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North Pole 35

North Pole 35

Studio: Northstar Associates
Category:  Gonzo
Starring: , , , , , , , , ,
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purveyore's ratings for North Pole 35:
Overall Rating 4 stars
North Pole 35 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks North Pole 35 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks North Pole 35 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex North Pole 35 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting North Pole 35 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras North Pole 35 DVD Extras rating 1.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality North Pole 35 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by purveyore  on  8/18/2004

General Impression
Overall, this was an excellent instalment in the North Pole (NP) series.  For the ladies (or guys), if you like Pete then you'll naturally love this series, and for the guys, the babes in this episode are hot and horny, and end up taking copious loads from the Northman and others.  After all, that's why we're here.

NOTE: Scene ratings are given as 1 to 5 stars (* = poor, ***** = top-notch whack material!). Very subjective on my part, but to get a 1, the scene must be truly crap, and to get a 5 I must have been absolutely and permanently boned! Most good scenes get a score of 2.5 to 4.5, depending on specifics.

Sex Synopsis
As usual, there are 5 independent sex scenes, three of which feature the loadman himself (which after all is why we buy this series - to see luscious vignettes getting absolutely drowned in his monster loads).  The two other scenes are hit and miss - the first scene is a dud for me, and the third is not bad, with a pretty good cum finale. 

I actually bought this DVD as a special offer after, not having bought a NP DVD since #19.  I had some of the earlier episodes, but found by about #10 the series had lost its appeal and its viewing pleasure.  I tried #16 and #19, and they were OK, but gave up after that.  Being able to get #35 for about $10 made me give it a go - and I'm glad that I did!  The quality of the scenes in NP#35 hark back to some of the earlier instalments in the series.  Nothing is perfect, and there is what I consider to be 1 dud scene, but as its the first one its easily skipped over, and the remainder of the feature can be enjoyed.  As usual, the extras are light, but after 35 episodes they're not going to learn to add a few bonus items for us. 

Detailed Scene Review:

Scene 1 - Chloe Dior & Lee Stone
As mentioned earlier, this scene in my book is a dud.  Chloe's not bad - I've seen her in a few movies, and what she lacks in looks she makes up for with energy and good ol' fashioned filth.  She is a hot performer, and seems to really get into her scenes, encouraging the male performers and viewers alike with her smouldering eye contact and dirty mouth.  We get the usual BJ followed by fucking in various positions.  But alas, Lee Stone is his usual lacklustre self - that is to say, as well muscled and good-looking as he may be, he really can't summon up more than a teaspoonful of cum.  That may be OK in another flick where the starlets are cum-dodgers or the female audience a little cum-shy, but it really doesn't fit with a North Pole video. 
Rating: **

Scene 2 - Kelli Tyler & Peter North
This scene is hot, not so much for the starlet but for the attitude and the awesome load she ends up taking! Kelli is not the most stunning of vignettes, so she may not appeal to all tastes (she can hang her knickers on my bed anytime!).  But she really gets into all the scenes I've seen her in, and this is no exception.  She gets licked by Pete and gives excellent head - the look of concentration on her face was distracting at first, then I realized just how much effort she was putting into devouring the North Pole.  There is some fucking in various positions (no anal), ending with a pretty good doggy.  Then comes (excuse the pun) Pete's big finish, and finish he does! I think Kelli must really punch Pete's buttons, because he consistently cums above average (even for him) when he is paired with her.  For me, its her willingness to kneel before the master and look up with real longing and that look if concentration which just makes you want to giver her all you've got.  Pete plants about 6 or 7 big streaks across her face and her, absolutely painting this babe white and leaving her happily drowned if her expression is anything to go by.  Some babes dodge cum, some take it but really don't enjoy it, and others welcome the huge loads and then just ask for more.  Kelli is one of those who seems to not be able to get enough, and she will never dodge a drop. 
Rating: ****1/2

Scene 3 - Brooke Stone & Joel Lawrence
This scene has been written up badly in other reviews, but I liked it.  As with all NP scenes, it is a little stilted at the beginning and makes no endeavour to work on plotting the scene to lead up to the sex.  They just get right into it, which can be a little disappointing, but you get used to it.  The premise here is a celebratory meal, which actually turns into a celebratory suck & fuck.  Fair enough.  Brooke is OK looking, and Joel is nothing special.  The sex is good but nothing to write home about, and they go through the usual sequence of BJ and various fuck positions.  Eventually, after laying her flat on a divan and pumping her from behind (no anal), Joel decides its time to unload.  He arises, and she willingly gets down on her knees and looks somewhat lovingly up at him.  All is fine until he actually fires his cum salvo, which seemed to take poor Brooke by surprise.  Poor girl nearly gags on the power and volume as he shoots straight into the back of her throat.  But she bravely fights the urge, and all's well that ends well, especially for Joel (and the viewers.  Not a bad scene. 
Rating: ***

Scene 4 - Peter North & threesome (Brooke, Cindy Crawford, Sissy Sweet)
Three babes are sitting around bored, wondering what to do.  Then hey presto, Pete arrives to wile away the afternoon sucking and fucking.  As I said earlier, weak premises for these stories, but who really cares.  The three babes are not bad, and Pete lets them each take it in turn to suck his mammoth rod.  He fucks them in various positions (no anal), but rather disappointingly he doesn't do a repeat of a scene in NP#8 and give them a three-girl cum shower.  Not only that, he chooses the skankiest of the three to take his load, whilst the other two (cum-dodgers, maybe? or just shy?) hide off camera and giggle a little.  The cumshot is quite good, although poor Pete overshoots the mark and launches a few salvos right over the top of Sissy's (I think she's the one) face.  Luckily his volume is tremendous so he still manages to lay a couple of streaks across her face and in her hair.  Go Pete!. 
Rating: **1/2

Scene 5 - Avy Scott & Peter North
Finally, we have Avy Scott teamed up with the Poleman.  Even though Avy is average looking facially, she has a killer bod, great T&A, even tan, and she wears what I consider to be the perfect attire for a hot babe during sex - a pair of classy high heels (not exotic S&M stilettos, but classy Charles Jourdan's or some such designer label).  As you can guess, I enjoyed this scene.  An excellent opening BJ with good eye contact, some energetic cowgirl, followed by a brief pause while Avy squats over Pete's face to get a tongue lashing while she vigorously strokes his rod.  Ah, I wish! Then Pete gives her a good dose of doggy, at one time grabbing one of those stylish heels and bending her legs up a little more.  Avy responds with good energy and enjoyment during this scene, then like a good starlet she knows when to plant herself on her knees beside the bed and tempt that load out.  Pete enjoys a few languorous moments as he casually kneels on the bed and strokes off, whilst Avy gazes adoringly up at him from the floor.  Then he finally lets go and launches a killer load that streaks across her face and hair, flying over the top of her head and coating her back and the floor behind her.  She cleans him off a little and gives us one last cheeky look before the camera fades.
Rating: **** 

The video and sound quality are excellent.  Navigation is very simple and the menus easy to use.  The extras are sorely lacking, but this has been a feature of the series from the start, so don't expect any changes now.  In fact all of the Peter North lines are light on extras, but I guess his philosophy is that he gives us extra in the starlet and cumshot departments.  Fair enough.  I would only ask for some bonus scene material so we can get a more personalized look at both Pete and the starlets, and some extra awesome Loadman cumshots.  (Of course, Pete may have a personality about as stimulating as an ink blotter, which may be why he doesn't let us see the "real" him - who knows?). 

Overall, a worthwhile DVD for those who enjoy hot babes and plenty of cum, along with some good straight sex.  As I said earlier, NP#35 is a welcome return to some of the earlier standards of the series.  From what I have seen, some of the later volumes maintain this standard, so I see 35 as a turning point in the series.  Highly recommended.
Overall rating: ****

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