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No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District)

No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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RizDawg's ratings for No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4 stars
No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality No Cum Dodging Allowed 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by RizDawg  on  9/17/2004
Briana Blaze just looked so sweet on the cover of this dvd and it had a nice wholesome cum-swallowing theme, so I decided to check this sperm guzzling adventure out. I’m glad I did, it was a good time with some attractive girls, some really fun sexcapades, and a lot of good swallowing. I’d rate it almost 4 out of 5 stars. Now let me break it down for you in good detail...

Scene #1 features Briana, who is probably the cutest of the girls in this warm and gooey feature. She is definitely nice to look at with her pretty eyes, nice medium tits, and a sweet little ass. She shows us her nice body and then we’re “sucked” into the action as she kneels on the floor around 4 hard cocks and takes turns polishing them in her sweet mouth. Briana looks very sexy whenever she looks directly up into the camera with her seductive eyes as she eats up these goo pops. She sucks a pretty good cock, taking them about 3 quarters. She takes turns polishing these wands for a while and then the 4 guys all take turns shooting their happy cream into her wide open mouth. Cum-Shot #1 was a gooey one, but not too filling. Shot #2 is a creamy one that oozes in. Shot #3 was a decent sized gooey load. And Shot #4 squirts in, kinda watery. After she has all 4 loads in her mouth, she swishes it around for a little bit, gargles it for a second, and then swallows it down real nice. Bri then gets her pussy pounded for a bit, sitting up facing us and roasts a cock in her mouth at the same time. This isn’t bad, but Bri gives better head when that is all she is concentrating on. She then gets fucked while lying on her back on a bed, and goes back and forth between 2 meat-poles that she’s eating. She moans a lot (with that “it hurts in a good way” style) and things turn up a notch when she gets on her knees for some doggie style action. She sucks cock better while getting doggie fucked than lying on her back. She looks good in doggie position with 1 cock in her throat and the other in her pussy. She seems to be more into it this way. We see some really nice whole body side angles of her gobbling up that cream-pipe, this time taking it almost all the way on occasion. Some more fucking and sucking from a few more angles ensues and leads to a little bit of DP. Then it’s onto her side where she gets some plugged in her sweet asshole and still keeps that cock in her mouth. The sideways angle isn’t bad, but could have been a little better. We do get to see a few shots of her wide open asshole when the guy pulls out his rod. Then it’s onto some more decent DP with cock-sucking. Personally, I prefer either pussy banging with blowjob or ass banging with blowjob rather than DP, but Bri is cutie, so it’s not bad. The DP looks best when it’s focused close to the 2 cocks bobbing in and out of her holes, which we see more of toward the end. She’s still keeping a cock in her mouth and looks great when she takes it down close to the balls. She looks really nice with her mouth full. Now it’s onto the grande finale. The 5 guys unload in her wide open mouth, one at a time. There are a few really nice creamy cumshots here, particularly the 3rd blast which is a good sized creamy load. These loads are a little longer-lasting and more powerful than the first round. Bri is now ready to go for the big swallow! She shuts her mouth, puffs out her cheeks and tries to gobble it down. She seems like she’s gonna have to blow it out for a quick second but then makes a lightning fast recovery and chugs it down like a true pro! She then opens her empty mouth so we can see that her creamy goo-mix is now happily residing in her tummy. Nice job to go Bri! We also get to see a little more of Bri in the behind-the-scenes supplement where she goes through her suitcase before shooting her scenes.

Ana Nicova is next. She shows us her body. It’s nice, but I think Bri has the nicer asshole. Ana has nice blonde hair, good lips, and a russina accent. She gets on her knees for some cock polishing. She definitely has had some practice and looks great when she goes in for the deep bobs. It gets a little wet with some saliva strings, which is real nice. I like to see a little bit of sloppiness with some saliva strings in a blowjob and Ana gives us that pleasure. She bobs a mean cob and looks great when she’s banging her head into the cock. We mainly see her eat the meat-pole from the side and occasionally from underneath looking up. Good angles. The dude then drops a nice gooey load in her open inviting mouth. Once he’s done, she shows us the slimy treat and then gobbles it right down! Nice! She then slowly gets completely naked for us before getting back down on her knees for 2 hard cocks waiting for some oral polishing. She takes turns eating the 2 goo-sticks, again with some nice saliva strings. She looks up at the camera with her pretty eyes. A highlight happens here where she spits out a big glob of saliva on one of the cocks then rubs it all over the shaft with her hand like lotion . She does a little bit of ball sucking and then jerks up her protein shake-sticks at the same time. Then our 2 studs both bust a nut in her mouth. The 2 shots here aren’t bad but not quite as strong or creamy as some of the ones we saw Briana take. After Ana gets her 2 loads, she plays with the cum in her mouth for a little bit, even gargles it for us, then happily washes it down her throat. Next it’s off to the bedroom where she gets 1 pecker up her pussy while she lays (on her back) on top of one guy and she gets another pecker in her mouth from above. A 3rd cock soon joins the party and she takes turns bobbing on 2 knobs while riding the 3rd one. She has a great set of tits and the guys play with her nipples a bit before putting her in doggie position. She gets her pussy reamed doggie while taking turns polishing the other 2 cream-pipes. Then she’s back sitting on one cock, this time with her back facing us so we can see her nice ass. The penetration shot here is nice because we can see her tight little shit-hole while she gets dicked in the pussy. Again she keeps her mouth filled but the head isn’t as sloppy and stimulating as before, although it is still pretty good. Then it’s time for some DP. She gets all 3 holes filled, but the camera doesn’t take us in close enough to see the close penetration here. Now it’s time for some cum! She opens wide and the 3 dudes unload in her mouth. The shots here are decent but the real fun cums next. Ana plays with the 3 loads in her mouth. She gargles her mixed load dessert and even makes cum bubbles in her mouth with it!! What fun!! Then it’s down the hatch. But wait, it isn’t over yet! It’s off to some more DP, various angle sex and blow jobs, until the dudes drop another batch each into her open mouth. Now these cumshots were really good ones: Nice and long and gooey and/or creamy. Ana does some more gargling and cum bubbling for us then gobbles it down and flashes us a pretty smile!

Next up is the attractive Jennifer Love. Jenn has a great body which she shows us a bit of and then it’s onto her knees to take turns roasting 3 cocks in her mouth. Jenn wraps her sweet lips around the cocks and sucks them pretty nicely, taking them about half way but always keeping good slurpy suction on them. She roasts her weenies well and gets them wet and eventually stringy, which is always a plus. After she polishes them up real nice for a while, it’s time to eat the treats she has worked up. The 3 guys take turns dropping their juice into her open mouth. The first 2 shots are decent and the 3rd one is nice and creamy. Jenn knocks her head back and swallows it down like nothing. Sweet! Then it’s onto the couch for Jenny, who lies on her back and gets her pussy pumped for a bit at various angles, looking best on the close up with dude‘s balls getting down deep to her sweet pussy lips. She is a moaner. Then she sits on his cock for some straddle action. She bounces up and down on it, her back facing us so we can see her beautiful ass and side view of her delighted face. The camera work is good because it takes turns showing us the action from a long shot to a medium. It’s really sexy when we see her bouncing on the cock from a longer shot that allows us to see her pretty feet resting on the dude’s legs. After a while of this, it’s onto her knees on the couch for some doggie action. We watch her get dogged from the back, the front, and the side, again occasionally seeing her sweet feet. Jenny takes turns sitting on their cocks, letting them dog her and spank her, and getting into her work. After fucking her in a variety of positions on (and by) the couch, the 3 dudes drop their goo into her open mouth. First shot was a little weak, 2nd was nice and gooey, and the 3rd was thick and creamy. Jenny blows us some cum bubbles then knocks her head back and eats up her mixed yogurt. Then she waves goodbye to her viewers. Jenny did good. I would have liked to see some anal here, but she does a great job guzzling a good goo-pop!!

Alicia Rhodes is next. She likes to talk up a good game telling us how she thinks cum dodgers are the “silliest girls on the planet!” She assures us that she wants to drink “bucketloads of spunk, jizz, sperm, whatever you’ve got!” How can you not love her attitude?? She has a lot of memorable quotes throughout her cum gobbling adventure, one being: “I’m a lady and a lady always swallows!” Aint that the truth!? She has long smooth blonde hair and shiny pink lipstick glossing up her nice cock caressers, which makes her face a nice hangout for some horny cocks. So let’s get to it. It’s onto her knees and she immediately attacks the first of 3 cocks POV style, bobs on it nicely, strokes it up and then blowfishes it. (Definition of blowfishing: When a chick takes a cock deep in her mouth, causing her cheeks to puff out like a blowfish). Her “mmmm’s” sound good while she takes turns sucking these dongs, roasting them mostly only about half way but occasionally going in for the deep gobble. She takes the biggest of the cocks (the POV one) the deepest and looks good with her mouth stuffed. She jerks it super fast and says, “I hope those fucking balls are full for me, full of sticky hot cum!” She can’t wait to “swallow it all” and feel it “sliding down (her) throat!” She continues sucking the 3 cocks until pop-time. Into her wide open mouth, Shot 1 erupts (a good creamy one) then she says “more” and shot 2 oozes into her mouth (another creamy one). Then she turns to the left to get her last of the 3 goo shots (creamy but only about half as much spunk as the others). She then gargles with it for a few seconds, happily swallows it down, and licks her lips in satisfaction. But 3 shots isn’t enough. She “Can’t wait” to be fed more cum! So, it’s onto the couch where she goes back and forth polishing 2 lucky cocks. She looks great eating them at a side angle, even spits on them occasionally while sucking and getting them good and wet. She even does a little deep throating here. One thing I particularly liked about Alicia was her playfulness and dirty talk between cock eatings. It just adds a little extra to the fun when our heroine gets really into it and playfully enjoys every minute. It isn’t long before she’s getting doggie fucked on the couch while sucking a cock. She moans in pleasure from her pussy pounding as she eats the other cock. Then she turns around to suck the other cock fresh from her pussy. Then we move to a straddle one cock and suck the other until it’s feeding time again. The first cock pops into her open mouth, a nice gooey load, which she plays with in her mouth for a bit before swallowing it down. But she wants more! So our other buddy still waiting to drop his load, puts her on her back, grabs onto her titties and bangs her while she taunts him about about how badly she wants to swallow his “sticky stuff.” So he pounds on her pussy a little longer, pulls out, grabs the back of her head, and erupts into her moaning open mouth. She swishes her precious treat around her mouth and through her teeth and then swallows down her protein drink. But this naughty little vixen wants more and demands that they give it to her. So we watch another cock pop into her open mouth, another nice gooey stringy load that she gobbles right up. But wait, our heroine has not yet gotten her ass plugged and you don’t think after all of Alicia’s joyful sucking, fucking, and swallowing she’s gonna disappoint us do you? Nope! She says “slide that cock right in my ass” as she slowly sits on a hard cock. She starts slowly to let it loosen her up a bit but soon it’s blasting in and out of her tight shit-crack and she even gets a cock to suck on for her oral pleasure. After polishing it up she wants it in her pussy so we move to a DP. The angle is good and we watch her get DP’ed for a few minutes while she continues to talk about how badly she wants more sticky goo down her throat! I love this girl! At one point after getting her asshole pounded, the dude pulls out his cock and then feeds it to her downward. She sucks this gobble-stick right up, deep-throating that ass-blasting cock, taking it all the way down to the balls and even licks the balls with her tongue at the same time!!! Yee Haww! Then after a little more poo-poo pounding, she shows us her widened open asshole. Then it’s more DP, more A2M, more anal, more sucking (a great gagger straight from her asshole toward the finale), ... and then she moans in delight as shot 1 explodes into her open mouth. This is a nice long juicy load that she moans for while it fills her mouth. Load 2 is a very creamy one that oozes onto her tongue. She gargles her well-worked treat and gobbles it down! She thanks her bubblers for satiating her cum craving and says “that tasted good guys” while she cleans up any leftover cum dribble from her face and gets it in her mouth.

Tina Holly is next on the platter. Right off the bat I was a little skeptical of her because she cums right out and admits she’s pretty much just doing this for money. Sure, a lot of porn starlets do it for the money, but Tina bluntly starts off by saying it which already ruins the mood a notch. Plus she kind of lets off a feeling of “I don’t really care to be here“ vibe. Tina isn’t bad looking, she has nice brunette hair, nice medium tits, and nice lips. Her ass is a little more oval than I like. She starts off taking turns between 3 cocks that she sucks and tittyfucks. Her sucking skill is mediocre so she makes up for it by opening her cheeks wide with her fingers to get the cocks in a little deeper, but still not taking any of them more than 3 quarters. I do have to give her credit in the ball-sucking department. She does a nice job on the ball-sucking, polishing up the nuts inside her mouth. She continues taking turns on the cocks until its cream-time!! Just like she did before while she was sucking, she opens her cheeks with her fingers which gets her mouth very widely open for the sperm that will soon be dropping in. Shot 1 drips into her mouth, it’s a pretty liquidy load. Shot 2 is a little gooier and shot 3 is the creamiest. She washes down her loads and licks the leftover jizz from her lips. Then it’s onto riding a cock, facing us, and trying to take turns eating the 2 other cocks while she gets pounded but mainly just bounces them in and out of her mouth. Then it’s onto her knees for a doggiestyle fuck while she puts both of the other cocks in her mouth at the same time and pops them in and out. Then she does a little solo sucking while getting pounded and then it’s time for another treat, which she again opens her cheeks for. The load sprinkles in and she swallows it down. Then it’s onto her back for a straight fuck while one of the other dude’s lounges his cock over her head so she can roast it up for him, but she spends more time moaning at the pussy probing than sucking on her juice bar. Soon thereafter it’s feeding time again and she opens her mouth for a slimy load. She swishes it around in her mouth and then devours it. Then it’s back to the same back lying position again until the pussy pounding gets the next cock ready to pop. She opens wide and a creamy load pops into her mouth. She squishes it around inside her mouth and swallows. Now it’s time for some double vaginal action as 2 dudes both get her pussy from behind as she roasts the third guys cock. Then one of the pussy pounders pulls out and goes for her mouth, grabs the back of her head, and she sucks him pretty well. The other dude takes the 2nd pussy pounder position and then it’s back to more of the same. More double dicking here but she also does a little of her talented ball sucking here as well. Then it’s pop-time again into her wide open mouth. The first shot is a nice gooey one that blasts in, the second is a watery one that gets a little slimy toward the end, and the third is the creamy one that dribbles in. GULP! Down her throat it goes. Overall, Tina wasn’t too bad after all. She wasn’t as seductive as any of the others but she did get livelier than expected after her somewhat dull intro.

Shelby Belle is our final performer. She is pretty with long straight blonde hair and a sweet smile. Shelby comes into the editing room, takes out her gum, and gets on her knees ready for some yum yum sticks. Shelby takes turns between 3 meat-pops. Her style seems pretty routine and she doesn’t take any of them more than about half way, but occasionally goes in for the deep gobble, which looks good. She looks best sucking cock from the POV angle. She gets in a little ball-sucking too, which isn’t bad but not as good as Tina’s. She continues polishing these cum-rockets up until load-drop time. Shot #1 is a nice gooey one that bursts into her open mouth. Shot 2 is a little more watery as it squirts in. And shot 3 oozes in thick and creamy!! She gulps down her snack and licks her lips. Ok, time to get nekkid! Shelby then gets fucked straddle seated, facing us while eating some cock and then doggiestyle while eating some cock. She seems to suck cock a little more intensely while getting fucked. She then gets fucked on her back for a bit while roasting the other 2 rods. Next, she gets her nice little asshole licked, fingered, and tongued a bit by one of the guys. He then spits right on that nice asshole before inserting his cock. Shelby moans while she sucks a cock and gets her sweet ass-ring plugged. Then she sits on her ass-blaster while getting another cock in the pussy and the 3rd in her mouth. A lengthy DP ensues and then it’s cream time. She opens her mouth wide! The first shot is a sticky one than dribbles out and ends out more on the cock than in her mouth. Shot 2 is kind of watery. And shot 3 is the best, thick and creamy, oozing into her mouth and pooling right under her tongue. She enjoys her treat, lets out a giggle, and then down the hatch! But Shelby wants More! So it’s back into Doggie position for a nice ass plugging while she sucks another cock. Then the 2 guys trade spots and she starts sucking the cock that was just in her ass while the one that was just in her mouth takes a turn in her tight sweet asshole. After some anal plugging, he gets out of her ass and back in her mouth. She sucks dick well after it has been in her asshole. The guys keep trading off for a while. Then it’s time for another DP for a while on the bed. But thinks heat up a lot when one of the standing guys lifts her up and gets her pussy while another gets her ass while she’s in the air. Now this is the kind of DP I like! It’s shot well as you see both her holes getting plugged in and out simultaneously. Shelby looks great in this position. Then it’s off to the finish line!! She gets back on her knees, opens her mouth wide and gooey shot #1 pops into her mouth and onto her cheek. Shot 2 is a watery one but a decent amount comes out. And out finale shot #3 is a nice creamy globby one that oozes in! Shelby gobbles it all down and cleans any leftover jizz off her face with her fingers and licks her fingers clean. Nice!

Bonus supplements include the trailer, a look behind the scenes, a still gallery of these luscious ladies and a cum-shot recap!! Overall a fun movie. I would have liked to have seen some more personal 1-on-1 blow jobs added to the mix though. Nice long lasting cock gobblings, where the girl keeps the cock in her mouth for long periods of time while she slobs and bobs are most arousing. Let’s add some of that to the next installment of the series. Maybe a little more ass-ring licking too before pounding a nice tight asshole. A nice rim job is always a good compliment to a good anal blasting. The cum swallowing was great. All the ladies gobbled down their well-worked juice. The gargling, swishing, and cum bubbling were all a great touch too. Let's see some more of it!

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