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No Panties Allowed
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No Panties Allowed

Studio: Burning Angel
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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DAF1740's ratings for No Panties Allowed:
Overall Rating 4 stars
No Panties Allowed overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks No Panties Allowed Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks No Panties Allowed Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex No Panties Allowed Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting No Panties Allowed Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras No Panties Allowed DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality No Panties Allowed A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by DAF1740  on  12/13/2009

Initial Expectations
…were VERY high for this film. I mean, with Joanna, Draven, Andy, Coco, and newcomer Skin, No Panties Allowed has one amazing cast of gorgeous women—perhaps the best ever for a Burning Angel film. Let’s see how it all played out.

Scene 1: Joanna Angel and James Deen
Porn’s hippest couple is in Paris, the city of lights (although it’s actually a rather typical grey Parisian afternoon). I knew Joanna was looking for French music for this scene, and for a moment I thought she actually got the rights to Yelle’s “Je veux te voir,” but it turns out it’s a song by Theo and the Skyscrapers, “Tease,” that samples “Je veux te voir” (which had originally sampled “Short Dick Man”). Anyway, the music is a nice touch, and Joanna and James start out fucking on the balcony (which is actually totally acceptable in Paris), putting on a nice show for anyone in the surrounding buildings. They move inside to the hotel, and go straight to anal, working their way through all positions before we end with some missionary vaginal and a much-appreciated cumshot to her belly. The only complaint I have is that Joanna does not wear the sexy Moulin Rouge, can-can outfit she sports in the pictures shown in the title shot.

Scene 2: Draven and Brian Street Team
We start off with a panty-less Draven on ladder, ostensibly to change a light bulb. She looks soooo sexy in her black boots, which perfectly compliment her pale skin and black hair—I’m really glad she keeps the boots on for the whole scene. Draven is really one of the best looking women in porn, if not the best. Brian licks her pussy, then they fuck in all the vag positions, including some actual missionary that’s a real treat to see. Still, there aren’t enough shots of her ass: if you’re going to focus on the bigger picture, you really need to have another camera that shoots just close-ups. I mean, when you fuck in doggie in real-life, all you see is ass, so it’s important to convey that feeling by showing her ass in doggie. Likewise, cowgirl gives you some great chances to see some anus (I, for one, love it when the girl spreads her cheeks for the camera). And it would be great to bring back those great mish shots of yesteryear with his balls slapping her anus. Anyway, Draven’s hotness carries this scene, but I would like to see more of her. At the end, it takes Brian forever to come, as he unfortunately can’t do it while Draven jerks and sucks him, so we’re left watching him masturbate while she patiently waits on her knees. He eventually jerks off onto her tits, which is nice for a change, as I just love seeing cumshots to the breasts.

Scene 3: Andy San Dimas and Kris Slater
Along with Draven, Andy is one of my favorite girls in porn now. She’s in the laundry room here, and although it’s great to see this voluptuous, long-legged, and panty-less brunette bend over, it would be even better if we got more shots from directly behind her ass. Kris and some other (white ghetto-ish) dude come over “watching” a paper towel on TV; the other guy leaves, and then a fed-up Andy starts sucking Kris’s dick. Man, is she beautiful, and she looks even better when Kris bends her over the laundry machine and starts licking her ass (females receiving anilingus should be a requirement in porn, in my opinion). He starts fucking her from behind, and then spreads her nicely to lick her pussy. After more fucking and BJ action, we come to the highlight of the scene when Andy sticks her butt in the camera and fingers her asshole while sucking dick. Yes, Andy, we definitely need to see more attention to your anus in your future scenes. I also really like how they take a break so Andy can get her pussy licked. We end when she drops to her knees and Kris jerks off and sprays her face. It would be nice if we got to see her tits more in this scene, as we only glimpse them popping out of her top.

Scene 4:Coco Velvet and Brian Street Team
Coco is another of my favorites, and I was really looking forward to this scene. Bored with her video game, Coco asks Brian if they can fuck, but he’s too busy covering a chair with Burning Angel stickers. After an incredibly long build-up, with Coco posing in the background while Brian keeps working (wish the cameras would focus more on Coco here, especially when she bends over and sticks her ass out), Brian finally notices, and buries his face in her ass. They run through all the vaginal positions, and while it’s always a pleasure to watch Coco fuck with her perfect A-cups and womanly figure, my absolute favorite sequence is when we get to see that fantastic booty of hers in reverse cowgirl; she even spreads her cheeks for the camera to show us her hole (thanks, Coco!). Rumor has it that Coco is considering getting implants. My opinion—stay natural, honey, as your look is one in a million, an oasis of life in a pornified plastic desert. What a beautiful woman!

Scene 5: Skin and James Deen
We open with the an interview sequence, which is a bit of a change for Burning Angel. Brown-skinned, Scottish/American Skin looks hot with her great B-cups and round booty; the best part of the scene is when they do cowgirl, and we get to see her dark asshole (which the lighting unfortunately obscures in doggie). Another highlight is when James Deen licks her ass—I absolutely love how he always does that, and here he really buries his nose in her pussy while he goes to work. It all ends with the standard jerk off on her mouth cumshot. It’s another solid scene, with a good looking young woman whom we get to see doing boy-girl for the first time on camera.

This is another well-produced release, with a nice mini-poster inside the DVD case. Burning Angel seems to have stepped up the quality of their packaging of late, and it’s a nice touch. We also get 40+ minutes of entertatining BTS, including a surprise tag-team POV BJ courtesy of Ms. Angel and Coco. And the music—“Spyder” and the aforementioned “Tease” by Theo and the Skyscrapers—is just awesome.

To be honest, perhaps because of my high expectations, in the end I was a bit disappointed with No Panties Allowed. Granted, the women are really beautiful; all they need is some legitimate pussy hair, and I’d be totally satisfied on that front. But the camera work could use some improvement. I know a lot of people complain that today’s porn has too many genital close-ups, and that the performers fuck in unnatural positions just to show off their bodies to the camera. Ideally, we’d have a mixture of both wide-angle and close-up shots, which could be easily accomplished if another camera were used for the filming. I know that space is limited when traveling through Europe (as in scenes 1 and 5), but when filming stateside, there’s really no excuse to rely solely on zooming, which makes for a dizzifying experience at times. And this may just be my personal taste, but I really want to see more asshole, especially in doggie.

Secondly, there just seems to be something missing from the sex here. In the past 12 months, I’ve now reviewed a total of 9 Burning Angel films, and have purchased a few more (basically one a month). That’s a lot of time (and money) to devote to one studio, but the creativeness that Joanna and her team bring to each release, not to mention the fact that she has some truly gorgeous young women working for her, has made it all worthwhile, for the most part. However, while I still feel Burning Angel’s girl-girl releases are top notch, I feel there’s often a lack of intensity from the boy-girl scenes. Sure, there are definitely some hot couplings out there––James and Draven in Fuck Me in the Bathroom 3, Cali Nova in just about anything, and most of the scenes in P.O.V. Punx 2––but for the most part, I’m just not sensing that level of tension or even danger that makes a truly great b/g scene in my opinion. It could be that the attempts at humor, while appreciated, in the end take away from the sex: with the performers (especially the males) concentrating so much on being goofy, it becomes hard to take the fucking seriously, which makes it hard for porn to fulfill its primary purpose of arousing.

So, in hindsight, I may have given other Burning Angel DVDs higher ratings than I should have, since I was blown away by their refreshing creativity and the unique look of their cast of hot girls. But the charm seems to be wearing off. As much as I loved L.A. Pink the first time and even second time through, for instance, I can’t say I ever watch it much anymore, because, in the end, it’s the sex that counts.

All things considered, No Panties Allowed is probably one of the better Burning Angel films I’ve seen, so I’m still going to give it a fairy high rating. It’s definitely worth owning, especially if you’re as into the girls as I am. I mean, Draven, Andy, and Coco can just stand their naked and I’d be happy. In fact, all three are fantastic performers and good talkers, and do an overall great job here. But things are beginning to feel too contrived, and I’d like to see something more bad-ass. Until they try something a bit more risqué, this will probably be the last Burning Angel DVD I purchase for a while. It’s probably the best I’ve seen so far thanks to the women involved, and I just can’t see how they can do anything better under the current format.

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