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No Swallowing Allowed 2

No Swallowing Allowed 2

Studio: Diabolic
Category:  All Sex , Cumshots
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for No Swallowing Allowed 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
No Swallowing Allowed 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks No Swallowing Allowed 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks No Swallowing Allowed 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex No Swallowing Allowed 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting No Swallowing Allowed 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras No Swallowing Allowed 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality No Swallowing Allowed 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Linus  on  11/9/2004
No Swallowing Allowed 2

Box Cover and Expectations: A nice shot of the lovely Madison Monroe, and a proclaimation that there are 100% face blasts in this movie, are enough to atleast peak my interest in this film, the back shows the promise of some DP action and some super cute girls trying out a new skin cream treatment also known as sperm. I don't really have expectations for this one, I've heard good things about the director Chico Wang, but I'm still a little gunshy of Diabolic since much of thier talent went elsewhere a while back. So I'm optimistic of a good reintroduction as it were.

Initial Thoughts Pretty impressive showing by Mr. Wang and his discharge gang. In many ways it has the feel of a certain former director of Diabolic, but it's also a movie that has somewhat of it's own feel and sticking to a formula or not, there is a lot more to like here than there is to complain about, the feature is massive, but there is very little in the way of extras because of that. Overall I'm a step closer to being won over again by Diabolic.

Technical Thoughts Pretty solid in most aspects, camera work was good with only a few overly wild moments, lighting was mostly acceptable or better and quite even throughout the movie, sound was good, clear and no distortion, picture quality, overall it's very acceptable with just a little grainyness..

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Winter

While the opening credits are rolling, we get a lovely dark skinned babe named Winter playing and taunting the camera and us the viewer, and as soon as the credits end, 4 unknown guys walk up to her face hanging over a couch, and proceed to blast her face with sperm, no oral, no fucking, just facial blasting, and we are off and rolling. Scene duration is roughly 2 minutes

Scene 2: Chelsea

We get a nice little interview while a stunning and naked Chelea sits on a sofa and man what a rack that girl has. Very soon 2 guys pull up and she starts the sucking. A lot of nice up close blowing here, and some good shots of those fantastic breasts of hers. She is a little bit ho-hum here with her oral, lacking some intense energy, but there is some good eye contact and she does a nice job handling both guys. We get most of the full slate here, Anal early and often, DP, ATM and PTM, some solid gape shots, and some nice closeups, and the lighting is nice in the scene. The flow is a little chaotic at times but on the whole it is a great scene of this really wholesome looking fantastic Chelsea getting worked over by 2 big dicks. She hotly smiles as they end by spraying her chin and tits with cum. We get a nice interlude piece of her playing and licking her tits in the shower after the scene and just when you think it's safe to pull up your pants, bam, she drops to her knees still in the shower, and begins to stroke and tit fuck our beloved cameraman. After what ends up being a short but hot little handjob scene, he pops his load on her face as she rubs it in before returning to her shower. Very hot stuff. Total scene duration: 29:14 mins.

Note, that after most of the big scenes, we get a couple of minutes of varying clips from the female cast talking to the camera and coming up with different sayings about them wanting guys to cum on thier face and things like that. Most of it is actually pretty good material, I don't feel it needs to be mentioned in the scene breakdown every time, especially since there are so many scenes to go through, and it gets a bit repetitive, but I did think it should be mentioned because like I said it is solid stuff.

Scene 3: Madison Monroe

It needs to be said that this girl is about as cute as cute can be, and knowing this is a porn movie I'm pretty excited to see what she get's herself into. She starts out in her bra and panties standing outside smelling and it looks like tasting various flowers from the yard, and sure enough she gets stung by a damn bee. She gets rushed into the house and is suckered by Dr. Chico Wang, into getting "medicine" from some guys of his. She is naked and the blasting begins, 4 guys make her feel all better. She kind of loses it with laughter a few times, and the cum just runs out all down her chest and face, which works. This whole bit is cheesy, but funny as hell. about 4 mins run time.

Scene 4: Makayla Cox

Next we get back to a real scene again, and it's with the lovely black haired Makayla. Again we get some nice interview footage and some tease, and shortly 2 guys come in to get thier knobs polished. The intensity picks up fairly quickly in this one, and she swallows shaft quite well. The interacial love fest gets in full swing shortly and the guys work her over from each end. We again get the full complement of acts, with DP, ATM and all that good stuff and with great energy throughout too. There is a little bit of mild brutality with some light choking and mouth stretching with the hands, so if that is or is not your thing be warned. For the most part I find it well done, and helps the energy really shift into overdrive. One of the guys busts his nut on her mug, and she goes to town sucking him clean all while the other guy fucks the hell out of her, until he finally finishes the job a few minutes later coating her pretty face with a fresh load. Once again we get treated to a hot naked girl in the shower as she cleans off the mess, and once again our cameraman needs some attention as Makayla drops to her knees to suck out an extra load, but this one is pretty lackluster as there is very little semen. Overall Duration: 26:50 mins.

Scene 5: Tyla Wynn

She's ready and naked right away, and after a call out to a willing participant a guy runs up to her fucks her for about 40 seconds and pulls out and pops on her face. Short and sweet. I guess that is what you call a quicky. 1:10 mins

Scene 6: Winter

This is one hot dark skinned beauty, and she goes to town suckin a fat one right off the bat, and she looks so cute doing it too, after a short BJ she starts to ride his dick but soon hops off to suck some more. She keeps up the hump and suck routine throughout and it's a nice scene, he keeps it in her baby box for the duration, but the scene ends with a nice facial to cover her face, she hasn't had enough yet though, and with her face still plastered with cum a new guy enters the fore and plunges into her lovely ass. Pretty standard anal action, but it's really hot to see this cuty ride dick up her ass with the first guys seed all over her face. Soon he can't hold it anymore either and messes up her face even more. Nice scene. Overall Duration: 16:15 mins.

Scene 7: Chelsea

We get another look at our big breasted super babe and she's as bubbly as ever. After a short interview it is her turn to get her face redecorated with no effort. 3 guys absolutely blast her face with cum, then we get a cut, and then 2 more finish the job but her face is cleaned up from the first 3. This was hot to see this cutie really blasted, but it really took away from it that all 5 didn't contribute to one big facial mess, cutting it to 2 sequential clips was a little bit of a let down, but it is still worth a look and then some. Scene Duration: 4:24 mins

Scene 8: Madison Monroe, Winter, and 2 guys

After some interview we get a bit of a change of pace with a 2 girl and 2 guy scene, the oral is fantastic here with each girl doing a nice job taking dick pretty deep in thier mouths, some great ball sucking and licking too, the girls switch off between guys a couple times so we get even more variety. There is some comedy here and a naked madison rides a rully clothed guy (no penetration) while the other guys work over Winter, and soon she gets that pretty face blasted with spunk again. Madison gets her turn soon as the other guy shoots his load on her pretty face. It was a nice scene, but it was a bit distracted, with the comedy stuff, a dog running around the room and too many people rumbling about. More of a bonus scene type of atmoshere, but they did call it an intermission, so I guess it was justified. Duration: 12:12 mins.

Scene 9: Tyla Wynn

Now it's naked Tyla's turn to get blasted with man chowder. She looks stunning as the camera shows us her hot body several times as 6 guys take turns shooting thier loads on her face. Another nice Bukkake style sub scene, but again it suffers from some of the cum drying from having to wait too long problems that the earlier Chelsea scene did, most of the guys shoot in a row and she does get messy indeed, but It just kind of takes away from it when you show successive guys shooting a load on her face and then after 4 or so all of a sudden most of the cum is magically gone. The thing is, that a movie structured like this offers a perfect out for those types of situations. Since there are remnants still present, it appears likely that with no sex, some of the guys were ready to shoot sooner than others and time became a factor as the semen dried or whatever. If that is the case, my suggestion to Diabolic or others that do this kind of film, is simply clean up the girl and 5 minutes later or whatever it is, shoot another mini scene, either for later in the movie or for bonus footage, it doesn't take anything away, and it helps the presentation of the movie. By no means does this kind of thing take away from the movie as it is always hot to see 6 guys jerk off on a girls face, but since everything is jumbled up anyway, it would take away from that "what happened to the cum" factor. Scene duration: 3:20 mins.

Scene 10: Winter

At the end of another of those girls taunting clips I mentioned earlier, we get a 35 second clip of Winter getting blasted again. Just mentioning it for the facial fans.

Scene 11: Madison

After a short but hot tease section, Madison has another rock hard dick in her mouth, and my own unit is telling me I can't keep ignoring it during this film. This girl is just so fucking cute I cannot explain, and there is a nice near POV shot of her looking up at the camera and playing with herself as she blows the guy, that just makes one want to weep in glee. That poor yellow couch which must have voided the fabric warranty by now is soon getting abused again as Madison is getting pinned to it by our lucky stud pounding her pussy. Lots of good positions and shots of this lovely girl having hot sex here, and soon she gets a nice facial as a reward for her trouble. Duration: 19:04 mins.

Scene 12: Makayla Cox

It's been almost an hour since we have seen this black haired beauty, but the wait is over, and she is laying naked on the floor with a pair of green swimming goggles on, they are broken by the way. Hmmm, a naked girl laying on the floor with eye wear on in a porn movie, I wonder what could happen here. About 9 seconds later we find out, as she gets 2 impressive facials with the first blasting the left goggle off her face. After a equipment repair the blasting continues, and another guy unloads, after some interview we leave the poor girl alone with only broken eyewear and a face full of sperm to remember the moment by. Duration 2:31 mins.

Scene 13: Tyla Wynn

Tyla starts outside ripping up the lawn, but shortly she goes in the house and starts giving her stud a sloppy Blowjob. A nice long fuck ensues, with a nice mix of positions and shots, and even some buttplug action while she rides some dick. Some anal heats things up while she gets her panties stuffed in her mouth for a while. After her hot little butt gets a nice workout she gets an ample facial, and we close with her deepthroating for some great cleanup. Duration: 20:10 mins

Scene 14: Madison Monroe

Yet another fine chance to get your Madison fix for the day, and for the 4th time in the movie, she doesn't dissapoint. She takes our lucky cameraman's thick dick deep in her mouth, and we get some incredible POV shots of this doll working over a fat prick with her mouth. she taunts and teases him until he just has to slam his dick in her pussy, and again some great POV and closeups makin us drool at what fucking this babe might be like. Her cuteness poors through this nice little scene, and she sucks and strokes for a load on her face. Scene Duration: 7:56 mins

Scene 15: Chelsea

Oh thank Chico, another chance to look at some of the best natural tits in the biz, our starlet is trying to have an interview here, but at times it is difficult when these big dicks keep blasting sperm all over her face as she is talking. Only 2 guys this time but they really blast her. Scene duration: 2:48 mins

Scene 16: Crystal Ray

It's been 157 mins since this flick started, but I finally get to watch Crystal Ray get all nasty. She is a talker and she does it at great lengths while she teases us, and god bless her. Soon 3 guys go in for a thrill, and she starts sucking them as they start to play with her. She has a dick in her mouth and stroking another, and the third guy goes straight for her ass. The energy level pegs real early in this scene, and stays up there, Crystal attacks thier dicks and only stops to talk some trash now and then. She gets worked over good here, double oral, constant anal with plenty of ATM, some slapping, light choking, hair tugging, gagging, DP, you name it this little slut either does it or has it done to her here. She is so hot looking here too, and gagging on a dick and sucking a guys balls while she is getting DPed by 2 others really is fantastic stuff. her pert little tits bouncing all the way. The black fishnets manage to stay on the whole time too. It's pretty awesome to watch her suckin a guys ass as she gets power fucked up hers. We get treated to a great standing DP as the guys hold her between them, after a long time the guy up her ass pulls out, but Steve holmes holds her still impaling her, and he holds her up in the air and she bends flat backwards with Steve still balls deep inside her, and does ATM in mid air on the guy who just pulled out of her. In fact about the only time a dick isn't up this hottie's ass is when they take time to show a couple of gapes. She's now more than a little sweated up, and finally each guy takes his turn to erupt on her pretty face, outstanding facial to end a really way above par scene. One of the hottest scenes I have seen in a long while, no let up all the way and no weak spot. After her workout we see her aparently post shower, and even without her makeup she looks fantastic. Chico starts an interview with her but again that damned pesky penis investation attacks again and soon hard dicks are buzzing around her ready to blow while she is in mid sentence. 4 guys blast her face and so concludes our scene and our movie. One of the best endings ever. Scene Duration: 36: 12 mins.

Extra Stuff

Cumshot Recap: Just what it says really, a recap of the movie's cumshots, pretty handy for this movie in particular, it does miss a few though that are in my scene breakdown as it primarily focused on the main scenes shots. most of the cum only segments are not featured in here. About 5 mins in length

Photo Gallery: A nice manually controlled photo gallery of action shots with about 34 pics in it.

Web info and audio options of music or not are also present.

In The End

Well in the end this movie worked on a lot of levels, and while it stuck to some familiar ground there was some nice touches that I haven't seen often or at all in some cases and that has to be applauded. Personally I really liked the cast, the girls were all very attractive and performed more than admirably, in my oppinion the Crystal Ray scene alone is worth a rent, and the rest were mostly not too far behind in quality. The movie was incredibly long with a runtime of around 194 minutes, so there is a lot of value there, but there was also a serious lack of extras because of that long feature time. If your a fan of any of the girls in it, I would highly recommend the movie because you see each one a good deal. Same goes if your a fan of facials this one really is excellent. If you don't fall hard into one of those 2 groups I would still recommend the movie, but I would suggest a rental first, it does a lot right, but with so many scenes with the same girls, and following the same basic format throughout the movie, I can see where it could get a bit repetitive for some viewers. Check this one out though whatever catagory you fall into, it's a good one.

If you have any questions or comments about this review, email me at Thanks for reading and enjoy.

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