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No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District)

No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Anal , Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality No Cum Dodging Allowed 4 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  1/31/2005
Welcome to perhaps Mike John's signature series with Red Light. The cast assembled for this one is with the best he's ever come up with and I say buckle up and get ready to launch several loads as every girl here is stroke worthy so this one might take five days to view as each girl should receive several loads from our cocks!

Melissa Lauren:

This lovely French woman is up first and this is one of the scenes still shot while Melissa was sporting blond hair so it's a bit odd to see her like this after seeing her with the new look but she still is a stunner regardless of hair color. Melissa tells us here that she has a problem swallowing cum and that is bad for a porn actress. Dr. Jake Malone is on hand and asks some probing questions of Melissa regarding her cum problem. The two explore this problem and all I'm thinking about is when do we get to see Melissa suck cock!! Jake suggests trying some very experimental therapy so he puts Melissa under so she is more relaxed and ready to take on the cocks. We are then taken to Melissa in the middle of a good cock circle and she has no problems gagging and any fan of hers knows she loves sucking dick so I think a successful resolution for this problem is forthcoming. First, though, we are treated to some stimulating cock sucking with some unnecessary commentary from the guys, just let Melissa do her thing without you talking, it ruins the fantasy,lol. After lots of good knob polishing the first loads are fired and her mouth is piled full of sperm and wow, no problems for her downing the jizz, nice going Melissa. We then cut back to Melissa on the couch and she is still reliving this vivid fantasy as Jake brings her to still another fantasy where she is being fucked and bam we are taking back to a cock circle but there's no fucking just some hard sucking and more cum is fired into her open mouth. Wait I spoke to soon as we are taken then to some very hard doggie fucking for Melissa along with cowgirl, a cowgirl dp, a RCDP and some good lengthy doggie anal is also shot with Melissa also polishing some more knobs above. You also see Melissa dp'd standing up and finally one final round of jizz for our girl and again no problems with her downing the spunk. Jake then wakes her up and Melissa feels good about the session, so good in fact she gives Jake a tip by bringing out his cock and giving it some loving. I liked Melissa getting under Jake and licking his balls and being throat fucked pretty good. Jake then fires a good load into her mouth and Melissa shows how the therapy worked downing it and licking the last bits of jizz in her mouth so a successful case of cum therapy.


It seems this lovely woman is the lady of the house and what does she like to do in her own home. Why we see her drop down for some good ole fashioned cock sucking while holding a nice big glass which I am betting will be collectin some cum real soon. First, though, Raveness gets to impress with her oral skills and they are most impressive but damn it why is she still clothed at this point,hehe. I did like the cock circle they shot and I think her eyes are very expresive when we get to see them and I really get the sense she loves sucking off all these guys. Sure enough we arrive to the cum point and the fella all jerk their loads into the glass in her hand and she doesn't even bother smelling the jizz she just tilts back and lets the spunk slide down her throat. Raveness then takes a walk upstairs and she demands three more filthy cocks and thank you babe she takes off her top and the skirt goes also leaving only a bra to remove. Raveness gives us some dirt talk while she removes this last bit of clothing and damn those are some fine ass titties we get to look at. This gorgeous woman then moves into a different room and she kneels in front of a bed waiting for a cock and wow three do show up and this lady certainly knows what to do as we just witnessed. Some hot POV sucking leads off this scene and again this woman loves this and it so easily translates off the screen. I always like to compliment a girls eyes but Raveness's have to be one of the more expressive pairs when they look up and of course I dug the boob footage Mike works in. You also get some nice fucking done to this woman and of course reverse cowgirl was a favorite position I saw here and this does include some anal for Raveness as well. The boys do well leaving some big loads in her mouth and she proudly shows the jizz off before swallowing.

Chiquita Lopez:

This scene begins with Mike fretting over girls cancelling on him and Juan Cuba is there to offer moral support,lol. I can't believe Mike is trying to act some in the scene and he does a credible job as a porn director worrying about a girl cancelling on him, like this doesn't ever happen in porn every day, hehe. Chiquita then happens by as Juan is outside smoking. Juan then asks if she has ever had a "meat" ice cream and we can guess what that is! Juan then leads Chiquita into Mike's office and he tells Mike about giving Miss Lopez some meat ice cream and he has Chiquita get on her knees and sure enough she finds out what he has in mind and she goes right after his cocksicle. Mike then heads off to get the guys from the RLD wherehouse so Chiquita can have more than one flavor. As we wait for Mike and the other men to come back Chiquita gets to gag pretty good on Juan's rod. Chiquita does a fine job on his cock and then she really excels when the other meat sticks are brought in. Unlike the scene before Chiquita does get nude during this first part of the scene. The fellas give her mouth a good workout before they start to melt their cream into her mouth and she takes in all the flavors and savors each one before swallowing. Staying with Chiquita we are taken to a different time and Mike has her get topless for some breast caressing and she loses her bottoms giving us some great ass shots when she bends over. Chiquita plays with her pussy briefly before more meat puppets are brought in and she does another fine job as they surround her. No fucking for her so far before they fire more cum in her mouth and she swallows all this jizz easily. Leave it to the Hate Plow for some fucking as Chiquita gets on his rod for some reverse cowgirl and the other cocks return as well thrusting their way in Miss Lopez's mouth. You also get some hot cowgirl footage along with some dp action here and in RC. Chiquita does some more good cock sucking as they fuck her over and she end the scene taking another round of jizz into her mouth.


Up next we have one of my faves from 2004. Such a healthy appetite for sex this girl has and what an incredible body Katin gets to display for us. Those are some of the nicest tits in this dvd, Raveness probably has the best natural rack but damn if Katin isn't one hot young girl who certainly will be missed by her fans. The setup here is she has left her car and is in search of some water. We cut to Mike John who is trying to shoot a documentary of cougars or something,lol. Well the focus soon turns to Katin who is coming towards Mike's house with her tits practically falling out for all to see. This inspires the guys to take her up to the house and they offer to help her with her thirst but they won't be giving her water. Katin doesn't seem to mind though as their cocks easily find their way into her open mouth. Like Raveness this girl has so much fun with her scenes and it's a pleasure to watch her work all those "water faucets" in and out of her mouth. The fellas leave plenty of Cum20 for Katin to swallow but she is still thirsty so she heads inside where Erik and the boys have some more cum for her to drink. But first they get to do some fucking along with some awesome dick sucking and of course Katin gets ass fucked as she is most anal friendly with some hot dp footage also thrown in. We close with some fine loads and I think her thirst has been satisfied but now how does she get back to her car, she muses about finding some more guys so I think she'll find her way with no problems! This was another awesome example of how fun a performer Katin was and perhaps if we are patient enough she might return but if not I wish her the best and can't thank her enough for the hot sex she left behind!

Tyla Wynn:

We begin this last scene with a bunch of angry guys and Alex Divine sitting in the RLd offices. I think they are waiting for money and then we see Mike go into a room where Tyla is being made up and wow is she looking very tasty in her white and pink outfit. You want another hot fun girl to watch, then keep the scene rolling as Tyla loves cock and the camera absolutely loves her! The boys then follow Tyla into the bathroom and want to help her get a jump on her scene,hehe. So she goes right after all their cocks and the closed space hampers the movement somewhat but she still looks fabulous working all those cocks in her mouth. Those awesome tits also make an appearance but mostly we are treated to some excellent knob polishing by Miss Tyla Wynn. There is some gaggin and she easily works two cocks into her mouth even after they stuff her head in the toilet and yes they do flush it. The boys then let her crawl out of the bathroom to the lobby and damn does she give some hot sexy eye contact to us before she goes back to sucking dick. I love watching girl and she really excels when it comes time to receive the spunk and she lets all the loads accumlate before she downs them. We then go to "later that day" and Tyla walks down some stairs, then she sits on a couch showing Mike just how wide her mouth can get and we have an idea having just watched her swallow so many loads. Mike then has Tyla show off her hot body and the blue lingerie was really stylish on her, see thru is always nice and Tyla has both a hot ass and the aforementioned hot tits she shows off to us. We cut then to Tyla sucking more cocks and the gaggin was good and there was some good double stuffing from Tyla leading up to the loads being left in her mouth. The boys aren't done though and we see some great sex for Tyla starting in cowgirl and it quicly moves to anal in reverse cowgirl, then doggie anal, a dp in reverse cowgirl with multiple A2M sucks from Tyla. The guys also dp her in cowgirl and there is some doggie anal which leads to some good gape shots and we even get some rimming from the fun loving girl. The guys end up leaving some good loads in her mouth which she proudly shows off before letting the jizz slide down into her belly.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was another solid Mike John lovefest and I really enjoyed all the girls especially Raveness, Katin, and Tyla. Each scene offers something for the porn fan and fans of Mike John's work should add this one to their collections no doubt about it. As for extras we see the pops repeated and with all the cum these girls swallow that is a mini movie in itself. You also have a photo gallery and some behind the scenes though this was shorter than I've seen from these guys in the past, perhaps it is because we weren't in Europe,lol. Again a strong recommendation for purchase.

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