed soon by Monique.

Everyone chats for a bit and it's revealed that the contest is rigged but Monique's not a bad girl here, she was just going along for the payday. She's more than willing to share the loot with Daisy who comes up with the idea that if either won they'd share it 50/50. But the next plot twist comes along in the form of Shawna Lenee who's rolling into Hazzard for just that occasion-- wearing a fine revealing shirt and her own Daisy Dukes! Who comes calling to offer a ride but none other than Bo.

Shawna Lenee:

It takes a little convincing but Shawna accepts a ride in the General to her ma's house. Well inside it doesn't take long before Bo's all over her. Shawna puts the brakes on for a sec to give Bo a chance to remember her-- he knew her Ma in the biblical sense!! But this only gives Bo pause for a second as Shawna then resumes the coupling in full force. Good head here too from Shawna before they hit the positions ending with a titty pop. Shawna then lets it out aftewards she's in town for the big contest, oopps Daisy needs to win that. Bo ends up sharing this bit of news with Daisy and the clan-- getting a face slap from his cousing for doing the dirty deed and it also turns out that Shawna is the offspring of Cooter who hadn't let this bit of news out which is shocking for Hazzard County where everyone knows everything about everyone, lol. Ok so the big night arrives and the plan takes shape-- we first need Daisy to strut her stuff and out comes Ryder who moves around a bit, taking a glass of water from her cousin Bo to splash down, he's shaking his head no from side to side but the rest of the patrons and hooping and hollering, Yee Haw!! Ryder does the good ole fashioned shirt rip at one point fully exposing those titties. Now she leaves but comes back quickly to distract Jack so he doesn't see daughter Monique come out and strip.


This gets us to our second Ryder scene as she takes off outside with Jack in full pursuit. He's a married man but come on can he resist Daisy's advances, hell no he can't! We soon have Daisy on the hood of his squad car, legs opened and Jack diving in for a taste. It's a night shoot but they do a good job of lighting it enough so you have a good view of the action. Ryder once again does a fine job working the cock in her mouth, then letting Jack have his way plowing her coochie! Some good ground shots here too, reverse and cowgirl were fine. This time she takes the load across those tits and now it's time to see who won the contest.

No shock there as it's Daisy and she takes the prize money to free Uncle Jesse, ahh a good niece! All is as it should be in Hazzard Country, the Hoggs are richer and the Dukes are back together on the farm but you just know those Duke boys won't stay idle for long and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane will be futily chasing them once again!!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well for a show that was ripe for parody I'd say they did a pretty good job here. Starting with the car which was key, if you fuck that up you fuck up the entire flick so nice going with the General Lee, even the horn was spot on from what I remember. The balladeer is also a key figure in the story helping to advance it along with some key lines and James Bartholet was chosen well for that role. The cast proper was good with Ryder standing out, for a XXX version you'd expect Daisy to be key and they chose well with Miss Skye shining in two scenes. The Duke Boys were ok, their outfits more than anything helped establish them. Same can be said for Sheriff Roscoe and Boss Hogg, Mark Wood in his overalls as Cooter. Uncle Jesse was more early on in film but his look was good. I think if there's a second one you'll need to work in some sort of stunt with the car, it's good to have them racing it around the countryside like they did here but you gotta have the General strutting his stuff jumping over a creek or something so that's a challenge for a sequel if there's one. Now for extras you get a whole separate disc. You can meet all the Hazzard girls, plus you get outtakes and bloopers-- a must see for a porn flick. You also get some BTS footage plus bonus scenes for Alexis, Shawna, Ryder and Monique-- the films are nicly listed under each young ladies name. For fans of the origial show you get some good nods to that here from the iconic car to the outfits, the balladeer leading us along advancing the story so I'd say a definite rental possibility and a purchase wouldn't be a bad option either. I do think a sequel will be speeding along sometime in the future.

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